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7 Lovely Bathroom Wallpapers To Go For Anytime 7 Lovely Bathroom Wallpapers To Go For Anytime

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7 Lovely Bathroom Wallpapers To Go For Anytime

Written by: Lily Evans

Get your perfect bathroom using 7 simple yet amazing bathroom wallpapers! Hurry before they're all gone.

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Bathroom wallpapers are a brilliant way to make style statements in the private nooks of your home. Bathrooms are also among the spots in the house for some perfect ‘me’ time. In fact, this is the place after the master bedroom, where one can unwind the stress of the day.



You’ll be amazed to know that there are many exciting ways to deck up your bathroom interiors. But the most important of all is the bathroom wallpapers!



Bathroom wallpapers are an interesting way of bringing out your personality. Since they are easy to replace, you can experiment with different styles, patterns and categories.



You can make it fun with a splash of colours, or keep it sleek with simple designs. And since they are easy to replace, you can play around with different looks and styles, from time to time. However, if you are wondering which nice wallpapers are winning hearts these days, it’s easy. Just have a quick glimpse through the following.



So, Here Are 7 Best Bathroom Wallpapers. Have a look!

So, Here Are 7 Best Bathroom Wallpapers. Have a look!



1. Black Mosaic Wallpaper

Black Mosaic Wallpaper


Are you a fan of fashionably neat looks? Then, black will be a great addition to your bathroom decor. This colour never goes out of fashion, besides, using black for your bathroom walls will only make them outstanding. Moreover, it is simply generous in terms of aesthetics for a modern outlook.



This particular black mosaic wallpaper is made of quality PVC material and environmentally friendly.



Besides, it has a rich glossy finish and is great on its waterproof and oil-proof function.



Another great perk of black wallpaper is that you can match or contrast it with any colour of fittings. So, it’s a win-win on all four fronts.



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2. Tropical Pattern Portofino Italian Wallpaper



If you wish to drench your bathroom in lively tropical patterns, this 3D textured wallpaper will be a great option.



The finely embossed wallpaper by Portofino is a masterpiece for any bathroom wall decor. Laced with the tones of ivory grey, and metallic silver and gold, it has quite a curb appeal.



Moreover, you can also bring in some Italian air in your bathroom with this made in Italy colourful wallpapers. However, you’ll have to buy additional adhesive to install this beautiful and nice wallpaper.



It’s made of Vinyl material, so you can be assured of its durability. It is one of the best ways to add a pinch of luxury to your bathroom decor.



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3. Modern Geometric Wallpaper by Roommates

Modern Geometric Wallpaper by Roommates


Fancy a geometric design in the bathroom? Why not? Try the Bathroom wallpapers with fantastic prints by Roommates for your bathroom wall decor. Besides, you’ll be glad to know that it is PVC free and has been printed with environmentally friendly inks. It has been designed on a polyester fabric, that’s known for its durability.



Another reason to apply this wallpaper in your bathroom is the presence of the colour blue. Thus, it’s also perfect for you if you are looking for soothing walls in the washroom.



If you doubt the colour, fabric or design, buy a swatch from Etsy. It will also be an excellent option for elegant, yet fun backgrounds.



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4.  Sea Wallpaper By Wall26


Sea Wallpaper By Wall26



This wallpaper is simple and elegant. It transforms the interior of your bathroom to a fantasy world with a beautiful seaside sky.



This self-adhesive vinyl wallpaper by Wall26 has been printed using HP latex inks. The quality is simply premium, and it’s also available in non-woven fabrics.



Your bathroom wall decor will also glam up with the HD design, and you’ll feel even more refreshed after a shower or hot bath. The application too is easy.



You’ll be glad to know that it is available in custom sizes, so your walls will look even more realistic.



Plus if you match it with similar fittings, it will be hard for you to get out of your bath. I bet!



Get your Sea Wallpaper from Amazon



5.  Birds and Butterflies Wallpaper

Birds and Butterflies Wallpaper


Looking for Fun backgrounds for your little ones? Kids or adults, this awesome wallpaper will please the eyes of all.



With brilliant detailing and use of subtle tones, your bathroom will spill off elegance with this master wallpaper by Phoebes. The light base makes it look neat and chic, while the lively birds and butterflies bring it to life.



Kids will be in awe, and may hardly refuse a bath. Plus, you must also be ready to receive gracious compliments from your guests when they use your bathroom.



So, buy this Birds & Butterflies wallpaper from Amazon



6. Coral Reef Watercolor Wallpaper

Coral Reef Watercolor Wallpaper


Splash some vibrant zest to your bathing routines with the colorful wallpapers from Spoonflower. With high-quality prints of corals, decked in pink hues, this bathroom wallpaper is love at first sight.



One of the best bathroom wallpapers, it is PVC free, removable and also has excellent fire resistance.



However, one note of caution is that the wallpaper is not entirely opaque, so you must preferably have lighter shades in the backdrop.



At the same time, if you have a brighter shade on the bathroom wall, it could mean adding a tinge of background colour to the wallpaper. Moreover, it is printed with quality eco-solvent inks so that you can count it as eco-friendly.



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7. Coastal Weathered Plank Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Coastal Weathered Plank Peel and Stick Wallpaper


If you are not the fun backgrounds type, try the sober coastal blue bathroom wallpapers which come in traditional grasscloth. With a generous blend of shades of ocean blue and cornflower blue, the resulting pattern seems exceptionally classy.



This Vinyl coated wallpaper by Roomates is a perfect fit for all kinds of walls, while the shade will look the best in your lovely bathing area. Even though there is a slight repeat in the pattern, you can apply this peel and stick wallpaper anyway, and it will still look in sync.



Buy Coastal Weathered Plank Peel & Stick wallpaper from Amazon



So whatever your taste is like, you have some fantastic options for your bathroom wallpapers. Moreover, most wallpapers are easy to install and remove, without having to dip your fingers in any glue.



The best part? You can not only use them on walls, but also on cabinets, mirrors hems, and what not? Are you ready to redo your bathroom walls?

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