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100 Best DIY Bedroom Storage You Never Knew of 100 Best DIY Bedroom Storage You Never Knew of

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100 Best DIY Bedroom Storage You Never Knew of

Written by: Alexander Johnson

Looking for ways to spruce up your bedroom? Check out our list of clever and affordable DIY bedroom storage ideas for a more spacious and organized home!

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Small spaces demand large storage solutions. However, you may not always be able to find the right idea. So, if you are looking for ways to spruce up your bedroom, we have some amazing DIY bedroom storage tips. 


These hacks are clever and won’t even put pressure on your pocket. Therefore, to get a more spacious and organized bedroom, read along and uncover your room’s full potential!


One of the best storage ideas for small bedrooms, bedside shelves like these by Modern Innovations serve as a space saving alternative to nightstands. It offers a 15-inch tray that can be used to place your cups, mobile, and other smaller accessories. Besides, it is easy to clip onto the side of your bed as and when needed. 


If you are looking for a wooden DIY bedroom storage idea, get this bedside shelf and see the convenience it brings along. It is made from eco-friendly bamboo wood and with slots for the wires to pass while your phone and tablets are on charging. 


The wall hanging storage bags allow you to make the most of the walls in your house. For instance, these fabric linen wall hanging bags can be folded and washed with ease, while there are innumerable things that can be stored in these. 


The Scandinavian style bedside shelf by BedShelfie Store is another relief for people with small bedrooms. It occupies no floor space, while the clamps can be attached to most bed frames. It is made from bamboo and comes in different styles and sizes. 


The bedside caddies come with several sets of pockets and can be hanged on the side of the bed. And thus occupy even less space than the bedside shelves. So you can keep your phones, chargers, remote controls, and a lot more things in the pockets and grab them without getting out of bed. 


The mDesign bedside caddie comes with four pockets for holding your devices and utilities right beside you. Just slide the frame under the mattress, and it is ready to use. And thus, it is one of the best storage ideas for small bedrooms. 


The four adhesive pads at the back of these racks provide ample adhesion to keep these bedroom storage shelves in place. It has two compartments, which are sufficient to serve DIY bedroom storage and organization needs. Besides, it eliminates the need for having an end table, which comes as a boon for small bedrooms. 


Here’s another wall-mountable caddie for small spaces, with precise slots for your spectacles, mobile phones, and perhaps some pens. It sticks on most surfaces with the help of pre-affixed adhesive tape. Requires minimal to no maintenance.


 Apart from the bed, you can also add some additional pockets by your door. One of the best DIY storage ideas for small spaces, it comes with a wood pole and features natural cotton and linen fabrics with ample pockets. It can also be hung inside a closet or simply on the wall. 


This over the door pocket organizer by Kesitis also adds storage spaces for smaller items and declutters your desks and drawers. It also has a clear window design, which can be used for versatile purposes. It can be hung on the door as well as attached to the wall. 


Maximize your space by installing this over the door ironing caddy. It is made from epoxy coated wire that keeps it protected from wear and tear. Try these DIY bedroom storage ideas, and you won’t need a separate space for ironing. 


The under bed storage bags meet all DIY bedroom storage and organization needs. These are slim, flat and readily slide under the bed. These bags by Zober are made from a polypropylene material that is breathable and can thus be used for storing your items for the entire season. 


Rest your worries of storing so many shoes you own with an under bed storage bag organizer. It has adjustable compartments to place shoes of any size. Moreover, these containers from StorageLab have rigid sides and come with durable handles that last really long. You can also use this storage organizer to store clothes, towels, etc.


When looking to declutter a space, this white wire under bed cart with wheels will come in handy. The cart has an elevated design to ensure all your items stay aloft and thus free of dust and dirt. The durable frame with epoxy finish has a steel grid making it perfect for additional shoe storage or seasonal storage.


Fulfill all your storage needs with one multipurpose latching box from Sterilite. You can store anything from blankets and boots to sporting equipment and other heavy stuff in this DIY storage box. It has a beautiful small space-saving shape making it perfect for your under bed storage. Besides, it has a clear base for content viewing. 


If you’re one of those who hate crushed stored items, then this under bed clothes organizer is made for you. The spacious design can handle blankets, clothes, sweaters, shoes, toys, etc.  You can use the adjustable dividers to adjust space as per your requirement and even place it in the closet. 


The sleek and stylish drop-leaf table desk will add a character to the wall it is mounted on. The sturdy built allows ample load capacity. So, you can place books, photographs, and other items without a doubt. However, these bedroom storage shelves are not adjustable.


The floating folding table from 9 Plus needs no tools for installation. With the detailed instructions provided, you can use any small space in your bedroom. Open it when you want to use it, or else let it remain folded.


The multifunctional convertible floating desk serves dual purposes of decoration and storage. Mount it on a solid wall along with two fixed shelves and two adjustable shelves, one black acrylic board, and one corkboard. Fold up when not in use and save your bedroom space.


The space-saving wall desk offers workspace without using much space. This DIY bedroom storage desk has a door that flips down when you want to work, whether it is on a laptop or simply writing off a bill. An added feature is a tack board with gray felt to stick notes, letters, etc. 


The simple and sturdy home office folding desk can be a perfect addition to your workspace or family study. One of the most functional DIY bedroom storage and organizer, it is durable and will last many years—no need to install. Just open and use. 


One of the most functional wooden DIY bedroom storage is folding trays with racks from Amazon Basics Store. The multi-utility tray can serve as a tabletop for dinner or snacks or for work or play. Besides, you can fold the trays and fit them into the rack, making way for small and easy storage. 


You will love these under-bed bags for their storing abilities. They are easily accessible and portable. You can store clothes, blankets, sweaters, and accessories in it, and the vinyl top is great for easy visibility. These also save your belongings from dirt, pest, and dust. 


To have a computer table that provides enough storage space is rare. But not with a JSB folding computer desk. Along with it, you get one removable fabric bag and 3 movable metal hooks to keep/hang needful things within reach. Besides, it can be folded when not in use.


Whether you like to add shelves or not, these DIY bedroom storage shelves will take your heart away. Made up of durable MDF laminate, they are sturdy and durable. You can place photographs, plants, or any other decorative item on them. Above all, the white finish ensures it merges with any decor you have. 


Solid wooden shelves from Sriwatana will resolve your worries for DIY bedroom storage. These Paulownia shelves are sturdy and are available in various dimensions. You can use them to store books, family vases, pictures, artworks, and so much more with ease. Besides, you can mount them with sides up or down.


The 4 tier bookshelf is excellent for DIY bedroom storage and organization of books. The black metal support frame, back cross, and anti-tipping strap add to the stability of the bookcase. Furthermore, maintenance is easy. Just moving a damp cloth once in a while, and it is sufficient.


The square-shaped pipe and solid wood wall mount are one-of-its-kind. Not only is it attractive, but it is practical as well. And it allows you to add more shelves without taking up additional space. The 4-tier wall shelf is suitable for any corner of your bedroom.


Yohkoh’s DIY bedroom storage rack is what you need to store extra items in your bedroom. The metal storage rack with adjustable shelves is great as DIY bedroom storage for small spaces. The strength steel can take a maximum load of 500lbs. Also, you will love how it fits into an uneven ground with its adjustable feet.  


These bamboo shelves from Bamfox will add a timeless aesthetic appeal to your bedroom. The shelves offer perfect organization for your trophies, photo albums, potted plants, etc. Moreover, you receive professional customer service with the floating shelves. 


The hexagonal floating shelves can help you use an empty space to organize your books, magazines, antiques, photos, and home accessories. These bedroom storage shelves use lightwood composite and come with a gold finish. Not only this beautifies the place, but it declutters it as well.


 The imported wooden DIY bedroom storage chest can complement your home decor really well. Also, the natural wood construction makes the frame and drawers durable. Above all, it has a salt and pepper finish assorted with double woven fabric drawers with handles to keep everything in it safe. 


A clutter controlling drawer is all you need to stash away the clothes and accessories lying all over your bedroom. An added bonus is the vertical design, which makes it easy to place it anywhere in the room. Besides, it is lightweight and provides ample space for storage. Also, it has plastic feet to prevent any scratches on the floor.


One of the best DIY bedroom storage shelves that are not only dainty but also durable and convenient for decluttering use. This pack of 3 shelves is also eco-friendly and comes in three different sizes. You can also choose to give them to a friend or a family member. 


Irrespective of how small your bedroom is, these floating shelves will find a space. Use it to stockpile all your stuff safely from the ashtray to bottles and from photo frames to plants; it has space for all. The two floating wall shelves can bear a maximum weight of 25 lbs each.


Simple Houseware provides a simplified solution to your DIY bedroom storage for the garment. It has a black-colored rod and can expand, making a place for more storage in the room. As the construction is of heavy-duty steel, you can be sure of the durability. 


The portable clothes rack adds a new dimension to your bedroom decor and makes it look more organized. You can be assembled in two extremely distinct ways—L-shape and straight-lined shape. The robust and durable garment rack is 5-tier with sufficient space for your shoes, lining, clothes, accessories, and bedding. 


Greenstell rack offers a durable DIY storage and organization idea for your bedroom. The rust and corrosion-resistant rack comes with 2 extension rods that are adjustable in 3 lengths. PVC Greenstell cover is SGS-certified and has no odor, is environment-friendly, and waterproof. Besides, the zipper comes with a stainless steel lock head.


The wood and metallic garment rack offer one of the best DIY storage ideas for small spaces. The angular frame is sturdy and won’t let your stuff fall. The wooden shelves at the bottom can handle 11 pounds, while the rods above are suited for 22 weights. 


If you are searching for a functional way to hang your clothes, then COOGOU’s design will blow your mind away. While the hanging area can hold a 43.7″ high area for organizing kid’s coats, the 3.9″ top shelf is crafted for decor storage, towels, ornaments, and the shelf at the bottom goes for shoes and boxes. 


Hang your clothes in this spacious rack made of metal. Though Bofeng metal rack is lightweight, yet it is sturdy and not wobbly at all. In addition to holding 20 sport coats, you get a spacious bottom for DIY bedroom storage. And, you get a 12-month warranty with it as well. 


Whitmore offers one of the best DIY bedroom storage and organization solutions for your garments. It can also be used for seasonal clothing. In addition to the heavy-duty steel frame, it comes with a blue cover along with an easy zipper and a see-through zipper. 


The 59-inch DIY bedroom storage and organization closet is ideal for your clothes as well as accessories for easy access. The portable storage closet comes with waterproof fabric tiers and has a non-woven fabric cover. Above all, the 12 shelves can house both long outfits and folded clothes. They need minimal maintenance.


If you are looking for a functional shoe storage solution, the Simple Houseware’s 4-tier rack is an ideal choice. It stores up to twenty pairs of shoes and ensures to keep your bedroom neat and clean. While it may take some while to assemble the rack, it isn’t difficult. 


The S-type steel hangers by DOIOWN are the ultimate life-savers for those with a small closet/wardrobe. These hangers are made from rust-proof steel and feature a smooth surface.  You can put multiple clothes on one hanger at a time and give way to a clutter-free space. It is clearly one of the best storage ideas for small bedrooms!


Here’s another space-saving storage for your closet by Meetu. Each hanger features eco-friendly chrome-plating. Additionally, the arcs are smoothened so that you do not injure your hand or ruin your clothes. The hangers are quite sturdy and can even lift heavy clothes like coats and blazers. 


Whether it is your bedroom, pantry, or closet, over the door organizers, help you save ample space. The one we’re talking about here is by Home-Complete. It comprises eight adjustable shelves that can be mounted together to build a larger rack. You can place multiple things in it as it comes with three stoppers which prevent the items from falling. 


Shelf dividers come-in handy when you are looking for a sleek DIY bedroom storage and organization idea. The Kosiehouse shelf divider has an attractive finish that will make your closet look neat and tidy. It can be installed without any additional help. However, make sure it goes in a wooden closet only.  


Lynk Vela Platinum Shelf Divider is easily one of the most innovative DIY bedroom storage organizers. It features around 12-inch non-woven polymer fabric that helps separate tall stacks of clothing. Additionally, you can also use this heavy-duty divider to organize other clutter in the closet. 


The Simplehouseware Clear Window Organizer has four large pockets suitable for your child’s bedroom. You can hang it on the door or mount it to a wall to store toys, baby-toiletries, and other stuff. Apart from that, you can also use it to store your little one’s clothes. 


Declutter your wardrobe with the help of this underwear organizer by Simple Houseware. With zero hassles of installation and a mold-proof fabric, you can easily access your lingerie when you need it. This closet organizer is divided into four sections that comprise six, eight, seven, and twenty-four cells.


If your walk-in closet is all jumbled-up with clothes and other stuff, this 5-shelf organizer by Simple Houseware is all you need! It has a sturdy metal hanger that holds the shelves together. Besides, you don’t even have to assemble it; just lift it and hang it wherever you want. 



Made from mesh fabric, this 20-pocket shoe organizer provides ample space for anybody who has a vast collection of shoes. You can hang it over the door and get easy access to your footwear. Use it to keep your art and craft supplies and save large floor space with the drop of a hat!


With the Simple Houseware Crystal Clear Shoe Organizer, you can have plenty of room for other stuff in your closet. Place it over your bedroom or closet door and store multiple footwear right in one place. Moreover, you can even use it to store your tools and other supplies when they aren’t in need. 


If you love collecting handbags but have little storage space in your room, the Emoly Handbag Organizer will be a perfect choice. It not only stores the handbags but also makes them more accessible. Hang this six-pocket purse organizer in the closet with the help of its sturdy galvanized hook. 


Here is another purse organizer by LONGTEAM that stores clutches, wallets, and handbags/slings neatly. Each compartment is quite spacious and features a non-woven breathable fabric. Additionally, you can even store clothes and other accessories in this dust-resistant storage hanger.  


This ClosetMaid Natural Gray Organizer is one of the finest storage ideas for small bedrooms. It is made from laminated wood and features six cubes that can be utilized for keeping books or other stuff. You can maximize its function by putting wicker baskets in the cubes and make it look even more organized. 


SONGMICS is here to help you declutter your room with this stylish cube organizer. Easy to assemble, this bedroom storage idea features six compartments that can be assembled however you want. Add it to your closet or place it like a side table. Moreover, you can even assemble the cubes horizontally and place them under the bed.  


This chic and functional bookcase makes for a wonderful DIY bedroom storage and organization idea. There are four cubes perfect for storing books and other items. It comes at an affordable price and can be assembled in just a couple of minutes. Utilize the space at the top and place some decorative items as well. 


Both spacious and aesthetic, the Greenstell Storage Organizer with Doors adds a different charm to your living space. The installation is super-easy and gives you the flexibility to combine the cubes into different shapes. It also features anti-toppling fittings, which ensures maximum safety of using the cubes around children. 


This portable file organizer by Internet’s Best is made from linen and polyester. You can easily store your files and important documents right in one place with this box and keep them safe somewhere in your closet. It is collapsable; therefore, when you are not using it, it can be converted into a small tray that takes very little space.


With the Aesthetic File Box Organizer by the Zicoto Store, you won’t have to worry about scattered paperwork and files. It is the perfect storage idea with built-in handles that lets you carry the box around with ease. You can club several organizers together and make a pile to save maximum space. 


Featuring heavy-duty cardboard and two side handles, the Basic Duty Storage is truly a must-have. Use it to store documents and important files or keep your child’s artwork supplies to make sure that everything stays in one place. Moreover, Its stacking strength is 450-pounds. 


Boots require a lot of care, especially when they aren’t in use. Therefore, bring home the Boot Butler Standing Boot Rack and save your collection from getting damaged or dirty. You can put around five pairs of boots at one time on this rack and support their shape so that there are no creases.


Even if your boots are in your closet, they cannot be saved from dust and dirt. Therefore, Rekukos Portable Boots Storage Bag is here to help! It is made up of durable fabric, which ensures maximum protection and keeps your boots in the best shape. These bags feature sturdy handles as well so that you can carry them almost anywhere. 


Are you looking for a beautiful photo wall for your bedroom? Here is one from Pulatree. Made from premium quality metal, this grid panel is quite versatile. To make the most of it, use it as a photo board or place it near your desk as a memo board. Since it doesn’t need any installation instructions, you can single-handedly fix it on the wall of your bedroom.


The Goodpick cotton rope baskets are made up of 100% cotton. You can thus use them to store your baby’s delicate clothes and toys neatly. The extra-large size makes it a good contender for laundry purposes. Above all, it won’t take up any extra storage space—a desk, a bookshelf, or a closet shelf would be sufficient.


A rope storage basket can infuse a nice, warm feeling into your bedroom. The set of 3 storage bins from UBBCARE are cube-shaped and can hoard all books & magazines, art & craft supplies, toys, makeup, or hobby supplies in them. Above all, they are safe for your baby’s clothes as well. 


The eco-friendly jute basket made up of only natural materials is great for storing multiple items. From clothes to toys and from laundry to toiletries, these eco-friendly baskets can collect all and keep them safe. Moreover, they are moisture-resistant as well. Fold them when not in use.


Get your hands on these made in China seagrass wicker baskets for organizing clutter in your room and also add to its decor. They provide a beautiful storage solution for your extra blankets, pet toys, and other items lying untidily in the room. 


This is a beautiful looking wooden DIY bedroom storage and organizer for your jewelry, makeup, necklace, earring, essential oil, tools, etc. You can mount the wooden box on a table, a desk, or anchored against a wall. Above all, it can be customized.  


With 80 pockets to store your collection, this jewelry organizer will keep all your jewelry organized in one place. In addition, it has a non-woven construction coupled with transparent PVC windows makes accessing your favorite piece real quick. 



The high-quality construction ensures proper ventilation and protection for your clothes. It has a large capacity and can store up to 100 clothes, including jackets, plush toys, pillows, comforters, blankets, and other clothes. Above all, the handles are thick and double stitched to hold all your belongings safe and secure. 


You can identify all your storable easily from any side as they are contained in transparent boxes and lids in Sterilite. While a single box can accommodate 8½” x 11″ standard papers and notebooks, it can store important school work and craft supplies as well. 


Take advantage of the slim sized laundry hamper for stowing away your lightweight clothes. It has easy to carry soft handles with a mesh design to maintain the tidiness of your clothes. As a matter of fact, this feature makes it perfect for home storage purposes. 


Solve your laundry problems with the new and improved laundry basket that can take at least 3 to 4 more clothes in it. Also, the transparent window helps in locating what you are looking for easily. Besides, it has a PU handle and wheels, which makes transportation easy. 


The mesh toy hammock is designed to organize stuffed animals and various other children’s toys. It goes well with any kind of decor and can remove clutter from the playroom and bedroom in no time. Moreover, this DIY storage item doesn’t take up any space on the surface. 


As the name suggests, the toy organizer is extra large and contains 4 double sized rugged plastic bins and 12 regular size bins for storage. Thus, managing toys of toddlers above 3 turns effortless with this DIY storage organizer. Moreover, you can also use them in the closet for storing toys, crafts, etc.


If you don’t have space to store kid’s toys, then the Amazon Basics Toy storage organizer will solve your problem. The wood frame organizer can be anchored to the wall making it safe for the kids. It has steel dowels and has a capacity of 25 lb. The plastic bins come in a variety of colors and can be removed easily for cleaning.


Keeping your child’s room organized is easier now with Woffit’s Toy storage organizer. The chest comes with a flip lid making it easy for your kid to declutter his room easily. So, whether it is games, stuff toys, pillows, art and craft supplies, shoes, clothes, or blanks, this DIY bedroom storage and an organizer can take in all. 


You kids will love this kid-friendly bean bag chair for reading, lounging, and snuggling in their bedroom. Another reason for buying them is that your kids can access them easily with an easy to unzip 48′ long zip. The bag is as large as 38″ and can store at least 100 differently sized stuffed animals. 


Parents can now buy a bean bag that is safe for their girls. The stuffed animal storage bean bag is lab tested, so you can let them play store-free. Besides play, you can store 100+ 10″ plush toys or some soft objects such as seasonal clothes, towels, blankets, pillows, etc., along with an eco-friendly zipper.


One of the best DIY bedroom storage solutions for keeping records is the Wooden record crate manufactured by Victoria. Made with real wood construction, the crate is 14″ wide. It can store up to 50 records, which means all your 78’s, 45’s and 33’s are safe in it. The best part is you don’t need tools to assemble it. 


A solid bamboo crate is yet another DIY bedroom storage for your collection of books. Aided with sturdy handles for easy transport, you can keep it in a compact space. It can hold a maximum of 80 records at one time.  


Stylish, functional, and decorative, these wooden crates are great for storage and organization. So, whether you have games, toys, or craft items, keep them in the crates. Also, you can place your toiletries, beddings, cushion, towels, etc., in these. Moreover, when not in use, stack them away for easy storage. 


Get over your limited space problem with DIY bedroom storage ideas for small space provided by none other than IRIS USA. The 2-tier wooden storage shelf can store up to 66 pounds per wooden shelf. Moreover, you can get creative with it for vertical or horizontal storage.


When you want a DIY bedroom storage solution that makes easy access, look no further than the IRIS USA wood stacking storage box. The versatile storage boxes with a retractable door provide easy access besides lending a neat look to space. Moreover, you can have three storage boxes mounted on one another held together with stability pins.


The best thing about the Walnut turntable stand from Novogratz Brittany is that the legs are made with real wood. The walnut turntable stand is perfectly sized to mount your record player and keep albums well organized in the lower cubby for easy reach. Moreover, there is a drawer to keep all your cables and remotes. However, you can remove it for extra storage space. 


A gorgeous bamboo piece from SONGMICS can add warmth to your bedroom like no other. Though basically, it is a shoe organizer, you can use it to store books or place organizing bins on the 3-tier bench. The choices are unlimited. In addition, the benchtop can be used to display decorative accessories or keep magazines and newspapers. 


The cleverly designed bookcase with a reading nook toy is for parents fed up with all the clutter in kids’ rooms. Kidkraft bookcase is designed for everything from large picture books to small items. In addition, there is a cushioned seat for the kids to relax or study.


Here comes a trendy DIY bedroom storage idea for those looking to add something that’s in. You can choose to display your decoratives or hide them behind the removable fabric in this wooden round table. There is also a tabletop to place any decorative vase or a lamp. 


The simple yet beautiful DIY bedroom storage idea for small spaces is gifted by Furinno. The 5-tier Turn-n-Tube corner table adds additional storage space for stacking decorative accessories, books, and memorabilia. It is good for rooms that need vertical storage, and the maintenance is minimal. 


Designed for multipurpose utilities, this end table can be personalized as per your DIY bedroom storage requirement. You can keep your books, some decorative accessories, the steel tabletop as it can hold 20 kg, while the fabric basket is suitable for 10 kg of storables only.  


Declutter your table or desk with a stylish desk hanging organizer from Safco Products. Made with commercial-grade steel, it has a powder coat finish that prevents scratches or chipping on the table. So you can store pacers, folders, catalogs in the four undesk trays without stressing.


The grey-colored polyester storage and seating ottoman is dynamic and comfortable. The storage bench is capable of holding 50 pounds of storables at a given time. What makes it unique is its inner storage bins, which can be removed for alternate organization and storage. Above all, it is perfect for small spaces.


The durable and skin-friendly round ottoman seat will add a new dimension to your bedroom decor. Also, you can flip the velvet cover to display a wooden tray that can be used to place snacks, drinks, or decorative items. Moreover, an added built-in storage feature can be used to hide several of your essentials. 


Consider dual-purpose furniture like YOUDENOVA storage ottoman when looking for DIY bedroom storage and organization. The large box is spacious to store a variety of items such as pillows, sheets, blankets, toys, magazines, etc., tidily. In addition, it has sponge padding with high-end linen fabric to provide you with cozy and comfortable seating. 


Here is a smart DIY bedroom storage chest to hold your fabrics stylishly in your bedroom and is coupled with a smart lift top. Foam padding above makes way for comfortable seating for 2 people. Above all, you can fold it into a flat board and store it away when not in use. 


Invest in a multi-utility storage solution for your bedroom. It is lightweight but is highly stable to hold your items safe and in place. The LED floor lamp is a brilliant feature that illuminates the space with diffused glow through its translucent panels. Besides, you don’t have to worry about it getting heated up. 


Make the most out of Sauder Beginnings bookcase finished in beautiful cinnamon cherry. The design is super sleek and will fit into any corner easily. You can use the 3-shelf bookcase to stow away anything from books to organizing bins and work folders. Besides, these shelves are adjustable as well. 


So, here are the 100 best DIY bedroom storage ideas for you to try if you have a small space. These ideas can be clubbed together and save a lot of space. Happy organizing!

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