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Top 30 Super Versatile Bedroom Storage Shelves Top 30 Super Versatile Bedroom Storage Shelves

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Top 30 Super Versatile Bedroom Storage Shelves

Written by: Kevin Ashwe

Super versatile bedroom storage shelves we've carefully picked out! Quickly create more space in your bedroom and give it a classier look.

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Sometimes, it gets annoying to stay in an unorganized room that seems to get smaller by the day. It makes it difficult to find the items you you need for various purposes. For this reason, you’d need to invest in a bedroom storage shelf to create more room for your things and keep it organized. Read on to discover which bedroom storage shelves are perfect for you.



Top 30 Super Versatile Bedroom Storage Shelves - INFOGRAPHICS



AOOU Portable Closet Organizer Storage comprises a top-quality metal tube, waterproof fabric tiers, and a durable plastic connector. This closet dresser is both sturdy and durable. Thanks to its removable and dust-proof fabric cover, it’s very easy to keep your items moisture and dust-free. This closet organizer storage has 11 storage shelves and 2 movable clothes hanging rods.



Various units of SONGMICS Cube Storage can be stacked together easily due to its “molecular” structure. This cube storage solution can be arranged in different shapes/patterns to fit your space. A rubber mallet is included in the package for you to assemble the rack yourself. 



KOUSI Portable Cube Storage offers extra space for your belongings. It is made up of 12 storage cubes which makes it great for DVD storage. Its flexible shape is strong and designed to gracefully fit any room. You can arrange the cubes in whatever way you deem fit. They could be stacked or arranged separately, with or without the door.



ClosetMaid 8985 Organizer is convenient for storing your shoes, scarves, books, and many more. This stackable storage organizer has two adjustable shelves and a full backer panel. Its sturdy frame is designed to fit perfectly with other ClosetMaid Stackable Organizers.



Rerii Cube Organizer Shelf is a great furniture item for your bedroom. It helps avoid unnecessary clutter on your desktop and keeps everything neat and organized. Although this organizer shelf is sturdy, it’s not advisable to place too many books on it simultaneously. This multi-functional option is perfect for people that are always on the move.


AmazonBasics 24-Pocket Over-the-Door Organizer can store shoes (12 pairs), accessories, craft supplies, toys, or other small household items. This organizer helps preserve precious floor space in your bedroom. Its 3 sturdy metal hooks allow your items to be hung up easily. It also has a see-through feature, making it easy to view the contents.



Boasting a large capacity, TomCare Cube Storage Closet Organizer is able store your books, clothes, toys, and more. With a total of 12 cubes, it serves as an ideal space to hold your everyday items. It is a great room organization idea since the cubes can be arranged according to your preferences/needs. 



mDesign Wide Dresser Storage Tower is a great closet dresser that offers space for a variety of items. This item is simply perfect for storing additional pieces of clothing. It’s available in different sizes, formats, and finishes. You can place it in your bedroom, closet, hall or entryway.



Giantex Wall-Mounted Storage Shelf comprises a total of 4 compartments. You can use it to store books, bottles, and other accessories. These four compartments help carefully sort out and arrange your belongings. This storage shelf also has 5 hooks that aid in hanging bags, clothes, coats, and umbrellas. 


SANXIA Storage Cubes are perfect for displaying books, clothes & shoe storage, small green plants, and other decorations. It has 9 cubes that are easy to install. No tools are required for the installation. You can also adjust the cubes and arrange them in separately or in stacks.


C&AHOME Plastic Storage Organizer is a 7-tier shoe rack. You can use it to store up to 14 pairs of shoes. This rack has a compact design that helps reduce clutter while giving your bedroom an elegant look. It can also hold other things like clothes, bags, toys, and much more.



RealOne Wood 6 Cube Storage Organizer Shelf is designed to fulfill different purposes. It is made from high-density MDF boards that are adjustable. Each cube in this organizer is wide enough to store books, videos, toys, and many other things. A pretty piece at an affordable price. 



VASAGLE DAINTREE Floor Standing Industrial Storage Cabinet is able to complement the rest of your furniture perfectly. Versatile and easy to assemble, this cabinet consists of a table-top, 3 side shelves, and 2 adjustable shelves. It is also a multi-functional storage solution with 4 shelves and a cupboard.



POTBY Kids Toy Storage Organizer is a great organization idea for your kids’ room. This storage furniture is environmentally friendly. It is a 4-tier shelf with 8 storage bins, 1 bookshelf, and corner rack. You can use it to store books/totes and it helps teach your kids good organizational skills.



Tribesigns Standing Closet Organizer is easy to assemble and comes with every necessary tool to help you. It has a long glass mirror that offers a good head-to-toe view of your #OOTD. There is a hanging bar that can fit both long and short dresses. It also has a smaller shelf and 2-tier large shelves for extra storage to place folded clothes.



MaidMAX Standing Shoe Rack is a piece of storage furniture with 5 tiers. This shoe rack is made from breathable non-woven fabrics. It can hold 5 pairs of shoes per tier depending on the shoe size. You can use it to store towels, toys, and collectibles. It is also very easy to assemble. 



Whitmor Over The Door Shoe Rack is very easy to assemble and requires no tools if you’re hanging it. This over-the-door organizer comes with a vinyl tip to help protect your door from damage. You can store up to 18 pairs of shoes on this rack. It’s perfect for shoe storage, organization, and display for your bedroom.


Awenia Shoe Rack is a great storage furniture that has a stable and sturdy structure. It can fit all kinds of shoes because its structure can be adjusted to fit your needs. This 6 tier-shoe rack can store up to 30 pairs of shoes. It helps your room to stay organized at all times.


Beeiee Hanging Shoe Shelves Closet Organizer is a great over-the-door organizer. It has 24 transparent pockets you can use to hold shoes, jewelry, nail polish, hair accessories, and so on. This furniture frees up floor space since it’s usually hung over the door. It is perfect for organizing bedrooms, closets, playrooms, etc.


BAOYOUNI Adjustable Storage Shelf Rack is very easy to install and requires no tools at all. Among many other things, it is great for storing your clothes, scarves, belts, flower pots. This shelf rack is made from stainless steel and its length can be adjusted to fit items of different sizes. Aside from using it for storage, it can also serve as a closet divider.


Bestier Wooden Drawers Storage Cabinet Nightstand is a 3-drawer cabinet that can fit your different needs. You can use this storage furniture as a nightstand beside your bed. The bottom drawer is deep and can be used to store your clothes. There are also 2 top drawers you can use to store smaller items like jewelry and cosmetics.


Greenco Wall Mount Corner Shelves is a 5-tier wall mount shelf. It is easy to mount and a great room organization idea. Not only is this shelf functional, it is very stylish as well. It features a great design that’s worthy to be in every home. You can use it to display collectibles like DVDs and action figurines.



HOMEFORT Drawer Chest Storage Tower is a 6-drawer dresser. It is carefully designed to fit any space in your room. The drawers are made of linen which is one of the most durable fabrics among every textile goods. The frame of this drawer is not only tough and smooth but also comfortable to touch. It can be used to store dolls, clothes, toiletries and more.



IWELL Rustic Large End Table with Storage Shelf features a compact design that provides enough space for storage and display. You can place your lamp or alarm clock on its top surface, while the two extra lower shelves are perfect for books, magazines, and many other things. 



VASAGLE Floor Cabinet Storage Organizer fits your bedroom  perfectly and very easy to care for. The position of the drawers can be re-arranged or arranged individually to create your own customized organizer. This storage organizer is easy to install since all its parts and accessories are numbered.



ZOBER Over The Door Organizer is designed with a hook that allows you to slide over any door. It helps save space and is great for displaying your purses, and even hand towels. There are 6 slots in total, with the top 2 being able to store smaller items like purses or hand towels. The other 4 are larger and big enough to store handbags and bath towels.



Tot Tutors Springfield Collection Storage Organizer is a large storage organizer. It has 16 plastic bins that are perfect for organizing your kids’ playroom, bedroom, nursery, and even the living room. These 16 bins are divided into 12 regular-sized containers and 4 double-sized containers. This organizer can help you make your kids clean and teach them how to sort their belongings at the same time.



MAGINELS Closet Shelves Wardrobe Clothes Organizer is a spacious closet with 5 hanging sections and 10 cubes for storage. This easy to set up organizer can be arranged in different shapes to perfectly fit your needs. It has waterproof panels and is also dust-resistant. The door has a hole handle feature that helps with air circulation, effectively preventing odors from forming in the long run.



BIRDROCK HOME Cube Organizer Shelf is a stylish and compact shelf made from a type of polyester linen fabric. This multipurpose organizer gives a unique accent wherever it is placed. It comprises a removable storage bin that helps organize household items like clothes, shoes, toys, towels, blankets and so on.



TZAMLI Over-the-Door Organizer is a 10-tier storage rack. This organizer was made from a durable gray iron frame and mesh, and also has non-slip door pads. It is an excellent storage solution for toys, shoes, clothes and so on. The perfect place for this organizer is behind the door or on a wall. 




And there you have it! These versatile storage shelves are guaranteed to provide storage and style for your bedroom and keep your space neat and organized. 

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