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7 Brilliant Master Bathroom Ideas That Look Magical 7 Brilliant Master Bathroom Ideas That Look Magical

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7 Brilliant Master Bathroom Ideas That Look Magical

Written by: Daniel Carter

Give your master bathroom the coolest & splendid makeover ever with these 7 terrific fresh ideas you could never ever stumble upon elsewhere!

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Homeowners and interior designers spend a great deal of time deliberating on the perfect designs for the living room, the master bedroom and the dining area! More often than not, master bathrooms are nowhere in contention on that seemingly well-thought-out renovation list.



Well, for those of you who believe renovation does not stop at your bathroom doormat, this list of intriguing master bathroom ideas is your perfect spin. The next time you ogle at some great bathroom interiors, know that you can have your very own amazing master bathroom to show off! Read on to know-how.





1. Terrace Master Bathrooms



If your master bathroom layout is such that a balcony or a terrace is adjacent to it through another part of your house, consider yourself lucky! You have the chance of turning it into a gorgeous terrace bathroom, albeit with some slight bathroom renovation.



All you will need to do is get rid of the wall dividing the two and place a one-way opaque glass in place. Voila! Your master bathroom can now double up as the perfect in-house mini-spa!



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Stellar Terrace Master Bathroom Interior Designs

Now that you enjoy that breath-taking view from your bathroom, you would want to set up the interiors that leverage it to the maximum.  Place a large bathtub alongside your opaque glass, have a mirror on the opposite wall (or even an LCD screen, if you may!) with soothing interiors and colors.  This makes for a perfect rejuvenation spot with a glass of wine and a view to kill!  Complete your bathroom renovation with simple indoor plants lacing the edge of the opaque glass if you believe in garden therapy.



2. Turkish Style Master Bathrooms

turkish style bathroom


Taking inspiration from the exuberance of the Ottoman Empire, Turkish master bathroom ideas aren’t something your interior designer would suggest unless you have a tremendous amount of space to play with.  Lined with Persian rugs, exclusive ‘Him’ & ‘Her’ wash cabins, chandeliers and marble interiors are some of the aspects of a Turkish master bathroom layout.



Your Very Own Hammam in Your Master Bathroom 

Have your Bathroom remodel to allow for a traditional Turkish Hammam at the center of your dressing area and exclusive cabins. This ode to luxury will complete your Turkish style master bathroom ideas and can be the ultimate unwinding spot for you. 



3. Attic Master Bathrooms



By stealing master bathroom ideas from your favorite novel, you could make yourself a cozy little attic bathroom that sits against your sloped bungalow roof.  This kind of bathroom may not allow the luxury of space, but it is unlike anything you’ve seen before. We’re thinking minimalistic, all-white, cozy and simple! 



Open Up Your Attic Master Bathroom to The Sky

Use that sloping ball to lodge a pair of small windows. It will give you a perfect peek into the sky outside. Whether it’s a bright shiny day or the rain splattering against these windows, this master bathroom layout will never fail to captivate you!



4. Rustic Seaside Master Bathroom

Rustic sea side bathroom


If you live by the sea with the waves as your beautiful sight from your master bathroom, this idea could work for you!  Give your entire master bathroom a minimal, rustic feel with wooden flooring, simple cabinets, and basic interiors.



Have alternate planks of your bathroom walls made entirely of glass to get the view of the sea while you bathe, giving you the illusion of blending right in with the sea. Complete the beach-feel with pits of pebbles that lend an entirely tropical, earthy image to your master bathroom. 



Inground Bathtubs Completes A Seaside Bathroom

Steer clear from those ubiquitous ground-above bathtubs and opt for an inground bathtub that requires you to step further down into it. This refreshing approach to bathroom remodeling works perfectly well when you live facing the sea.



Have the wall panel in your line of sight made of glass, and enjoy the feeling of the waves coming gushing towards you as you soak in the warmth of your inground bathtub. Lay a bed of pebbles below the walled garden to complete the look.



5. Wooden Master Bathrooms



Here’s a master bathroom idea for those wood fanatics! Take inspiration from those forest-themed Balinese spas and opt for an all-bamboo interior for your bathroom.  From the ceiling to the wall, have a complete sheet of bamboo shoots lace around you. While this certainly won’t embody luxury, it is a perfect tuck-away for the nature enthusiasts!



Interiors For Your Wooden Master Bathroom

Go in for a customized Japanese wooden bathtub and hammered Japanese-style brass or copper sink to complete the rawness of this space. You won’t regret this beautiful set-up if all you ever wanted was to live in the woods!



6. Wall Gardens in Master Bathrooms

wall-garden master bathroom


If your master bathroom is on the ground floor, you could have one arterial wall run all the way up to the next floor to set up a breath-taking wall gardenCover the tall ceiling with toughened glass to allow a passageway for natural sunlight. Those blissful morning rays streaming down onto your wall garden. And, into your bathroom floor will be nothing short of blissful. 



Go For 3D Tiles in Your Wall Garden Master Bathroom

Complete this style of Bathroom remodeling by opting for 3D floor tiles that take inspiration from your wall garden.  These 3D floor designs have taken the sanitary market by storm and could do well paired with your wall garden. Opt for the illusional waterfall flooring or a riverbank that blends right in with the wall and pebbles.



Your daily bathing ritual is all set to become so much more fun with this master bathroom idea!



7. European Style Palatial Master Bathrooms

European Style master bathrooms


This master bathroom idea is straight out of a dream if your master bathroom falls under ceiling archways.  These archways in your ceiling help you organically sectionalize your master bathroom and give it a grand palatial feel.



All you need to do is opt for those soft Victorian colors. Colors like English blue, lilac, or dull greys are great for your interiors.  Has one wall upholstered with a classic abstract wallpaper in these colors? Complete the interiors with bronze chandeliers and wall lights inspired by palaces. Allow the arched ceilings to lead you from the counter & washbasin to the shower cubicle & the u-shaped traditional tub. 


Interiors For Your European Style Master Bathroom

The bathroom fittings in this kind of master bathroom idea are best-left old-school. We mean traditional countertop washbasins, a traditional U-shaped tub, and sanitaryware that is true to the era.  Throw in a hand shower with your bathtub to complete the entire look. Checked tiles add to the charm this bathroom renovation and are best chosen in pastel shades.


This list is the perfect inspiration to get working on that master bathroom renovation you have been pushing off for way too long now! 

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