The Ultimate Guide To Have The Perfect Office Utility Cart

One of the best ways of making sure your office or workplace isn’t messy but functional is by using utility carts. They’re a great way of finding that stapler, those pens, and notepads that disappear right before a meeting. But one of the best things about utility carts is their mobility and the fact that you can drag them anywhere you need it in your office.



Especially if you’re working from home and want to make sure that your house office helps you disassociate between the home and work environment. You’ll find that utility carts can come quite in handy that regard.



That is why in this guide, we’ll be helping you find the best type of office utility cart, things you need to know before buying one, utility cart benefits and we’ll also be addressing various other questions you might about utility carts.



Now, without further ado, let’s get started.




Things That You Need To Know About Utility Cart

Things to know


First of all, let’s get all the things that you need to know about utility cart out of the way before you go ahead and purchase one.




Whether you’re looking to store stationery supplies, hair tools or heavy weighing objects, making sure that the utility cart can bear all those things is important to factor in.




Another important thing that you need to know about utility cart after considering the weight of items to be stored in the size of it, where it will be placed, and how well it will fit in your area. This will make sure there aren’t issues when you use it around the office.



Number Of Shelves

After figuring out the size and weight, lets come down to number of shelves you’ll need in order to get maximum utility cart benefits. Typically carts have 2 to 3 shelves but you can find more as well.




Finding the right material for your office utility cart will make sure it lasts for a long time and therefore investing in high-quality utility carts made of the best material like steel or high-density polyethylene is important to look for.




Lastly, the important question of whether you need wheels or no wheels for your cart depends entirely on your preference and requirement.



Both offer advantages and both have some cons as well, but after making a quick assessment of your office and the daily operations you’ll be able to figure out whether you need wheels on your office utility cart or not.



What Is A Utility Cart?

Utility cart


So, we’ve been going on and on about the what you need to factor when buying an office cart but what actually is a utility cart you may ask? The name is actually drawn from Queen Mary as a term used for a long low road trailer that was used to transport aircraft during World War 2.



However, nowadays it just is a nice arrangement of shelves on wheels that you can move around anywhere. There are several types of utility carts, read on to know more.




What Are The Kinds Of Utility Cart?

There literally is a utility cart for almost everything, from books, to office supplies, stationery, mails, accessories and more. It depends on what scenario you’ll be using a cart to figure out the best utility cart types for you, and if you’re wondering why you need one lets us help you figure it out.



Reasons On Having A Utility Cart

One of the main reasons for having a utility cart is that it provides mobility and quick access to important things you need whether every day or on the go. Similarly, if you’re short on space or work on your feet and don’t want to reach up or down for things you’ll need to get work done then a utility cart is a good option.



Even if you’re not in a workspace, a utility cart can come in handy even at home while hosting people for parties or arranging toys, books, coloring pencils that kids frequently use in a nice organized manner.



Also, it just declutters your space in an instant and you’re not left with a whole lot of mess to clean up once you’re done working or playing or anything else. But let’s look into why you need a utility cart for your office.




Why Do You Need A Utility Cart In Your Office?

Utility cart in office


There are so many reasons as to why one would need an office utility cart that we can list on the back of our minds but the main one that stands out is how easily it helps you organize and take care of the mess that accumulates daily while working.



Whether you work from home or have an office space, a utility cart will not only boost productivity but will make sure that everything has a place as well.



What Are The Benefits Of Having A Utility Cart?

BENEFITS of utility cart


Like we mentioned earlier, utility carts offer universal storage space that can be used anywhere from office, gyms, homes, schools or anywhere else where you need mobility and storage at the same time.



Some of the many utility cart benefits are:



  • They make everything appear organized even if you like a little mess here and there.
  • Take up less amount of space which makes them perfect if you have a small room or have a weird nook that looks empty and could use something narrow and thin that fits right in without ruining the aesthetic appeal of your space.
  • Utility cart give you wheels so you don’t have to take things back and forth from one place to another. You can simply roll the cart wherever you want and your items will be within an arm’s reach.
  • They’re easy to clean and maintain.
  • High-quality utility carts last you a long time and are generally a great investment.
  • Most utility carts are pretty affordable organization storage space, of course they are expensive ones, but you can mostly get away with affordable carts to work with.




What’s The Use Of An Office Utility Cart?

An office utility cart has many uses and can be used in different forms of workspaces. Whether you work in construction, run a school office, a gym, have a repair shop, or handle filing, an office utility cart can literally be a lifesaver for you regardless of what you want to use it for. It will help you make your office space look clean and bring out uniformity if you constantly deal with mess or clutter.



Here are some uses of an office utility cart that you can get inspiration from:



  • If you’re looking to add decor to your office but don’t want to drill holes in walls you can easily use office Utility carts as a fun way to display any knick-knacks that you have lying around.
  • Working with a lot of tools on a daily basis? Get a utility cart to organize them in category and have them at hand wherever you are.
  • Utility carts give you quick access to things that you don’t want to store too far away like important files, checkbooks or stamps.
  • Let your organizational freak loose by labeling and categorizing different items you have lying around.
  • Any homeless objects that you can’t store away and want to have near at hand? Get an office utility cart.
  • Also, we get hungry a lot during the workday and an office utility cart can act as a snack bar and you can separate teas, fruits, chips, or comfort foods on different shelves according to your choice.




Types Of Utility Cart

There are many utility cart types to choose from and we’re going to help you find the perfect one, whether you’re looking for to store your mail or for one to store all your coffee blends on, here are some options to choose from,


It is so easy to have documents and files lying around wherever you look and no system in place to look up the ones you need. Whether you’re looking for a utility cart that will help you better arrange the files chronologically or alphabetically, or whether you need a file cart that you can take from one office room to another, here is a cart by Loral Mesh Rolling that is perfect for taking on the go and affordable as well. Having steel file carts is a good option as they can hold up a lot of weight in paper and won’t affect the paper quality either.


You’ve got mail! And if you get tons of mail regularly, whether it is official communication or seasonal greetings, it can be easy to lose them especially if you have a big workspace. Getting a mail cart is a good idea as you can color code according to sender or receiver type and you won’t have to smush smaller parcels with bigger mail items. Have a look at this wire mail cart by Lorell that’ll help you sort mail in two deep baskets and won’t let you lose any valuable mail you get.
Printer carts are vital if you have a cramped office and need all the desk space you can get for other important things to place like your computer, files, computer accessories, and more. Getting a printer cart will let you have extra space to store all the printer inks and cartridge along with paper sheets and you won’t have to look around for ink when it runs out. We love this printer cart by Safco as it has wheels, a mesh wire design and just overall gives a nice, sleek look that will bring out the aesthetics of your office evermore.
Don’t you hate it when you can find the remotes, extension cords, or even manual booklets for your media console and the accompanying devices? Media carts can easily store all your remotes, extension cords, and other equipment. Media carts are great if you don’ have a console or a big cupboard to store your gaming devices, camera equipment, or wiring. Check out this one by NorwoodCheck Latest Price that has three shelves for extra storage and a sturdy build.
Let’s be honest everyone needs their caffeine fix throughout the day and no one wants grumpy employees or bosses who haven’t had the kick to start their morning yet. Get a coffee cart to arrange all the cups and coffee beans nicely so that anyone can make their hot cup of Joe anytime during the workday.  This affordable coffee cart by Mr Ironstone is particularly a good one as it has hooks to hang your coffee mugs off of – with a nice wood finishing to add a beautiful touch to the office aesthetics.




Shops Where You Can Buy Affordable Utility Carts

shop utility cart

If you’re looking to buy affordable utility carts from then Amazon has so many option to choose from online and we have even listed some above. Do check them out. And if you’re looking to buy them in-store then Target, Home Depot, Hobby Lobby and more shops have a decent collection to choose from.



Nonetheless, buying online will give you better deals and more variety to choose from, so do proper market research before you begin.




How Much Does It Cost To Purchase A Utility Cart?



You can get high-quality utility carts for affordable prices and the market is full of options that cover the entire spectrum of prices from low to high-end utility carts.



If you’re looking to buy one, you can get a good quality office utility cart between $30-$100 and if you have a generous budget then you can opt for more quirks and added features for extra bucks.



The more you’re willing to spend the more variety you’ll receive but you don’t have to break the bank on utility carts – an affordable one will get the job done alright without a hitch.




How Can Utility Carts Boost Your Office Productivity?

Utility carts are a great way of increasing productivity in your office space especially if you or your employees complete taxing tasks daily. If you’re wondering how utility carts act as boosters for productivity and streamlined workflow, here are some ways to convince you:



  • Utility carts can reduce the time you’ll spend moving items from one place to another. You can easily dump 10 or 20 items in one cart and go to your desired destination without having to go back and forth many times.
  • Everyone gets hungry under stress and instead of having to run continuously to the kitchen to grab snacks you can place a utility cart in the middle for employees to grab items to munch on.
  • One of the easiest ways of getting stationary or important documents in order is through utility carts as they provide you with a lot of storage space stacked in the form of shelves.
  • If you don’t have a lot of space in your office and your desk is getting crowded, manage that clutter with a utility cart that will let you find items easily without getting frustrated throughout the day.
  • Utility carts let you organize tools and devices that are used every day in an organized fashion making items accessible for everyone which ultimately helps save time. Employees don’t have to go around looking for things.




Frequently Asked Questions For Utility Cart

Mr IRONSTONE Kitchen Microwave Cart 3-Tier Kitchen Utility Cart

Now we’re sure you must have a lot of questions after all that information regarding office utility carts and we’re here to answer all the utility cart FAQ that you may want to ask. Don’t worry we’re not going to let you hanging dry, here are some utility cart FAQ that you may want to have a look at.



1. How To Prevent It From Dust?

This may sound like a cliché but one of the easiest ways of making sure that your utility carts does not get dirty and remains protected from dust is by making sure you’re cleaning the utility carts weekly or at least monthly. This way no dust will accumulate and your utility carts will remain in good shape.



2. Can It Still Be Repaired?

If your utility carts hasn’t sustained major damages like dents in shelves or broken pieces that will need to be replaced then you can repair utility carts without any problems. However, if the material has been damaged pretty badly then you may have to go and buy a new one.



3. 10 New Models For Utility Cart

If you’re looking for 10 new models to choose from your new utility cart for office then here are some options:


  1. MaxWorks 80774 3-Shelf Utility PlasticCheck Latest Price
  2. ikloo 2-Tier Multi-Purpose Foldable Utility CartCheck Latest Price
  3. Honey-Can-Do 3-Shelf Portable Multimedia CartCheck Latest Price
  4. SimpleHouseware Heavy Duty 3-Tier Metal Utility Rolling CartCheck Latest Price
  5. New Star Foodservice 54545 250-Pound Plastic 3-Tier Utility Bus CartCheck Latest Price
  6. Mind Reader 4 Tier All Purpose Utility CartCheck Latest Price
  7. VersaCart Transit Original Folding Shopping and Utility CartCheck Latest Price
  8. Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility WagoCheck Latest Price
  9. Safco Products 5337BL Wire Utility CartCheck Latest Price
  10. ikoerHouse 3 Tier Rolling Storage CartCheck Latest Price



4. Where To Buy Utility Cart

 If you’re looking to buy affordable utility carts for your office or home workspace then check out the ones we mentioned above that you can get for Amazon. It is the best place to find a variety of options to choose from online but you can also get them in-store form Target or Hobby Lobby.



5. What Is The Best Utility Cart

All utility carts are great but this one by Loral Mesh RollingCheck Latest Price has to be one of the best utility carts for how sleek and affordable it is. Not to mention the great material it is made out of.



6. How Much Is The Cost Of Brand-New Utility Cart?

Depending on the material a brand-new utility cart can cost anywhere between $40 to $100.



7. The Best Kitchen Utility Cart



The best kitchen utility cart we’ve come across is by  AmazonBasics Kitchen Rolling Microwave Cart on Wheels, Storage Rack, Wood/Chrome for how chic and functional it is.





8. The Perfect Kitchen Utility Cart To Organize Your Tools



If you’re looking for a utility cart to organize your tools in then look no further than this one by Linon Kitchen Island Granite Top that’ll make organization a piece of cake.



10. How To Use Folding Utility Cart

Folding utility carts are great to use and easy to assemble. Most of them come with a manual that you can use to set them up.



11. How To Prepare The Foods Using Folding Utility Cart

You can easily prepare the foods using a foldable utility cart by setting it up and placing all the items you will need in the designated shelves.




12. How To Set The Rolling Utility Cart

Wondering how to set a rolling utility cart? Well, most utility carts these days are DIY in nature in the sense that they come with assembly guides that you can refer to as you set your rolling utility cart up. Be sure to follow the instructions on the guide closely to set up your utility cart.

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