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14 Parrot Toys That Keep Your Pets Sharp and Lively 14 Parrot Toys That Keep Your Pets Sharp and Lively

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14 Parrot Toys That Keep Your Pets Sharp and Lively

Written by: Grace Wilson

Photographed by: Millin John from Unsplash

Parrot toys can bring your avian friends comfort, fun, and entertainment from inside their cages. Choose the toy that suits them best.

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Pets can bring life to any home. Because of this, they become actual members of everyone’s household, and like any caring member of the family, an owner would want their pets’ needs met.



For parrots, comfort is king. Unlike many other domesticated animals like dogs and cats, parrots are used to a free-to-fly environment. These creatures are fun-loving and colorful, and they wear this on their feathers and personalities.



Thus, being cooped up in a cage may not be their most ideal situation. Parrot toys are a way to keep them happy and healthy without parting with them.


Parrot Toy Benefits


They keep birds sharp.

Parrot Toys and Parrots

Photo from Konstantin Shramchevsky on Unsplash


Birds are naturally gifted creatures, making a life for themselves in the most diverse of places. Because of this, they have the instincts to forage, climb, swing around, and chew. These are innate, and cannot be trained out of them.



The best way to address this is by buying parrot toys for your pet. These can scratch their itch to forage and play around. 


Playing with Parrot Toys is an exercise regimen.

Like the point above, parrots have natural feather and beak-keeping practices. In nature, they would sharpen these by scratching and playing with wood. Inside a cage, the situation is much different.



Parrot toys have different shapes and textures and most are made of natural wood. By buying one, you can allow your parrot to take care of themselves physically. 



Beyond beak-keeping, these toys also keep your parrots moving. An overweight parrot can have a shorter lifespan and lower quality of life, so owners must do their part.


Parrot Toys keep birds entertained.

Parrot toys Clean Parrots

Photo from Alan Godfrey on Unsplash


Life inside a cage is safe but can be boring. Buying parrot toys can keep your parrots’ blues away, which is something they probably need if it’s a typical workday. As pet owners, you would want your pet to be as happy with you as you are with them.



If cat owners can scour through the best cat shelves, then bird owners can also find the best parrot toys that their pets will fight beak-and-nail for.


Guarantees you a quieter household.

It is a known fact that parrots that have nothing to do tend to be more aggressive. This is not only bad for them but also the owners. Pets like these can turn aggressive, destroying household items that they have no business playing with.



Giving your bird parrot toys can help reduce their aggression. In turn, they help you keep a few household items intact for a much longer time. 


14 Parrot Toys


First on this list is this parrot toy from Katumo. It is the perfect size and weight for medium-sized parrots. As it’s handmade, this toy has a rustic feel to it, one that also fits perfectly with the colorful but earthly look of parrots.



In brown and nude hues, this parrot toy is made out of natural wood, coconut shells, and loofahs. By doing this, Katumo keeps your bird safe from toxic materials and keeps their entertainment all-natural. These features make your parrot toys safe to play with.



Simply hook your Katumo parrot toys to your bird’s cage using its active steel hook. This hook is sturdy, so you do not have to worry about keeping your parrots physically fit and active. According to its Amazon page, this Katumo Bird Parrot Toy is versatile enough for birds to climb, chew, and perch on.



Parrot toys from Katumo are all-around, and this bird parrot toy is no different.

Key Features

  • Versatile Design
  • Handmade using natural wood and other non-toxic materials
  • Easy hook installation


  • 20.8 inches
  • 7 separate parts


  • Made with all-natural ingredients
  • Provides birds with climbing opportunities
  • Has 7 elements and different textures to interact with
  • Durable for most birds


  • Not consistent in shape as it is handmade
  • Not as sleek as other parrot toys, may not fit the modern aesthetic
  • Hyper-active birds may obliterate this toy in only a few weeks


Like the Katumo Bird Toy, Kathson’s parrot chewing toy is made out of natural material — the prickly ash wood. However, unlike Katumo’s parrot toys, this does not spare your parrot of fun, vibrant colors.



Sold as a set, the vibrant chew toy is paired with a cuttlefish bone for beak grinding. With an easy hook, you can hang up these parrot toys with no problem at all. Also, since it offers two for the price of one, you can be sure that your birds will not get bored of these easily.



Watch these parrot toys satisfy your bird’s energy levels. These can hold their attention and keep them active, which is best for owners that want to keep their parrot busy (but well kept) at all times.



Birds can play with this natural parrot chewing set for hours. It is more than just decoration; it is your bird’s playpen.

Key Features

  • Made with natural prickly ash wood and real cuttlebones
  • Balances your bird’s activity with its beak maintenance
  • Colorful with a mix of a wooden aesthetic


  • 1 chewing toy made of prickly ash wood (11.8 inches)
  • 1 chew toy made of cuttlebones (7.8 inches x 3.0 inches)


  • Two parrot toys for the price of one
  • Can keep your parrot’s beak sharp
  • Reduces parrot’s loneliness and stress


  • Measurement errors upon delivery


For those looking for a parrot toy that does not sport a rustic feel, Unibene’s parrot chewing toy is a smart option. Made with blocks of mineral stones, lava stones, and rope, this toy looks like a piece of art for the indoors. Its body is an off-white hue complemented by vibrant beads that the parrots can gnaw on. 



Like other parrot toys, this offering from Unibene aims to grab your bird’s attention and ease its loneliness. These creatures are made for the outdoors after all and to be stuck inside a cage with nothing to do can take a toll on their mental health. 



This toy comes from good hands too. Unibene is a proactive company that listens to its customers. It admits its safety shortcomings when it comes to product design. The company has since made steps to change its chewing toy. 



Now, the Unibene Parrot chewing toy also boasts a perfectly sized bell and a non-swallowable cotton rope. 

Key Features

  • Made with mineral stones, lava stones, and a cotton rope
  • Boasts calcium minerals for your parrot
  • Aesthetic is modern and minimalistic


  • Product dimensions are 5.87 inches x 4.37 inches x 1.65 inches
  • 3.88 weight in ounces


  • Supplies calcium minerals to your active parrot
  • Comes from a dependable brand that listens to feedback
  • Anti-choke materials


  • Can be noisy due to the bell 



Mimicking the colors and maximalist nature of kids’ toys is Alysontech’s large parrot chew toy. Made with big chunks of wood in different colors, this toy can attract birds with ease. It is also more durable than most, boasting easy installation and bite resistance. 



Made with non-toxic natural wood, this parrot toy from Alysontech is safe for your birds to play with all day. However, it may not be the best choice for the biggest birds as it has a few choking hazards — particularly the steel holding its big blocks together. 

Key Features

  • Made with natural wood 
  • Brightens your rooms and attracts your parrots
  • Easy installation


  • Height is 11.8 inches


  • Very colorful, can attract birds in an instant
  • Big durable blocks to gnaw on


  • Size and features suitable only for up to medium-sized parrots



Bringing back this list the au-natural and rustic aesthetic is EBaokuup’s parrot toys. These grass-looking balls are made of wood and rattan, making them safe for birds to chew on.



As detailed by EBaokuup, birds have more habits to keep active than just chewing. With these parrot foraging toys, the brand also hopes to keep parrots’ nest-making skills in tip-top shape. Shredding is a result of this, and it is exactly why these balls have crinkly paper inside. 



This isn’t everything it has inside, though. It also has differently-textured items. A feature like this makes sure your bird remains intrigued and curious. 



Like Unibene, EBaokuup promises to listen to customer feedback. Should you have any problems with your chewer and shredder, you can call up the brand’s 24-hour customer support team. 

Key Features

  • Made of wood and rattan
  • Can also double as a cage accessory
  • Different textures to chew and shred


  • 2 parrot chewing toys
  • 9-inch total product height
  • 6-inch ball height
  • 3.99 package weight in ounces


  • Rare shredding features for parrot toys
  • Non-toxic and mostly natural
  • Different textures for birds that bore easily


  • Metal may be toxic for some birds
  • Paper shreds and ribbons can be messy and a choking hazard



While packs of parrot toys may be common, RLRICH takes these to the next level. With a 5-pack of parrot toys for your pet, this set has all textures, colors, and variety to keep your parrot busy. 



RLRICH 5-pack focuses on each parrot’s innate interest in chewing and shredding. As discussed above, these are natural behaviors for birds to have. 



To keep these cravings at bay, RLRICH’s parrot cage shredders mimic natural habitats by being made of loofahs, rattan balls, and other leaf-like pieces of paper. Like other parrot toys, these are hand-woven and non-toxic for parrots to interact with. 



Other than attending to your parrot’s well-being, RLRICH also keeps your parrot’s beak in tip-top shape. As they grow older these beaks get sharp thus they have to chew wooden blocks to keep them pristine and healthy. 



The parrot toys in this pack are also aptly sized. They give your parrots the space and height they need so they can freely swing and climb. As a bonus, these are also parrot foraging toys.

Key Features

  • Made of a variety of natural materials — loofahs, rattan balls, and wooden blocks, and more
  • Easy to hang and durable
  • Cotton rope


  • 5 parrot toys
  • Length of toys range from 7.9 inches to 19.6 inches
  • 9.21 inches x 6.26 inches x 3.35 inches package dimensions
  • 10.69 package weight in ounces


  • Non-toxic and natural
  • No chemical scents
  • Product variety does not wear easily


  • Paper shreds and ribbons can be messy
  • Only for small and medium parrots


Sometimes parrot toys need not be the jack of all trades. There are those looking for specific toys, which is what the Super Bird’s Wicker Foraging Basket is for. 



Best for medium birds, parrot foraging toys such as this basket is made out of bamboo. It uses all-natural toy parts, from vine sticks to woven palm leaves. This parrot toy also boasts a variety of textures and colors for your parrot to play with. As mentioned above, this also keeps their instincts for foraging and chewing at bay.



However, unlike other parrot toys on this list, Super Bird is also proudly USA-assembled. By doing this, the company remains confident in each parrot toy’s quality and safety. Choking hazards are common for parrot toys, especially since they are made of various materials and sizes. This Wicker Foraging Basket is made with your parrot’s safety and security in mind. 

Key Features

  • Made with bamboo, vine sticks, wooden palm leaves, and loofah slices
  • Does not bore easily 
  • Good for decorating


  • 10 inches x 4 inches x 5 inches wicker basket dimensions
  • 3.36 package weight in ounces


  • Made with all-natural materials
  • Keeps parrots entertained for long periods
  • Sharpens your parrot’s foraging skills — shredding, peeling, and chewing


  • The dye can smear and fade.
  • Plastic rings may be a choking hazard for big parrots.


Next on this list of parrot toys is Mewtogo’s paper ring chewing toys. Sold as a set of two, these stand out because of their product design and unique look. As the product name suggests, these look like Olympic rings toppled on top of each other. This provides significant height ranging from 13 to 17.5 inches.



Made with plastic and metal accessories, these are also durable. Birds can swing, chew, and exercise for as long as they would like. These toys also make great decorative pieces because of their vibrant colors. 



Best for small to medium-sized birds, these parrot toys from Mewtogo hang on birds’ cages with an easy-to-attach metal clip.

Key Features

  • Materials include paper rings, plastic buckles, plastic gears, and plastic beads
  • Unique style 
  • Easy to hang


  • Smaller parrot toy’s dimensions: 13 inches
  • Larger parrot toy’s dimensions: 17.5 inches
  • 11.22 package weight in ounces


  • Large and durable product
  • Colorful and decorative


  • Mostly made of plastic


Another parrot toy with a unique look is Bvanki’s Parrot Toy, which is 18 inches long and 8 inches wide. Compared to other parrot toys, this hangs on your bird’s cage like a colorful bridge. 



Bvanki parrot toy is made with 100% all-natural materials (including food coloring). It is mostly made of wood, with its metals only used for durability and hanging. Because of these metals, owners can choose to hang this toy horizontally or vertically. 



Parrot toys such as this one can also look good as birdcage decorations. However, buyers should be wary of their bird’s size concerning Bvanki’s parrot toy. The wooden blocks and plastic chains can be a choking hazard to extremely large birds.

Key Features

  • Suspension design for cages
  • Made with 100% all-natural ingredients 
  • Variety in wood shapes and color


  • 18 x 8 inches product dimensions
  • 9 product weight in ounces


  • Unique look and qualities
  • Color and shape are attractive to birds


  • Durability and color not suited for large birds 


Another line of parrot toys comes from BWOGUE in the form of their 3-piece bird ring set. Designed for chewing and shredding, these parrot toys have brightly-colored shredder balls with non-toxic coloring. Inside these balls are hidden blocks, streamers, and more. Each item is safe to chew and play with as these are made of natural wood, palmae bark, luffa flesh, and rattan. No artificial materials such as glue or plastic were used in making this shredder. These are hand-woven and rustic parrot foraging toys for your birds to enjoy.



Filled with crinkly paper, it is natural for birds to wear these shredders down. When this happens, owners can refill the balls with paper and other items of their choice. 



This is one of the most customizable items on this list, also making it one of the toys you can get the most out of. These parrot toys are for small to medium birds only, though.

Key Features

  • Made with natural ingredients such as natural wood, palmae, luffa, and rattan 
  • Design has a tropical flair 
  • Offers variety in size and texture


  • 3 parrot toys
  • The first toy is 10.6 x 6.7 inches 
  • The second toy is 15 x 3.15 inches
  • The third toy is 9.4 x 6.7 inches
  • 5.61 package weight in ounces


  • Colorful and textured
  • Does not bore birds easily
  • Hand-woven and all-natural


  • Suitable only to small and medium birds
  • Paper shreds can be a choking hazard



A brand that also offers parrot toy packages is Petuol. The Large Bird Swing Toy package, for example, includes three different parrot toys that keep your bird’s life in balance. The first is a bird knot and block chewing toy, followed by a parrot swing, and then a parrot perch. 



These parrot toys are made with non-toxic food coloring and natural materials. Like most of the parrot toys from this list, these are also handmade and vibrant with color.



One of the biggest concerns when it comes to large parrot toys is their durability. The reviews for this package from Petuol are mixed. Some say that these toys do their job well, while others claim that these are only for medium-sized birds.



Either way, their knots, and wood are bite-resistant and durable. Birds can play with these and climb around as they also have different sizes.



On the topic of installation, these parrot toys from Petuol have an active hook that attaches to any birdcage quickly. 

Key Features

  • Can be hung horizontally or vertically 
  • Different shapes and textures
  • Solid grip, best for footwork exercises


  • 3 parrot toys
  • 17 x 9.5 inches (bird knot and block chewing toy) 
  • 28.5 x 4 inches (parrot swing)
  • 8.3 x 5.5 inches (perch stand with bells)
  • 1.5 package weight in pounds


  • Colorful and textured
  • Does not bore birds easily
  • Hand-woven and all-natural


  • Bell can be noisy
  • Mixed reviews when it comes to suitable bird size


Other large parrot toys include Mewtogo’s large parrot toy. This is made out of knots and blocks that come in different colors. It can hang at 18.5 x 9 inches in size, making it a strong contender for large parrot toys that will not let you down.



This toy is made for parrot biting and climbing in mind. For bigger birds, stretching and exercising their legs is a part of their healthy lifestyle. Thus, this large parrot toy has cubes, knots, and other textures that will keep your pet curious and moving.



Safety is also a priority of this toy as it is made out of natural wood. No glue, wires, or plastic was used in making this parrot toy; its colors are also from food grade dye.



Aesthetically, this large parrot toy has a rugged and rustic look to it. This will look great in bird cages and wood-nude colors. 

Key Features

  • Suited for large birds
  • Materials are safe to chew and play with
  • Colors keep parrots interested


  • 18.5 x 9 inches
  • 1.52 package weight in pounds


  • Colorful
  • Ropes are well-knotted
  • Made of safe and all-natural materials


  • Durability depends on the strength of the bird


Hanging like a colorful abacus, Deloky’s large parrot toys are also made for chewing and climbing. However, compared to Mewtogo’s large parrot toy, it is 3 inches short when hung.



Still, this can be a lot of fun for Finches, Parakeets, and some large parrots. It is the widest of all the parrot toys on this list so far and one of the most unique-looking. Equipped with a metal chain, you can hang it up in your bird’s cage with no problem at all.



This toy has multi-colored blocks of different shapes hanging from a thick, knotted rope. And the blocks are made of natural wood and dyed with non-toxic coloring. Moreover, these are also 100% handmade, to keep the quality of each piece in check. 

Key Features

  • Suited for large birds
  • Made with natural wood and non-toxic coloring 
  • Unique look and wide enough to crawl on 


  • 15.7 x 9.8 inches
  • 1.3 package weight in pounds


  • Undergoes quality check by those making it by hand
  • Easy installation
  • Multi-layered and will not bore parrots easily


  • Seems like a better fit for medium-large parrots and not large (or extra-large) ones



Last on this list is a toy for medium-sized birds. Released by Myfamirea, this parrot chewing toy is 11.6 inches high and 5.2 inches wide. It’s made out of purely natural wood and cardboard, with the latter being a first for this list.



As expected, this parrot toy is colorful because of its food-grade levels of dye. The colored blocks are stacked with the cardboard, one on top of the other. With its fair height, this toy makes for a good climbing gym for your parrots. Its design also keeps them busy and less destructive. 



Unlike other parrot toys on this list, this offering from Myfamirea boasts a toy deburring process. This keeps the parrot toy safe from unnecessary materials that can sting and harm your birds.

Key Features

  • Suited for large birds
  • Made with natural wood and non-toxic coloring 
  • Unique look and wide enough to crawl on 


  • 11.6 x 5.2 inches
  • 6.74 package weight in ounces


  • Underwent a deburring process
  • Easy installation 
  • Multilayered and multicolored 


  • Durability depends on the strength of the large bird


How to Make Parrot Toys?

DIY parrot toys

Photo from Jasmin Schreiber on Unsplash


With the rise of the internet, homemade parrot toys have become more and more popular. They can not only customize your parrot’s experience but also save you some money. Some of the reviews for the parrot toys above talk about the wrong sizing of toys. 



Homemade parrot toys are an option for pet owners that want to customize their pet’s experience. Not all parrots are a suitable size for any kind of toy, nor do their instincts fit just any plaything. 



To make homemade parrot toys, you will need food-grade dye, rope, adhesives, natural woods, and sticks. Some use straws, but these can be a choking hazard for bigger parrots. Metal is sometimes used too, but you have to make sure that they are non-toxic. There are a lot of considerations in making these. 



As seen above, wicker is also good for parrot toys. You can take inspiration from the best wicker storage baskets and downsize them for your flighty pal. Some opt to buy wooden bird chips or chip woods themselves. Others buy rattan balls while others make some themselves. In any case, it wouldn’t hurt to learn a new skill. Learn how to make your hamper, you can read about how to make storage baskets.



Making homemade parrot toys is as simple as taking your rope and tying blocks tightly together. You can also make shredding balls from the aforementioned wicker and fill it in with crinkly paper, (big) chips of wood, and other textures (fresh green vegetables are good too). 


How Do You Make Parrot Toys Out of Household Items?

homemade parrot toys

Photo from sheri silver on Unsplash


Some people do not want to buy anything new for their homemade parrot toys. This is okay, as many household items can be used for this DIY project. You can use recyclable paper, empty tissue rolls, used cardboard, and even baby wood blocks for your DIY parrot toys. 



Crinkly paper can come in the form of cupcake cups, old coffee filters, and unwaxed paper cups. Anything that is child-safe could be parrot-safe too, so scour your home for old toys and bricks that no one uses anymore. 



Wood may be more difficult to come by when making homemade parrot toys. However, it is not impossible. You can use old wooden spoons, natural untreated wood (from a garden or the forest), and former wooden storage boxes. 



If you do not have a wooden outdoor storage box yet, consider getting one. You can hand it down to your parrots down the line, but they also make for a cost-efficient storage option.


Keep Your Parrots Interested


Photo from Ilona Frey on Unsplash


Whether you choose to buy parrot toys or make them yourself, it is important to remember why you need them in the first place: to keep your parrots healthy and interested. These creatures are fun-loving and beaming with life, which should be honored by any owner they have. 



Parrots are brightly colored and curious creatures. Their toys reflect that, so buy them one that will keep them company, as they have with you.

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