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50 Super Simple Bathroom Storage Ideas That Work 50 Super Simple Bathroom Storage Ideas That Work

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50 Super Simple Bathroom Storage Ideas That Work

Written by: Henry Campbell

Instantly transform your space with these brilliant bathroom storage ideas! Discover your perfect home storage solution with Storables today.

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It doesn’t matter if your bathroom is the biggest in your neighborhood, or it is just spacious enough to fit you, a few bathroom storage ideas can make a significant difference. Proper bathroom storage will provide you organization, beautification, and space. Here is a list of 50 stunning bathroom cabinet ideas, bathroom shelves ideas and many more.



50 Super Simple Bathroom Storage Ideas That Work - INFOGRAPHICS




When it comes to bathroom shelving, this shelf is a must-try. You don’t have to worry about the damp nature of bathrooms since this product is made with CARB compliant woods and tubes that can withstand such an environment. The wood is free of any chemical smell. It is also very durable and can support up to 25lbs per shelf.




This cabinet is made from P2 MDF wood which is specially designed for durability. It is CARB and TSCA verified. And to make it safe for you and your family, the surface has been given a smooth paint finishing making it suitable for contact. It is very versatile since it has two-tier shelves and three open racks that you can use for different purposes.





If you are looking to add some glam to your bathroom space, this small cabinet is the right choice because it has a unique design that stands out. The small size means it can fit into unused areas in your bathroom and snap up ample space for you. It is made with formidable steel making it durable.




This cabinet is perfect for use as a bathroom towel storage because it is coated with smooth white paint that keeps moisture out. Paint coating and the fact that it is made of CARB P3 MDF makes it easy to clean.




This shower storage offers you maximum space with its open shelf and double cabinet with shutter doors. The cabinets have adjustable shelves from which you can select from the three heights available. It comes with an assembly guideline that you can easily follow.




One of the best when it comes to floating bathroom shelving. This floating shelf is made with high-quality pine wood which has been made both water-proof and heat-resistant. It comes with metal guides that serve as support and also as space for additional storage.




This multifunctional bathroom organizer offers you flexibility with your storage since it allows you to change the position of the drawer. It comes with an anti-toppling fit that secures the cabinet in place and makes it safer.




This bathroom space saver is one bathroom storage idea you should try today. It fits perfectly above most toilets, making it great for space optimization. It also comes in a mix of concealed and open storages. This bath storage shelf is excellent for wet bedrooms since it is made of durable manufactured wood.




This storage cart is on the slim side, making it great for small spaces in the bathroom. However, the slimness has nothing on it because its four tiers still provide a robust space for your storage. It is straightforward to install, and it is durable too.




This bathroom cabinet is of premium quality because it is made of moisture-proof fiberboard and coupled with rust-resistant fittings, making it ideal for even the dampest bathroom. It is multifunctional with its three shelves which are suitable for use anywhere around the house. You can also customize it to your taste, and it is easy to assemble.




The ClosetMaid offers you space in a flexible way since you can install the doors to the right or to the left, depending on what suits you. This drawer is designed to provide you with additional space because it can work with other stackable organizers. It is very durable as the material of make is TSCA Title VI compliant.




When you are looking for ample capacity storage to store all your bathroom necessities safely, this is the one for you. It is fitted with an anti-tip kit that keeps it from tumbling is dislodged. It is also great for style with its clean lines and simple silhouette.




This bathroom storage cabinet is excellent for bathroom towel storage because it has four shelves that are built with towels, washcloths and other supplies in mind. It is also great for style since it comes in a stylish body that blends well with any space.




This basket is great for storing most bathroom supplies such as toilet papers and your tissue boxes. This product serves as a great bathroom storage ideas for towels, washcloths and other fabrics. An excellent storage solution for your space because you can stack it up and tuck it away in shelves and closets.





One of the best small bathroom ideas around! Made from well-finished high-quality manufactured wood, this cabinet is stylish and classy. It offers you plenty of space since it is fitted with a spacious slide-out drawer that is compartmentalized so you can organize your things inside the cabinet. This storage drawer also comes in a slim design which makes it perfect for even small spaces.




This 3-Shelf Bathroom Organizer is made with the durable engineered wood that was carefully crafted for universal appeal and durability. It is designed to maximize space with its 3-shelf design and its elegant design that doesn’t take up much floor space. This product is also exquisite because of the finishing which can blend with a wide array of interior décor designs.




This linen tower is very durable because it is constructed with MDF material. It is also straightforward to assemble because it comes in a specially designed hardware package. The cabinet comes with two fixed shelves and one adjustable interior shelf all optimized for more excellent storage capability. It is also stylish with its white color finishing and chromic and oval-shaped smart doorknobs.




This is the ideal bathroom towel storage for you since it is specially designed for over toilet storage of items like towels and toiletries. It is fitted with shelving feet which ensures that it doesn’t scratch or scuff the floor if dragged. The metal tower also comes with a brilliant chrome finish making it ideal for interior décor.




Made of high-quality steel pipe which is rust-resistant because it is coated with stable and secure paint that doesn’t peel off. It is effortless to install as you can assemble it without any tools or drilling. This over the toilet rack provides ample storage space with its adjustable width.



This bathroom storage comes with illustrated instructions that have number parts and installation procedure, meaning that you can quickly assemble it on your own. It is very stable because it is designed with stability as the priority. This multifunctional bathroom storage cabinet provides you with hassle-free storage.




While you get space from the three cabinets and a lower shelf that comes with this bathroom storage, you also get extra space at the top which was built to carry items too. It has a beautiful finish from the solid white covering that comes with it. This cabinet storage is stable and durable.




It comes with a transparent design that makes it easy for you to locate items stored inside. The transparency did not affect its stability in any way because it is built with durable plastic with a textured bottom so that it can stand the test of time.




You have yourself a stable storage space in this storage unit. It comes in a 3-shelf build with each of the shelves being able to hold 250lbs. This shelf is built in the form of wire mesh with each mesh being adjustable.




It is very spacious with four drawers which offers you out-of-sight storage for your items. This bathroom storage is built durable and robust with each drawer being able to hold 7.7lbs each and the tabletop able to hold 19.8 lbs.




This storage is particularly useful for optimization because you can put every inch of it into work. It can be placed just over the toilet, and it offers you three full shelves for storage. The bamboo with which it is made gives it resilience and durability.




It is multipurpose as you can choose to use it in other parts of your living space other than the bathroom. Apart from use as a bathroom cabinet, it is well suited for the cupboard and kitchen cabinet.





This bathroom cabinet offers flexibility because you can choose the two shelves you want to close with the switchable shelving rack. It is safe to use because it is built with CARB P22-compliant materials.




This floor cabinet comes with a gallery top which makes the top suitable for storage. It has high aesthetic value with its well-done faux slate finish. The door is reversible as you can choose the direction you want the door to open.





This 4-tier baskets are made of 100% natural woven seagrass. You may decide to remove and use these baskets individually in other parts of the house. It comes with a robust metallic frame that makes it stable.




This bathroom storage cabinet has an elegant design and exquisite craft making it very stylish. Consider it as a perfect piece of furniture for any use. It grants you the freedom to choose the shelf height that you prefer. The surface is water-proof.




Comes with a versatile door that can accommodate both left-handed and right-handed people. It has a spacious design and elegant outlook. This storage cabinet is durable and stable.




This 5-tier corner shelf is built simple, but it is very functional. It can be used in places other than the bathroom and is also easy to assemble.




This floor cabinet has a reversible door that can open either right or left. It provides you with ample storage space with the open shelf acting as additional storage space.




This cabinet beautifies your bathroom because it allows you to hide the bathroom supplies behind a clean presentation. It has a robust storage space with its fixed-top shelf and additional interior shelves.




This bathroom storage provides you with ample storage capacity, two open storage cubes and another free storage space above the cubes.




This cabinet helps you achieve more space with a compact size. It is built with solid fiberwood giving it stability and durability, also it is easy to assemble.



Stylish storage space with its cinnamon cherry finish. It also has a cascade granite finish in the middle.





This space-saving cabinet is built to fit above the toilet so as to optimize space. It has a classic modern appeal with its frosted, tempered glass at the doors. The tower rack is further made elegant by the inclusion of brushed chrome finishing.





This bathroom storage comes in a metallic body that is both stable and durable. It is coated, making it rust-resistant. The freestanding shelf comes in a clean and simple look that fits with most interior decors.




This bathroom cabinet has a wide range of applications as it can fit perfectly in the living, room, bathroom, bedroom or even as a bedside table. It has a spacious storage made possible by the presence of four huge cabinets with drawers.




This bathroom organizer is very stable and durable because it is made from durable and sturdy P2 MDF material. It is water-resistant and has enough storage space that can hold clothes, cosmetics, and other things.




It is made with environmentally friendly materials. The material is also water-proof and easy to clean. You can just wash and wipe dry.




It is handy and versatile as it can also be used in the kitchen. The transparent look means you can quickly locate items. This drawer organizer is effortless to use.




This storage cabinet is built for just any space at all. It is sleek enough to fit into the tiniest of space. The fabric drawers are made stable by the rigid metal framework.




This cabinet is built with water-resistant material so it can withstand the humidity of the bathroom. It provides ample storage space with its very spacious cabinets and is easy to assemble.




Rather than leaving your tissue paper at random positions in the toilet or bathroom, you can use this roll handler to store it stylishly and give yourself quicker and easier access.




This 3-tier shelf is made sturdy on flat surfaces and made from engineered particleboard as a way of making it stable and durable. It comes in a simple design, but it is stylish and functional too.




This storage is versatile as it can also be used as make-up storage. It comes with four compartments that give you space to organize your supplies as you wish.




This is particularly suitable for when you are looking to get extra space from a tight corner. It is effortless and beautiful. The bathroom organizer is made stable with the eight support brackets included in the framework.




It is simple and stylish, making it an easy fit-in. The frame is made of chrome tubing as a way of making it durable. The 4-tier shelf means that you have enough space.




Just because it is a bathroom doesn’t mean that it can’t be organized. You no longer have to place things randomly on the doorknob, sink, wall, and any other space you can find. You can try these small bathroom ideas, rustic bathroom storage ideas etc. and watch your bathroom transform into a well-planned and spacious area.

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