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20 Clever Board Game Storage Solutions You Never Knew 20 Clever Board Game Storage Solutions You Never Knew

100 Best Storage Ideas in 2021 (Amazing Pictures Included)

January 24, 2020

20 Clever Board Game Storage Solutions You Never Knew

Written by: Johara Badsha

Stuggling with board game storage? Check out these ingenious solutions and all your board games are sure to last the test of time!

Isn’t it annoying when you can’t find that tiny piece or part of your favorite board game? Well, not anymore! Not only does board game storage allow you to organize your collection effortlessly, but it also ensures that your games stay in mint condition even with time.



From tabletop shelves to different board game organizers, here are 20 brilliant board game solutions to simplify the storage process.



20 Clever Board Game Storage Solutions You Never Knew - Infographics





Without a doubt, these shelves are a smart way to store your board games. Not only is the tower-like structure good for storage, but it’s great as decor. It has four stacked cubes in which you can neatly keep your games. Of those, you can rotate three of these cubes completely, so it’s always easy to access your games and present them however you wish.





Keep your board games on these shelves without compromising on floor space. Floating shelves utilize vertical or even corner spaces that are otherwise unused, making them great options if you have a limited amount of space. From rustic to modern, there is a wide variety of styles and shapes for you to choose from. Make sure to choose one that goes with your room’s aesthetic.





With this stylish and functional piece, you will be able to locate your favorite game in a matter of seconds. Usually, smaller games are stored at the top while larger games go onto the bottom-most tier of the ladder. With strong ladder shelves like the one above by VASAGLE, you can even pack it down. There are a variety of sizes available, so get one that can accommodate the size of your collection.





This is an effective organizer to keep your board games in perfect order. You might have seen different types of sorting racks for books on the internet or in stores. However, larger organizers (like the one pictured above) are required for board games. These kinds of racks can accommodate board games of most sizes since they can be either very small or extremely large. We like how sturdy this particular tabletop shelf is.





Cubicles are used to store nearly everything from books to photo frames, and board games are no exception. Since most cube shelves are not too high, it is easy for even children to take and put items back. Since these come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, you will not have to worry about running out of options. Moreover, they are largely affordable as well.





This is a piece of art! Not only is it able to contain your various board games, but it will surely add character to your room as well. This board game organizer is perfect for use in your kids’ room, living room, playroom, and other spaces of your home.





If you think about it, most games take place on coffee tables because of their compact yet open designs. Thus, it only makes sense to store your board games nearby, if not underneath one. Baskets under the coffee table are an excellent way to keep board games within an arm’s reach for those activities with family and friends.





The space above your bed is mostly unused space. A headboard is a smart option to make use of this space. The smarter choice? Storing your board games there! Whether it’s for a kid’s room or the master bedroom, such a product enhances the overall look of your room. You’ll be delighted to know that multiple colors, models, and sizes of the same product are available, so you can choose the one that suits your needs best. 





This is a multi-functional piece of furniture your kids will totally adore. It provides ample storage space for storing your board games as well as their books and other things. On top of that, it has a comfortable seating area for your kids to rest on.





Closet organizers are not only great for clothes – they work surprisingly well for your board games as well! Just make sure to get one with sturdy supporting boards so it doesn’t collapse. Also, keep the sizes of the board games you have in mind and get organizers that can fit your games.





A versatile piece of furniture, you can use an ottoman as a seat, a footrest, and, most importantly, as storage. Yes, a storage ottoman can be ideal for storing board games, especially if you want to keep them hidden from plain sight. This particular product comes with two flaps for easy access to your games any time.





Make the most out of your bed! That space underneath your bed can prove surprisingly useful when it comes to storing your board game collection. Bed with storage drawers are great – you could just buy under-bed bags that come with zip locks to store your board games securely.





Plastic drawers are a great place to store your board games. Since they have pull-out drawers, it will be a breeze to retrieve your board games and/or put them back where they belong. Moreover, they provide ample space to fit almost all kinds of board games. Your children will love this colorful organizer.





Although we have discussed many solutions to store board games so far, the problem of tiny parts and pieces has not been addressed yet. Repurposing a tea chest to a storage item for dice and similarly-sized pieces is a great solution to this problem. These tabletop shelves not only helps to sort and organize your board games, they will also make it easy to get what you want. 





Cabinets are another safe place to store your board games. The thing with cabinets is you can either display or hide your games, depending on which option you prefer. If you’re looking to display your collection, get a glass cabinet. Otherwise, go for one with an opaque design.




This chest with drawers is ideal for keeping your board games organized. By placing just one board game in each drawer, you’ll save yourself the hassle of rummaging through many titles to find what you want. To make things even easier for you, you can label the drawers using some tape and a marker. 




A table with pull-out storage is perfect for board games. Not only can you play on it, but you can also store your games underneath it as well. What more could you ask for? This option is perfect for board games like Lego, Monopoly, and many more.





These are the most simple and convenient way to store toys, board games in particular. Since they consist of containers of different sizes, you can easily keep all your games in them and organize them with little issue. They come in heights that kids can reach and are available in a wide range of colors to complement your decor schemes.





Store your board games in these stackable plastic boxes: depending on the size of your collection, you can get as few or as many as you want. Moreover, they are transparent so you can easily find the game you want without having to open the box.





Book display stands are another type of board game storage. These stands come in a variety of sizes and materials but are usually low enough that kids can reach them. In addition, they can easily get what they want as the board games can be kept on display.




There’s something about board games that make them so irresistible: from Monopoly to Scrabble, such games can entertain us and add fun to our lives even beyond childhood.



We hope that this guide will help you to put an end to your board game storage problems. Most of these solutions can be customized according to your collection. While you could create your own board game organizer from scratch, you could also bring the options above home with just a single click!

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