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24 Brilliant Bathroom Shelves Alternatives To Choose 24 Brilliant Bathroom Shelves Alternatives To Choose

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24 Brilliant Bathroom Shelves Alternatives To Choose

Written by: James Anderson

Instantly free up space with these bathroom shelves alternatives for your toiletries. A tidy bathroom sets the tone for a pleasant day!

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Bathroom shelves help to keep your bathroom tidy and free from clutter. They can also serve as the ideal place to keep your makeup kits, toiletries, cleaning products, extra towels, and other related items.



Looking for a more unconventional bathroom storage solution? The good news is that there are several clever ways you can utilize bathroom shelves. Here are 24 of them (including alternatives).




Now, when we talk about bathroom shelves, chances are that you are thinking about some kind of furnished bathroom cabinets. However, apart from those, there are many creative ideas for making a towel shelf. You may not have to look too far to get the relevant items to serve the purpose of towel shelves. You probably have some around you. One very unique idea is the use of baskets as under sink storage.


Simply store some beautiful flat baskets under your floating sinks. Depending on their sizes and the size of your bathroom, you might get 2 or more baskets. They can serve as perfect storage for dry towels without taking up much space. Depending on the colors and shape of the baskets, these can give your bathroom a beautiful look.




Another creative idea of bathroom shelves is that they can serve as just the perfect cloth line. 


Ladders not only help you reach items that are placed on high shelves, they can also serve as the perfect clothesline to help you dry your wet towels and other clothes. For a more polished appearance, you can build an aesthetically appealing ladder using thin woods. Paint it to suit the color scheme of your bathroom and you are good to go. 




If you are a lover of flowers, chances are that you have probably wondered how to include them in your bathroom. While it may seem difficult, doing so is actually quite easy. Your little wooden storage cabinet can serve as the ideal place to keep your beautiful flower vases.




Of course, your make-up brushes and toothbrushes are best stored in some sort of racks or containers that allows them to be stored standing up. For proper organization, different types of items are best stored apart from each other. With the relevant cup-like racks, storing these brushes will add some beauty to your bathroom.



With a large bathroom space, you can create bathroom storage that helps you store your necklaces, hats, and other clothing or fashion accessories. Simply create a hanger with descending hooks at a strategic location in your bathroom.




Storing your soaps, cotton wools, cotton buds, etc. may not be an easy task without the proper bathroom storage shelves. There are several creative ideas that let you store these items while also giving your bathroom a beautiful look. The use of glass canisters is apt as they can serve as the ideal under sink storage.




For most people, certain cosmetics like body creams, roll-on perfumes, and etc. are best kept in the bathroom. Now, with ideal bathroom storage ideas like spice racks, you can store these items in a way that is both systemetic and pleasing to look at.





A creative cabinet can feature a hook to keep your toilet paper in place while also creating space for your toilet bowl brushes, as well as other bathroom items.




Most people go to the bathroom with their phones, tablets, or other relevant devices. However, there can be a problem regarding the safest place to keep it to protect it from moisture. Creative bathroom shelves like a repurposed book shelve can prove ideal for the situation. They can help hold your phones, tablets, PC, speakers, and etc.




The question of an effective way to hang or store your hot styling tools can prove to be a sort of headache sometimes. With adhesive hooks attached to a door, rest assured that you are good to go. You can opt for colors that suit the overall theme your bathroom space.




These tools can go missing very easily, with a moment of carelessness setting you back a tidy sum. Hence, there is a need for a proper creative system to meticulously accommodate them. There are several creative ideas you can try. However, a very creative idea you’ll find is the use of magnetic knife strips. They can make use of the space inside your storage cabinet door to accommodate bobby pins and other beauty tools that you are likely to misplace.






Just think of a notice board – this is what this looks like, except this time it’s for your bathroom. Imagine facing a vertical standing board that accommodates all your make-up kits. This makes it much easier for you to identify the contents of each individual kit quickly. To create this, all you need to do is to repurpose a picture frame. Cut a metal piece to fit the frame, then seal it up with a fabric of any color. This way, your magnet make-up containers will be adhered to the board. The ones that don’t stick can be kept on its horizontal edges.



You surely need a space to accommodate your soap, sponge, and other relevant items in your bathroom. All you simply need is to create a caddie that can be glued to the wall, at a spot that suits you. The caddie can feature relevant hooks to help you hold razors, loofahs, etc. 




A creative box-like storage is a budget-friendly solution for accommodating your crates while adding some style to your bathroom appearance. If you have large containers such as big bottles of shampoos, or large flower vases that you’d like to keep in your bathroom, then you may wish to opt for something like this.




Storage boxes are hanging platforms that help accommodate fairly light items like toilet paper, soaps, sponge cases, etc. They can also serve as the ideal towel shelves for your dry towels. Another wonderful advantage of these boxes is that they add a touch of stylishness to your bathroom. You can make use of baskets or boxes that are attached together and tied to a hook.




Well, the fact is: many people enjoy reading in the toilet as a way to pass time. Books are items you may want to create a space for in your bathroom. The use of simple lines fastened to the wall would be ideal to help hang your books and magazines in a downward-facing fashion. 




A medicine cabinet containing drugs and treatment items like iodine containers, methylated spirit containers, etc. is a great addition to your bathroom. Besides helping you organize the plethora of drug bottles, they can also add an aesthetic touch if bottles are organized properly.




If you are not a fan of standing mirrors, you could opt for a simple mirror stand that is built to guard and collect your mirror after use. You can choose to turn your mirror the other way after every use. It can also serve the purpose of keeping clutter at bay.




Perhaps you’re not a fan of large make-up containers, or maybe you don’t have many cosmetics to begin with. The use of small bathroom storage like a julep cup could come in handy anyway. Not only are your tools effectively accommodated, your bathroom can also be decorated in a nice manner. Another idea you can opt for is the use of vase-like containers – not to store flowers, but rather your make-up brushes.




If you buy toiletries, cosmetic products, towels, and other bathroom essentials in bulk, chances are that you are probably not thinking about keeping them in the bathroom. Lack of space may not be as big as an issue as a sheer lack of bathroom furniture. Now, this doesn’t have to be the case. All you need do is to create simple wood shelves that can be fastened somewhere high enough on your wall. This will provide  ample space to keep your bathroom essentials while adding some beauty to your space.




A robe hook serves the purpose of holding your clothes, towel or other clothing material that may be relevant. It may not be particularly ideal for drying your wet towel, however, it can help to hold it while you have your bath.



There are several creative ideas you can try when creating the ideal robe hook. All you need a piece or pieces of wood or metal that can serve this purpose. You can simply seal a hand-sized well-cut plank to the wall. Then, attach the edge of a thin well-shaped (preferably neatly curved) piece of wood to it, either by nailing it or with the use of gums. Let it stand pointed and suspended in the air as a hook.




It is only ideal to keep your soaps, towels, shampoos, and other bathtub essentials close to you while you are in the bath. Leaving the bathtub to grab your towel may result in a wet and messy floor. One way of dealing with this is to keep your bathtub shelves close to you or fastened to a wall near you. Your bathtub shelves can be a repurposed book shelf, painted and refashioned to suit your bathroom.




This is of particular relevance to people with small toilet spaces. This is an ideal under sink storage that makes provision for keeping away bathroom essentials and other forms of clutters. All you need for this is a piece of clothing material that suits your bathroom color. Simply tie this clothing material over your sink to form a box shape (ensure it is exactly the same size as the space between the floor and the sink). You can fasten the clothing to your sink with a piece of gum.




For a more beautiful appearance, you can opt for the idea of building-specific rack-like shelves to serve the purpose of keeping bottles. This can be ideal for your shampoos, perfumes, and disinfectant containers. If you ask us, it is much preferable to the idea of general shelves.




There you have it – 24 different ways to spruce up your bathroom without using traditional bathroom shelves. With the uses outlined in this article, you can come up with even more unique bathroom storage ideas that suit you better.

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