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What Looks Good In The Corner Of A Room? 7 Designer Looks What Looks Good In The Corner Of A Room? 7 Designer Looks

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What Looks Good In The Corner Of A Room? 7 Designer Looks

Written by: Amelia Brooks

Discover 7 stunning interior design ideas to elevate your corner spaces. Transform any room with these designer-inspired looks.

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When it comes to interior design, every inch of a room holds the potential to create a stunning visual impact. One area that is often overlooked but has great potential is the corners of a room. With a little creativity and strategic design choices, you can transform those empty corners into stylish and functional spaces that add depth and character to your room. In this article, we will explore seven designer looks that can elevate the look of the corners in your room.

Whether you are looking to add a touch of nature, create a cozy reading nook, or display your favorite artwork, these corner design ideas will inspire you to make the most of your space. From plants and greenery to accent chairs, shelves, lamps, gallery walls, corner desks, and shelving units, we will delve into the details of each design element to help you achieve a well-curated, magazine-worthy corner.

So, if you’re ready to bring those neglected corners to life, let’s dive into the exciting world of interior design and discover what looks good in the corner of a room!

Key Takeaways:

  • Transform neglected corners into stylish and functional spaces with plants, accent chairs, shelves, lamps, gallery walls, corner desks, and shelving units. Elevate your room’s aesthetic and create inviting focal points.
  • Maximize your room’s potential by incorporating design elements into the corners, from cozy reading nooks to stylish home offices. Let your creativity shine and turn overlooked corners into captivating spaces.

Plants and Greenery

Adding plants and greenery to the corners of a room is a fantastic way to bring life and freshness into your space. Not only do they add visual interest, but they also improve indoor air quality and create a calming atmosphere. Let’s explore three popular options for incorporating plants in your corner design.

Potted Plants: One of the easiest ways to introduce plants into the corners of your room is by using potted plants. Choose from a variety of sizes and shapes to fit your space, and opt for plants that thrive in indoor environments, such as spider plants, pothos, or snake plants. Place them on the floor or on a stylish plant stand to add height and dimension.

Hanging Plants: Hanging plants are an excellent choice for corners with limited floor space. Install hooks or hang a macramé plant hanger from the ceiling to showcase beautiful trailing plants like string of pearls, pothos, or a spider plant. The cascading foliage adds a dynamic touch to your corner design.

Tall Floor Plants: To make a statement in a larger corner, consider using tall floor plants. These plants, such as fiddle leaf figs, bamboo palms, or rubber plants, add verticality and drama to the space. Place them in decorative planters or baskets to enhance the aesthetic appeal and complement your overall room design.

By incorporating plants and greenery into your corner design, you can instantly create a refreshing and inviting atmosphere. They not only fill empty spaces but also provide a connection to nature, making your room feel alive and vibrant. So don’t hesitate to bring some greenery into those neglected corners!

Accent Chairs

Another fantastic way to make use of the corners in your room is by adding stylish accent chairs. These chairs not only provide extra seating but also serve as a design statement and focal point in the corner. Let’s explore three popular types of accent chairs that can transform your corner into a cozy and eye-catching space.

Statement Armchair: A statement armchair is a perfect choice for creating a bold and luxurious look in your corner. Choose a chair with a unique design or a striking color that complements your room’s color palette. Whether it’s a vibrant velvet chair, a classic leather armchair, or an intricately patterned upholstery, a statement armchair will instantly grab attention and add a touch of elegance to your corner.

Velvet Accent Chair: Velvet has made a strong comeback in interior design, and a velvet accent chair in the corner of a room can add a touch of sophistication and opulence. Opt for a rich jewel-tone velvet chair like emerald green, deep navy, or royal burgundy. The luxurious texture and plushness of velvet instantly elevate the ambiance of your space, creating a cozy and inviting corner.

Mid-century Modern Chair: For those who prefer a sleek and timeless design, a mid-century modern chair is an excellent choice. These chairs are characterized by clean lines, organic shapes, and a touch of retro flair. Choose a chair with a classic mid-century silhouette, such as a low-profile armchair with tapered legs and a simple upholstery like leather or a subtle patterned fabric. A mid-century modern chair brings a sense of style and nostalgia to your corner.

Incorporating accent chairs into the corners of your room not only adds functionality but also enhances the overall aesthetic. It creates a cozy spot for relaxation, reading, or introspection. With a statement armchair, a velvet accent chair, or a mid-century modern chair, your corner will become a standout feature and an inviting space that you’ll never want to leave.

Shelves and Bookcases

Utilizing shelves and bookcases in the corners of your room is a practical and stylish way to maximize storage and display space. Not only do they provide a functional solution, but they also create an opportunity to showcase your favorite books, decorative items, and personal belongings. Here are three popular options for incorporating shelves and bookcases into your corner design.

Minimalist Floating Shelves: If you prefer a clean and sleek look, minimalist floating shelves are a great choice. These shelves appear to “float” on the wall, creating a minimalist and modern aesthetic. Install them in a staggered or symmetrical arrangement to add visual interest to your corner. Display a curated selection of books, small decorative items, or framed photos to personalize the space.

Built-in Bookshelves: For a seamless and custom look, built-in bookshelves are an excellent option. This involves designing and constructing shelves that blend seamlessly into the architecture of your room. Built-in bookshelves offer ample storage space and can be tailored to your specific needs. Whether you want a floor-to-ceiling library or a combination of shelves and cabinets, this option allows you to maximize the functionality of your corner while maintaining a cohesive look.

Industrial Style Bookcase: If you’re a fan of the industrial aesthetic, an industrial style bookcase can add a touch of rugged charm to your corner. Look for bookcases with metal frames, reclaimed wood shelves, and industrial-inspired detailing such as exposed bolts and distressed finishes. The combination of raw materials and open shelves creates a visually appealing and versatile storage solution that fits well in modern and eclectic spaces.

By incorporating shelves and bookcases into the corners of your room, you not only make use of previously unused space but also enhance the overall organization and visual appeal. Whether you opt for minimalist floating shelves, built-in bookshelves, or an industrial-style bookcase, your corner will become a functional and stylish element in your room design.

Floor Lamps

Lighting plays a crucial role in creating ambiance and enhancing the functionality of a room. Incorporating floor lamps in the corners of your space not only adds task lighting but also contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal. Let’s explore three popular floor lamp options that can elevate the look of your corner design.

Arc Floor Lamp: An arc floor lamp is a stylish and dramatic choice for corner lighting. With its arched design, it creates a sense of verticality and elegance. The extended arm of the lamp allows you to position it over seating areas, reading nooks, or a cozy chair in the corner. An arc floor lamp with a sleek metallic finish or a timeless marble base becomes a statement piece that adds a touch of modern sophistication to your room.

Tripod Floor Lamp: If you prefer a more vintage or retro-inspired look, a tripod floor lamp is a fantastic choice. These lamps feature three legs that provide stability and a unique visual appeal. Tripod floor lamps come in a variety of styles, ranging from classic wooden legs to sleek metal finishes. You can choose a lampshade that complements your room’s color scheme or opt for a bare bulb option to showcase an Edison bulb or a decorative LED filament.

Task Floor Lamp: If you need focused lighting for specific activities in your corner, such as reading or working at a desk, a task floor lamp is the ideal option. These lamps typically have an adjustable arm or a gooseneck to direct light exactly where you need it. Look for a floor lamp with features such as a built-in dimmer, adjustable height or color temperature settings, and a swivel base for added functionality and versatility.

By adding floor lamps to the corners of your room, you not only brighten up the space but also create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Whether you opt for an arc floor lamp, a tripod floor lamp, or a task floor lamp, these lighting fixtures serve as functional and visually appealing elements that can transform your corner into a well-lit and stylish focal point in your room.

Consider placing a tall potted plant in the corner to add height and greenery. A floor lamp can also create a cozy reading nook. A small accent chair or a decorative ladder can add visual interest.

Gallery Walls

Gallery walls are a fantastic way to turn empty corners into stunning displays of art and personal memories. By arranging a collection of artwork, photographs, or prints on the walls, you can create a visually captivating and personalized corner design. Let’s explore three popular options for creating gallery walls in your room.

Artwork Display: Choose a variety of artwork pieces, such as paintings, sketches, or mixed-media creations, to create an eclectic and artistic display. Mix different sizes, orientations, and styles to add visual interest. You can opt for a cohesive theme or mix and match various artwork to create a more eclectic look. Experiment with different arrangements before settling on the final layout to find the perfect composition for your corner.

Photo Collage: Create a collage of your favorite photographs to turn your corner into a sentimental and personal space. Print and frame a selection of meaningful photos, such as family portraits, travel memories, or special moments, and arrange them in an eye-catching layout. Play with different frame styles, colors, and sizes to add diversity and create a unique visual display. A photo collage adds warmth, nostalgia, and a personal touch to your corner.

Wall-Mounted Prints: If you prefer a more streamlined and modern look, wall-mounted prints are a perfect choice. Choose a collection of high-quality prints, like botanical illustrations, black and white photographs, or abstract designs, that complement your room’s aesthetic. Frame them uniformly or opt for no frames at all for a clean and contemporary look. Arrange them in a grid pattern or create a symmetrical display to achieve a cohesive and sleek corner design.

By creating gallery walls in the corners of your room, you transform them into statement areas that reflect your personal taste and style. Whether you choose an artwork display, a photo collage, or wall-mounted prints, your corner will become a focal point that sparks conversation and adds visual interest to your room.

Corner Desks

Transforming the corners of your room into functional workspaces is a great way to optimize your available space. Whether you need a dedicated home office or a study area, corner desks provide a practical solution while making efficient use of the often neglected corners of a room. Here are three popular options for incorporating corner desks into your design:

L-shaped Corner Desk: An L-shaped corner desk is an excellent choice for maximizing your workspace and creating a functional and ergonomic setup. This type of desk offers ample surface area for spreading out your work materials and provides separate spaces for different activities. You can have your computer setup on one side while leaving the other side for writing, crafting, or organizing. This design allows for better organization and efficiency, making it perfect for those who need a versatile and spacious workspace.

Floating Corner Desk: If you have limited floor space or prefer a minimalist look, a floating corner desk is an ideal option. These desks are mounted directly onto the wall, creating a streamlined and space-saving design. Floating corner desks can be customized according to your specific needs, with options for shelving, drawers, or integrated cable management. This sleek and modern desk style is perfect for small spaces or rooms where you want to maintain an open and uncluttered feel.

Foldable Corner Desk: For those who require flexibility and mobility, a foldable corner desk is an excellent choice. These desks feature a hinged mechanism that allows you to fold and unfold them as needed. When not in use, the desk can be neatly folded against the wall, saving valuable space. This option is great for multi-purpose rooms or areas where you need to frequently adjust the setup. Foldable corner desks are available in a range of sizes and designs, offering versatility without compromising on functionality.

By incorporating a corner desk into your room design, you can maximize your productivity and create a dedicated workspace that blends seamlessly with the rest of the room. Whether you choose an L-shaped corner desk, a floating corner desk, or a foldable corner desk, you’ll have a functional and stylish workstation that makes the most of your corner space.

Corner Shelving Units

When it comes to optimizing the corners of a room for both storage and display purposes, corner shelving units are a perfect solution. These versatile pieces of furniture not only maximize the use of space but also add a decorative element to your room. Here are three popular options for incorporating corner shelving units into your corner design:

Corner Ladder Shelf: A corner ladder shelf is a stylish and contemporary option for displaying your favorite decorative items and storing necessities. With its unique design, this shelf leans against the corner, creating a visually appealing vertical display. The graduated shelves provide varying heights, resulting in an eye-catching arrangement for plants, books, photo frames, and other decorative pieces. With a corner ladder shelf, you can easily transform a neglected corner into a functional and visually striking area.

Corner Display Cabinet: If you’re looking for a corner shelving unit that offers both storage and display space, a corner display cabinet is an excellent choice. These cabinets feature glass doors or open shelves, allowing you to showcase your cherished collectibles, fine china, or decorative items while keeping them protected. The additional closed storage compartments provide a convenient hideaway for items you want to keep organized and out of sight, ensuring a clutter-free corner.

Corner Wall Shelf: For a minimalistic and space-saving option, consider a corner wall shelf. These shelves are designed to be mounted directly onto the walls, allowing you to create a floating display that doesn’t take up valuable floor space. You can choose from a variety of styles, materials, and sizes to match your room’s aesthetic. A corner wall shelf is perfect for displaying small decorative objects, books, or even creating an indoor herb garden to add a fresh touch to your corner.

By incorporating corner shelving units into your room design, you not only maximize storage and display space but also enhance the overall visual appeal. Whether you go for a corner ladder shelf, corner display cabinet, or corner wall shelf, these clever furniture pieces provide both functionality and style, making your corner a standout feature of your room.


The corners of a room often go unnoticed and underutilized in interior design. However, with a little creativity and thoughtful design choices, these corners can become impactful and stylish elements in your room. From plants and accent chairs to shelves, lamps, gallery walls, corner desks, and shelving units, there are numerous ways to transform your corners into functional and visually appealing spaces.

Plants and greenery breathe life into a room, and placing them in the corners adds depth and freshness. Accent chairs not only provide extra seating but also make a design statement in the corner. Shelves and bookcases offer storage and display options, ranging from minimalist floating shelves to built-in bookshelves or industrial-style bookcases.

Light up your corner with floor lamps, whether it’s an elegant arc floor lamp, a vintage-inspired tripod lamp, or a task floor lamp for focused lighting. Gallery walls showcase artwork or photographs and create a personalized touch. Transform corners into productive work areas with stylish corner desks, such as L-shaped desks, floating desks, or foldable desks.

Lastly, corner shelving units offer a perfect blend of storage and display, with options like corner ladder shelves, corner display cabinets, or corner wall shelves.

Incorporating these design elements into the corners of your room provides not just functionality but also enhances the overall aesthetic and personality of your space. Don’t underestimate the potential of these corners; they can become focal points that captivate the attention of anyone who enters your room.

So, whether you want to create a cozy reading nook, a stylish home office, or a decorative vignette, take advantage of the corners in your room. Let your imagination run wild, and explore various design options to create a visually stunning and functional corner that reflects your style and enhances the overall ambiance of your room.

Frequently Asked Questions about What Looks Good In The Corner Of A Room? 7 Designer Looks

What are some creative ways to utilize the corner of a room for interior design?

There are several creative ways to utilize the corner of a room for interior design. You can consider adding a cozy reading nook with a comfortable chair and a floor lamp, creating a small home office with a corner desk and shelves, or even incorporating a plant stand or a decorative accent table to add visual interest.
How can I make the corner of a room look visually appealing and stylish?

To make the corner of a room look visually appealing and stylish, you can consider adding a tall potted plant or a statement floor lamp to draw the eye upward, hanging a gallery wall or a large piece of artwork to create a focal point, or incorporating a decorative room divider or a stylish accent chair to add personality to the space.
What are some popular design trends for styling the corner of a room?

Some popular design trends for styling the corner of a room include incorporating a cozy and inviting reading corner with a plush armchair and a side table, creating a minimalist and modern display with a sleek floor lamp and a sculptural accent piece, or adding a small bar cart or a stylish console table for a touch of elegance and functionality.
How can I maximize the use of the corner of a small room for interior design?

To maximize the use of the corner of a small room for interior design, you can consider installing floating shelves or a corner wall-mounted desk to save space, adding a mirror to create the illusion of a larger area, or incorporating a built-in bench with hidden storage to optimize both style and functionality.
Are there any specific design principles to keep in mind when styling the corner of a room?

When styling the corner of a room, it’s important to consider the balance and proportion of the furniture and decor items, as well as the overall flow and functionality of the space. Additionally, incorporating elements that complement the existing color scheme and design aesthetic of the room can help create a cohesive and harmonious look.

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