Complete Guide To Having The Perfect Outdoor Bike Storage

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There are so many reasons why you should consider getting the perfect outdoor bike storage. Often, locking and keeping your bikes inside your home is not the best option, especially when you don’t have enough space to store them indoors. As a result, the perfect outdoor bike storage is your best option to accommodate them. Read on for the best bike storage option you can get in the market today.



Top 3 Outdoor Bike Storage Products




Things To Consider Before Buying Outdoor Bike Storage

Before you decide to buy any outdoor bike storage, it is important that you take into consideration the factors below:




The only reason why you should have outdoor storage for your bikes is that you do not have enough space in the house or garage. Locking and keeping your bikes indoor is the most preferred and safest safety option for your bike. If you want to keep your bikes from the prying eyes of thieves and also ensure that the bike remains in good shape, the best safety option is to keep it indoors. However, if you live in a rented apartment where you barely have enough space in the house to lay your head, your best option might be to get outdoor storage.



So don’t just consider outdoor storage because you want to follow a bandwagon appeal, do it because that is the only choice that is left. Also, you must put into consideration the available space that you have in your garden to set up the outdoor bike storage. If you have limited space available outside, you might consider a rack that can be mounted on a vehicle.




Security and Privacy are other things to consider before getting outdoor storage for your bike. If you are a very private person, it is possible you might not want to share a garage with anybody. More so, the security of your ride is at stake when too many people have access to the storage facility. If you don’t want to share a garage with anyone, some outdoor storage facilities will satisfy your need for privacy and as well protect your ride from harsh weather and thieves.




Needless to say that you must consider your budget before you consider having outdoor storage for your bike. There are different outdoor storage facilities for your bike, but you might need to take a look into your pocket before you make a decision.



Where To Buy Affordable Outdoor Bike Storage

Just because the safety of your bike depends on outdoor bike storage, doesn’t mean you have to break a bank to get one. Hence, we will provide you with information on where to get top-notch and simple outdoor bike storage for an affordable price. Storables is the best place to get the most affordable outdoor bike storage. With prices starting from as low as $17, you will definitely be able to get an outdoor storage product that satisfies all your needs.



Top 2020 Bike Outdoor Storage Types


Light, portable and yet durable, outdoor bike storage sheds are must-haves to protect your precious bicycle from the force of external elements.
Bike racks provide ample support for bicycles to ensure that they don’t topple over and get damaged as a result.
Pallet shed bike outdoor storage is sturdy, durable and able to withstand tough weather conditions without any issue.
The product of a renowned brand, a Suncast bike shed makes for a great long-term investment. Apart from being easy to clean and maintain, sheds are also easy to assemble, making them perfect for even beginners.
Of superior build quality and requiring minimal maintainence, Rubbermaid bike sheds make life a whole lot easier. Apart from your bicycles, the Rubbermaid collection is also perfect for storing tools, shelving and other accessories.
An easy way to prevent your bike from getting wet, bike cover storage is very affordable and takes up little space.
Like humans, bicycles need shelter too – these bike tent storage options get the job done without burning a hole in your pocket.



How To Organize Your Bike Using Outdoor Storage

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If you don’t keep your bike properly, especially outside the house, it may end up unusable as it may get rust to the point of not working. There are several tips that can help you organize and store your bike properly since leaving it outside is not a good idea. Here are some ways to organize bicycle using outdoor storage:



Get A Bike Cover

You can buy some plastic bike covers for $15 or even less. Bike cover can help protect your bike from dust, rain, sun, and snow.



Bike Lockers

This storage idea helps to keep your bike safe and protect it against theft. You can mount them on a porch, close to a driveway, or in a side yard.



Bike Storage Sheds and Units

You can also arrange your bikes by keeping them in an outdoor storage unit specifically designed to store bikes. Some examples are Suncast BMS8400D shed, Swagman XC2 Hitch Mount Bike Rack, and many more.



Canopy Sheds

Canopy sheds are durable and more comfortable to set up. Furthermore, you can easily dismantle and move them. They also come in different sizes which makes it possible for them to be used to store bikes or other yard maintenance equipment.



Keep Tires Inflated

Always ensure to keep the tires of your bicycle inflated. The air in them would help to prevent serious damage when subjected to cold or sunlight outside your home.



How To Utilize Your Bicycle Storage

Bike storage products come in many forms; each has its own set of pros and cons.  At its core, however, outdoor bike storage is largely ergonomic and affordable, so there’s simply no excuse not to get one of these:





Bike hoists, also known as bike pulleys or bicycle lifts, can be used to get your bike completely off the floor. You do this by securing it up near the ceiling to create just enough space for your apartment.




The Single-bike stands help to store your bike in an upright position without leaning it on the wall. A good space-saving option perfect for your home.




This is ideal if you have limited space. With this bike rack, you can store two bikes in a small footprint by using the same vertical spaces to hold them.



Brilliant Hacks To Store Your Bike

Bikes typically take up a large amount of space – a luxury some of us can’t afford – so deciding where to store yours can understandably be a frustrating process. The good news is that there are definitely ways to go about it without taking a significant chunk out of your living space. Check out these fuss-free, 100% effective bike storage hacks for more information.



Perfect Ways To Secure Your Bike Storage Shed

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As much as the bike shed is a protective gear for bikes, the shed also needs to be protected. While the shed can protect your bikes from harsh weather that can damage its components, unfortunately, it might not be able to protect the bikes from thieves. Therefore, the shed must also be protected so that it can protect your bikes. We have highlighted a few things to do for the protection of your bike shed.



Choose The Best Location For The Shed

Try to pick the best location for your bike shed in your compound. Selecting the best place for your bike shed is one of the best ways to protect it from thieves. If thieves don’t know you have a bike shed, they can’t try to break in to steal your bikes. Better still, you can pick a location where you can easily spot the bike shed. So, if anyone is trying to break the shed to steal your bikes, you can raise the alarm.



Strengthen The Security Of Your Garden

Just a bit of security apparatus will keep the thieves away from your garden. Ensure that your perimeter walls are intact, and your gate is always locked. These two security apparatus will always keep the thieves away. It is much easier for a thief to gain entry into a garden that is not locked or if the perimeter wall is down.



Maintain A Low Profile Of Your Bikes

If you don’t want to attract the prying eyes of thieves, it is better that you don’t advertise your bikes. Ensure you do not even make a video of your expensive ride within the four walls of your house, as it might attract potential thieves.



Creative Bicycle Racks Design Ideas To Try

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A storage facility is one of the most important aspects of owning a bike. Whether there is a luxury of space inside or outside the house, you still need an excellent storage facility to ensure that your bike is safely kept. One of the numerous ways of ensuring the safety of bikes is prioritized with the use of bikes racks. Many of the designs for racks are usually mounted on the wall or back of the vehicle.



However, it would interest you to know that you can fashion an acceptable design for your bike rack that keeps your bikes safe and sound. If you have an apt DIY nous and you can get handy with raw materials, you can make a bike rack that will solve your storage problem. Meanwhile, one of the things that can pose a threat to achieving this is a lack of creative ideas. Thankfully, we have compiled a list of five bicycle racks design ideas that are most suitable for you.



Tips To Make A Waterproof Wood Outdoor Shed For Bicycle

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One of the biggest threats to outdoor wood sheds for bikes is rain. Though the woodshed can resist harsh weather like the sun, however, it is always vulnerable to rain. To ensure the safety of your bikes and the longevity of the shed, you could turn to DIY outdoor bike storage and make a waterproof wood outdoor shed. There are three essential tips to make a wood waterproof outdoor shed for your bikes. The best way to make that happen is to use waterproof wood for your shed. Find below some tips to make a waterproof wood for your outdoor shed storage.



Frequently Asked Questions About Outdoor Bike Storage



1. Is Cold Temperature Storage Bad For A Bike?

Cold temperature is not bad for the bikes. The only wrong effect of cold on your bike is that it would cause a reduction in the lifespan of the batteries on your bike. Also, when you constantly change the location of the bike from a cold environment outside to a warm one inside, it creates a condense, which can lead to rust. To prevent this, avoid switching the storage location of your bikes from a cold environment to a warm environment repeatedly. If you live in a very cold region, ensure you leave your bike in an area where it will remain cold.



2. What Is The Best Way To Store A Bike?

The best way to store a bike can and will be determined by the space available for you. If you have enough space inside the house, whether in a garage or empty room, you can store your bike indoors. However, if you live in an environment where space is limited, you might have to consider having an outdoor storage facility.



3. What Is The Standard Size Of Outdoor Bicycle Storage?

Well, the standard size for outdoor bicycle storage will be determined by your bike collection. If you need a shed to store a single bike, you would need 6 inches x 2 inches shed (or 5 inches x 3 inches) to store it. But if you are planning to store two bikes, you should have a size of about 6 inches x 3 inches.



4. What’s The Perfect Place For Your Outdoor Bike Storage?

If you have decided on the type of outdoor storage that you want to use, it is essential to set it up in a location that would not be too far from reach. For instance, if your perfect storage choice is a bike tent, you should consider setting up in a location that would be easily accessible for you in your garden. I mean a place where you can see it from inside. If your front yard seemed to be the perfect spot, you could set it up there, and if your backyard is the best place where you can see it, be sure to set it up there.



5. What Are Some Clever Outdoor Bike Storage Ideas To Try?

Deciding on the outdoor bike storage can be quite difficult because of the numerous choices available. This is why we will make a list of some of the smart outdoor bike storage that will give you excellent storage solutions and still be accessible for daily use.



6. What Are Some Ways To Maximize Your Outdoor Bike Storage Shed?

To maximize your outdoor bike storage shed, you must decide what type of shed you want to use. There are three primary materials for making outdoor bike storage sheds: Metal, Plastic, and Wood. These three primary materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. Be sure to know some of their strengths and weaknesses to maximize your outdoor bike storage shed entirely. For instance, wood sheds are often vulnerable to water because they can hardly resist water.



However, you can find your way around that by making a waterproof woodshed. Also, which every outdoor bike shed you decide on using, ensure that you also increase your security apparatus to guarantee the safety of the shed and your bikes. Make sure the door of the shed is locked and ensure that your perimeter wall is intact that the gate to your garden is locked.



7. What Are The Benefits Of Having An Outdoor Bike Storage Locker?

The benefits of having an outdoor bike storage locker cannot be overemphasized. The first benefit is the security of your bikes. When outdoor bike storage is locked, it guarantees the security of the bikes in it. No one can easily break in to steal your bike. Another advantage is that it offers privacy.



Outdoor bike storage lockers ensure that your bike is safe from the prying eyes of admirers who might eventually become a potential thief. Some wanderers can just find their way to your garden and straight into your bike shed, and if there is no locker, the security of your bike is at risk. They might be at first, but they can eventually become thieves who will break into your home to cart away with your expensive rides.



8. What Are DIY Outdoor Bike Storage Ideas For Kids?

If you decide that a shed is the most suitable outdoor bike storage for you, you can make one yourself. Instead of ordering one, you can choose to make one if you are very handy with tools. All that is required of you is to see a couple of videos on YouTube on how to make it.



9. What Are Different Things You Can Do With Your Outdoor Bike Storage Box? 

To ensure the productivity and safety of your outdoor storage box, it is wise that you use it for the sole duty that it was made for which is to store your bikes. However, you can also use the outdoor storage box to store some of your sports equipment like helmets, gloves, water bottles, and others. Nevertheless, we will ensure that you use an outdoor bike storage box to store your bikes and equipment alone so that you don’t get things mixed up.




Getting outdoor bike storage is almost inevitable, especially when you have multiple bike collections. The information in this article is all you need to have the best outdoor bike storage experience.

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