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20 Best Pin Board That Should Be A Part Of Your Office 20 Best Pin Board That Should Be A Part Of Your Office

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20 Best Pin Board That Should Be A Part Of Your Office

Written by: Ethan Hayes

Check out the best pin boards that make your professional life fun by keeping a track of the minute details. See how it transforms your life INSTANTLY!

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Any office is incomplete without a pin board. There are tons of things to handle in an office, and pin boards are an efficient way to keep track of things such as to-do lists, notifications, bills, and a lot more. Small or large pin boards will be able to find a place in most spaces of any office, making things more convenient. 


Here are some of the best pin board ideas that will help you in micromanaging tasks as well as give a functional aesthetic to your office interior. The pin boards we have shortlisted come in various shapes and sizes, as well as materials to give you ample options to choose your best fit.



The rectangular-shaped Quartet corkboard with an oak finish frame is one of the finest of its type. It is made with OEM toner yellow 4000 pages standard yield for its long life. This extremely versatile and attractive board is a perfect way to organize and prioritize important papers and documents right in front of you. Furthermore, it has a perfect dimension of 2 x 35 inches to easily fit in any small or home office. 


It weighs no more than an ounce and can be conveniently mounted on the wall vertically or horizontally. The hardware tool kit with a Z-bracket mounting system included in the package will make it easy to hang it on the wall. Moreover, it will flush with the wall and make the office room look good. 



This unique and frameless USA-shaped push pin board from Juvale is made of durable cork material and wooden backing. The high-quality board featuring the outlines of the continental United States also includes two holes in the back. It’s advisable to measure the distance between these holes before drilling the wall and installing the screws you’ll hang this board on. 


The pin board measures 16 x 10 inches and includes 10 push pins to pin your cards, pictures, photos, postcards, notes, and to-do lists. It weighs hardly 10.1 ounces and remains sturdy on the wall. In case it doesn’t stick to the wall the way you hoped it to be, stick it with double-sided tape. If you wish to be a little more creative with the DIY process, you can also mount it on a painted frame. 




This medium-sized Linon pin board—made with a blend of durable materials like cork, MDF, paper, and burlap—is ideal for any office or study. Its low weight of 8.16 pounds and dimensions of 36 x 24 x 1.25 inches easily make it worth the purchase. The burlap-covered cork is accented with oversized antique bronze oversized nails that make it look beautiful on the wall. Moreover, you can easily hang it with the small hook attached to its back. 


Regular push pins are enough to pin all your notes and pictures on the board. Depending on the preference and size of the wall, you can hang it vertically or horizontally. Besides, it will remain straight and sturdy and will not tear off the screw with its weight.




Here is one of the most elegant pin boards with a large black wood frame that makes it look no less than a decorative wall item. In addition, the contemporary and simple product design will add a touch of subtle style to your wall. This U Brands bulletin board measures 35 by 23 inches. but it is also available in a larger size. Keeping everything aside, the best part about this board is that the pins don’t leave hole marks when removed as the board has self-healing property. The natural cork surface resists pushing pinholes after each use.


Moreover, the universal mounting system allows it to hang vertically and horizontally according to the allocated space on the wall. For quick and easy installation, you will find an instruction manual to guide you through the mounting process. 




Bring home this two-in-one functional and fancy push pin board featuring a 3D world map from Swiftmaps Store. The wide and wooden black frame makes it the focal point of the wall, even if you haven’t pinned any notes on it yet. Moreover, it has a foamy surface for pushing and removing the pins with the utmost ease. In fact, you don’t need to spend any extra money on buying pins since the package includes 50 multi-colored push pins and hanging hardware.


Its strong, lovely colors, quality frame, and prolonged life are what make it one of the most loved and preferred choices for offices and study rooms. On top of that, it will be all the way easier to keep track of your trips with this large and classic corkwood world map. 



Looking for something other than the regular and traditional bulletin board? Have a look at these fascinating and very attractive board bar strips from Omitfu. The pack includes five black strips, each measuring 13 inches in length and 0.5 inches in thickness. These board bars should be thick enough for regular push pins. While it is self-adhesive, they will not damage your walls. It’s thick enough so you won’t have to worry about the pins poking holes on your wall. 


This is one of the best pin board ideas that can be mounted on any smooth surface like glass, tiles, or a door. Note that an uneven surface or lime wall may not support them properly. Besides that, you can put them in any way you like or need. Also, there are 14 push pins included in this package so you can start using it right away. 




The Umbra bulletin board made of metal has a unique patented and perforated design. The factor that distinguishes it from other pin boards is that it can accommodate magnets as well as push pins. The contemporary twist on the classic corkboard adds fun and functionality to any room in your home or office. You can effortlessly mount it on the wall using the concealed mounting hardware.


Moreover, the nickel finish makes it easy to wipe it clean. Being extremely lightweight, there is no risk of it tearing down the screws it’s attached to or staining the wall. It is also perfect if you wish to use dry-erase markers to note reminders on it or as a base to create a vision board. The magnetic feature makes it ideal for kids since you no longer have to worry about them accidentally prickling themselves with a pin. 




Featuring an attractive coated metal panel with a perforated and sleek geometric pattern, your office room is surely going to get a complete transformation with this Umbra trigon pin board. Furthermore, the EVA foam surface allows you to pin up the notes and pictures using either magnets or regular pushpins. Eventually, making it safe even for kids’ study room. Besides, worry not because the set includes 12 magnets as well as 12 pins.


Apart from that, you don’t need to put any extra effort into cleaning it. Take a damp cloth, wipe it smoothly, and the shiny board is back. Moreover, mount it in either direction so that it fits the wall. Indeed, it is in itself a masterpiece, and the eye-catching design will glorify the wall even if you decide to keep it blank for a long time. 




Made with premium quality and environment-friendly natural cork, this is a set of six self-adhesive square-shaped pin board tiles from Sungift. Each tile board is ½ inches thick, which is enough to hold push pins and not damage the wall. On top of that, the material is durable, sturdy, and will not deform after multiple pin insertions and removals.


Not to mention the self-healing property of natural cork that makes the surface resist the push holes. Furthermore, the adhesive at the back of the boards is strong enough to stick for a prolonged time and not tear off the wall paint. Just make sure to wipe the wall clean before sticking the tiles since the dust may reduce the power of the glue. The set also includes 50 push pins.


Quartet makes some of the most amazing pin boards, and this set of eight cork tiles is one of its best products. Decorative as well as functional, the natural cork panels with self-stick backing easily mounts on the wall, doors, and tiles. Just like any other durable corkboard, these too can hold your items easily. Therefore create your own customized bulletin board and pin your favorite photographs, reminder notes, to-do-list and everything you want to keep in front of you. 


Moreover, the separate tiles give you the freedom to arrange them in different patterns on the wall or stick them individually in different rooms. Since they have a light weight of 1.75 pounds, the tiles are designed for light use. However, they are suitable for all offices, study rooms, and kitchens. 



This set of two hanging pin boards, each measuring 15.5×10 inches, are purely made of wood and high-fiber linen. In fact, there is no plastic used on the edges of the frame, and it is absolutely a chemical-free composition. Despite the wooden frame, the board is lightweight, strong, and durable to prevent items attached to it from falling. It can be easily hung on any wall, and the classic design will add luster to any space, such as your office or living room it is present in.


In addition to all the handling accessories, you will also receive 10 push pins with each board. However, any type of pins or tacks can be used to put up your notes/pictures/reminders, etc. Moreover, it conceals the holes when the pins are removed to provide a clear surface for you to use. 



Add these trendy and functional modern decorative pin boards from Elegant Boards to your office room or anywhere in the house. They come in a pack of four boards, and each of them has a wide white frame with a wooden finish. Moreover, the best part is that it will retain its quality and appearance even after regular use and multiple insertions and removals of pins. Besides, the dense surface material holds the push pins firmly so that your items stay in place.


On top of that, no holes will be visible to give an untidy look to the board. You will find a template guide in the set to provide an easy mounting system. This way, you will not have to drill any unnecessary holes in the wall. Just drill through the designated spots and hang it on the screws easily.




Get over the regular square and rectangular pin boards and add this amazing Outus hexagon pin board that comes in a set of 10. Along with your personal memo board, you will receive 20 pieces of push pins that smoothly go through the surface and stick all your notes and reminders easily. Furthermore, the adhesive design allows you to adhere them to any wall without drilling holes, eventually saving your wall from getting damaged.


Apart from that, you can stick them together to form a design or at a certain distance. However, make sure the design fits your wall. Each tile measures 5.9 x 7 inches, so you can decide accordingly how you have to arrange the boards. Keeping the rest of the things aside, this is a brilliant way to cover embarrassing and mysterious stains on your walls.




Viz-Pro manufactures a wide range of pin boards used in offices, educational centers, etc. Here is one notice board from this leading brand that is made with felt and soft board that is very easy to be pin items into. It is lightweight and has a perfect size of 36  by 24 inches to fit all types of offices, study rooms, and other places you want to fix it into. The gray color and aluminum frame helps it blend well with all interiors and wall paints.


The high-density fiberboard surface accepts anything from pins and velcro to stick papers, pictures, and more. Moreover, the material is highly durable and can be fixed easily. Make sure to follow all the instructions as mentioned in the wall fixing kit included in the package so that you won’t have to struggle while installing it. The product is also available in blue, red, burgundy, and light blue.




Kate and Laurel’s decorative framed linen fabric pinboard is all that you need to keep track of your work schedule. Pin all your notices, reminders, to-do-lists, photos, etc., on this memo board surface and add a modern yet contemporary look to your office and study. Moreover, the surface is 19.5 inches by 25.5 inches, along with a depth of 1.5 inches which easily accommodates the push pins without letting them touch the walls. 


Besides, there are metal D-ring hangers attached at the back of the board for an easy horizontal or vertical hanging on the wall. Weighing as low as 3.31 pounds, there is no risk of the wall paint tearing down or the board falling off. In simple words, it is a very sturdy board and easy to hang. 




Quartet fabric finish bulletin pin boards are becoming popular choices for all offices and homes. The unique frameless design adds elegance and blends in all modern and traditional spaces. In addition, the rectangular dense board surface is fully tackable, and you can use a regular push pin to stick the items. Besides, the appropriate thickness of the board saves the wall from the nails scratching them. 


With the mounting hardware included in the package, anyone can quickly fix it to the wall in just a few minutes. Hang it vertically or horizontally, according to the space available and your preference. Furthermore, you can choose any one among the black, gray, and black/white geometrical design, whichever matches your workspace. 




This white cork board with a white wooden frame from SKL is one of the best of its kind. Moreover, the modern rectangular pin board is 30 inches by 20 inches in dimensions, an ideal fit for all offices and study rooms. It has four mounting hangers that keep the board sturdy on the wall. Apart from that, the board is constructed with a renewable 3mm of real cork and MDF backing so that the push pins easily stick and stay in place.


Use this push pin board to display pictures, reminders, or as a blank canvas for a mood board, inspiration board, or dream board. SKL is a trustworthy brand, and you can count on it in terms of function, quality, and affordability. This excellent piece will fit your budget as well as your wall without any risk of damage.



Compliment your office walls with this classy wood frame in a black finish by SKL. Undoubtedly it is the perfect accent for the black bulletin decorative pin board. It has a real cork construction that has a thickness of 3mm with an MDF backing. Cover this board with your favorite pictures, newspaper cuttings, quotes, reminders, notes, and whatever you wish. Moreover, the four mounting hangers will let you hang it vertically or horizontally. Just hang it using the nails or command hooks. 


Besides, no matter how many times you insert and remove the pins, the board will remain pristine after every use. It is made of lightweight material that prevents it from falling. Functionality, quality, and decorative element, all in a single product, what else would a person need!




The Navaris hexagon-shaped pin board tiles come in a set of six colored tiles, two each of turquoise, orange, and pink. You can use these decorative felt bulletin boards at home or in a classroom as a learning tool. Display your favorite pictures, a menu, reminders, mail, upcoming travel plans, a calendar, or any message you want to deliver using the push pins. If not used together as a large display, you can also stick them separately.


In fact, you don’t even need to drill any holes in the walls. They firmly adhere to the walls with the adhesive tape provided at the back of each board. Furthermore, the felt memo board is a foam-backed, light organization tool compared to any other traditional pin boards.




Here’s one for the dear cat lovers. So what if you can’t pet a cat? You can have your own cat-shaped pin board made of solid wood meant to last for many years. The premium quality material and shape make it unique from all other ordinary cork boards. Besides, it is thick enough to protect your wall from damage and pin scratches. 


Keeping everything aside, make sure to clean the surface of the wall or the door wherever you are going to put it. The dirt can steal its adhesive power, and your board may fall in a short time. With an appropriate size of 37.66 cm by 30.84 cm, it can be used in offices, cubicles, homes, and kitchens. Pro-tip: Do not stick it to any bumpy, rough, or uneven surface if you don’t want it to fall without warning. 


Here were 20 of the best pin boards that will help you keep every important note and reminder right in front of you. All of these products are unique in their way and add a decorative element to the walls. Hang or stick them in your office rooms, study room, or anywhere you wish and make your life more organized. 

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