The Ultimate Guide To Have The Perfect Outdoor Storage Cabinets

Outdoor storage cabinets are an excellent way of freeing up your outdoor space and organizing all the belongings in one place. Of course, there are other options like outdoor storage racks, stackable boxes, bins, and other similar storage items.



However, the convenience provided by an outdoor storage cabinet remains unmatched. With one of these in your outdoor space like the patio, veranda, or porch, you can store a bunch of small and large items in a single cabinet.



When investing in a storage outdoor cabinet, you should consider a few things that would help you make the right purchase. Factors like material, durability, size, function are imperative to be considered so that your money goes in the right place.



This guide will shed some light on everything that you need to know about outdoor storage cabinets. Hopefully, it’ll help you in picking the right outdoor storage box for your home.




Why You Need Storage Cabinet In Your Outdoor Area

why you need outdoor storage cabinet


Outdoor areas are the most neglected areas of our homes. We usually pay less attention to them as compared to the interior. They are filled with clutter from around the house and from the garden, including various tools, pots, gardening equipment, etc.



If not appropriately organized, all these items can add to the mess you have outdoors and ruin the view. This not only creates untidiness but also puts all your valuables at risk of getting damaged. Harsh weather conditions and constant exposure to the changing temperatures outside can ultimately damage your belongings.



To avoid putting your valuable items at risk and in order to keep them organized, it is essential to have a safe space for them. This is where outdoor storage cabinets come to the rescue.



A well-built and spacious storage cabinet can prove to be an excellent item for the outdoor space of your house as it is capable of holding almost everything from small garden toys to giant electrical equipment. These cabinets are not only super convenient but also give a hint of style to the exterior of your house.




Where To Buy High-Quality Outdoor Storage Cabinet

There are plenty of options available when it comes to buying an outdoor storage cabinet online. However, you must buy only from trusted and credible sources so that there’s no risk of poor quality and poor shipping. Some of the best online places to buy outdoor storage cabinets are Amazon, Walmart, and Homedepot.




Outdoor Storage Cabinet You Need Right Now

Not every outdoor storage cabinet can fit into every kind of house. The outdoor spaces differ in size, area, and how much they are affected by different weather conditions. Depending on these factors, there are several different types of storage cabinets that you can get.


A waterproof outdoor storage cabinet is excellent for storing anything you want, no matter what material it is made out of. They are usually made up of sturdy plastic or resins, both of which are highly durable for keeping the dampness away from the items stored inside. 
Wooden storage cabinets are a beautiful item to go in your outdoor space, especially if you have other wooden furniture like garden benches or wooden swings. Wood is one of the strongest materials out there and is excellent for holding heavy-duty items, even more, when the wooden cabinet is painted with a waterproof enamel. 
Plastic is another material known for its robust qualities, especially when it comes to furniture. A storage cabinet made of heavy-duty plastic would be a fantastic addition to your yard or patio for holding all the clutter. These plastic cabinets come with easy assembling techniques, and one can customize the cabinet and add up to 8 shelves if needed. 
Metal being highly resilient to water, rust, and every type of harsh weather conditions makes for an ideal material to be used for outdoor storage cabinets. The galvanized steel and strong metal base of these cabinets are perfect for holding heavy items like mountain bikes, car tools, etc. 
Rubbermaid outdoor storage cabinets add an excellent level of versatile functionality to your patio, yard, porch, etc., with their sleek design and resilient bodies. They complement the outdoor space décor while providing the benefit of a large storage space to store all your things. One can store nearly anything in a Rubbermaid storage cabinet from cushions and pillows to grilling accessories and garden equipment.



How To Organize Outdoor Storage Cabinets



Organizing your outdoor storage cabinet can be a hassle, but it is all worth it for the tidiness it provides. Your outdoor area, whether it’s a patio, yard, porch, or garden, looks instantly cleaner if it is organized using storage cabinets.



Neatly organizing your stuff in a storage cabinet also makes it easier for you to locate your valuables whenever you need them instead of hunting for them everywhere. This way, the items stay at their designated place, and you don’t have to worry about clutter piling up.



There are numerous ways to organize an outdoor storage cabinet. Depending on your requirements, preferences, and style, you can store the items in different ways.



  • First of all, you need to see which items you will be storing inside the storage cabinet. Separate the heavy items from the light ones and make sections of all the items according to size and weight.
  • Heavy items that are also big like lawn movers, bikes, portable pools, and other garden equipment are the items that are going to stay on the base. This means you don’t have to put these on upper shelves or hang them inside the cabinet. These are the items that will take up most of the base area space of the cabinet.
  • Once you have sorted out what will go on the base, you can now move to the shelf area. Things like car tools, shovels, pots, vases, pool and garden toys, etc., can be easily placed on the shelves inside the cabinet as they are relatively lighter and won’t put a lot of burden on the shelf. Any other stuff which isn’t used frequently like grilling accessories can also go up.
  • Many cabinets offer the option of removable hooks that are used for hanging purposes. Items like towels, tents, and even sports bikes can be suspended using the hooks to make the most out of the vertical wall space of the cabinet.



These methods for organizing the outdoor storage cabinet will help you utilize the cabinet to the fullest for all your outdoor storage needs.




How To Utilize Your Outdoor Storage Cabinets


Storage furniture of any kind (like bins, boxes, or cabinets) provides an incredible amount of utility as it can often be used for more than just one purpose.



Many storage cabinets that are shorter in size can be used as seating benches. Alternatively, they can be used as tabletops for your evening tea time. Just put a chair or two around the cabinet, and you are good to go.



The utility of a storage cabinet depends entirely on how you want to use it and what your purpose for purchasing it is. Some people are fond of getting one as a part of their stylish exterior, while others buy it solely for their storage needs.



A Few Tips To Increase The Utility Of Storage Cabinet


  • Before you put anything in the cabinet, perform a thorough clean-up of items that you no longer require. If there is anything that you haven’t used in a long time, chances are you will never use it in the future too. So, be sure to get rid of it.
  • Don’t fill the cabinet with all your outdoor items. Get rid of all the unnecessary junk so that you can have a clear idea of what needs to go in the cabinet. There might be a bunch of stuff which you have long forgotten about and don’t need any more either.
  • Organization is key. Don’t just throw your stuff in a storage cabinet randomly. Instead, assign every item a specific place, and always keep that thing back at its designated place after use. Keep heavy items on one side, and the small handy items at other.
  • Perform a clean-up of your storage cabinet every two months or so to free up space and not let any clutter gather inside.




The Amazing Uses Of Vertical Outdoor Storage Cabinets


 Tidyard Outdoor Garden Storage Shed Indoor Tall Utility Storage Cabinet


Outdoor storage cabinets are available in various sizes and designs to go with your outdoor area perfectly. Some open-air spaces can accommodate horizontally wide cabinets, while those with less floor space can fit vertically tall cabinets.



Vertical outdoor storage cabinets use a small part of your floor and are best to put in the yards or in the patios with the narrow area.



  • Vertical storage cabinets are a great place in narrow spaces as their sleek design can easily get adjusted there.
  • Their vertically long size is great for adding multiple shelves according to your needs. This way, you don’t have to just throw in all the clutter on a single shelf. You can assign every shelf for only one kind of items like all the toys on one shelf, and garden tools on another.
  • Vertical cabinets are great to add to your outdoor furniture as they give an elegant look to the exterior of the house.




Find Out What ‘S In And What ‘S Out For Your Metal Outdoor Storage Cabinet

Metal being one of the strongest building materials out there provides immense durability and sturdiness to outdoor storage cabinets. Cabinets and storage boxes made of metal are considered to be extremely durable and safe for storing valuables.



However, certain elements can react negatively with metal and cause damage to some level. If your storage cabinet is made out of metal or steel, don’t put anything made of aluminium inside. Aluminium being highly reactive to steel can cause rusting and corrosion.




3 Decorative Ways To Use Your Outdoor Storage Cabinet For 2020


  • An outdoor storage cabinet can be used for more than just storing valuables. You can use it for seating purposes if it’s a short-sized cabinet, or you can use the top of it as a table.
  • All you need to do is put a nice table mat on it with some chairs around, and that’s it. Your garden tea table set is ready.
  • Moreover, if you have a wooden storage cabinet, you can paint the cabinet whatever colour you like in order to make it look more aesthetically pleasing. You can get as creative as you like with these cabinets.






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