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30 Magazine Rack Products To Keep Items In Order 30 Magazine Rack Products To Keep Items In Order

The Ultimate Guide To Have The Perfect Office File Organizer • October 9, 2020

30 Magazine Rack Products To Keep Items In Order

Written by: Eric Cantos Losloso

These magazine rack products are crucial for a tidy home! The perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality, use them to display your favorite volumes.

A tool that we hardly think twice about, magazine racks not only have the ability to beautify your entertainment nook, but also help to keep your periodicals crisp and organized as well. Keep your titles accessible and in mint condition with these 30 magazine rack products.  



Steel Racks

These are your standard run-of-the-mill racks for organizing and storing your periodicals.


Eye-catching and sleek, proudly display your magazine collection to visitors with the Onyx 10 Pocket Magazine Rack. Thanks to its strong, sturdy powder-coated finish, it will incur no scratches nor get chipped. A light and airy design also means that dust will not accumulate so easily, making for easier maintenance in the long run. Each pocket contains 3/4 “or up to 5 lbs of printed content. It’s great for use in many places, including private offices, collaborative spaces, classrooms and more.




All all-rounder that’s able to accommodate many different types of media/items, the trendy Seville Magazine Rack by Spectrum Diversified is perfect for storing magazines, newspapers, artworks, and more. Constructed from solid material, the wires around the edges are thoughtfully spaced: while they are wide apart enough to be seen through, they’re close enough to prevent any items from falling out. Sleek and minimal, this product would surely make a great addition to any space.




From canned goods to magazines, you’d be astounded to discover just how practical this magazine holder is. The YBM HOME Mesh Magazine Holder features a body that’s made of mesh steel: not only is it highly versatile, it also makes an excellent center piece for any room. To top all of that off, it also comes with an affordable price tag and provides great value for money. 




Modest but stylish, this 11 3/4″W x 11″H magazine rack is chic yet fairly inconspicuous. Made of high-quality steel mesh with a black powder coat finish, it features 4-layer pockets to store reading content, with each pocket able to hold up to 2″ of printed material. Its non-skid rubber legs help to keep your stand safe and effectively protect your floor from scratches. You could either use it as a floor magazine rack, or hang it on a flat wall.




Neatly store your reading materials with this wall mount magazine rack. Make use of your space with this wired layout as you’ll have magazines, newspapers, and books with additional storage. Made of robust steel, this sturdy holder has a bronze finish that can complement any furniture items. It can be hung on the wall. You’re never going to rush to wipe magazines or newspapers off the floor again. The 10.5 ‘x 3.5′ x 8.5’ iDesign Classico Wall Mount Magazine Holder is without a doubt the perfect choice for your storage and organizational needs.



Keep your bathroom spaces clutter-free with mDesign’s Standing Magazine Holder and Organizer. Its steel and chrome coating assures that this item will last a long time. The wire rack houses all of your reading materials in one convenient spot. The open wire structure makes it easy to see what’s inside, while the narrow design will fit comfortably into even the narrowest of bathroom spaces. Raised legs on the bottom of the basket hold magazines and newspapers off the bathroom surfaces, so they remain clean and dry.




A floor standing magazine rack that’s as rustic as your decor, this literary sorter is simple to install and can effectively utilize space that is ignored and causes precious desk space to get cluttered. As no installation is required, you could place it in any empty space in your house. The elegant clean lines and metal wire construction of this magazine basket make it a statement in every home. Its wire design makes it quick and convenient to see what’s stashed inside. Made of durable metal wire with a long-lasting coating finish, this floor-standing magazine holder is a must-have for keeping periodicals and magazines in one convenient location.




Keep your living spaces well organized with the Wall Mount Magazine Holder and the mDesign Organizer. The wire rack houses all of your reading materials in one convenient spot. The open wire structure makes it easy to see and see what’s inside, while the slim style blends comfortably into narrow or crowded bathroom spaces. The holder can be installed quickly with the hardware that’s included in the package.




This product features a modern and streamlined design. Imagine the elegance and simplicity of a paperclip and a staple combined. Made from robust stainless steel, this minimalistic organizer has the ability to carry books, tablets, leaflets, and menus. Not only does it free up valuable vanity and shelf spaces, it’s also simple to scrub clean and is thus ideal for house, office, and even sea use. Thanks to its mirror screw and raw plug fitting, it will fit well in most toilets.




Add a new dimension to your bathroom with the TWIST Toilet Caddy. Made from solid steel and featuring a chrome-plating finish, this decorative toilet paper storage station is conventional but evocative. You can conveniently store up to 3 jumbo tissue rolls at a time. Besides consisting of a large magazine and iPad shelf, it also has a strong foundation for better support and stability. Set it up quickly without the use of any equipment.



Wicker boxes and baskets

Here’s an idea! Why not move out of your comfort zone and turn these stylish and environmentally friendly baskets into “racks” by combining them.




Two or three of these would serve as a shelf, although even one would be stylish enough to enhance your living room decor. Crafted with seagrass material, it is sturdy enough to hold heavy objects and adds extra mobility. The magazine basket is perfect for carrying books, mail, and TV remotes. Contain the clutter that are magazines by keeping them neatly put away.  The dark woven seagrass material complements nearly any décor and color palette. Shop magazines just about everywhere with this elegant basket. It fits next to sofas, beds, tables, and even the kitchen counter.




Honey-Can-Do Magazine Water Hyacinth Basket is an eco-friendly option for your organizational needs. Apart from not scratching nor scuffing tables, it also comes with convenient handles that make it perfect for home offices, shopping centers, waiting rooms, and more. Store everything from magazines to books in this basket. 




Bring practical elegance to your home with these trendy basket from mDesign. It’s great for keeping your bedroom, family room, doorway and hallway closets structured and clutter-free. You’ll have adequate space for storing blankets, pillows, sweaters, books, seasonal clothes, hats, and other necessities. The handle makes it simple to carry, and its sleek design, coupled with beautiful details, makes it the ideal addition to any home.




Bring Water Hyacinth Wicker’s lively vibrancy to your home with the rustic appeal of this large magazine rack. Keep it nestled beside your favorite chair, in your kitchen, or in your bathroom, and have reading material readily accessible and contained. Its two side pockets are suitable for holding books, novels, pre-ordered mail, or remote controls. Regulate the mess in your home easily with the sunny amplitude of the natural water hyacinth basket.




The Household Essentials Seagrass side-by-side magazine rack houses all your favorite magazines in an eco-friendly manner. This magazine rack can be used to complement your home’s décor and keep your magazines and periodicals off your countertops. The rack features a robustly woven modern aesthetic and a built-in handle for efficient handling. The divider with a built-in handle in the middle produces two compartments and makes this product mobile as well. The high-quality construction of this magazine rack enables it to support even the bulkiest printing materials for quick, easy, and attractive storage.




Whitmor’s Rattique Wastebasket is ideal for achieving a rustic aesthetic in your bedroom, bathroom, and office. It’s great when placed underneath your desk or under a sink. With its woven split Rattique build, wooden handles and beautiful driftwood color, it’s a sure winner any day. Although the material used looks like split rattan, it’s actually sturdy handwoven acrylic resin that is further strengthened with a metal wire frame.




With its natural aesthetics but resin build, this product is sure to last for a long time in any weather condition. Handcrafted using the finest natural materials and woven by gifted craftsmen, each piece is unique and worth every cent. It features functional and flexible designs which can be used in all areas of the house, and built-in wood handles for quick and efficient transport.




Sturdy and well-made, the BirdRock Seagrass Magazine Holder is a household staple for any reader. This basket is an excellent tool for keeping books, mail, and even TV remotes. Seagrass is a sturdy material and is thus able to hold heavy objects and provide additional mobility. By keeping your magazines neatly hidden in it, there will be less mess in your living room. Soft woven seagrass material complements every décor and color palette. The best part about this product is that its slim frame allows it to be placed anywhere: next to sofas, beds, tables, and even in the kitchen.




Ideal for floor or tabletop storage, Cabilock Wicker Magazine Rack Basket Organizer is made from high-quality material that will last you for a long time. Handcrafted from organic water hyacinth, these versatile woven baskets are ideal for holding towels, documents, magazines, household products and many more. Its upright design keeps magazines and files neatly sorted at all times. Place it beside on your work table or your kitchen top counter.



This beautiful handmade magazine holder has a retro but classy look that suits your magazine’s storage appeal at any home or office. Includes a woven cotton liner with ‘MAGAZINES’ embroidered in gold. Made with the finest quality wicker and featuring a rustic greenish antique finish, it’s perfect for decorating your home with. It’s a high-quality accent piece for your home or office.



Art Deco

When a designer rack just will not suffice, move out of your safety zone and create your own aesthetics with these racks.




A set of 5 of these lining your wide staircase would make for a decent art-deco rack. The Classic Wood Magazine Rack of Gold Plaque is the best place to conveniently place all your print media. Its tasteful design fits perfectly into any space, and its solid wood construction ensures long-lasting durability.



The idea of a rack is a collection of two or more holders with the same purpose. Why not combine the wicker basket with this lovely side table to create an ideal magazine rack? This modern side table with a large storage basket can be used to store items such as books, magazines, and art supplies. Its unconventional yet fashionable style is perfectly compatible with modern décor schemes. Made from high-density board with the remarkable toughness and a large load-bearing that is not easy to deform, the table has a multitude of uses. The modern style enables it to fit perfectly with virtually every interior decoration style.




Space-age yet retrograde in appeal, this piece would surely complement any home library or office desktop. Made of high-quality stainless steel with state-of-the-art finishing, it’s so stable that it won’t tip over even with light magazines or books. The keeper of this magazine is both a must-have in the workplace and a piece of modern art. The unusual design not only keeps magazines in place but also makes them instantly recognizable.




Space-age yet retrograde in appeal, this piece would surely complement any home library or office desktop. Made of high-quality stainless steel with state-of-the-art finishing, it’s so sturdy that you won’t be able to top it over even with light magazines or books. The keeper of this magazine is both a must-have in the workplace and a piece of modern art. Not only does its unusual design keeps magazines in place, it also makes them more easily noticeable.




Organize every room with a multi-purpose double basket wall mounted magazine rack. The industrial metal pipe easily carries two chicken wire mesh baskets with four hooks. For easy recognition and organization of its contents, each basket includes a rectangular rewritable chalkboard tab. A dark brown rustic finish provides an appealing addition to any décor. These baskets can be conveniently placed in your bathroom to carry magazines, hand towels, or cosmetics. Display it in your office or waiting room for periodicals, file folders, or papers. Anywhere you install this multi-functional basket package, it is bound to serve as stylish décor and storage.




A class on its own, this magazine storage features a classic Boho design, but can become a classical magazine rack when coupled with others. The Macrame magazine rack is made of high-quality cotton cord and wooden material. The adorable handmade organizer is great in the living room, next to the sofa or in store’s periodicals and magazines. This trendy mini Macrame magazine rack will match the theme of your room easily. The smallholder can be put next to the bed in the bedroom, in which you can store your most important items.




A retro-classic design that has been around for ages, this wooden magazine rack would best suit offices or restaurants that feature retro decor themes. It comes with a brown finish and has a charming rustic look. Use it to carry brochures, magazines, pamphlets, menus, papers, etc. Designed with plywood from a Paulownia lumber, this product can be mounted on a wall (hardware not included) or placed on a flat table surface.




Take pride in your favorite vinyl records and magazines by opting for this sleek and stylish product. This architectural vinyl record holder and magazine rack generates visual interest in every space by incorporating Umbra’s Zina, a thoughtful approach to organization. In order to create visibility and remain visible at the same time, the simplicity of the hexagonal form is offset by crossed lines. Rest it on the floor, or place it on the wall to keep your documents, magazines, articles, or files neatly stowed away. This product measures 15 x 13 x 3 ¾ inches which will fit in any nook or cranny space in your living room. It’s made of metal wire and coated with a Titanium finish for protection.




A unique item that stands out from your other accessories in your library or office desktop, this product is handcrafted from solid and durable Indian Rosewood, which one of the most richly colored woods available of all time. Handmade in Saharanpur (India’s handicraft hub), this item is good and durable for heavy books or thick magazines. They’ll look great on any bookshelf or mantelpiece, or around the kitchen to store cookbooks. Its eye-catching floral and landscape carvings are handcrafted with utmost dedication and precision.




Instantly eliminate the clutter of magazines, newspapers, and books in your living room or bedroom. This unique magazine rack comes in handy if you want to arrange your periodicals in an attractive and practical way. This contemporary magazine rack offers ample space for all your latest magazines, newspapers, journals, and books. It’s self-contained so you can move it around your living space at your convenience.




This collection of magazine rack and DIY ideas for creating the perfect magazine rack, is just the tip of the iceberg (or so to speak). Get inspired by the endless ideas out there to keep, sort and organize your printed media. A tidy life is just one click away!

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