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20 Best Coat Racks To Help You Add Some Floor Space 20 Best Coat Racks To Help You Add Some Floor Space

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20 Best Coat Racks To Help You Add Some Floor Space

Written by: Amelia Brooks

Get these stellar coat racks to clear up your floor space & transform your room to a less cluttered & clean arena. See the transformation happening quickly!

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Standing coat racks are the best way to get rid of the mess that is created after you come home from the office, market, or a party. In fact, they not only keep your coats and other accessories organized but also add charm to any dull corner of the house, just like a piece of accent furniture. So, if you have been looking for something that can be functional as well as visually attractive, coat racks are the best investment to make.


Therefore, considering their value, here are some suggestions to help you buy a unique standing coat rack for your house. Read along!


Ultra stylish and durable, these wall-mounted coat racks are the ultimate solution to organize your hats, coats, jackets, baseball caps, scarfs, and dog leashes. Saving all the floor space, these racks are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, you can adjust them accordingly to have five branches instead of eight. Therefore, it will de-clutter your house and make it look more organized.


Besides, it maintains its shape even after you hang any heavy accessories or coat on it. Hence you don’t need to worry about it being wobbly or unstable as it can support a weight of over 120 lbs. Moreover, this gorgeous piece is available at a great price. It can be a little challenging to install at first, but once you fix it, it will be one of the best pieces of furniture in your house.



Buy this two in one extremely amazing, and full-length dressing mirror with a coat rack from Outdoor Doit. In addition, it also has a hanging bar with four coat hooks to hang your hats, clothes, bags, scarves, belts, etc. This solid wood manufactured rack is stable, durable, and is undoubtedly a perfect addition to your bedroom. You will not find a product as stylish and functional as this one in the market.


To help you move it around with ease, there are four Omni-directional wheels. Apart from this exciting feature, you can also rotate the mirror 360 degrees without fear of breaking it. So, take your entire outfit glance in this large and wide, thin-framed HD explosion-proof silver mirror. Besides, you will be required to assemble it using the hardware that comes with the package.



This wall-mounted coat rack is made of heavy-duty stainless steel designed to bear the weight of your heaviest coats and bags. With five tri hooks on the 16 inches rail, it can hold a number of items at a single time. Moreover, Not just on walls, but you can also fix it on the back of your bathroom or bedroom doors. It works as an amazing towel and bathrobe hanger. Indeed, it is ideal for bathrooms since the metal will not lose its quality even if it gets in contact with water. 


Besides, there are long-projected arm and ball tips that do not tear or create a hole in the cloth. The black shiny finish gives it an elegant look, and it goes well with all walls and doors. This pack contains two hook rails and mounting hardware to help you fix it with convenience.



No more loading your chairs and desks with your coats, bags, and belts now that they have a new place to go to. Liberty Hardware wall-mounted coat rack with six hooks is going to be a trendy addition to your bedroom or anywhere in the hallway. Moreover, it can hold up to 35 pounds of weight at a single time. It would be best to mount the rack using solid wood or wooden studs since they do not damage the wall and keep the rack sturdy.


Besides, the rack is made with cocoa-colored high-quality but medium-density fiberboard that has an MDF base for its prolonged life. It is 27 inches long, 3 inches in width that can be installed on any wall, door, or gallery. You will find all the components in the package required to fix it on the wall.



Here is one of the most unique standing coat racks with a full-length mirror crafted with a solid pine wood frame. The mirror is made with high-quality mercury and has dimensions of 62 inches in length by 10 inches in width, large enough for you to see your entire outfit in a glance. Besides, the four universal wheels at the bottom of the stand make it all the way easier to move it around in any nook of the house.


Apart from that, there is a hanging rod with multiple hooks on either side of the stand where you can hang your coats, belts, bags, and everything you wish. You can also rotate the mirror by 360 degrees to conceal your belongings across the wall. Its versatile design is a perfect fit for every house.



Franklin white and satin nickel brass metal hangers are stylish as well as durable. This hook rail is 16 inches long and has four heavy-duty coat hooks that are designed to hold the heavyweight of up to 35 lb, accommodating all your coats, belts and bags. You can install it as an entryway coat rack and provides an abundance of space for hanging items and keeping your things organized. Moreover, it has a perfect size with a dimensional length of 15.8 and 3.3 inches.


Make sure to install it using solid wood or wood studs to keep it sturdy and stable on the wall. Installing them is not a difficult task, especially with the hardware tools and instruction manual that comes with the pack makes it even easy to fix it to the wall or back of the door. 


Perfectly organize your coats and bags on this elegant wall-mountable coat rack that has a wood base and 5 standard double metal hooks. If you are looking for an alternative to the free-standing racks and save some floor space, buy this rack without any second thoughts. Its wooden base will surely complement your original wall, no matter what color or wallpaper you have in the backdrop. 


Besides, the five durable metal double hooks have the capability of holding up to 5 pounds of weight each. Moreover, it is available in a variety of sizes and finishes to suit everyone’s preferences. Ultimately this is one of the best racks you can get at a pocket-friendly rate. Its commendable versatility lets you fix it to any wall, doorway, hall, kitchen, or bathroom.




There is no other shoe and coat rack bench as attractive as this one from Alvorog. Made with high-quality iron metal and plastic, this rack has been extensively designed for more sturdy and load-bearing capacity. Moreover, it remains stable when installed on the wall and can hold a weight of 66 pounds at a time. Hang your clothes, bags, umbrellas, and handbags without fearing the hooks tearing them. This is because all hooks have a rounded edge.


This is a perfect combo of shoe and coat racks since you can use the bottom shelf to display your shoe collection. Besides, there are 16 hooks included in the set and are removable so that you can use them according to your requirement. In addition to its functionality, it has been carefully crafted to fit all spaces, whether it’s an entryway, hall, foyer, hallway, bedroom, mudroom, or office.



The Vasagle Daintree coat rack is a piece of fascinating industrial accent furniture that has a  durable steel frame. The elegant mix of metal and wood gives the rack a unique grace. In addition, it is painted with rustic brown and warm wood tones that add not only function but also elegance to the space it is present in. Furthermore, with stable shelves and numerous coat hooks, you will never lack space to organize your shoes, coats, and hats. 


The bench is strong enough and is made for you to comfortably sit on it while wearing shoes or tying the laces. With this rack in your room, everything that you need will remain handy. To keep it safe, it would be best if you stick it to the wall using the anti-tipping kit.




This one is hands down the best investments to make if you are looking for an entryway shoe rack and coat hooks separately. The rustic black and brown look of this Hoobro coat rack adds a royal touch to the space it is fixed in. Moreover, its durability and sturdiness are because of the strong material, particleboard and metal, that is used to make it. The two rack boards can be fixed together in a row with the shoe rack bench below to eliminate all the chaos in one go.


The coat rack boards’ length and the shoe bench are 27.6 inches, long enough to accommodate most of your collection. No wonder your family and friends and going to appreciate your choice. Besides, assembling it is an effortless task. Just follow the instructions step-by-step, and you are good to go.


With this amazing wooden accent furniture, you get seating, hanging, and storage space, all in a single product. There are two shelves at the bottom of the rack and a hanging rod on the top featuring an elegant vintage-style design. Moreover, it includes 9 moveable hanging hooks that can hold the heavyweight of your coats, bags, and other items. 


Another good reason to love this rack and bench is the metal frame construction. This makes it durable and sturdy to maintain balance after it has been loaded with the stuff. Apart from that, you would be required to fix the upper part of the hall tree on the wall to prevent it from falling and keep the safety of the family. In addition, the feet of the rack have adjustable pads so that it can remain stable on uneven platforms as well. 




Look no further than this unique dark brown polished bamboo wall mounted coat rack if you want to add a vintage touch to the room. The upper part of the rack has a shelf that you can use to display your antiques, photo frames, books, or other decorative items. The length of 29 inches is enough to accommodate many things that you want to keep visually close and handy. Below the shelf is the rack board with five double-coated hooks. Furthermore, it is made from 100% natural bamboo, and the shelf unit is strong, solid, and environmentally friendly.


With all the installation accessories and instruction manual, installing it is a no-brainer. Apart from that, the shelf can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth. Furthermore, it’s a lightweight and innovative design, and it can be used anywhere in the house. 




Songmics coat rack stand is an entryway coat tree rack of a modern style. It stands like a tripod with three branches and six hanging hooks. Moreover, a mesh shelf made of iron connects the legs of the rack and provides a base to keep your belongings. As a result, the linear and refined metallic structure of this functional coat rack brings a touch of modernity to your interior. Furthermore, in addition to the 3 double C-hooks (6 hooks) located at the top of the coat rack, there are 3 L-hooks on the upper frame that allow you to hang many more items.


Each hook has the strength of holding 6.6 lb of weight thanks to its triangular base that keeps it sturdy and stable even after you have loaded it with heavy items. On top of that, plastic foot pads increase the friction between the stand and floor to strengthen its balance.



You are going to love this hazelnut brown and black coat rack from Vasagle. The hall tree made of particleboard and steel is the best way to organize all the coats, belts, etc., and eventually, get rid of the mess. Moreover, the rack is standing on a simple triangular silhouette that keeps it stable even after hanging your heaviest clothes and bags. Furthermore, it boasts 6 elegant hooks and two sturdy shelves to keep stuff at bay.


To be precise, each hook holds up to 11 lb weight while each shelf has a capacity of 22 lb. Moreover, the heavy-duty material provides superior durability and stability to the rack stand preventing it from bending or falling down. With detailed, easy-to-follow instructions, you can assemble the parts in no time.


Bring home this extremely versatile and functional piece of accent furniture to compliment your house interiors. The rustic brown and black color of this large coat rack from Vasagle is ideal for storing your regular footwear. In fact, the wooden shelf is at a perfect height to seat a person to wear his shoes comfortably. Another reason to buy this product is that it is spacious enough to accommodate shoes on the bottom shelf, bags in the middle one, and other items on the top shelf.


Although it is loved for its appearance the most, its strength hasn’t been sacrificed for looks. The robust steel frame and quality particleboard offer strong support. Therefore without any fear of risk, just hang up winter jackets or set heavy boots on them. Who wouldn’t love this product with all its multi-purpose features?



This entryway organizer valet from Honey-Can-Do is going to do miracles with the interior and organization system of your house. All your family members are going to love it and will happily place their stuff on it and that too, in order. No more messy house or spending long hours looking for things that you keep and forget. Moreover, there are two levels of coat hooks to provide ample hanging space for your hats, jackets, and keys.


Furthermore, there are three shelves at the bottom to help you organize your shoes and other footwear. Therefore, no more taking the dirty shoes and slippers inside. Change it at the entryway and keep the house hygienic. The surface of the top bench is made of sturdy and long-lasting wood. However, the shelves below it are made of steel wires.



Your house will no more remain decluttered once you buy this classic standing coat and hat hanger manufactured by Simple Houseware. With 12 hooks to hang your coats, bags, and hats, you are adding extra garment storage. Besides, you can easily get rid of the over-filled cupboards that do not even close properly at times. Its metal body coated with bronze adds luster to its appearance. 


Moreover, the coat rack stands erect on the stand with four metallic legs. Worry not, the stand has a strong grip and doesn’t slip or bend after you load your belongings on it. In addition, the hooks are at a perfect height so that your clothes or bags do not touch the ground. One of its best features is the distance between the hooks. The different levels allow you to keep the rack balanced even with heavy leather jackets.



One of the best unique standing coat racks is the premium bamboo coat rack tree that belongs to FILWH. You can adjust this coat rack to three different heights depending on the usage and preference. Diving into the details, the whole rack tree is crafted of eco-friendly bamboo and poplar wood material using the finishing polish technology to give it a shiny look. Therefore, it is a super-smooth, sturdy & durable coat rack for your healthy life.


Moreover, it features a sturdy base with three-prong legs to effectively support the weight of multiple items weighing 120 pounds at a single time. Also, each wood section is fitted with metal screw-holes for easy assembling. You can fix it in just a few quick and easy steps.



This white finished wood coat rack has a 3-tier storage shelf. It has been designed so gracefully that it adds charm to any dull space it is put in. The top of the rack features eight big hooks in a striking silver finish where you can hang your coats, scarves, and jackets. Besides, the rounded edges of the hooks keep the clothes from tearing or losing their shape even if hung for long hours. 


Moreover, the three shelves at the bottom are perfectly distanced to store all essentials. This coat rack from Roundhill Furniture is purely made of wood coated with high-quality white polish. The white finish just lets it fit every interior decor. Another commendable feature of this rack is that it won’t tip over if coats are hung only on one side.




Here’s an adjustable coat tree specially made to blend in with all interiors and furniture. The tree hanger by Pipishell has eight sections and four hooks to increase storage space in your house. Made of high-quality wood, the rack stands on three-prong legs for enhanced stability. Moreover, you can customize its height accordingly and hang your coats, umbrellas, and other things you want. It weighs no more than four pounds. 


Besides, it occupies minimal space in the entryway, living room, or bedroom wherever you decide to place it. Assembling it is an easy-peasy task and doesn’t take more than ten minutes with the hardware accessories included in the package. Except for the screws given with the hanger, you don’t need any extra tools to set it up.


Now that you have a range of options to choose from lay your hands on one of the finest products from the world’s best brands. According to the requirement, you can go for metallic racks, wooden coat racks, wall-mounted types, or whatever fits the best. To conclude, make sure to check all the product details before bringing it home.

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