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15 Best Outdoor Cushion Storage Box (In 2020) 15 Best Outdoor Cushion Storage Box (In 2020)

The Ultimate Guide To Have The Perfect Outdoor Cushion Storage • July 16, 2020

15 Best Outdoor Cushion Storage Box (In 2020)

Written by: Kevin Ashwe

Durable and practical, an outdoor cushion storage box is great for storing items including tools and toys. Check out our top 15 picks!

Never underestimate an outdoor cushion storage box – it is an essential need in every home. It is useful for so many reasons, but most notably to keep things secure and have sufficient space. Contrary to popular belief, it is unnecessary to store outdoor furniture, outdoor cushion, and more inside the house. This is because there are tons of outdoor storage boxes you can purchase to save space indoors and avoid stress.



We decided to compile this list to assist you with purchasing the right outdoor cushion storage. Here are the top 15 outdoor cushion storage ideas that you will need for your outdoor cushion organization.





Keter Westwood designed this outdoor cushion storage box with resin to have a natural wood look. It’s a large outdoor storage box that features a 660lbs weight capacity and 150-gallon storage capacity. Moreover, it is made out of weather-resistant polypropylene that will prevent it from peeling, rusting, and denting while keeping the appearance of real wood.




Keter Westwood’s large outdoor storage box can serve as a comfortable seat for two adults and serve as a plant stand for your garden. Unlike some storage boxes that close almost instantly, this one comes with a slow pull that makes it safe and effortless to use for adults and children alike. Furthermore, it is perfect for storing your outdoor cushions since it has a large capacity and is weather-resistant: you can be assured that your cushions will remain dry.





Looks can be deceptive: this Keter Borneo product is actually made from polypropylene and not rattan. It’s large enough to accommodate 110 gallons of items, and two adults can sit on it comfortably. The material used to manufacture it is weather-resistant and effectively prevents it from peeling, denting, and rusting.




When you store your outdoor cushions in this storage box, they will remain dry and clean for as long as they are in it. Thanks to its standard padlock and weather-resistant feature, Keter Borneo is straightforward to assemble, clean, and maintain. Its sturdy and durable build means you won’t have to buy a replacement for years to come. To top all of that, it’s safe for children and adults to open and close, courtesy of its automatic opening mechanism pulls.





This Suncast large outdoor storage box has been highly rated for its sturdiness and value for money. If you’re looking to invest in a waterproof outdoor storage box to store your outdoor cushions, this is another good option for you. It’s highly durable since it’s made from water-resistant polyresin material that also combats rusting and fading.



Furthermore, the rattan material used to design it is waterproofed and keeps water off the box to prevent the cushions from getting soggy. It’s easy to assemble, lock, open, clean, and maintain, making it a great all-round addition to any household.





AmazonBasics storage box is suitable for storing all your outdoor cushions. It measures 29.8 inches by 49.3 inches by 27.8 inches, boasting a 134-gallon capacity. It’s very sturdy and highly durable – we’re sure it’ll see you through the seasons without any trouble.



You can use it to store other outdoor tools aside from your cushions such as garden tools, cookout equipment, chopped wood for winter, and more. It features handles that will enable you to move the storage box with ease. Choose this storage box to give your garden a stylish look.





YardStash is another large outdoor storage box anyone will love to buy with their hard-earned money. Its stylish, outdoorsy design will instantly enhance the appearance of your garden. Storage space with this storage box is ample at 150 gallons, and its lightweight makes transportation a fuss-free process.




This waterproof outdoor storage box is reliable and can safeguard your outdoor cushion or any other thing you store in it from water and the elements. Its internal pole frame and great weatherproof tarpaulin that has welded seams, making it resistant to cracking, warping, or leaking.





As expected from Plano, a top-notch manufacturer of storage products, this outdoor cushion storage bench does not disappoint.



Plano’s large outdoor storage box is satisfying for anyone with a myriad of outdoor cushions to store in a safe place. This is a box that will offer you value for the money invested in it. It measures 26 inches long and 12 inches wide, with an internal height of 11 1/2 inches. It’s made from polypropylene and features a reinforced lid and molded grooves that support sturdy stacking of the storage boxes.





Rubbermaid deck boxes seem to be smaller compared to large storage boxes, but it can still contain quite a number of your outdoor cushions despite its size. 



This waterproof outdoor storage box features a 120-gallon capacity and a sturdy wall construction design that is very durable. You can use it as an end table in the absence of one.





Here is a highly ranked Rubbermaid deck box that is worth your money. It will securely protect your outdoor cushions from water and dirt for as long as they are in there. Buyers love it for its storage capacity, ease of use, and assembly. It is also weatherproof, ready to take on any kind of weather.




It’s made with a sturdy wall resin that is resistant to dent, leak, and rust. It also features split lids that make it easier for you to open and close from two sides. Lastly, it features a floor mat and a wooden shelf that makes your outdoor cushions easier to store.





Here is a USA-made waterproof outdoor storage box that can hold about 336 pounds of cushions. The resin material used to construct this deck box is tough and durable and doesn’t rust, peel, rot, or dent. It is spacious with one solid shelf and another ventilated shelf to organize your outdoor cushions.




Easily assemble this deck box by following its accompanying guide. This product is also easy to maintain and clean using a damp towel or brush. It features double doors that make it easy to access it from the two sides.





Investing in this storage box would be a wise decision: this plastic deck box is waterproof to prevent water and dust from damaging your outdoor cushions.




It features a rigid wall and a high density of polyethylene material; it also has steel hinges that are resistant to any weather. Apart from that, its UV-protected lid and panels will not peel, fade, and crack. The manual that came with the package will be helpful to assemble it quickly and easily.





If you want a large Rubbermaid deck box that is also a waterproof outdoor storage box, this is the perfect option for you. Apart from the fact that it can contain 127 gallons of items, this deck box is also lovely with a stylish design that will make your garden beautiful. It is a large box that can also be used as a yard storage box, garage storage box, shed storage box, and more. 



It’s very durable and resistant to water, sun, and snow. The material used cannot fade nor rust. Likewise, it features a lid flip that is safe and easy to open for children and adults.





This is another storage box from Suncast, but it is a patio storage cabinet that has also been waterproofed to repel water. Apart from water, it will protect your outdoor cushions from dust, sun, snow, and other external elements. 



It’s 20 feet tall and has two doors that offer you two-side access. Its sleek design and earthy tone will be perfect to improve the décor of your garden. It features a padlock hasp that helps secure the cushions or tools stored inside it.





Don’t be surprised! Suncast is one of the manufacturers that produce quality and stylish outdoor storage boxes, which is why we have many of their products on this list. This particular waterproof outdoor storage cabinet will effectively prevent water from entering your outdoor cushions.



It comes with a secure padlock for superior security and strength. Aside from its waterproof feature, it is also UV-protected to prevent it from being damaged by the sun’s damaging rays.





Do you have many outdoor cushions and garden tools, but no place to store them? This tall patio storage cabinet could just be the answer you need. It is 37feet tall, with a dimension of 40 in  x 20.25 in x 80.25 in. It comes with a sleek and unique design that will make you doubt if it’s truly a patio storage cabinet. This is the type of cabinet you need for so many purposes and will enhance the appearance of your garden.




It is made with metal-reinforced shelving that is meant to hold 200 pounds per shelf. Besides that, the material can safely resist bending even when you overload it. It features a padlock hasp for greater protection – you’ll never lose your things to thieves again.





Keter space patio storage cabinet, just like others on this list, is reliable, sturdy, durable, and 100% worth your money. This affordable 67-inch-tall cabinet is spacious enough to store your outdoor cushions in a dry place since it’s water-resistant. Its overall dimensions are 27″ x 15″ x 67″. It is made of durable resin-polypropylene material that is very easy to clean and maintain. 




Furthermore, it is designed with four shelves that can be adjusted to your needs: each shelf has the capacity to hold 44lbs of outdoor cushions. Another good thing about it is that it fits easily in your small garden or backyard. Also, you can quickly assemble it with the help of its manual booklet.




Shop for any of these outdoor storage boxes to properly store your outdoor cushions. Correct storage boxes that are waterproofed, UV-protected, and durable have been carefully reviewed for you in this article, so pick the one that suits your taste or needs today!

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