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20 Best Outdoor Bike Storage Ideas Of All Time 20 Best Outdoor Bike Storage Ideas Of All Time

Outdoor Bike Storage

20 Best Outdoor Bike Storage Ideas Of All Time

Written by: Sarah Reyes

These outdoor bike storage ideas will keep your rig ready while protecting it from the elements. Take on the ride of life through these tips.

Outdoor bike storage ideas that will keep your rig protected from the elements. These waterproof options are space saving, durable and affordable. Cycling is a great alternative to vehicles that produce toxic emissions to the environment.



However, storing your bike outside is not an easy task! Also, there’s a risk that you’d get parking tickets for them if left in a non-parking zone unawares. Not to worry, there is a perfect solution to this, you can always have a space to keep your bike, even in the outdoors. 



However, if you’re looking to get some space for your two-wheeled ensemble in the garage, then you may want to check out our garage storage bike options here.



Otherwise, if there’s an area in the house you can make a small sanctuary for it, then our indoor bike storage ideas may inspire you.



Now if you want to keep and store that bike in the great outdoors, then let’s get right to the different options we have for you. Say goodbye to those parking tickets, and say hello to neat and affordable outdoor bike storage options for you.






This handy outdoor bike storage is one for the books. It’s made of ripstop, industrial grade vinyl, that is completely weatherproof. In addition, it has UPF 50+ protection, meaning it only lets 1/5th of the sun’s UV rays to pass through it. That’s ultimate protection for your bicycle and cycling accessories.



Not only that, it’s also space saving as it only measures 74″ wide x 30″ deep x 65″ high. However, it is spacious as well as an ease to install. In fact, it only takes you 15 minutes to put it together, and to put it away. It’s a hassle free operation that will keep your bike safe from the elements. Whether it’s parked just outside your garage, or a park nearby.






Made with the most durable materials on the market, the Yardstash waterproof bike cover consists of ripstop Oxford fabric. Thus, it is weatherproof, made to withstand a rainy day, or inclement weather. Further, it has double stitching with top and bottom drawstrings in order to fit bicycles of varying sizes.



Thus, you can pull to adjust or let loose, the material will hug your bicycle frame snugly. It measures 82″ long x 42″ wide x 44″ tall, so that you can easily use it for any sort of bicycle. May it be an adult bike, baby seats or baskets, there’s enough room for all of these items. It can house three bikes at a time, for maximum storage.





Get the Team Obsidian waterproof bicycle cover, because there’s more room for just one. Keep three bikes inside, it’s a hassle free operation, and allows you to store all those cycling essentials. May it be a bike pedal, some bike seats, or your brake mechanism, this will fit your important bike accessories, in order for you to have quick access anywhere.



Thus, if you’re looking to customize your bike, then it’s easy to keep your tools and parts handy, even as you travel. It goes along with you, to hikes, camp outs, and even a cross country. This cover can withstand UV exposure and is weather-proof to boot. Last, you can now protect your bike from the elements such as snow, dirt, hail, wind and sun.




This stow-away shed from Suncast is incredible for bike storage. Thus, it features 70 ft of cubic capacity, in order for you to store your bike accessories as well as other miscellaneous items. In addition, it consists of strong polypropylene resin panels, that makes the shed durable and long wearing.



Apart from this, it has a shock-proof floor that allows it to withstand abuse, thus it can hose your heavy duty items such as a bike or even a lawn mower. Further, this shed can keep all those bike necessities such as a patch kit, a tire pressure gauge, a pump and a couple of spare tubes. What sets it apart from other bike storage systems is that it has a hinged lid technology that allows corner-to-corner access. Meanwhile, it also has a lock mechanism to prevent break-ins and theft.




The YardStash IV provides great value considering the price. This is definitely an item to invest in as it consists of tear-proof, UV protected material. Therefore, keep your bicycles and accessories in ultimate condition, and away from the elements. In addition, this bike tent storage can keep a variety of other items, such as pointed garden tools or sports equipment. Otherwise, it’s best for all your cycling needs. Further, you can keep two adult bicycles inside, without breaking a sweat.



Thus, you can keep yourself one step further in keeping your gear in tip-top shape, and within arm’s length. Last, what sets it apart from the Yardstash series is that it consists of entirely vinyl tarpaulin, making it more weather resistant and durable. Now, there’s no stopping you from keeping your bikes outdoors.





Show your bike that incessant love. The Eugo outdoor bike cover protects it from scratches, dents, rust, corrosion and warping. Apart from this, it features a weather resistant material that is anti-UV and waterproof. In addition, the front, middle and back hems feature elasticated material for flexibility. Further, it has a buckle in the middle to keep it from falling off during highly windy days.



Apart from this, there are two lock holes in front to keep it securely in place, and prevention of bike theft. So it’s a win-win situation with this in tow, and hitting two birds with one stone. Now, you can keep your bike safe despite adverse weather conditions, and pilferage. It can host most bikes with wheel sizes from 26 inches to 29 inches in size.





A great addition to your outdoor storage system, the Simple Houseware bike rack hosts five bicycles in total. So, you can just situate it in your garage area or a place adjacent your driveway to keep your bicycles in place and order. Now you need not worry about keeping limited storage, as you have a place for five individual bodies. In addition, it features a steel powder coated frame, in order to withstand adverse weather conditions.



Further, each wheel holder can adjust from 2.5” to 3.5” to accommodate bicycles of varied sizes. Last, each compartment measures 70”L x 14.75”W x 14”H. 12”L, that is spacious enough for your bike or bike accessories, such as your bike seat, helmet or locks. Thus, nothing will stand in your way between the outdoors and keeping your bike safe from harm’s way.





This one from Keter is an outdoor storage shed that can keep all your bicycle accessories in place. In addition, it’s versatile storage too, thus you can keep all your patio accessories and other belongings in it. It’s durable make is due to its resin construction, that provides your bike and gear from the elements. Thus, it is weather resistant, meaning it can withstand UV rays, and it is waterproof, therefore keep your bike units protected even during heavy rains.



Further, this outdoor bike storage idea earns a place in our list because it has ample ventilation. For this reason, the skylight and window will allow natural light to fall through for prevention of mold and fungi formation. Last, it has shelving options, so it offers some flexibility for those who want to add a level here and there for added storage.





Are you looking for portability in your bike storage? Look no further, because the H&ZT bike cover storage is foldable and easy to put away when not in use. Thus, it can also be utilized during camping or a hike in the wilderness.



Further, you can protect your bicycle from debris, animals, pests and even bacteria and algae. Apart from this, this space saving tent fits every crevice and ravine possible, as it measures 78 x 63 x 33 inches in size. In addition, it features zippers to fully protect the door and keep your bikes from sun and water damage.





Match this bike wall storage with your choice of a shed outdoor bike storage, or a couple of bike racks. Thus, this is perfect for those looking for a heavy-duty solution to get their bicycle needs in place and organized. Moreover, it’s a clean and discreet way to keep your bicycles in an accessible row, where you can find them.



It’s sturdy and reliable, so you don’t have to worry about replacement any time soon. It provides storage for four bikes. Such as road, hybrid, beach, and child variants. In addition, you can safely position your bikes in a vertical position, without damaging them with scratches, and dents.



Apart from this, these hooks consist of rubber material, in order to prevent any snagging or warping. Last, there’s no need to worry about the weight capacity on this wall storage rack as it carries 200 lbs of weight!





Another storage shed you may want to look at is this one from Keter. It has 285 cubic feet of capacity, for storage of all your cycling essentials. For this reason, this large shed is an exceptional alternative to storage. Thus, it is a versatile one, so you can keep not just your accessories and gadgets for your bike in it. Therefore, you can keep your patio furniture, grilling tools, and even your pool toys inside. Moreover, it is highly durable made with polypropylene plastic, resin and steel reinforcement.



Now, whether you’re in the middle of a thunderstorm, or any adverse weather conditions, you can ensure that this can withstand it. Because of this, it will not warp, rust, rot or chip off. Last, this does not require any maintenance at all, so just install into your backyard and start your bike organization straight away.





Designed with a simple push-in feature, that allows you to roll your bike into it and park. Therefore, you no longer have to mount your bike or carry it in order to store. Thus, you can simply carry it with you when you’re out for a ride, and station it near a building or a park tree.



In addition, it is completely portable, so you can easily fold it when not in use. In addition, this is a stylish and dynamic bike stand, with a firm and deeper holder for the wheels compared to others in the market. Further, if you push your bike just right into it, you won’t have to worry about tilting your bike. It consists of materials such as powdered steel that gives it a firm, durable finish.





This outdoor bike rack from Formosa keeps your bike protected while storing or during transport. Next, The UV and waterproof material keeps your bike from water and damage from direct sunlight. Further, it is of a 300 D polyester material that is heavy duty, with clear PVC panels, so you can see the tail lights through it.



Apart from this, it also has night reflector piping double zippers. Thus, you can easily snap the buckles close, for a snug and secure fit. In addition, This fits almost any sort of outdoor bike rack, may it be vertical or horizontal, so you can position your bikes in any direction. Besides, it fits almost any size of bicycle with varied sized wheels. Hence, it’s an easy install which won’t take up much of your time. Easily store two bikes at the back of your SUV, RV, truck or car.





The Favoto bicycle cover is one to vie for. Simply because this outdoor storage is made of waterproof, UV-proof, rust-proof material 210D Oxford fabric. Thus, have the peace of mind that you can bear it with you anywhere you go. Exact specifications measure 79L x 30W x 44H inch that gives you ample space for your bicycle. Further, it features an aluminum alloy lock hole, so that you can lock your bicycle anywhere when not in use.



Thus, you have peace of mind when storing your bicycle outdoors, as this storage is anti-theft. In addition, the lock material is durable, that will last you for long periods of time. Moreover, it comes with an elastic cord with two wind buckles and a storage bag. So you can take it with you anywhere while the cord and buckles will keep your cover in place no matter how windy it is outside.





A bike rack that is easy to install, won’t require any tools or assembly and easy to situate. Thus, it virtually does not take any space, due to its vertical design. Made of rubber bumpers to protect any wall surface from scratches, dents or damage from the rack. In addition, it features adjustable arms, so it can accommodate any sort of bicycle.



Furthermore, it has silver coat powder finish, for an elegant and simple aesthetic. Also, it carries a maximum load of 80 lbs or 35kg. Hence, this is the most portable bike rack one can find on cyberspace, as it is easy to install and easy to take apart when not in need of it.




Made with superior material coating as well as it’s fabric is of 190T Oxford Cloth. For this reason, the bike cover unit can withstand adverse weather, dust, water, pests and direct sun exposure. It is designed to fit the bicycle frame snugly, and for added security. Hence, this bike cover has adjustable bottom-stitched elastic hem and velcro.



In addition, there is a bike lock feature at the front of the bike, so you can keep the cover on with a lock. You just need a lock mechanism to attach, in order to safely secure your bike. Now, you no longer have to worry about bike theft, no matter where or when you travel.





It’s the shed that’s portable and easy to install. However, this is not without good reason. This bike shed made for the outdoors is the most ideal contender for outdoor bike storage. It consists of an all steel durable frame, fit to withstand all sorts of weather conditions. It has a rip stop fabric, that is waterproof with a powder coat finish.



Thus, this canopy style bike storage will protect your two-wheeled wonder, even if it’s raining cats and dogs outside. Moreover, it has a ratchet that keeps the cover tight to give a neat and snug appearance. In addition, the fabric is heat-sealed, making it durable over stitched ones in the market. Last, it has an easy slide cross rail that allows a continuum, for extra cover tightening.





You know a well made product when you see one. That, we attest to with confidence with this bike stand from Pro Bike. A leading innovator in outdoor bike storage, it has a strong spring double arm mechanism that holds your bike tightly by the tire. Moreover, the three-point contact technology secures the wheel in place.



Thus, it gives you complete and utter safety for your outdoor bike storage needs. Moreover, what sets it apart from the others on the list is it’s tire clamping cradle system. Which closes around the enclosed tire whenever your bike is parked. Now you can avoid scratches and dents from putting your bike in a position leaning against the wall.



This storage rack fits most bike variants sized 1.0-2.35” inches wide. Thus, that includes road and cyclocross bicycles of sizes 26”, 27.5” and 29” mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, bike cruisers and kid’s bikes with 20” and 24” wheels.



This parking valet for your bicycle is the ultimate choice for multiple bicycles. It’s straightforward and easy, and doesn’t come with confusing instructions. Thus, you can easily install it without complications, it will take you just a few minutes. Hollywood racks consist of high-strength steel, aircraft-quality fasteners, and thick powder coats.



Thus, you know that your racks are of tough, secure and safe quality. You can keep different size bicycles in this rack, and accommodate up to 6 individual bodies. Moreover, the brand has been a trusted manufacturer of cycling products for 47 years.





The fabric material of this Ohuhu bike cover is made of 210T Nylon material, making it waterproof, weather-proof and durable. Moreover, keep the bike cover in place even during heavy wind pressure In addition, the cover is coated with 40 UV material, so your bike stays protected from rust, water damage and fading.



Apart from this it has two buckles, one on top and one under, for securing or hanging dry. Further, It measures 78.7 x 43.3 x 27.5 inches which is spacious enough to keep 29” mountain bikes, mopeds, beach cruisers and road bikes. Thus, all you have to do is cover, buckle whenever you head out.




So there you have it, our top outdoor bicycle outdoor storage picks. These will be a great addition to your backyard, patio or garage. Bear in mind that it’s important to check the specifications in order to identify if these suit your needs. In addition, getting an additional lock for your bike will help protect your two-wheeler.



Thus, a bike lock will keep your bike from getting stolen, and hold your bike cover in place despite heavy winds and inclement weather. So, no matter if you’re going for a country stroll, or using your bike to commute to work, parking it won’t be a predicament. For this reason, you can be certain that you have bike storage that will keep your bike clean, safe and protected.

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