The Ultimate Guide To Have The Perfect Office Supply Storage

How many times have you panicked in your office because you couldn’t find a file on time? A lot of times, we bet? There is a high chance that this happens primarily because your space is disorganized.



If you have been underestimating the power of office supply storage, it is time that you give it a chance. 



It may seem like a daunting task to reorganize your entire office all at once, but that’s not the right way to do it. Take baby steps and organize one corner at a time. Not only will this be less overwhelming, but it will also cost you less and will not create a haphazard in your office. 



If it sounds convincing, and you want to give it a go, the following guide will help you get started. 




Things You Need To Know About Office Supply Storage

things to know about office supply storage 


The most important thing that you need to remember while buying or creating storage space in your work-place is that every category of items requires a different kind of office supply storage. These items include files, paperwork, and registers, etc. Each of these needs a separate office storage supply depending on their size, flexibility, and daily requirement. 



More items require larger storage space. Flexible things need sturdy support to keep them organized and aligned. Similarly, items that are used on an everyday basis need to be within your reach. Those that are not frequently used can be put to the side. 




Things You Need To Consider When Buying Office Supply Storage

things to consider before buying

Before you head on to buying storage supplies for your office, you need to consider a couple of things. These include:



Your Office Space Measurements

Buying storage compartments and supplies that are bigger than your total space can be quite a mess. Getting supplies bigger or smaller than your office space is a bad decision for several reasons. One, if they are too small, they will not be able to store your items properly, and if they are too big, they will occupy extra space in the room.



Two, they will cost you more than they should. Three, they might ruin the overall look of your office. Four, returning them is sometimes a hassle and other times, not even an option. So, be sure to keep your office space measurements in mind.




The Kind Of Items That You Want To Store And Their Quantity

This feature will decide what size and material of storage supplies you will need to buy. If you’re going to store registers with sturdy exteriors, that you probably use often, you might want to invest in cabinets with shelves that act as bookends.



This way, you can align your registers properly while making sure they are still easily accessible. The number of registers and their size will also give you a better idea regarding what size and measurement of storage you want to buy in particular. A similar rule applies to all kinds of items that you want to store. 




Your Budget



One of the most important things to consider before buying office supply storage is the budget. You don’t want to go overboard and puncture a hole in your wallet while reorganizing.



Take it slow and approach the organization tasks smartly. If you are buying an expensive item, hold off buying another one. If you are buying several smaller pieces that are less expensive, buy them in bulk so that they will cost you less. 



Also, when you are looking for office storage supply, spend some time to dig deep into the market. The chances are that you will find an appropriate item that will fulfill your requirements while letting you stay within your budget.




The Kind Of Access That You Want To Your Stored Items

Are the things you want to store private, or do you want your colleagues to access them? This answer will decide whether or not you want to invest in storage items that offer privacy and security features, such as locks.




The Theme And Designing Of Your Place

The aesthetics of the space is another important thing to consider before buying office supply storage. Make sure that you keep in mind what the overall theme of your office or room is.



A funky, floral chest may not complement a monochrome, sophisticated office space. Sometimes it does, but you get the idea. Choose options that are safer to experiment with. If you want to go bold and try something different, it is always best to ask for an interior designer’s expert opinion. 




Where To Buy High-Quality Office Supply Storage

shopping cart of office supplies


Do a little research to find the best places for high-quality office supply storage in your area. Mostly, brands like IKEA, Walmart, and Target, etc. are great for buying storage items. High-end brands that are well known for their office supplies are KI Furniture, Global Total Office, Offices to Go, and many more. 



The advantage of buying an item directly from the store is that you can inspect it thoroughly. You can take proper measurements, check the condition of the article, the color, the texture, and make sure that everything fulfills your requirements before purchasing it. 



However, shopping in the store can be a hassle and take a lot of your time. Online shopping can make the whole task easier for you. Amazon has some really cool office supply storage options that we’ll be referring to in a while.




A Must-Have Supply Storage In Your Office 

If you have to narrow it down to one most essential item to have for storage in your office, it will be an office cabinet. There are a variety of cabinets with various kinds of shelving styles, sizes, and designs.



You can choose the one that fits your requirements and purchase it for your office space. These are popular because of their versatility. You can store files, registers, boxes, and various other kinds of items in these cabinets. They can be open, or you can opt for drawers, lockers, windows, and whatnot. They can be rotating style, bi file, mobile, or pull out. 



Therefore, if there is one item that you need to buy right away for supply storage in your office, opt for a cabinet according to your storage space and needs. 




5 Types Of Office Supply Storage

One of the many critical things to consider before buying office supply storage is what you want them for. There are various varieties when it comes to office supplies storage types. You can get them in different materials. The following are the most popular types of office supply storage that you can get for yourselves. 


Wood is by far the most popular material used for office storage space. It is aesthetically pleasing, easy on the wallet, and can hold more items of different weights. It is temperature resistant and does not rust or rot easily indoors. Wooden office supply storage can store your heavy, sharp, and hot storage supplies on wooden shelves and cabinets. 
If you are looking for a sturdier option under a reasonable price, metal will be the way to go. Metal office supply storage items can hold more weight and are not easily penetrable by sharp objects like pins and edgy supplies. However, these cabinets and shelves do have sharp edges that can hurt you if you accidentally knock into them. They are also prone to rust if exposed to higher humidity levels. Metal containers can also be a little heavy and or not easily portable. Also, the sizes and designs of metal containers are quite limited in the market. 
If you have a lot of spilling and water hazards going on in your office, you might need waterproof office supply storage for important files and supplies. These storage items are specially built to resist water and other fluids from entering and ruining your items. While this extra layer of the shield may cost you a little more, its effectiveness and efficiency balances out the price range. You can make your purchase decision by prioritizing between your budget and the safety of your items. .
For those of you who have important confidential data in your office, steal-proof office supply storage will be the best choice. These cabinets and drawers contain efficient locking systems, including padlocks, PIN locks, and coding systems. This particular feature is quite expensive sometimes, but, again, you will have to make the decision based on priority. 
Similar to the steal-proof and waterproof office supply storage, fireproof designs help keep your items safe from fire and other hazards. If you are paranoid about your files and supplies being safe at all times, fireproof storage will keep you satisfied. 



Best Uses Of Office Storage

The following are some of the office storage best uses and office supply cabinet organization ideas that can help you organize your space better while getting the most out of it.



Office Organization Supplies 

One of the best office supply cabinet organization ideas is to categorize the items that you want to store in your cabinet and organize them in smaller compartments.



These compartments could be in the form of storage boxes, drawers, smaller cells, or whatever you want. If you don’t want to use separate organizers inside the cabinet, you can assign shelves to specific categories of items.



For example, you can put the registers on one shelf, the files on the other, and the stationary could be on a different shelf altogether. You can even assort different types of records in different shelves based on their urgency, time, or other features. 



If you think that keeping a record of where you put a certain item will be too time-consuming, you can even use color-coding or label tags. This hack will make life easier for you and your colleagues who have to access your cabinet to look for things. 




How To Organize Office Supply Storage 

 office supply storage organiser


When you start organizing a corner of your office, it is essential that you de-clutter and clean it properly. Get rid of all of the items that you have been hoarding or those that you don’t want any more. Separate the things that need to go into a different storage container and don’t belong in this particular space. 



You must decide which items go where according to their size and everyday use. Keep the frequently used things within your reach and easily accessible by other people (if you want) and keep the more private or unused items in the drawers and lockers. Similarly, books and files that you want visibly arranged for everyone to see should be kept behind glass windows or in open cabinets.



Smaller items can be put in smaller storage compartments because they will be easier to find that way and will not get mixed up or lost easily. 



Breakable items should be put in a different compartment altogether. These include trophies and photo frames. Put them on higher shelves or and corners that will not be messed with frequently. 



You can use markers, labelers, and post-it notes to visibly categorize your items and know exactly where everything is to organize office supply storage. 



You can further organize office supply storage by putting them inside smaller containers, and boxes, and then putting them on shelves, cabinets, and drawers. You can use book-ends to separate specific files from the others according to a particular criterion. 



Moreover, you can organize your files in folders, storage boxes, and magazine boxes. Be creative with storage space and ideas. 



Make sure you have the most amount of space on your desktop. This space is where you have to work every day, and messy piles do not precisely say “productive.” Make sure that when you come into work in the morning, your desk is neat, clean, and ready for a fresh start. 




Why Buy A Plastic Office Supply Storage Over A Metal Supply Storage? 

plastic office supply storage


When it comes to the material of storage supplies, you must think about the items that you want to store and where you want to save them.



Objects that can cut through the organizer should not be put inside a weak, fragile container. The same goes for hot elements, like glue guns. 



Metals have more tolerance when it comes to edgy and sharp items. However, they are not as tolerant to temperature and can quickly get warm.



Thus, you have to make sure that you don’t put hot and running tech devices on a metal surface without turning it off. You will also have to remember to not put metal containers under direct heat and sunlight because they tend to get warm very quickly. 



Even though metal containers can hold heavier items, a feature not readily available in plastic storage, plastic containers, and storage supplies, plastic containers are still a more attractive option because they are cheaper and more affordable than metal ones. 



They are easy to move around and have more variety in terms of shapes and sizes in the market.



You can decide whether you want plastic or metal office supply storage on the basis of these facts.




Best Office Supply Storage Ideas

organisation ideas


As discussed earlier, the storage items that you get for your office should complement the overall theme and design of the interior. Take notice of the color schemes and palettes used in the room. Take into account the colors of the walls, the furniture, and what tones will go nicely with these. 



Also, notice the shape of the rest of the furniture in the room. Is the rest of your furniture edgy, soft, sophisticated, or funky? What is the style of the rest of the items in the room? What is the ceiling like? What is the design of the doors? All of these things will play a role when you decide what kind of storage supplies you want to get. 



Last but not the least, one of the best office supply storage ideas is to make sure that the materials that you get for your office are appropriate to the texture of the rest of the furniture in the room. For example, if all of your furniture and shelves are wooden, getting a metal cabinet for storage might not be the best idea. 




How To Organize An Office Supply Closet 

The most straightforward way to organize an office supply closet is to assemble and assort different items on different shelves.



Figure out which shelf will hold the most amounts of objects of a particular type and make sure that it remains particularly that one item. For example, smaller shelves may be able to hold your stationery, while larger, taller shelves can effectively keep your books and files.



You also need to remember that different shelves can carry different weights, so you need to store your items accordingly. Keep the heavier stuff lower down nearer to the ground, and the lighter items higher above. 



Another way to organize the supply closet at work is according to the usability of an item. You can put the things that are more frequently used nearer to eye-level and easy to reach, instead of putting them high above or lower down where you will either have to stand on your toes or bend uncomfortably to reach.




Supply Closet How To Organize Office Supplies At Work 

An excellent way to organize office supplies is by categorizing them into smaller containers. Use pen holders, cable holders, file holders, and storage boxes to assemble smaller items so that you don’t misplace them.



Another reason why this should be separately organized is that the smaller the pieces, the more mixed up they get, creating a mess in your closet. You can use label-makers, markers, and color-coding to remember which container holds what. 




Office Supply Storage Frequently Ask Questions 



The most frequently asked question regarding office organization is, “How do I remember which items are where, and how to make colleagues know where I put my stuff?” 




The easiest way to answer this office supply storage FAQ is to create an inventory. Prepare a log or list of the items that you have in the supply closet. Assort items in separate labeled containers and count the things in each of the boxes. List both of these down on a paper. 



Record the numbers of these items, the purchase dates, and the amount that is bought. Keep this inventory accurate by regularly updating it. Put this record somewhere easily accessible for all the members of your staff. Hopefully, that answers your office supply storage FAQ.




1. How Do You Store Office Supplies? 

It can be tricky to store office supplies if you don’t know which container can be used for what kind of item. As previously mentioned, smaller sized objects should be placed inside smaller storage boxes, so that they don’t run around and mess up the other stored items. This way, they don’t get lost easily, either. These items include batteries, card readers, and paper clips, etc. 



A great way of storing your cables is by using cable holders to attach to the side of your tables and cabinets. This trick lets you have a clearer space to work without wires tangling into each other and driving you crazy when you need one.



Make sure that you do not store office supplies such as glue guns, and mechanical devices when they are hot. Allow them to turn off and cool down first and then put them in their assigned spot.




2. How Do I Organize My Work Closet Supply? 

You must return items to their allocated spots before turning in for the day. This way, when you come into work the next day looking for those items, you can find them in an organized work closet supply. This habit helps you keep your office and work closet supply organized and assembled for a more extended period, without having to clean up very frequently. 




3. How To Maximize Space In Your Office Supply Storage 

The simplest way to maximize space in an office supply storage closet or cabinet is to divide the space into further compartments. This trick can be done by using separate containers, boxes, and even makeshift shelf-separators of your own.



You can cut off cardboard pieces or use wooden blocks to separate the items in a particular shelf or drawer to create more opportunities for storing items and maximizing the storage space.




4. Office Supply Storage – Different Uses And Advantages 

Supply storage items are one of the most versatile and beneficial purchases that you can make for your office. They allow you to clear the space on your desk and inside your drawers so that you can have a clear mind when you start your day and be productive to your maximum level. 



They also keep messy items like stationery and cables out of your sight. Speaking of wires, it can be very frustrating when you have to plug a cord into your computer, and it takes ages to detangle it and separate it from the others.



Having office supply storage, such as cable holders and separate compartments for wires, can help you solve this problem and make the process easier as well as faster. 



The right storage items will also make sure that other people can easily find supply items inside your office without you having to supervise them.




5. Smart Office Supply Storage Ideas You Must Try 

Office storage does not always have to be expensive or fancy. You can create your DIY storage items such as jam jars, shoe boxes, and cardboard pieces. Jars and cans can be great pen holders as well as pin holders if given the right touches and changes here and there. You can choose from a variety of textures, designs, and sizes, and paint them according to your liking. 



You can also use clothespins as cable holders. Simply take a sturdy clothespin, and wrap a wire around it. Put it away in a separate storage box or drawer so that you can find it and use it without wasting time looking for it and untangling it. 




6. Ways To Maximize Your Office Supply Storage Cabinet 

The right way to get the most use out of your supply storage cabinet is by using file folders and storage boxes. Assemble different sorts of items in each of these, and categorize them by placing tags and different colors on them.



You can organize them based on date, priority, names, and whatnot. This tip will help your cabinet stay clean and neat whenever you open it to reach out for a particular item. 




7. Office Supply Storage Solutions – Tips And Suggestions 

If office supply storage is too expensive in your area, or you cannot find the right size and measurements for your needs, it is best if you opt for DIY storage items. These are not as tricky as they might seem from afar.



You can use the regular things in your house, such as cereal boxes as file holders, jam jars as stationary containers, and needle holders for your thumb-pins and other sharp items.



You must use your creative mind and be innovative with the kind of things that you can use as office supply storage items. Shoe boxes are also a great way to organize particular smaller objects. You can use old hangers to assemble your wires and elements of the sort. 




8. Types Of Office Supply Storage Bins For Easy Access 



Bins for your office supply storage are an absolute must-have. They make storage more straightforward, more convenient, and easily accessible. However, you must know which type of storage bin you want for your particular items. 



For example, if you want to be able to see what you have in a particular box without pulling it out, transparent boxes will be your best friend. If you want privacy and color, opaque boxes will be a better choice. Not only will they make your storage shelf look more aesthetic and colorful, but they will also help color-coordinate and remember which items are in which colored box. 



For even easier access, you can use storage bins that allow you to label them. Some storage bins also come with a small whiteboard or blackboard bar that you can write on and erase as you wish. 





Another type in these storage pens is the variety of sizes. You can get boxes according to the number and size of items that you want to store in them. Remember to measure the space you want to put these bins in because the size of the container will depend on where you want to put them. 




9. Office Supply Storage Containers For Your Important Files

To keep your essential files and records at bay and organized for easy access, you can use separate containers and holders for them.



Magazine holders, file holders, and other DIY ideas can be great to assemble your essential data. Not only will this improve your filing system, but it will also clear a lot of the mess from your desk and drawers. You can use file holders of different colors, designs, and labels. 



You can allocate these holders in various parts of your office, depending on where you want to keep specific files. For example, some data needs to be kept away because you may not use it frequently. Such records can be put away in cabinets or a little high on the shelves. Newer, more commonly used files can be put next to you in a file holder alongside your desk or on the inner surface.

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