100 Best Office Utility Cart That Can Make Your Work-Life Peaceful

June 16, 2020

One of the best ways of making sure your office or workplace isn’t messy but functional is by using utility carts. They’re a great way of finding that stapler, those pens, and notepads that disappear right before a meeting. But one of the best things about utility carts is their mobility and the fact that you can drag them anywhere you need it in your office.


Especially if you’re working from home and want to make sure that your house office helps you disassociate between the home and work environment. You’ll find that utility carts can come quite in handy that regard.


That is why in this guide, we’ll be helping you find the best type of office utility cart, things you need to know before buying one, utility cart benefits and we’ll also be addressing various other questions you might about utility carts.


Now, without further ado, let’s get started.


Office Utility Cart Ideas You Should Know


100 Best Office Utility Carts Not To Be Missed

Office utility carts are a small piece of furniture, yet these can come in handy to keep your desk clutter-free and the work-life peaceful. However, a lot depends on getting the right kind of cart for your office. For instance, a folding utility cart with wheels is a must for offices short on space. Simultaneously, the others may need a multi-tier utility cart to keep their items sorted. So check these amazing carts that have been carefully hand-picked to enhance your office’s organization and appeal. Check them out!



The Lorell Store mobile file storage office utility cart features a great design with a piano lid that is also lockable for safe storage of your essential documents. Besides, you will also get additional storage on the bottom. Moreover, it has a durable all-metal body that is powder-coated in black color.



The three-tier utility cart by Mind Reader is best for housing your printer in the office. Not only is it portable, but it is also height adjustable. Furthermore, the two additional open shelves provide room for storing extra paper and other stationery items.



The three-tier metal utility cart by SimpleHouseware comes in a dark red color and 2″ casters that are lockable as well. The bottom of its baskets features a wire mesh design to allow sufficient ventilation for stored items. The construction and materials are both sturdy and require minimal maintenance. 



The Lorell rolling office utility cart is simply amazing to store and move around important files without dropping or losing papers in transit. It also comes with a lid and an additional wired shelf at the bottom for extra storage. However, the best part is that it has a powder-coat finish that makes it an easy to use storage cart. 



Seville’s eight-drawer office utility cart is an elegant office utility cart that will help you better organize your cabin. Two of its eight drawers are large in size, while they are also graded in black to gray and white colors while moving up from the bottom. The frame features a monochrome finish, while the drawers are also made from polypropylene that is spot on when it comes to durability.



Rubbermaid’s two-tier utility cart is manufactured with high-density material that makes it suitable for heavy-duty as well. Besides, it has an ergonomic design, and the lipped shelves ensure that the items do not slip off easily. Apart from heavy-duty items, you may also use it for the delicate ones, as the rubber castors are designed for shock absorption.



The unique office utility cart by Techni Mobili is designed to help you use your laptop ergonomically while sitting or standing, as it features an adjustable top. The top has also been specifically designed to support the laptop at an incline to make it ergonomic. At the same time, the rolling casters make it easy to move around as needed.



Here’s a great way to store your rolled-up charts, blueprints, posters, and other documents in a convenient and safe way. It has twenty compartments to keep your docs safe from getting crushed or unnecessary wear and tear. 



The Mind Reader office utility cart features a three-tier design along with solid wooden shelves inserted on a metal frame. The rolling casters are lockable, and the build is durable. This sophisticated rolling cart is truly versatile and can store different types of items. 



The Oceanstar metal utility cart is another versatile office storage solution. It includes two hanging dividers with adjustable shelves and two lockable casters out of four. Besides, it has a durable frame with a wired design.



This office utility cart by the Lorell Store is all equipped with a heavy-duty metal frame and smooth-rolling casters. This metal utility cart also has two open shelves along with side pockets for additional storage space. 



The Luxor office utility cart is designed for heavy-duty items in your office. It has an ergonomic design, including a convenient push handle. However, the best feature of this rolling cart is that it can bear the weight of up to 400 lb. The casters can swivel in all directions and are lockable as well. 



A more functional and versatile office utility cart, this one features five drawers as well as an open wire shelf for hanging files. Two out of five plastic pull out drawers is large in size. The rest of the frame is metallic, though the entire product is sturdy and long-lasting.



The super-narrow office utility cart by Exilot is compact enough to fit in most corners. It has four plastic bins encased on a sturdy steel frame. Each bin’s base has a mesh design, and it also has six hooks for hanging smaller items. 



The rolling office utility cart by DecoBros consists of three mesh wire baskets with a steel frame. The cart is durable, along with sturdy handles on the top. It glides smoothly on the casters and can be used for a lot of things like files or stationary.



It’s hard to find a more elegant way to store a bottle of wine and glasses for celebrating a win in your workplace. The globe meticulously hides them all and looks like a simple piece of decor. Besides, even while hosting your professional guests, this rolling cart is ready to impress them all. 



The Pipishell metal utility cart is a multipurpose storage and organization option for your office space. It has three wide bins and rolling casters that can also be locked to make it stable. Besides, the bottoms of these bins are made of wire mesh to make room for ventilation.



The metal rolling cart by Finnhomy features a durable and sturdy build for office use. You may use it to store or display purposes. But all it needs for maintenance is a wipe with a moist cloth or perhaps washing with soap and water. It also has industrial wheels, and the entire cart is coated in an anti-rust finish.



Pipishell’s three-tier utility cart has three wire mesh bins and handles on either side of the top. Further, each of the baskets includes a 2.3″ high edge to prevent items from falling or sliding over. Besides, this metal utility cart has four wheels that revolve 360 degrees, and two of the casters can also be locked.



The Costwayus rolling office cart with drawers is laced with fifteen drawers, of which five are big in size.  Though the drawers are made of plastic and the frame of steel, both are equally durable and long-lasting. Besides, these drawers offer ample storage and keep your files and stationary well organized. 



The Songnomics three-tier utility cart is made from metal frames, and wire mesh bottoms, plus each tier can store up to 22 lb of items in weight. This rolling cart also has four solid casters, two of them lockable. 



The ultra-slim office utility cart by Spacekeeper features three shelves and can be tucked away in a corner. Though it doesn’t offer wide storage, it can help you organize your smaller stationery. 


The Spacekeeper four-tier utility cart has been made from high-grade plastic bins and durable steel frames. The mesh design at the base of each bin provides ventilation and also looks contemporary. The casters work effortlessly.



The wire mesh shelves of these amazing office metal utility carts say it all in the first look. It features a very neat stainless steel material and a lustrous finish. Moreover, it is lightweight, durable, and moves around smoothly on its four casters.


The AmazonBasics 3-Tier Utility Cart is all cool and classy with its simply elegant outlook and dusty pink finish. Besides, its three recessed bins have a wire mesh bottom for an ample flow of air. Moreover, the carved push handles make it easy to push or pick the carts with ease.



Made from solid composite wood, these office utility carts by Winsome are pure class. The walnut finish looks exquisite in all kinds of office decors. Apart from the top, it has two open shelves, along with one closed cabinet for field and other essentials.



The Rubbermaid advanced heavy-duty utility cart comes in a solid three-tier design. It can be used to store and port the heaviest of your office equipment. Besides, in order to enhance its sturdiness, even the wheels have been specifically designed using non-marking thermoplastic rubber.



The four drawer wire mesh utility cart by Mind Reader is a pure delight to have in your workspace. It has four wire mesh metal drawers that can also be removed and used as a basket on your desk. Additionally, it is easy to clean, and the wheels glide on the floor with ease.



Here’s an extra-large tub utility cart for transporting heavier items in your office. Besides its large size, it is easy to maneuver, and the casters come with locking brakes to keep it stable in one place. It is made to last for years and for transporting and storing a wide range of items. 



The chrome-plated steel frame of this round glass office utility cart is all that you need to enhance the decor and functionality in your cabin. It can serve as an artifact holder or even a portable bar, apart from its utility. The glass is tempered, clear, and 5mm thick. Besides, there’s a spill guard around the top shelf to protect theorems from falling.



The beautiful blush pink color of this chart will be an instant attraction in your workspace. Besides, it has three neatly arranged mesh wire baskets with an optimal width so that it fits in even tighter spots in the office. The construction is amazing, and the casters allow for a smooth movement when you push it.



The office utility cart by Clothink is a versatile piece of office furniture. It can work as an end table, as an office utility cart, or a small coffee table, as and when you need it. It is made from premium Carbon steel with a coating of powdered epoxy, while the table legs are crafted from Beechwood.



The JJS side table and utility cart feature a contemporary and versatile outlook. In your office space, it can also serve as a laptop table while you get comfortable on your couch. Besides, the casters are removable in your office space. It and the assembly are super easy. 



The dusky pink round utility cart by AmazonBasics has a round metal tray on the top and a deep fabric basket at the bottom. It can be used as a side table, servicing table, and of course, a utility cart.



The side table and utility cart by Micoe have height-adjustable legs and a thick MDF board on the top. It can work as an excellent side table while sitting on the couch or a table for holding the files on the side. 



The adjustable and 360 degrees swivel metal utility cart by Siducal is decked with drawers and multiple open compartments. Moreover, it is both heavy-duty and stable, yet the quality wheels allow smooth movement on the floor.



The heavy-duty office utility cart is designed to store office equipment like printers, scanners, and stuff. Besides, it is height adjustable and holds up to 38.5 pounds, and also has a sturdy drawer under the top desk.



The composite wood rolling cart is going to be a classic addition to your home. It has two open shelves on the top and one closed cabinet at the bottom, which is meant for sting files and folders.



The serving utility cart by Winsome Store is a great option for serving your guests or having a relaxing tea break in your office. The cart can hold your snacks and e=beverages in place, and all you’ll have to do is pick up a tray, and it’s ready to serve.



The Kk Kingrack metal utility cart is certainly going to be an excellent addition to your workspace. It is a fully functional and versatile storage cart with three tiers, four hooks, and two different sized bins on the sides for stationary. Moreover, it also features a pegboard on one complete side. 



The Luxor office utility cart features a tub style design that is great for storing and porting heavier items in the workplace. In order to make its handling seamless, it is laced with ergonomic handles and lockable casters. Besides, it will neither dent nor rust. 



The multipurpose metal utility cart by Sortify comes with three baskets and an ergonomic handle on the top. Its 360-degree swiveling wheels offer amazing movability while it stores heavy and lightweight items within its baskets. Besides, the bottom of all the baskets have holes to make room for ventilation.


The Pipishell folding utility cart with wheels is all comfort and durability. It had two large casters and two smaller ones so that it folds with minimal width when folded. The large metal wire bin can be used to store files and folders in place. 



The mesh wire baskets of the Homfa utility cart are more than sturdy and offer convenient storage for your files, as well as office snacks. It features a silver color along with deeper baskets and four sturdy wheels. 



The Safco metal utility cart features durable steel mesh wire baskets and swivel wheels for portability. Besides, it has one file drawer and two smaller drawers. Its powder-coated finish looks amazing with all kinds of interiors, and you can see through to find files or other items stored within.



The smoke tint drawers of the Homz office utility cart offers the right amount of privacy to protect your files, as well as view the items from outside. It has four drawers in two sizes, and the top features a recessed design to provide for additional storage.


The IRIS office utility cart is made from durable plastic and offers four conveniently sized drawers for storing your files and stationery. Moreover, it has four rolling casters that make it convenient to move the cart across your office. 



The beautiful and amazingly compact ten drawer office utility cart from Seville is a blessing for keeping your documents organized. All drawers are made from polypropylene with a translucent finish. At the same time, the frame is crafted of sturdy steel rods. 



The tub-style wired cart by Safco is ideal for sorting your daily files in place or transporting several files across the office without worrying about dropping them or carrying a huge load. The wired bin is sufficiently sized to be able to hold legal folders and letters in place. Besides, the entire body is made from steel with a black finish. 



If you are looking for a sturdier file carrying cart for your workspace, here’s a great one from Mind Reader. This metal utility cart features two shelves along with two side bins for stationery supplies. Besides, it has an all-purpose design and four omnidirectional casters at the bottom.


The three-tier utility cart by Pipishell is a truly versatile piece of furniture for any workspace. It can be used to store files, folders, stationery, snacks, and many more things. Further, each shelf has a load-bearing capacity of 22 lbs, which is pretty cool.


The cool and classic Seville office utility cart is a must-have if you are seeking mobile storage. It has five large drawers and ten smaller, arranged in two columns. Besides, the drawers are removable for easy cleaning or if you have to scan through the contents of one of the drawers. They also have an excellent all-white finish along with round steel knobs. 


Featuring wooden shelves and a metal frame, this cart by Mr Ironstone can function as an excellent serving cart in your office. It has three tiers and two rows of hooks. Also, the installation is easy, and the cart is long-lasting.



The extra large utility cart by WEN has a two-tier design, and you can freely load each shelf with about 250 lbs of weight. It has 5-inch non-marring casters, which allow the cart to be pushed even on uneven floors. The push handles also add to the convenience.




The QiMH3 three-tier utility cart has three bins coated in graded style: black, gray, and white. The baskets are waterproof and scratch-resistant, apart from being environment friendly. Additionally, it is easy to move around, store a versatile range of items, and be used in your cabin to the washroom.




The rustic utility cart by Linen Austin is an amazing decor for traditional and modern offices, alike. It features three shelves of ample storage space, with the lowest shelf having a metal rim on all sides. It also features bottle holders, so you may also use it as a bar cart in the workplace. The frame is made of metal.



The Mind Reader rolling storage cart is laced with four pastel-colored drawers that will add a splash of color to your interior decor. All drawers are equally sized, translucent, removable, and washable as well. The top steel shelf offers open storage space. 



The fabric rolling storage cart can be a novel experiment for workplace storage. It has three fabric baskets, all clad in black, though other color variants are also available. However, the steel frame is light-duty, and too heavy loads must be avoided for this office utility cart.



The Household Essentials slim metal cart can function as an efficient stationery or snack holder. And can also fit in almost any corner. It has a white finish and four sturdy casters for portability. 



The Songnomics three-tier metal storage cart features wired baskets and can help store your office pantry supplies. Each basket can hold up to 22 lb each weight while the four nylon wheels allow smooth movement across the floor. 


The Honey-Can-do rolling cart is decked with a dozen drawers smartly stacked in two columns. It has four larger drawers for maximized storage, and the rest are smaller in size for storing and sorting your files, documents, and smaller items. 


The commercial grade utility cart is designed to lift and store heavy-duty items, as it features a high-density structural foam construction. And while you load two of its shelves with massive loads, it is easy to navigate through office corridors, all thanks to the industrial wheels and maneuvering handle. 


The Caxxa metal utility cart compromises a powder-coated steel frame with three mesh baskets. It has handles on either side, which are an extension of the frame. You may use it for storing books, stationery, and other items and keeping them all organized. 


The Mind Reader four-tier utility cart has two rolling wheels that are also lockable to keep it stable. Besides, it is easy to assemble and offers a rustic design and a sophisticated look. Also, it is lightweight, and the entire cart is easy to clean with a damp cloth. 


The spacious three-tier rolling cart is slim and fits into most corners. And the shelves have raised sides to keep the items in place. It is made from strong steel wire mesh that is resistant to denting and rusting. 


The Sauder North Avenue metal cart is another convenient storage option for your office space. It has an adorable black metal frame while two wooden trays are ready to serve as excellent storage space. 


The Ameriwood metal office utility cart is an industrial styled office utility cart, ideal for storing and transporting heavy loads. It has three shelves with ample storage space for books, files, and much more. Besides, it is versatile and can come in handy for a lot more things. 


The three drawers Homz storage cart is sturdy and portable storage for all kinds of office storage. Besides, the drawers are translucent, and you can easily identify the items while they are within. Moreover, the top can function as an open shelf, and the rolling wheels offer portability.


The AmazonBasics heavy-duty three-tier utility cart features wire shelving and four casters, all for your convenience. It is made of durable steel, and each shelf can hold 73 pounds of weight. 


With each wire shelf capable of holding 250 lb. of load, the Oceanstar utility cart is designed to be versatile. Even the casters are heavy-duty, while the chrome-plated steel has been added for durability. It also has an additional handle that makes it easy to carry. 


The Designa three-tier cart has deep baskets for storing more and without having things falling off. It is entirely made of steel and would neither rust nor dent easily. Besides, the baskets have a wire mesh design for sufficient ventilation.


The Mind Reader office cart is all set for making your office dining and entertainment a bit fun. It has racks for storing wine bottles and will come in handy to enjoy Friday nights in the office. Besides, the rolling wheels are lockable as well. 


Get this amazing Homecho wine bar cart and ensure that you get rid of the day’s stress. Besides, it has been crafted from eco-friendly materials and also serves as an amazing bar cart for your office. It has space for five bottles and has a rustic outlook. 


Here’s an industrial vintage bar cart that is an essential part of your personal cabin. It holds four wine bottles and half a dozen glasses. The best part of this office utility cart is removing the top shelf and using it as a tray. 


The Devaise three drawer wooden utility cart is a heavy-duty cart that has both open and closed storage. It has three drawers and two open shelves. Additionally, the top functions as a desk, and the rolling casters offer easy portability. 


Here’s to a super saver of space in your office. The Witacles folding utility cart with wheels is a complete installation free cart. It can be unfolded with ease and is sturdy enough to store and transport heavy items as well.


The Happikiddo office utility cart has three shelves with side rims to prevent the items from falling off. You may use it to store files, snacks, or a lot more things. Besides, it has an excellent finish and can be used for serving as well. 


The industrial wooden office utility cart by Christopher Knight is just the right piece for you, in case you are looking for a sturdy and durable cart for heavy-duty items. It has a dark walnut finish on wood, with an iron frame. 


Asunflower Store offers a folding utility cart with wheels that can be adjusted to multiple angles. Since it can be folded and fixed in any direction, you may feel free to set it to a cart at your convenience. The four sturdy casters add to the ease of use. 


Get All your files and stationery organized in a better way in the Whitmor office utility cart that comes with ten colorful drawers. The cart is easy to assemble only with the help of a screwdriver. Also, the metal frame has a shiny chrome finish adding to its elegance. 



You’ll love storing your office snack supplies in this cheerfully colored office utility cart. And if you are not into munching at work, you can store your folders and clutter from the desk and keep things clean and organized. 


The rolling metal utility cart has a deep wire mesh basket that can hold all your folders in place. It will prevent accidental dropping of papers while in transit from one part of the office to another. The steel frame is of high quality, and you will also get an additional open shelf at the bottom.


The PUMP office utility cart has one of the unique designs as it has two baskets with the top one having a lid. While the entire frame is made from metal, the top wooden lid is made from premium pine. Further, it is waterproof, scratch-resistant, and truly versatile.


Sort and organize all the clutter from your work desk into the ten drawers of this brilliant car by Relax4life. It features a steel frame, translucent drawers and is convenient to move and clean. Installation is easy, and the construction is solid. 


The Rivet Store office utility cart will certainly add a rustic touch to your work area. It has a metal frame with three rubberwood shelves, shaped into trays. It can be cleaned with a soft dry cloth, and two of the four wheels are lockable as well. 


The rolling file cart by BirdRock is for covered storage needs. It has two lateral drawers with a place for labels for the ease of sorting and getting your files when needed. It can be placed adjacent or stacked depending on your office space. Besides, the bins are entirely removable. 


This office utility cart is specially designed to sort your files and letters in a conveniently organized manner. It has four removable plastic tubs on the top, which have a size suitable to store files. Besides, there are several compartments in the lower section for sorting out letters and other documents.


Pay tribute to the good old days when your father or grandfather used their staple wooden office furniture with this Collections Mahogany Office Cart. It has a unique style with multiple compartments, including two drawers, a side pocket for folders, and a covered cabinet at the bottom.


The Alera single-tier cart is on point when it comes to being specific. Use it to store and transport files while the wheels effortlessly glide on the floor. You’ll additionally get a shelf at the bottom with a load-bearing capacity of 250 lbs.
90. Advantus Folding Utility Cart With Wheels 
The folding utility cart with wheels by Advantus folds open to make room for storing files. And you can fold it flat when not in use and store it in your utility room. Besides, you can also keep the files secured as it comes with a top lid, and the bottom shelf is another perk.


Keep your letters and files sorted and safe with this durable steel office utility cart. The top basket for folders has a design that allows sufficient ventilation but no room for the files or documents to fall off. However, the bottom wire shelf is open yet sturdy.


The inclusion of a lid in this metal utility cart is the best thing to safe keep important files at work. Plus, the top metal lid can also be locked, so it’s a portable safe for your classified paperwork.


When the files and folders are transported from one part of the office to another, this magnificent rolling cart will ensure the safety and ease of transporting all the documents. The outstanding feature of this cart, though, is its cushioned handle that makes this rolling cart a breeze to use. 


The three-tier utility cart has more height than usual carts, and the baskets are also sufficiently spaced to hold a lot of items. The mesh wire finish is stable, and the office utility cart will be a multipurpose piece of furniture in your workspace. 


The removable perforated top shelf of this three-tier cart can also function as a basket. It is easy to assemble, has four casters for portability, and keeps all your items sorted and easy to move around. 


A mobile rolling wire cart that is specifically designed to store and transport files and folders in your office, this one features a sturdy metal frame. The folding utility cart with wheels has an excellent finish and will neither rust nor dent. Besides, it collapses to fit into most storage spaces when not in need. 


The ultra-slim cart by Singye can fit in under their desk or beside a cabinet, and still help in sorting your stationary. It has four mesh wired shelves and is multifunctional to the core. 


The wooden shelves of this serving cart are rustic yet sturdy for everyday use. Besides, the top shelf is actually a tray that can be removed and makes it ready to serve. Besides, it has three tiers and four rolling casters. 


The mirror and glass serving cart has a stylish metal frame that serves as a fancy server. The frame has a gold finish and is lustrous and charming. Besides, it is portable thanks to the casters that are built to last.


The WGX office utility cart has large wood shelves and rustic pipe-like frames. However, though it is designed to be a wine cart, you can freely store your files and boxes in this sturdy utility cart. It has a naturally rustic outlook that goes well with most interiors. 


Hopefully, you might have already chosen one or more office utility carts from the extensive list we have here. Also, please check the dimensions and material details to ensure that you get the right kind of cart that meets your requirements. Besides, folding utility carts with wheels are quite in demand thanks to their ease of storage, though most rolling carts are equally appealing in terms of functionality.


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