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20 Best Storage Racks To Use For Your Kids’ Room 20 Best Storage Racks To Use For Your Kids’ Room

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20 Best Storage Racks To Use For Your Kids’ Room

Written by: Daniel Carter

Storage racks are a savior when it comes to hiding away the extra stuff in the room. See how these 20 best racks transforms your space RIGHT AWAY!

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Storage racks are a savior when it comes to cleaning a child’s room. However, wall shelves are more than just a storage space. There are endless possibilities that can work with shelving units depending on the limits of your imagination. The kids’ room is usually the messiest room in the house, and storage racks will come in handy in this situation.



Benefits Of Storage Racks In The Kids’ Room

Toy Storage


But before we talk about ideas, let’s talk about benefits. The wall shelves have multiple uses when installed in the kids’ room.



Here are some of the reasons why shelves must be placed in the kids’ room:



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Provides Quicker Cleaning

Storage shelves are a perfect way to tuck toys and art materials quickly and easily. If you are expecting guests, you wouldn’t have to panic about the kids’ room with these shelves. Just put the scattered toys inside the storage racks and free yourself from worries.



Encourages Creativity

These storage unit racks aren’t only good for keeping the kids’ room organized; they can also help your children become more creative They can incorporate these storage racks to their play if they want. Decorating the shelves is an art and a relaxing hobby that allows your kid to express themselves freely. The shelves will encourage kids to innovate and think outside the box.



Offers More Space

The storage racks will keep toys, books, and other items stored in a compact space, creating additional space that your kids can work with. Since these racks are easy to mount on a wall, your little bundles of joy can have the entire floor to play and explore. Parents can also use the saved space to create a study area to help them learn better.



Allows Bonding Opportunities

Cleaning up doesn’t have to be a tedious chore. Shelving racks offer parents and kids an opportunity to bond with each other. Build the racks with them and spend some quality time together. Wall shelves also allow people to get closer to each other whenever family members clean a room together. It creates a sense of achievement and accomplishment while strengthening your relationship with your child.



Now that you want a storage rack, let’s get to the actual list. Here are some of the top and exclusive racks for kids’ rooms that will make you think twice over not having them in your home.



1. Penguin Storage Racks Plus Bookshelf


Yes, you read it correctly! Penguin-shaped wooden shelving units are useful must-haves to add to your child’s bedroom. Kids love animals, and a cabinet that is shaped like an adorable penguin will make your kids go gaga over it. The shelves can be turned into a book case that is great for your kids’ study area. Learning can be made fun and interactive using this spectacular collection. The wildly unique structure and ingenious design will add life to a dull and boring kids’ room and help them be more imaginative.



The shelving units are created from high-quality fireboard, and all the edges are rounded in a beautiful body that makes it kid-safe. It utilizes only a small portion of the room. The design is sophisticated, trendy, and user-friendly. Moreover, the base is broad and acts as the legs of the penguin storage rack which keeps the little ones engaged and safe. The frame is available in three sizes and four colors of blue, green, pink, and white.   



2. Book & Toy Organizer 


This colorful toy and book storage unit is perfect for your child’s room. With ample storage space, books and toys can be easily organized on this eye-catching rack. The design features a detachable option where the trays can be easily removed and replaced. This storage rack would make a great addition to a child’s room. 



3. Wallniture Utah Floating Wall Shelves


These Wallniture Utah floating wall shelves are a cute fixture to any toddler room. The set consists of two wooden storage racks that need to be mounted on a wall. While the shelves are only available in white, the sturdy design ensures it stays on for a long time that complements any interior design or wall color. You can organize books, picture frames, toys, clothes, and even flowerpots on it. The rooms get a better look with these shelves on the wall. It is easy to install, making it a beautiful gift idea for fellow parents.



4. Wooden House Wall Storage Shelves


Da Jia’s house-shaped wall storage shelves are the next amazing thing that you can add to your kids’ room. The cabinet consists of a set of two wooden wall shelves, and its structure is cute but durable. Its smaller-house-inside-the-big-house structure gives it a trendy and unique look.



The set comes with hardware for easy wall mounting. You also have the option to group both houses together or separately for a floating look. The set is available in five innovative colors of blue, mint green, pink, purple, and white. Open the door to a room rustic warmth using these storage racks.



5. Six Cubby Kids’ Corner Cabinet


The cubby kid’s corner cabinet is exclusively included in this list for its supreme ability to utilize the corner and add ample space. Its design features six cubbies, three-angled shelves, and a large open top shelf for a corner, and its design is sophisticated and user-friendly. You can also add nine cubbies to the shelves of this wooden storage item, perfect for displaying and storing books, art material, toys, clothes, and shoes.



Furthermore, you can add anything you desire in these storage racks. You can anchor it to the wall for greater stability and durability. It is available in two premium colors of white and grey for personalization. The price is nothing compared to other options., so you need to buy it as soon as possible.  



6. Three-Tier Curved Shelves


This three-tiered cabinet with curved edges is definitely something you could consider buying for your kids’ room. It has an angled shelf lip that keeps the items contained, and its large opening provides easy access to the rack’s contents. These racks are also easy to install and comes in white, pink, and blue.



You need to install this in your kids’ room because not only will it help you create more room for stuff and activities but also add a trendy vibe to any old and boring space.



8. KidKraft Wall Storage With Eight Bins


The KidKraft wooden wall storage racks are an ideal structure for a home with many kids. These wall storage racks hare enormous, heavy-duty, and have 13 additional compartments to help you organize your kids’ stuff better. Eight plastic bins provide a smart way to sort and hold their things. There is also an easy-to-follow guide for handy parents who want to build this storage unit themselves.




8. Three Floating Shelf Trays


A perfect example for wall shelves is the minimalist floating shelf tray bundle. The design is plain and straightforward and can be installed anywhere to suit your preferences. You can use it to hold books, toys, decorative art, and photos. The safe and sturdy structure will protect the things you place on it, making it a great addition to your kids’ room.



9. Hexagon Storage Racks


The next product worthy of being on the list is the three-compartment hexagon storage racks. These hexagon industrial storage racks are available in four different colors of white, grey, blue, and yellow.  You can easily add this trendy item to your kids’ room, and its accessibility makes cleaning and storage easier for parents and kids alike.  



10. Iron Pipe Storage Rack Plus Bookshelf


If you want your kids’ room to adopt a more modern look, the iron pipe heavy duty storage racks is the perfect fixture. It is built as an industrial storage racks shelving unit that you can place on the floor or mount on the wall. Buy this excellent product to spice up the look of the room.




11. Minimal Wooden Toy Storage Rack


This toy storage rack comes with removable bins to store your child’s toys. With a minimalist design and a durable build, this toy storage rack is ideal for the children’s room where things get rough from time to time. The rack’s predominantly white design makes it seem difficult to maintain, but it is actually super easy to clean so you won’t have to worry about the rack getting messy. 



12. Bookshelf With Several Racks


With a wall-mountable design, this bookshelf is perfect for your child’s room for a number of reasons. This bookshelf is space-saving in nature so decluttering should be a breeze once you install this rack. The rack is crafted from a very high-quality, eco-friendly board material that doesn’t have any harmful chemicals or varnishes so your child can safely touch the it. The base of the rack is super stable so there are no chances of the shelf falling over. 



13. Clothing Rack


This is a sturdy, four-feet tall garment rack that you can place inside your child’s room. You can hang coats, frocks, hats, scarves, and more on it. The wooden rack is super easy to assemble and comes with a high weight tolerance.



14. Colorful Shoe Rack


The shoe rack is designed from durable metal and is sure to last you a long time. Your child can easily organize all their footwear on this rack, thereby reducing clutter inside their room. This gorgeous shoe rack comes in two different colors: pink and black. We recommend the pink one as it can add a pop of color to your child’s room. 




15. Bookshelf Toy Organizer




This super neat bookshelf also comes with cubicles that can be used to store all of your child’s toys. Moreover, the white paint and the sleek finish gives this bookshelf a classy yet minimal look. The bookshelf is super sturdy and stable. With plenty of shelf space, kids can easily place all their favorite books and access them with ease. Overall, this white bookshelf is fun and functional. 




16. Bookshelf With Storage Boxes




Another bookshelf/ toy organizer on our list. This storage item offers plenty of storage space and it comes with 2 additional storage boxes that can easily store your child’s toys. Moreover, the bookshelf is designed to be eco-friendly and free from any chemicals. The bookshelf is super easy to use so it’s great for young kids just started to develop an interest in book-reading. 




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17. Book Storage Racks




The book storage racks are the perfect way to prevent untidy rooms and scattered books in the kids’ room. Kids tend to leave books on the floor after studying. By installing these storage units, you can ensure responsibility from children and the area will be cleaner than ever. 




18. Drawer Wooden Chest




The product is a fusion between a chest and drawers. It consists of one box with four drawers mounted with metal ring pulls. It is also used as a garage shelving and is a fine blend of wood and metal. The product is exceptionally stylish and praiseworthy. Children will love to have this in their room. 




19. Ladder Storage Racks



Children’s room needs a little life, and that can be brought with this ladder storage shelving units. The product is an industrial storage rack made with robust pipes and multifunctional wood. The ladder storage wall shelves are a beautiful and practical product. Kids room will brighten up through this, and they can use it to put toys, art, books, fishbowl, and many other things they desire. 



20. Cloud Wall Shelf




The best item has been saved for the last. It is a cloud-shaped wall storage rack that will surely turn the kids’ room into heaven. The white-colored shelving units are made from sturdy MDF wood. Buy it for the best room décor for kids.




The list of the best storage racks for kids room is concluded with the fact that one must adopt one of these items in the kids’ room for a friendly and innovative environment.


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