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20 Best Outdoor Cushion Storage You Can Rely On 20 Best Outdoor Cushion Storage You Can Rely On

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20 Best Outdoor Cushion Storage You Can Rely On

Written by: Alexander Johnson

Get the best outdoor cushion storage in preperation of summer days when you want to relax with your friends outside.

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Outdoor cushions are necessary and valuable, especially during summer when you want to relax with your friends outside. Who doesn’t love lounging about in the outdoors, feeling the breeze in the air while sipping a glass of red wine?



As essential as such cushions are to your #staycation, they need to be protected to last you many years. This has led to the production of heavy-duty, durable, and affordable storage for outdoor cushions. It’s a good idea that manufacturers design outdoor cushion storage (e.g. patio cushion storage) in different sizes, colors, types, and materials, because your needs will definitely be met.



This article is what you need to read to shop for the right outdoor cushion storage. Read on for some brilliant outdoor cushion storage ideas you mustn’t miss out on.



Patio furniture often comes in woven finishes because they always aim to recreate the feeling of being in a tropical resort. The woven material is usually a plastic resin that’s been tightly combined to form the paneling for the furniture. It makes sense, then, that your cushion storage would be made from the same material so it could effortlessly match the patio set that you already have.




If a simple, no-nonsense box is what you prefer, you could opt for a simple black storage chest with just-enough faux wood detailing to prevent it from looking flat and lifeless. The secret to good furniture is always incorporating a little bit of texture just so it doesn’t look like it was made in a rush. This storage box is a good example of something made to look a bit fancier than the rest of the options.




Waterproof outdoor storage boxes tend to look stiff and uncomfortable, so why not consider this storage bench that you can comfortably sit on and add to your outdoor area? It’s made with the classic waterproof woven paneling while the curved sides are like icing on the cake to make it look softer and more inviting. To finish everything off, it also has its own cushioned lid for maximum comfort. Simply lift it up to store your other cushions inside.




The aesthetic of a log cabin is probably one of the most comfortable and coziest ever. Wood is known to give warmth and life to almost any space, which is why it continues to be the leading choice when it comes to materials for furniture. Unfortunately, it isn’t the best when it comes to outdoor use because it’s prone to degradation from bugs and the weather. Luckily, you can enjoy the aesthetic of wood with these resin storage chests!




Wicker furniture are aesthetically pleasing, not to mention that they’re usually quite sturdy and waterproof. But since they’re woven, it’s quite inevitable that water will still seep in through the cracks and holes that are formed from the weaving process. With this kind of dilemma, resin furniture once again steps in to save the day by having a mold that mimics the look of a tightly woven panel. You can enjoy the same look while avoiding any unpleasant consequences at the same time.




If you would like outdoor cushion storage that you can also easily put away, a waterproof cushion storage bag is your best bet. Such products are compact and easy to handle. Also, they’re incredibly lightweight so they’re easier to carry around compared to full-blown storage chests. Once you’ve pulled all your cushions out for use, you can fold it up and keep it out of sight.




Your storage box doesn’t have to be just a box – you can be playful with it by choosing a barrel-shaped one, such as this one from Keter. You’ll especially appreciate the tiny details they did such as making use of single resin planks to form a more realistic barrel look that will give your patio furniture a little bit of a rustic touch. You can pull your cushions out,  place a nice little throw on top and use it to hold your mojitos while basking in the warmth of the sun.




Here’s another iteration of fabric cushion storage. This one has a bit more of a skeleton and a solid form as compared to your typical storage bags, but it isn’t anywhere as heavy as a fully-fledged storage box. This would make a nice little compromise for people who can’t decide between the two and the result is a flexible storage option that’s easy to set up and put away at a moment’s notice. This is especially ideal for those who require long-term storage.




When a brand name has “patio” in it, you can be sure that its products are probably made to last. From the shiny fabric alone, you can tell that this is specifically designed to be kept outdoors, but it won’t stand out in the shadows. This will no doubt hold all of your patio furniture cushions while remaining covert and unsuspecting. Whenever not in use, simply fold it up and keep it in a drawer or a cabinet.




When it comes to furniture nowadays, it’s usually the simpler the better. If you’re not really a fan of storage boxes with unnecessary curves and crazy forms, this might be the perfect storage bench for you. It still retains its perfect box form so it looks super sleek and unimposing but it’s still quite the comfortable seat with its cushioned lid.




Probably the most convincing wood chest out of the lot, this design by Keter is made to give your outdoor spaces the rustic touch that it deserves. The slight curves and tapering form also give it a semi-designer look that would be worthy of even celebrity homes in Hollywood. Once you’re done spending the day outside (with your ice cold drink in hand), you can lift up its lid and store your cushions safely away.




Here’s another plastic storage box made more interesting with minute details. It’s essentially a brown plastic deck box but it’s hard not to fall in love with its wood plank side panels and woven front paneling. The top is then suggested to be an extra seat with its contours that look inviting with a few stoppers at the sides.




Give your garden or patio that park aesthetic with this storage bench that looks like it could belong to a prestigious national park. From its sleek black frames, to the gorgeous tone of the faux wood, this storage bench exudes an air of quiet sophistication that anyone would love.




Here’s another barrel storage box design that looks extra fun. It’s a little less trying to look like wood but celebrates its base material which is a smooth black plastic. However, it still retains a little bit of faux wood texture and includes some recesses to give the illusion of separate pieces when it’s completely sealed on the inside.




Think resin plastic furniture can’t look sophisticated? This storage box  would probably surprise you. Everything about this piece is an impeccable execution of wood and the gorgeous smooth edges will tempt you to use it in your living room, not just your patio. Anyone who wants to add a touch of old world class to their space without having to worry about maintenance will definitely appreciate this one. 




It’s rare to find affordable patio furniture that doesn’t look stiff and lifeless due to the nature of resin. Here, we have a storage bench that looks incredibly cozy with its waterproof wicker paneling that has just the perfect amount of warmth. It also sports thoughtfully curved arm rests and backrests that you could almost forget it was really designed with storage in mind. The best kind of storage, after all, are the unsuspecting ones that hide in plain sight.




If a little bit of outdoor cushion storage is what you need, you probably won’t need to buying a gigantic chest or a big storage bench. Instead, go with this adorable little armchair that features a seat you can lift to store your cushions! This design is undoubtedly a resin plastic that’s made to last and not trying to be anything else which is surprisingly refreshing in the landscape of patio furniture.




It’s no secret that Keter is a total leader in the realm of outdoor storage and furniture. This small storage chest is simple yet so eye-catching with its black and faux grey wood paneling. Not to be mistaken for an ice chest, everything about this storage box exudes sturdiness and sustainability. There’s absolutely no doubt this is a compact storage box that you’ll enjoy for generations to come.




It’s always interesting when companies try to deviate from a typical box shape. It’s always important to put something that stands out and Suncast definitely did that with their cute little twist when it comes to form. It’s then finished off with woven panels to give it a little more texture and personality.




If you have space under the overhang, a true wood chest is as very viable option. As long as it doesn’t get soaked or submerged in water, nothing can beat the gorgeous look of wood and you’ll feel like a million bucks storing your patio furniture cushions in it. The best thing about it is if you ever have second thoughts about putting something so beautiful outside, then you can always just bring it in and make it part of your living room or even your bedroom. It’s impossible to lose with this chest from Tangkula.




Outdoor cushion storage definitely has made leaps and bounds from just being a simple box that you keep hidden away but they’re actually pretty enough to double as coffee tables and design accents. The smaller ones can even be used as a side table to set your drink as well as the book you want to curl up with. How you decide to use your storage boxes is definitely only limited to your imagination.



To soften things up, why not add a little fabric throw to make it look cozier. With just a little bit of effort and imagination, you can turn your patio or your yard into a gorgeous little oasis that’s fit to feature in any home improvement magazine. Your pillows and cushions will have a safe space to hide away whenever it’s time to go back inside the house, and your outdoor areas will look super spiffy and chic in the process!



Frequently Asked Questions About Outdoor Cushion Storage 



Here are answers to some questions you may have concerning the perfect outdoor cushion storage:



1. How To Keep Your Outdoor Cushion Storage Clean And New?

To keep your outdoor cushion storage clean and new for a very long time, do the following:



  • Check for any damage get them fixed immediately before they get worse. For instance, a broken hinge should be repaired or replaced with a functioning one.
  • Wash and clean outdoor cushion storage every season, with the right soap, soft brush, and neat towel.
  • Dry it naturally in an open area/place.
  • Consider laminating it using a top coat if it doesn’t have one.
  • If necessary, touch up using some paint.



2. What Is The Best Outdoor Cushion Storage Bag To Have?

Here are some of the the best outdoor cushion storage bags you need to have to protect your storage. Not only are these bags durable, they’re space-saving and very affordable as well. Read this article to find out more about outdoor cushion storage bags.



3. How To Maximize Your Outdoor Cushion Storage Bench?

Make your outdoor cushion bench worth the price by maximizing it this way:



  • Do thorough research online before purchasing or building one.
  • Declutter your garden by using its chest to store cushions in winter. Use the same chest to store garden tools, toys, and more during summer.
  • Use your outdoor storage bench as extra seats anytime, and any day you need it. You may place foams on the seats for comfort.
  • Reduce expenses by using an outdoor cushion storage bench as seating or a table.
  • An outdoor storage bench is not meant for the outdoors alone. If you are short of seats in your house, why not move them outside? Place foams on them and sit with joy.



4. What Are Different Designs For Your Outdoor Furniture Cushion Storage?

Check out these impressive designs for your outdoor furniture cushion storage. From minimalistic modern, these outdoor cushion storage designs are both pretty and practical – we’re sure that at least one of them will catch your fancy.



5. What Are Some Clever Outdoor Cushion Storage Ideas?

You will love these fantastic clever outdoor cushion storage ideas. Shop for  a beautiful outdoor cushion storage product and keep your cushions protected at all times. Alternatively, you could choose to DIY your very own cushion storage box/bench. 

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