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40 Best Mail Organizer Picks Of All Time 40 Best Mail Organizer Picks Of All Time

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40 Best Mail Organizer Picks Of All Time

Written by: Grace Wilson

Mail and documents can be often overlooked and can become a giant source of clutter. Make that a problem of the past with these awesome mail organizers!

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One of the main causes of clutter are actually the little things we tend to neglect, and one major culprit is the mail we receive. What usually happens after we retrieve our mail from the mailbox? Well, they usually end up getting strewn all over the coffee table, a credenza, or your work desk (guilty or nah?). They start to create a mess over time, and your surfaces become a breeding ground for dust or dirt.



With mail, you can’t exactly easily throw them away after reading. Mail can be important and hold important and sensitive information, so it’s difficult to decide where exactly to place them without setting up a properly designated area for your mail. They can range from monthly bills to personal letters from loved ones, so it’s best to organize your mail with these mail organizer ideas to get your life in order today.



40 Best Mail Organizer Picks Of All Time - Infographics





This three-tiered desk organizer in flat white painted wood is the fuss-free option you’ve been looking for. Not only does it keep your mail in one place, but you can also store a variety of things such as stationery and craft tools in it thanks to its varying compartment sizes. The cute “Mail” print on top ridged wood gives it an old country vibe as well.





If you prefer something minimalist, this simple C-shaped metal desk organizer will do just fine. Its form is incredibly straightforward, and it acts as a simple pocket for collecting your mail in one place. This would be particularly ideal beside your entryway: you could place unread mail and documents in it before transferring them into your main organizer.




This fun and creative design makes use of the metal wire to create the word “MAIL.” Everything else is kept modern and contemporary thanks to the diagonals and the alternating wood and metal used to build the organizer. For added functionality, it also includes hooks for your keys or IDs. This little thing is guaranteed to make a huge statement to your doorway!




For that nautical effect, this whitewashed wood box is the one to choose. It can be the perfect mail organizer if you just want a simple place to store your mail. No compartments will be needed, just a place to dump your letters instead of leaving it all over the house. That way, you won’t have to look in so many places because it’s always just going to be in this box. The roped handles also give it that extra beach-y feel.




Metal mesh is usually a safe bet for a desk organizer because it is a lightweight and chic material! This one has multiple tiers that are enough to fulfill the needs of even the most organized people. With this product, you can sort your files and mail according to level of importance or category. The metal mesh allows air to circulate freely instead of having sudden drafts blowing into the empty compartments. Also, black is a universal color that will go with anything in the room!




A metal accent can be nice, especially if your room is going for that more rugged look. I imagine that this piece would look especially nice in an office under an athletic field. Its textured metal gives it almost pearly feel but it’s incredibly toug. It’s very stylish and has different-sized compartments that give you freedom on how you choose to store your items.




Sometimes, a vintage piece is just what you need to liven up your space. This organizer can act as an accent piece to break monotony and inject some personality into the surroundings. The finish of the wood is distinctly vintage while still retaining the functions you’d expect from a modern-day mail organizer. It even has hooks for your keys.




Even your mail organizer can add to your home’s cozy feel, and this hanging organizer is a perfect example. The rope hanging on the cute mail organizer is adorable to look at while its overall design is kept current with the use of the metal wire mesh. The combination of the black metal and light oak finish make it especially compatible with most industrial-inspired furniture.




Instead of having it printed on a wooden or metallic surface to indicate that it’s a mail organizer, why not make the word “MAIL” a part of the design? This desktop organizer looks particularly interesting because of the clever use of carved detailing, so you’ll get a more lightweight look. The neutral tone of the wood is also complementary with other decor pieces in your home.




For some reason, this metal hanging organizer evokes feelings of literary classics like Pride and Prejudice. The curved metal design is very elegant and is a refreshing change from the usual minimal lines and heavy materials. Here, you have a lightweight organizer that has plenty of storage space as well as different tiers so you can sort out your documents better.




If you want that elegant but contemporary look, this rose gold wire mesh desk mail organizer is as trendy as they come. Not only is it lightweight and pretty to look at, but it also has three tiers for you to properly organize your documents while admiring your beautifully designed desk accessory. Also, rose gold in organizers is hard to find so this one is surely a keeper!




Another great vintage-looking piece, this wooden mail organizer features metal hardware that stirs fond memories of the olden days. Its light and neutral wooden tone is very versatile and will probably go with any space you can think of. It’s also worth nothing that each of the tiers have their own tabs where you can paste labels to improve your organization skills. 




If you have a ton of mail to sort out, know that options like this also exist. Depending on your preferences, it can serve as a wall or desk organizer. However, the real star feature of this product is the number of levels it has. Its metal mesh keeps its weight relatively light, so you’ll only have to worry about the weight of the documents you decide to store in it. With its sleek looks and superb functionality, it’s definitely a foolproof choice!




Here’s another simple yet fantastic choice for your mail organizer—a simple C-shape metal desktop accessory that tells you what it holds on the design. I’m sure you’ll definitely enjoy the modern look of the entire design. There’s really not much to say about this one, but its stylishness alone makes it worth a place on any work desk!




When it comes to mail organizers, old-school designs are especially popular. This is probably because of its widely residential use and ability to fit in with almost any home design. We tend to associate coziness and warmth with these designs, and you can expect just that with this terrific option from SRIWATANA. Everything here from the font used on the word print to the rounded hooks is reminiscent of a Sunday afternoon having tea with your mom. It is a very comfortable product to look at and use.




Metal and wood are an unbeatable combination in the world of design, so why not show it off with your mail organizer? The wire mesh design here is warmed up with the thin wood base. It consists of multiple tiers for maximum functionality while the aesthetics of this piece make it appropriate for trendy offices or fashion boutiques.




If you’re not a fan of wood and you just want a simple flat color that won’t clash with the rest of your home, this might be your best choice. Its smooth white plastic build is dirt-proof and easy to clean while its overall form is unimposing and will blend in beautifully with your other items. The stainless steel buttons will make great hooks for your keys as well as your ID laces. There’s also a small subdivision of spaces in the main compartment for you to sort your mail more easily.




This five-tiered mail organizer is sure to delight anyone who has to sort their mail on a regular basis. There are plenty of compartments that allows you to efficiently organize your mail while the rich warm tone will earn its place anywhere, whether it’s a historic library to a millionaire mansion’s study. This design is timeless but also functional at the same time.




Gray is always the way if you’re scared to have colors clash in your space, and this desktop organizer more than does the job. Its gray hue will compliment both bright and dark colors while its subtle wood grain will give your area some texture and warmth. This piece has five slim compartments and a drawer at the bottom that you can easily pull out to store pens or envelopes.




In contrast with the previous gray wood organizer, this one has a more prominent wood grain texture and looks handmade due to its calligraphy print. This cute little box will sit nicely on your foyer credenza where your unread mail can wait for you to open them. It also makes for a beautiful accent piece thanks to the driftwood effect that reminds you of a glorious day at the beach.




There’s something about bamboo that’s special and comforting. Unlike wood, the grain it provides is almost fibrous to look at. The subtle warmth of its tone is probably the most popular color when it comes to wood products while while still being very affordable and sustainable. Give your desk a taste of Japanese aesthetic with this piece from Melgar! Beauty and functionality go hand-in-hand in this compact little frame.




For a slightly warmer tone and a touch of asymmetry, this wall mail organizer is a great choice. Not only does it have a lot of different storage compartments, but we also appreciate its well-planned design that provides it an interesting look. The fence-like side is nicely contrasted by the low rod on the right. On the bottom, you have a few hooks to keep all your keys in one handy spot.




If full-on industrial is your jam, you will probably love this handy organizer. From its hammered metal panels to the raw wood base accents, you have a very authentic-looking industrial accessory to your space that won’t look out of place whether it’s placed beside your doorway or on your desk. The finish on the metal makes it very eye-catching, but the overall colors are so neutral that you just can’t go wrong with them.




This straightforward and white painted desk organizer features typewriter print to keep it from being completely monotonous. Everything about this design emphasizes versatility and flexibility. You also have tons of storage options because of the different compartments, and its bottom drawer comes in handy for keys, change, and other small items.




This wall mail organizer may look a bit shabby, but trust us when we say it’ll go perfectly with contemporary interiors or even a tropical-inspired one. Thanks to its woven pattern, the chicken wire material will pair nicely with tropical materials such as rattan. Its black metal material will also compliment industrial interiors and minimalist spaces.




This rustic whitewashed wooden box sports a dark tone of wood that contrasts well with its white paint for that purposefully unfinished look. You can keep this by the door to properly store your mail or even serve as a designated mask storage area during the pandemic. One thing is for sure, though: you won’t regret getting this cute little accessory for your home!




If one big basket hanging on the wall isn’t enough, why not go for three? This fabric hanging organizer will definitely be a great help in keeping your home clutter-free. Its compartments are large enough to store not just your mail, but also magazines and other essentials. This might just be your new favorite friend as soon as you enter your house.





Aside from the usual wood, plastic, and metal,  you can also choose a mail organizer that comes in a woven fabric pattern such as this one. Although it’s reminiscent of tropical rattan or wicker furniture, the fabric used is very much familiar to anyone. Its checkered pattern will give your desk a well-deserved boost of personality while keeping the frame light. This will no doubt be a refreshing choice for your mail storage.




This vintage-inspired piece will not only look good in a home but also in a cafe or school. There’s something about a chalkboard surface that gives it an element of whimsical fun and spontaneity; it’s probably because it reminds you of your childhood spent in school. It’s very comforting to look at, while the sea foam green paint gives it a iconic vintage look.




Surprisingly simple but multi-functional, this wall mail organizer design features a simple C-shape and four handy button hooks that make it look sleek and fashionable. This will definitely have a place in any part of your home. We imagine it’d also work great as a simple shower rack, but you’ll definitely enjoy this super versatile wall organizer anywhere in your house!




Another vintage piece that deserves your consideration is this desk organizer. The deep rich red wood tone is washed with white paint to create a beautiful contrast, while its bronze metal hardware will give you nostalgia of an old public library.  There are also three wide tiers to sort your stationery and mail.




Metal is so versatile that it can be made too look like a natural material. This wall organizer sports a lightweight and thin metal frame but comes with a woven panel that looks like it was made from cloth or a similarly soft material. In fact, it’s made with a metal infused fiber to keep it lightweight but super sturdy. You’ll have access to two large compartments along with five hooks for your keys.




With this wall organizer, you can be confident that your organization game will be on point. From its chalkboard panel to the cork board on which you can stick your memos, you can have your very own mail station at home or in your office. There’s also plenty of flexibility in the storage options for this organizer that you can’t probably ask for more. The hooks on the bottom, of course, are like the cherry on top.




If you can’t drill holes in your wall, you can still have your very own hanging organizer by buying this one! You can mount this useful mail cabinet by Simple Houseware over your cabinet doors. Here, you have four large compartments that can store documents and mail of different sizes and be able to create different categories for specific types of mail. Also, the neutral white material will go with your existing furniture very nicely!




If you’re a fan of old-style furniture, you will probably enjoy this little wooden mail organizer. It has those trademark little curves that you’d normally find in the furniture of your childhood home but in a modern and warm gray paint finish. Surely, this will accent your desk nicely without being an eyesore. Pieces like this work well in a modern decor scheme, too!




Artfully blending contemporary with classic design, this wall mail organizer is sleek with no imposing forms. Everything is appropriately rigid and linear for a visually satisfying effect. The black metal also contrasts beautifully against the cherry red wood and will blend into an industrial-inspired interior as if it were a custom design.




This modern and simple take on a desktop mail/file organizer is probably an easy pick for anyone. Its wood grain is noticeable enough to provide you with a nice accent, while its grey tone is neutral enough that it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. The compartments with the open side don’t restrict the size of paper that you can store and give it a more open look instead of completely boxing it in.




Another slim hanging organizer is this whitewashed design that almost looks like it is something you’ll find by a cozy little cafe at the beach. Imagine strolling along the boardwalk and seeing this rough wood chalkboard where the specials of the day are posted! You can give your home a super cozy feel with this hanging organizer without compromising on functionality as it has two large compartments and key hooks at the bottom.




Easily achieve your dreams of a completely clean desk with this ultimate desk organizer. Not only is it sizable, but it’s also built quite tall to accommodate more items other than your mail! Your documents and mail will never get misplaced again if you get this. It’s cleanly made, and the black metal mesh is super versatile and lightweight.




Who says your mail organizer can’t be dainty? This beautiful gold metal organizer will hang beautifully in any room where you need it. It’s highly stylish but also has a delicate vibe that you can’t help but fall in love with. Missing your mail will be quite impossible when they’re neatly stored in this great golden beauty!




The best mail organizers save space, are stylish, and don’t compromise on functionality. Like everything else in your home, your mail deserves to have their own home. I know how stressful it can be to have that one annoying piece of mail that you can’t throw away so it just sits on your desk, quietly awaiting the day you’ll need it for official business. Ultimately, it’s important to give your letters a proper storage area, because nothing is better than having peace of mind!

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