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30 Kids Bedroom Storage Ideas To Please Your Little Ones 30 Kids Bedroom Storage Ideas To Please Your Little Ones

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30 Kids Bedroom Storage Ideas To Please Your Little Ones

Written by: Benjamin Parker

Keep your little ones' room an organized and fun place to learn, play and explore by checking out these 30 kids bedroom storage ideas.

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Is there anything more susceptible to change than a child’s room? As a baby, you have to help them deal with toy chaos. And as they begin to discover and experiment, a tidier space to help them focus and study. They are changes that always come. So it does not hurt us to have a guide with the best ideas to adapt your room to each stage of its growth. The smallest room deserves style, functionality, and order. For children’s bedroom storage ideas, it is essential to have a space that stimulates them, without making you lose your head amid chaos. To do this, we have highlighted 30 different kid’s bedroom storage space. With them, you’ll learn about the most common mistakes, successes, and what you need to know.





A large closet organized with different spaces is the ideal solution as toys storage ideas for small spaces, to keep order. You can also include a wardrobe with double doors for clothes and deep drawers at your kid’s height for their toys. If the children’s bedroom has a built-in wardrobe, you can use it to store their clothes, but also toys. Children’s clothing is much smaller than that of adults, so it will take up less space, leaving free storage space. Organize the shelves with boxes or baskets, and you can also take advantage of the interior of the doors with individual organizers. Do not leave any inch of the closet untapped.





Help your kids focus by creating a corner without distractions. The basics: a table, a comfortable chair, and a bookstore for your stories and notebooks.





If children need to share space, a train bed is a great solution. It allows you to gain space and a plus of storage. In this case, with large drawers under one of the beds.



4. Mini World

toy storage ideas



Play, order, and organization come together here with a great solution: the playhouse-closet-bunk. It allows us to store toys and has a side dedicated to storing clothes such as costumes. Besides, it can also have a bunk bed on top.



5. To The Millimeter

Interior Bed



A bunk bed always helps to take advantage of the meters. Train types are a great option because they have storage space.



6. Versatile

kids room



The modular and wheeled furniture allows you to change the decoration whenever you want. In this space, the important thing is to leave meters in the center to put a large carpet and play. If you have the possibility, you can choose a piece of furniture that has closed storage spaces and others that are open to display your favorite toys and keep others out of sight.



7. To Start Studying… Seriously





For organizing child’s room on a budget, include a compact furniture structure with a desk and shelves in their room. 30 cm bookcases surround the table without cluttering, allowing books and boxes to be kept to keep order.



8. Every Corner Is Useful





In your kid’s room, everything has to fit, and every breadth of the room has to be utilized. The low window, a bench with two drawers that becomes a staircase to access the upper bed. Also, many things can be stored on the ladder! This is one of the best children’s bedroom storage ideas. 



9. With Play Area

Vivid kids room with toys



If space permits, separate the play area from the rest area. In a kid’s room, sliding doors allow joining or separating when appropriate. As with children, meters are never excessive, so it doesn’t hurt to take advantage of the walls to store.



10. Separate Without Separating




Creating an “almost independent” study area of the room is comfortable with a “U” structure. A module with drawers, whiteboard, and shelves on one side, and a bench with capacity on the other, close the space of the study table. Find an original bookshelf design and put them online to create a wall full of toys. Adding several pieces of furniture, you can adapt them to space you have available, giving the feeling of a custom-made piece of furniture.



11. Trundle Bed And Shelves

Trundle Bed And Shelves



A low cabinet at the foot of the bed keeps unoccupied. Like the trundle bed, which, having the same color as the wall, blends into space. Shelves are lined boxes that decorate and add space.



12. One Chest Of Drawers Per Table




You can save clothes and gain room in the closet, it will take up less. And with a loft bed, you’ll get extra space for another mattress or more storage.



13. A Sofa With Drawers

A Sofa With Drawers



Take advantage of the space under the window with 3 Chest drawers. You will see how you lighten the wardrobe to store more. And with a mat, you gain a reading corner.



14. Take Advantage Of It





The train type bunks take advantage of handy wall cm. Here, you can simply go for a ready-made furniture structure with a wardrobe, drawers, and even two trundle beds. And a small table, a blown drawer. One way of framing a place within the environment and giving greater importance to a wall is creating symmetrical shelves that serve to decorate and organize. Although this solution requires a custom construction, as in the idea of the bench, they are pieces that can also be used when the child grows up. This changes their functionality.



15. A Corner Cabinet

Storage bins in a playroom



You can make space for a hanging area and drawers. The corner wall can be used with a shelf and lockers and a slate-shaped radiator cover. Make the most of the vertical space of a wall with different options: shelves, wall cubes, and baskets on the floor. By integrating different solutions, you give greater functionality to that wall, creating different levels of organization.



16. Shelves Behind The Door





Take advantage of dead space with shelves. Under them, a small bench with drawers and hangers help to store. In the same color as the wardrobe, everything is more integrated.



17. Wheeled Drawers

Wheeled Drawers



They allow children to put away their toys in no time. And since they are equipped with wheels, it is elementary for them to open them no matter how big they are. 



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18. Pieces To Match





With shelves and drawers, they can get to everything they need and can keep order on their own. In furniture without doors, boxes are necessary to avoid having many objects on sight. 



19. A Piece Of Furniture With A Blackboard That Gives A Lot Of Play





A space for everything and everything in its place. Going for a slate cabinet with holes for storing toys and books achieves this with an extra function: the separator between the play area and the rest area. The furniture has everything within reach of children, helping them to be autonomous. And to add space to the store, the stools are drawers with cloth baskets to store toys and leave the room clear.



20. Keep In The Headboard… And In The Feet

Cozy children's room



With a large window and little space, each cm counts, and the solution is to compact the furniture. In the bedroom, you can dispense with the unnecessary, such as the nightstand. Instead, a headboard about 20 cm deep creates a support surface for the lamp and has a hole for the alarm clock and some small objects. And at the foot, a shelf that serves as a divider, giving more privacy to the bed.



21. Take Advantage Of The Height




If the little one is already a little older, you can take advantage of the height by placing a raised bed with cabinets and drawers underneath. There are pieces of furniture that, in their design, include elements at different heights that can be used as steps, but another option is to place a small ladder at one end.



22. Organize With Wicker Baskets

Organize With Wicker Baskets



This is a straightforward idea to achieve since it only consists of looking for wicker baskets of different sizes, placing them on the floor, and filling them with toys. It is also a versatile solution since it is an element that can be adapted to the child’s room as it grows or even to other spaces in the home. The wicker baskets, due to their aesthetics and texture, adapt very well in Nordic-style rooms and to any color palette in the space, being very flexible and easy to integrate.



23. Look For Decorative Baskets To Keep Order

Look For Decorative Baskets To Keep Order



An idea that uses the basket format, but in a more original way. These design boxes decorate and organize at the same time, integrating personality in the room. When using baskets on the floor, toys are always within reach of the child in a soft container that cannot hurt them. Security is an essential factor in considering all the pieces of furniture and decoration in a child’s bedroom.



24. Everything In One Place: Use A Drawer With A Lid

Everything In One Place: Use A Drawer With A Lid



To maintain visual order, find a drawer with a lid large enough to hold all of your child’s toys. This option is ideal for small spaces, since the drawer, in addition to being a storage space, can quickly be transformed into a bench or a drawing table.



25. A Flexible Solution With Rolling Drawers





The organizers with wheels allow you to have organization and flexibility since you can move them to the place in the room that you need. With this idea, the toys are still at the child’s disposal, in a unique organizer that can be moved around the room.



26. Integrate Order With An Auxiliary Cart

Integrate Order With An Auxiliary Cart



This accessory can be adapted to any free corner of the room. Thanks to its structure with several levels of storage and wheels, it is a versatile element that serves to organize and move toys with ease. Like the previous storage spaces, this is an accessory that can continue to be used in the children’s room when the child grows up, or in other places of the home.



27. Build A Cheap, Custom Shelf

Build A Cheap, Custom Shelf


This is an idea that requires a little more effort and space but can be done in a low-cost way. You can look for fruit boxes to build a very original shelf tailored to your space. There are many ideas to transform a drawer into a shelf with a lot of style and functionality. You can take inspiration from Pinterest to find the furniture that best suits the available space and storage needs.



28. Use A Whole Shelf For Your Toys





If the play space already has a built-in bookshelf or you want to add one, you can use it to organize the toys so that they are all in one place. Organize them by item, in baskets, or loose to decorate and order at the same time.



29. Sum Saved With A Base Unit





With a low cabinet, you add storage and support spaces in any corner of the bedroom. Also, you keep all toys within reach of the child so that he can access them without help. An easy and decorative way to organize open shelving is to use baskets of different shades that go well with the bedroom color palette. In this way, you maintain the general order and add color in the room.



30. Choose Narrow Shelves For Books And Toys

Choose Narrow Shelves For Books And Toys



To add an organizational solution to the wall without taking up much space, look for narrow shelves that help you organize both books and toys. So you can take advantage of the same element in different ways.




With these ideas, it will not cost you to have your baby’s room organized. And when they grow a little older, it will also be useful to have everything in its place. In addition to making the play space look beautiful and organized, establishing a storage system for toys makes tidying more comfortable and allows children to get involved, teaching them about responsibility.

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