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10 Best Kitchen Flooring Options To Go For (ALWAYS) 10 Best Kitchen Flooring Options To Go For (ALWAYS)

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10 Best Kitchen Flooring Options To Go For (ALWAYS)

Written by: Alexander Johnson

Peek into our list of best kitchen floorings that's guaranteed to elevate your kitchen to a whole new level. Experience the marvel INSTANTLY!

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Kitchen floorings today go beyond just utility to assume importance as statement pieces of décor in setting the tone for your kitchen.



With a host of options in texture, finish color and materials, choosing the right kitchen flooring to complement your décor has never been easier. No, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on function, durability or cost. Our hunt for the best flooring for kitchens ensures you can enjoy stellar designs, cost efficiency, durability and much more!



Here’s a list of appealing flooring options for your kitchen that is sure to last you well for years to come, all the while being quite the envy of your guests!







1. Tiles


Picture Credits: www.kewentmic.en.made-in-china.com



You can never go wrong with tile flooring in any part of your home. When it comes to your kitchen, tiles are certainly one of the best flooring options as they’re easy to maintain, durable and easy on the pocket.



Tile flooring can be introduced into your kitchen in various materials such as porcelain, ceramic, glazed, etc. With tile flooring, you’re certainly going to find a style that suits your kitchen décor. 



Break The Monotony With Toned Tiles

Tile flooring comes in various monotones, dual tones, and abstract prints. We suggest a monotone or dual-tone if your kitchen décor already has a splash of color and variation.  On the other hand, if your kitchen interiors are fairly sober and dull, choose an abstract printed tile to bring in a symphony of color to your kitchen. 



2. Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered Hardwood Flooring



What’s not to love about wooden flooring? Arguably the most coveted flooring option, wood is often avoided in kitchens due to their reactions to humidity and liquid. But, with engineered wood having wooden kitchen flooring is now possible.



These durable beauties can withstand high foot traffic, spills, moisture and any amount of mess to go unscathed for years.



Hardwood Flooring Are Best For Transition Flooring

If you have an open kitchen concept that runs into a veranda, outdoor seating or your living room, you would want to maintain uniformity in flooring across these sections of your home. Engineered wood is the best flooring in kitchens that transition into other rooms if you have elegance and timelessness on your mind.



3. Natural Stone Flooring


Picture Credits: www.yukbiznis.com



Natural elements in kitchen flooring such as marble,  slate, or travertine are great options that come second only to wooden flooring for elegance, resale value, and luxury. The smooth glossy finish of marble seldom goes unnoticed. Natural kitchen flooring is also durable and easy to maintain, making it ideal for a busy kitchen.



Make Way For An Early Installation

If natural stone kitchen flooring is on your mind, make sure you complete its installation process well before you begin other aspects of home improvement. As they are heavy planks that are difficult to install, it may cause dust and damage to other attachments. 



4. Concrete Flooring

concrete flooring



This one is certainly going to grab a great many eyeballs! Not your typical kitchen flooring options, concrete flooring sure is making a mark if minimalistic, rustic and earthy are the elements you prefer for your home décor.



It is also an inexpensive and lasting flooring option that’s ideal for modern style kitchens. It can be polished or painted to add a hint of color or shine. Beware though, concrete is not going to be appreciated by everyone as it is quite a niche and rare in preference. 



Concrete Is A Big No For Cold Climates

Concrete is a rather hard and cold surface that tends to get colder in shrill climates. It isn’t the best flooring for kitchens if you are stationed in a region with harsh winters. It is best suited for temperate or moderate climates.



5. Bamboo Flooring

bamboo flooring

Picture Credits: http://www.stockcabinetexpress.com



Bamboo kitchen flooring is the perfect choice for an eco-friendly buyer. It is a hard, sustainable and long-lasting material that comes with natural tinges of gorgeous browns and dark greens.



We would recommend you consider bamboo flooring if your kitchen cabinets and décor has a wood finish. These beautifully grained surfaces are sure to complement your kitchen even better if it opens into a backyard to indoor plants.



6. Cork Flooring


Picture Credits: www.continentalflooring.ca



Cork flooring is a universal favorite when it comes to kitchen flooring. It’s moisture-resistant and soft surface coupled with a slip-resistant feature makes it one of the most preferred kitchen flooring options.



A word of caution with cork flooring we ought to share with you – it tends to get indentations with heavy furniture or fixtures. So you are better off not shifting things around in your kitchen and installation any heavy furniture in permanent places.



Invest In Curtains To Protect Your Cork Flooring

As durable and ideal as cork kitchen flooring is, it tends to get discolored with direct harsh sunlight. Should you have a window that brings the sun’s rays into your kitchen, draw some drapes over it during peak hours to help your kitchen flooring stay as good as new. 



7. Rubber Kitchen Flooring




This seems like quite an outlandish kitchen flooring option, but rubber flooring is garnering quite some traction among interior designers in the recent past. With properties similar to cork flooring, rubber flooring is recyclable, water-resistant, durable and easy to clean.



Its texture also provides for an excellent grip and soft surface for long hours of standing. Rubber flooring is a great flooring option for temporary rental apartments from a cost and usage perspective.



Go For Darker Hues In Rubber Flooring

While this surface is water-resistant, oil spills may leave a stain on a bad day. It is advisable to opt for darker colors in brown and dark grey to keep any stains at bay.



8. Carpet Kitchen Flooring

Carpet Kitchen Flooring



If you’re a fan of carpeted flooring in all parts of your home, don’t let your kitchen miss out! With carpet tiles, you can usher in the texture and look of a carpet in your kitchen with the ease of maintenance and durability of tiles! While they aren’t the easiest on the maintenance front, these modern kitchen flooring solutions have many takers for their uniqueness and carpet-like look and feel.



Segment Your Carpet Flooring For A Pleasing Look

Carpet tiles come in stripes, grids, and other such designs. You are better off placing these tiles only in a certain section of the kitchen while keeping the rest of the flowing under-toned and sober. Laying them around an island counter or a coffee table is a wise option. 



9. Laminate Flooring


Picture Credits: www.chenxingfloor.com



Laminate flooring is a great idea if you’re aiming for the wooden finish look but at a lesser cost. It is an affordable flooring option that durable and can withstand the heavy footfall of a kitchen. You can even paint over laminate panels to obtain your desired shade of flooring. 



Pro-Tip For Softer Flooring 

There’s no denying we spend at least a couple of hours standing in the kitchen every day and softer surfaces could certainly be of great help. Invest in a thin layer of foam sheet just below laying your laminate for extra-cushioning. Most laminate flooring manufacturers may have sheets they would recommend for your choice of laminates. 



10. Vinyl Flooring

vinyl flooring

Picture Credits: www.thertastore.com



If you’ve got a clumsy bunch of kids who spill at the drop of a hat, chances are you would want to invest a very water-resistant flooring. Lowes vinyl flooring offers kitchen flooring options in a variety of styles and textures to suit your décor. With Lowes vinyl flooring looking so much like wood, it is going to take a seasoned expert to tell the difference. Invest in a sturdy sub-flooring material to prevent your Lowes vinyl flooring from gouging in. 




We hope our list of best kitchen flooring options has been inspiring enough to get you down to revamping your kitchen!  

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