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25 Best Video Game Shelf For The Avid Gamer 25 Best Video Game Shelf For The Avid Gamer

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25 Best Video Game Shelf For The Avid Gamer

Written by: Eric Losloso

Video game shelf picks that promise to safely store your beloved games! Display your precious collection with pride today.

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Gaming is a great activity to unwind after a long day or simply to pass the time on weekends. If you’re a gamer, it is essential that you get furniture that helps to secure and display your precious gaming items like gaming discs, CDs and DVDs, and video game consoles. We’re here to help you make your experience a more pleasant one: listed below are 25 best video game shelves you won’t regret buying.



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Free-Standing Shelves





This video game shelf comes in various sizes to suit your needs. Unlike most other shelves that feature a poles-and-panels system design, this shelf has supporting panels that enhance its overall stability. It comes in two refreshing colors (espresso and French oak grey) that fits perfectly with any style. The assembly process is made easy with clear and simple-to-understand instructions that come in the package.





This Locking Media Storage Cabinet keeps modest collections safe from prying eyes and sticky fingers! Fully adjustable shelves can be set to any position to accommodate your collection, and horizontal media storage enables easy sorting, filing, and re-filing of your collection. Off-set hinge points allow 180° movement for better display and access to door storage.





A versatile unit that boasts an array of useful features, the Atlantic Mitsu 130 CD/90 DVD/BluRay/Games 5-Tier Media Rack allows you to organize and store your media collection using customizable shelving options. With its space-saving vertical design, this unit is perfect for limited spaces. This storage rack’s geometric accents offer a stylish approach to multimedia storage. 





Store and organize your media collection easily with this sleek all-in-one media storage cabinet. It’s perfect if you need more gaming shelf space for your growing collection but don’t want to get multiple shelves to accommodate it. An extended base makes the shelf extra stable, while its laminated finish makes it easy to wipe clean. Whatever your needs may be, Atlantic’s Summit Media Storage Cabinet is the ideal solution.





Keep your gaming media safe and sorted with the Triple Width Wall Storage. Designed to mimic the shape of a library, this unit has three separate compartments (each with fully adjustable shelves) that make storing your discs easy. There’s more than enough storage to go around, so don’t worry about ever running out of space. Popular and practical, you won’t be able to imagine your man-cave without it.





This FURINNO open shelf features a simple and elegant design that blends into any room of your home readily. Be spoiled for choice with an exciting range of colors that include green and light blue. This series is made of E1 particle board (safe for use) and is manufactured in Malaysia. The material is stable, durable and doesn’t smell bad. You can enhance the look of your house in no time at all with this shelf. 





This video game shelf idea is an ideal solution for your varied media storage needs. The DrawBridge media storage and organization cabinet allows you to organize and store your media collections. With its adjustable shelves, this unit is perfect for customizing your media storage display however you like it.





With its durable frame and large capacity, this sophisticated multimedia cabinet is the ideal solution for meeting your gaming/multimedia needs. A wide base lends stability to the shelf, and fully adjustable shelving allows you to customize them according to your preferences. 





The Venus 198 Media Cabinet has a stylish design with curved doors and an elegant espresso finish. This product’s push-to-open magnetic latch doors make it easy to access your collection. This cabinet has five sliding dividers and adjustable shelves for storage flexibility. Extended base and durable construction provide stability for your collection.





Get unlimited storage space with the Triple Width Barrister Tower. With room for over a thousand CDs, this tower can accommodate even commercial-sized collections. Stay organized however you like with its fully adjustable shelves, and take advantage of horizontal storage that makes sorting and filling an easy task. This tower is the perfect pick for collectors who want plenty of room to grow their collections.





Furinno Turn-N-Tube Series storage shelves come in 2/3/4/5-tiers and a variety of width and depth. This set of products also includes different fun colors and are designed to meet consumer demands of space, budget, and durability. Due to its functionality, price, and no-hassle assembly, it’s not surprising that the shelf is the most popular RTA furniture to date. This DIY project can be a great family project: there are no screws involved, making it safe and fun for adults and children alike.





This product has a contemporary wood-and-metal design that’s trendy these days. Featuring five wood shelves with wood dividers, it has wide feet to ensure greater stability. Made from MDF wood with a finished maple look, it can accommodate up to 230 CDs, 150 DVDs, or 185 Blu-ray games.





This durable media storage cabinet would make a gorgeous centerpiece for any room. To deliver the best product possible, meticulous attention was given to every aspect like its build and finish. A traditional cherry finish and double glass-inlaid doors add class without compromising functionality: a fixed center shelf and four fully adjustable shelves will meet your needs. It is indeed a versatile addition to any household.





Keep your multimedia collection stored neatly behind closed doors. The Grande Locking Media Storage Cabinet with Shaker Doors was made with style and practicality in mind. This cabinet will complement the decor style of any room and add valuable storage space.



Adjust its fully adjustable shelves according to your needs and keep out curious kids with its locking doors. Thanks to offsetting hinge points, both doors allow for 180° movement, making it more convenient than ever to reach in and grab a game disk or movie.





This lovely video game shelf sports a unique design and can store plenty of CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray media. It has a two-tier (upper and lower) arrangement with eight adjustable height shelves. Formal, elegant, and functional sliding glass design provides easy access to media, whereas adjustable shelves allow for flexible storage. Overall, this is a sophisticated cabinet that you mustn’t miss out on. 



Tower Shelves





This Homfa CD storage display rack makes life more convenient by combining great design with versatility. It is made from durable high-quality particle boards which can last for years. While three of its shelves are fixed, the other 4 aren’t: adjust them however you like to fit your collection. Equipped with a wall anchor for added stability and you won’t ever have to worry about your CD cabinet toppling over.





With its modern design, Atlantic’s NESTABLE 52 BLU-RAY/DVD/GAME TOWER can easily become the focal point of any home or office. Its efficient, space-saving design provides maximum storage for CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays in a minimal amount of space. This durable media storage tower is built with steel and boasts a gunmetal finish. 





This folding tower has eight adjustable shelves that work wonderfully for any storage need. It holds multiple CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs with ease. Wire shelving is easily installed with snap-in-shelves, and a stand-alone base makes this a sturdy unit. 





This unique bookshelf is sure to elicit amazed gasps from visitors. Its tall and slender design saves space but is fully functional. Extremely versatile, this tower shelf can serve as a towel stand in the bathroom, bookcase in the bedroom, or even as a media stand next to your entertainment set.



The 11 shelves are made out of solid metal with a powder-coated silver finish. Even when time passes, this durable option will always retain a flawless appearance. This goes-anywhere storage tower features shelves that flip up for larger books to fit easily.





A gaming storage solution that will grow with your collection, the FURINNO media tower is a great video game shelf that is designed especially for small spaces. Eight shelves give you more space to organize the games, movies, and music that you love. With a narrow base specifically designed to fit side by side with other units, you can easily create a library wall to expand your collection.



Floating Shelves





This stunning ultra-slim WALI wall mount has an all-black coating and can be adjusted to free up floor space and enhance the look of your entertainment system. It is your go-to solution for holding DVD/Blu-ray Players, games consoles, and many more.





Say no to mess and frustration by opting for these beautiful organizational storage racks. The impressive, space-saving media storage shelves are perfect for small apartments with limited floor spaces. You can conveniently display, organize, and tidy up your massive collection of games, movies, and music.



This product will make your living room wall look amazing and modern. Make your life easier by keeping your media organized in one place, within reach, and easy to find.





The Atlantic 38806137 Wall Mount Game Rack is an ideal storage solution for video games and their peripherals. Its wall-mounted design saves floor space and keeps items within reach. It can hold two gamepad controllers, two drum stick controllers, a pair of headphones, and up to 10 games at once.



This gaming storage rack features a durable steel rod frame for long-lasting use, and its compact size makes for highly efficient use of space. All of the necessary hardware for mounting are included to help with the set-up.



Desktop Display Rack





The best desktop storage rack made for the Nintendo Switch, this product will organize all your accessories and keep them within reach. It is beautifully designed and can store all your games and controllers for a neater desktop.





This tree-shaped bookshelf combines home art design with functionality. It is a great storage piece that does not only display your games but also enhance your room’s aesthetic value. Its open-storage design ensures that there is enough space for all your gaming peripherals, including controllers and wireless gaming accessories.




With video game shelf options like these, there’s no reason not to get your favorite games for a mighty good time in your “cave”! Organizing your collection has never been so simple nor fun.

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