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5 Best Transitional Kitchen Ideas That Leave You Awestruck 5 Best Transitional Kitchen Ideas That Leave You Awestruck

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5 Best Transitional Kitchen Ideas That Leave You Awestruck

Written by: Noah Bennett

Our experts disclose 5 BEST transitional kitchen design ideas that'll instantly transform your space into a designer home effortlessly!

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If you love to cook, then kitchen must be on top of your priority list when it comes to designing or renovating your house. Even if you’re not into cooking, having a nice kitchen gives the whole house a better feel.



So when it comes to kitchen designs, a transitional kitchen style is one that has so far been the favorite to be used in many homes. Why? Because it’s aesthetically pleasing and you can customize it as you wish. That’s why, if you’re looking to change your kitchen to the next level, we highly recommend adopting the transitional style for your kitchen.



To know more about this style, read on for our article on 5 Best Transitional Kitchen Ideas That Leave You Awestruck.



What Is A Transitional Kitchen?

Let us first talk about what exactly is a transitional kitchen. If you’re new to interior design, this might be the first time you are hearing about transitional kitchens, but don’t worry. You’re not alone!



Transitional design is a blend of traditional and contemporary styles. Transitional designs are elegant, sophisticated, and classy. Many elements from both styles are incorporated to produce a clean, crisp, and neat design that makes the room feel cosier and of course, enjoyable to look at.



Here are some of our best ideas to help you choose which remodelled kitchen you’d like to adopt.







1. The Clean And Classic Style

 The Clean And Classic Style


If you want a natural look for your kitchen without sacrificing the elegant style, you should go for a clean and classic theme. The two styles of contemporary and traditional are used hand in hand in this remodelled kitchen idea.



White set of cabinets with wooden pulls give a traditional look to the kitchen. Notice that the sink is featured together with the kitchen table, which is a convenient kitchen design idea, made especially for those of you chef and cooking enthusiasts.



Marble countertops, together with sleek wooden cabinets, are a perfect example of how traditional and contemporary style can go along well.



The illuminated classic pendant-style lamps complete the classic look that you’re aiming for and at the same time, add a rustic feel to the design.



2. The Smart Balance Design

The Smart Balance Design



This type of remodelled kitchen incorporates two colors that boast warm tones to the room. A balance kitchen have traits of both masculine and feminine. It showcases soft dark brown perimeter cabinets with simple lines, backsplash tile, and light marble countertop.



Transitional is all about the balance of colors, and this kitchen design idea is doing just that. The soft and light colors that are used in this kitchen also make the room feel more airy and larger. This is a good chance for you to be more creative.



Add accessories such as flowers, plants, and pictures that enhances the overall look. The two hanging pendant light is a nice added touch of contemporary style. Rattan chairs add an exotic feel to the kitchen without overwhelming the overall look of the kitchen.



The smart balance is one of the most straightforward kitchen ideas that are also popular in many homes.



3. The Homey And Cozy Style

The Homey And Cozy Style



The kitchen serves not only as a space to make your meal but also as a gathering room where you and your loved ones can hang out and taste the delicious fresh food together. With this in mind, you’d want your kitchen to feel cosy and homey.



When striving for this feel, you can go for the design that has a combination of soft colors such as grey, brown, and white. You can also use attractive decorations that add extra style to your kitchen. A marble centrepiece countertop is an elegant design that goes perfectly along with the silky brown cabinets.



A family-oriented kitchen is one of the best kitchen ideas out there. There is an ample space to move around to make sure that everyone has the room to stand around.



If you often host game nights or movie nights with your friends, this kitchen remodelled idea is the one to go for.



4. Bold And Fine-looking Kitchen Style

Bold And Fine-looking Kitchen Style



Now, this is where you have the chance to emphasize the delicate colors of the natural wood materials that give the room an elegant classic look.



If you use a lot of wood in your house, this is the best kitchen idea for you. The wooden tile floor matches the large wooden cabinets to enhance the fine-looking aged wood. The light brown color also gives added lighting to the room. Marble countertops and the lighting under the cabinet represent the contemporary style that is apparent in transitional kitchens.



As you can see, in addition to the ceiling-mounted lights, a window on the roof is installed to let the natural lighting shine the room. Joining the marble countertops are dark brown high chairs that are perfect for a get-together.



A star-patterned carpet is used to add style to the mix. Remember to choose carpets that suit the color of the kitchen.




5. The Charming And Exciting Transitional Kitchen

The Charming And Exciting Transitional Kitchen

It is for sure that you don’t want your kitchen to look boring!

Have fun with your kitchen design ideas and throw in some unique features on it! The transitional kitchen above is an L-shaped kitchen with a marble counter as the centrepiece.

Know more about the different kitchen layouts on our article cook in style with these 5 basic kitchen layouts.

Different from the rest, this design features a unique wallpaper design that is artsy and very much contemporary. The wooden bar stools are the perfect ornamentation that is not only useful but also beautiful.

A globular pendant lamp is another contemporary touch that serves as a balance to the small windows located on the centre of the wall.

The traditional style cabinets have fine lines and cute little pulls that have a color-matching with the kitchenware.

If you want to make your kitchen more vibrant, get some matching colors going on your kitchen. This could be the actual kitchen materials or other accessories.

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