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25 Best Portable Keyboards For Travelling Musicians 25 Best Portable Keyboards For Travelling Musicians

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25 Best Portable Keyboards For Travelling Musicians

Written by: Isabella Mitchell

Check out these portable keyboards that are a must-have in a musician's set up. Invoke the musician in you and grab the best one in here soon!

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The music world is huge and ever-changing. From the symphony to the opera, there are a number of different styles and genres that musicians can choose from. And while it’s not always feasible to take an entire orchestra with you on your travels, sometimes all you need is a portable keyboard for traveling musicians! With so many keyboards available in the market, we’ve compiled this handy list of the 25 best portable keyboards for traveling musicians — just in time for your next gig.



You can quickly learn how to play the piano with this Yamaha Portable Keyboard. It comes equipped with 130 auto accompaniment styles and 400 voices. In addition to that, it has 112 onboard songs. The unit features an LCD screen that will help you navigate through all of its various functions. In addition, it also features a recording function so that you can record your music and then play it back for others to hear. 


This keyboard features an aux input that helps you play your music from a phone or other similar devices. 



  • The unit is accompanied by a nine-step lesson function.
  • It is very light. 
  • It is powered by a battery which allows you to play it anywhere. 


  • It does not come with a USB connection.


If you wish to learn and perform various styles of music, the Yahama Touch Responsive Portable Keyboard is the ideal choice. There are a total of 61 keys along with a powerful in-built speaker. 


With its slim body and stylish design, this instrument is perfect for musicians on the go. Additionally, it features an extensive collection of high-quality sounds. The keyboard can be powered by an adapter. Moreover, its touch-sensitive keys allow easy operation of Yamaha’s music software. The instrument is also equipped with USB audio transmission capability, so you can connect it to your computer and record your performances directly into popular music software. 



  • The Touch Responsive Portable Keyboard gives you the feeling of a professional piano player.
  • It is easy to use. 
  • Besides, it features adjustable control knobs. 


  • The sequencer does not have editing options.



The Hamzer Portable Digital Music Keyboard is a fun way to learn how to play the piano. It features an authentic range of sounds with lighted keys. Moreover, the stickers for children can be easily applied and removed from the keyboard. The portable design makes it easy to carry while traveling or on vacation. This music keyboard is designed with a built-in speaker system so you can enjoy your favorite songs anywhere!


The keyboard also comes with additional features like rhythm sync, tempo adjustment, and fill-in. Apart from that, the microphone and headphone jack allow you to record music wherever you want. 



  • It is affordable.
  • The weight of the keyboard makes it an excellent choice for outdoor parties.


  • There is no volume control for the mic.
  • Moreover, the body of the keyboard is made from low-quality plastic.



Zen is a premium quality digital keyboard that provides a realistic playing experience. It has 88 semi-weighted keys with adjustable touch response and 20 watts of built-in speakers. Furthermore, the LED screen displays the music information such as tempo, beats per minute, key signature, and more. 


This keyboard comes with a stand to hold sheet music or can be used without it. Zen is an electronic keyboard that makes learning fun. Stereo outputs and a headphone jack can be used to listen through external speakers or with the included headphones.



  • It is a perfect product for storage and consolidation.
  • Moreover, the keyboard is lightweight and the best portable keyboard to carry.


  • The sustain pedal is not the best one.


If you are searching for portable keyboard pianos that can help you complete your musical journey, Casio CT-X700 can help! Sixty-one full-size touch-responsive keys make it easy to glide your hands and create a perfect composition. Additionally, there are 600 tones and 195 rhythms to choose from. 


The keyboard’s soothing sounds make it one of the best portable keyboard pianos in the market. It includes an AC adapter and has a tough plastic case which adds to its sturdiness. Therefore, you can carry it as a perfect go-to musical instrument for parties and outdoor picnics. To learn the songs, you can use the Step-Up lesson system. 



  • The 61-keys of this keyboard are touch-responsive. 
  • It features a backlit LCD display. 
  • Moreover, the built-in speakers make the tunes sound exceptionally good. 


  • The adapter is poorly made.


RockJam Beginner Digital Keyboard will give you the significant feels of a real piano. It comes with semi-weighted keys. Besides, it has ten superior quality sounds that include strings, bass, and guitar. It comes with an in-built USB port; therefore, you can play your favorite songs while learning. The inbuilt speakers deliver 24 Watts of sound. However, you can even use a headphone while practicing if you do not want to disturb your family. 


In fact, you can also connect it to external recording devices or amplifiers, which will assist better in making quality compositions. The keynote stickers help in indicating the correct keys to play. 



  • When you buy the RockJam Beginner Digital Keyboard, you will receive access to the Simply Piano application.
  • The product has an included power supply.
  • Additionally, there is a sheet music stand that makes sure you read the correct notes while learning to play the piano. 


  • The power cord is very short. 


The Casio SA-46 is a portable keyboard that comes with 32 mini keys and eight-note polyphony. Moreover, it has 50 play-along tracks for you to practice or jam to. In addition, there are five drum pads and a headphone output so you can listen to your music without disturbing anyone else in the house. 


The SA-46 also comes with an AC adapter, so you don’t have to worry about batteries running out. Another highlight of the keyboard is the simple change-over switch. The instrument has an excellent retro design that combines bright green and black.



  • A great instrument to learn for beginners.
  • Moreover, the headphones output helps you play it without disturbing people around you.


  • You can never use oxyride or any other nickel-based batteries.


This Roland Digital piano is an excellent piano for the price. It has all the features you need to learn how to play and even some that you might not expect at this price point, such as a built-in metronome and an onboard recording function. The best feature is the excellent sound quality with realistic samples of grand pianos, electric pianos, organs, strings, and more. 


Besides, there are also plenty of options for adjusting the sound to suit your tastes. You can also use headphones if desired. In addition, it is compact and lightweight for playing and storing anywhere.



  • Fully wireless operation with battery power and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • It gives you the feel of a traditional piano.


  • It doesn’t come along with a stand.


The Casio mini keyboard is the perfect solution for students who want a simple and portable way to learn how to play music. The 44 mini-sized keys are ideal for small hands, with five percussion pads adding an extra dimension of fun to the learning experience. With 100 built-in sounds and 50 rhythm patterns, this little keyboard is jam-packed with features that will inspire your musical creativity.


Besides, the Casio 44-Key Mini personal keyboard is a compact keyboard that also features an LCD display. The built-in speakers provide clear sound, and the LCD screen makes it easy to read notes. It’s perfect for playing at home or on the go!



  • The LCD display is easy to read.
  • Instruction manual included in the package.


  • The product doesn’t include an adapter.


Yamaha’s exclusive model for Amazon includes a power adapter and sustain pedal, providing the ultimate performance and versatility. The DGX-660’s 88 weighted keys simulate the feel of an acoustic piano and provide a quality playing experience. The included Yamaha Education Suite provides access to educational tools that help users learn how to play. 


Moreover, this product also comes with ten different voices, including digitally sampled tones from real Yamaha acoustic grand pianos. In fact, you can even connect your iPod or other mp3 players to listen to music through the speakers.



  • The piano has a dual-mode that allows you to combine two voices together.
  • Furthermore, its slim and stylish design enhances the space it’s kept in.


  • The sustain pedal is cheap and small, often sliding on the floor.


The Kawai Black Portable Digital Piano is a stunningly beautiful digital piano that delivers an authentic piano experience in a conveniently portable package. The 88-key hammer action keyboard features the same high-quality construction as Kawai’s flagship pianos, providing a responsive touch that mirrors the feel of an acoustic grand piano. 


Not to mention, the black’s harmonic imaging sound technology gives you dynamic stereo sound with rich bass and clear treble. At the same time, the compact cabinet design makes it easy to move from room to room or take on your next adventure. 



  • The Bluetooth MIDI connectivity allows you to play along.
  • Also, it has an in-built speaker system.


  • The piano doesn’t have a color screen.
  • Moreover, it works only on AC and no batteries.


The portable Casio 88-Key Digital Piano gives you the natural sound of a good piano in a portable package. It runs on batteries as well as a power supply. Since it is light, you can easily carry it to different locations and enjoy a fabulous time recording and performing music. 


There are ten built-in tones you can play with, which include the melodious sounds of a grand piano. Additionally, you can also use a headphone if you wish to practice without disturbing anyone at home. The keyboard features a stunning key surface that adds more beauty to the product. With the duet mode, you can let your friends join you on a musical journey.



  • It is affordable when you compare it to the rest of the compact pianos.


  • You may experience white noise when you connect the keyboard with a headphone
  • It isn’t suitable for beginners


Donner has been dedicated to providing high-quality products and services for music loves for years. This portable electronic keyboard is an excellent choice for those who want to learn how to play the piano or just for fun. It has 54 full-size keys, making it a useful instrument for beginners and pros alike. 


In addition to that, you can also enjoy the classic songs and rhythms presented on this keyboard. This product comes with 200 tones and 50 demo songs. Also, this electronic keyboard is very lightweight and small in size so that it can be carried anywhere easily. 



  • The keyboard features a sheet music stand. 
  • It has two built-in high-quality speakers. 
  • Moreover, it also comes with a microphone. 


  • The display is small, which makes it hard to read.


The foldable portable keyboard piano by Safeplus is a suitable product for beginners to practice. It can be used with 128 different tones and 15 demonstration songs. Additionally, you can also record, program, play back different tracks. 


Moreover, you have the flexibility to adjust the volume according to your needs. The built-in speaker allows you to enjoy playing music anytime and anywhere as well. Its Bluetooth function supports wireless connection with other devices such as cell phones or computers so that you are free from connecting wires when enjoying music creation on the go.



  • Its multi-functional interface has a variety of uses. 
  • You can simply roll it and put it inside the carry pouch.
  • Moreover, the carry pouch is included in the package. 


  • The touch may give double notes.



The portable Yamaha keyboard has full-size keys and a basic control panel. It is a perfect choice for both kids and adults. Apart from that, the color-coded control panel makes learning easy as each button has a unique function or purpose. Due to the compact size, it is ideal for taking on road trips or playing at home.


The LCD display shows what notes are being played so you can learn efficiently. Besides, the duo mode allows two people to play together. You will be happy to know that various other features make the Yamaha PSR-F51 61-key portable keyboard one of the most reliable products. 



  • Even though this portable piano is essential, the price is affordable.
  • The high-quality sound of the Yamaha PSR-F51 61-key portable keyboard will make you feel like you are playing a real piano.
  • Furthermore, the built-in metronome helps produce sounds at regular intervals.


  • The keyboard produces a static sound when you plug in an earphone.



The Yamaha PSR-E263 is the perfect keyboard for any musician looking to expand their performance capabilities. With a wide range of features, including 400 high-quality voices and 130 auto-accompaniment, this portable keyboard has everything you need to create your own music. The auto-accompaniment feature lets you focus on playing instead of remembering chords. 


The songbook makes it easy to find the right voice or style for each song. In addition, its duo mode helps you create a magical symphony with a partner. The user interface and sound quality are also worth praising. 



  • Considered the best portable keyboard, this instrument comes with a survival kit. 
  • It works with the help of batteries; therefore, you can easily carry it outdoors.


  • This keyboard is a bit bulky.



Lagrima’s Black Portable Electric Keyboard is a beautiful musical instrument for beginners. It has superb sound quality and a clear large-size digital display screen. Moreover, the built-in dual speakers can provide 100 tones, 100 rhythms, and ten demo songs. You can also play the keyboard by plugging in headphones. 


The keyboard is very easy to use with its built-in dual power supply mode that allows you to choose between using a power adapter or 4 AA batteries. This ensures that the keyboard will work properly even when there is no electricity or run out of battery. All in all, this keyboard provides you with an excellent way to learn exciting acoustic tones!



  • This portable keyboard is an ideal product for beginners.


  • The power input is made up of low-quality products.
  • Its functions may be too complicated for kids. 


The Souidmy 88-Key Full-Size Keyboard has a sensitive and responsive touch. It is semi-weighted, which means that it comes with a spring-loaded mechanism and light weights attached to the keys. There is a smart chord mode that allows you to play complex tunes giving an extra edge if you are a beginner. 


Multiple functions make it a special purchase. These include a metronome, dual-tone feature, around 100 built-in sound effects, and high-quality rhythms. Additionally, the whole look of the keyboard adds an aesthetic vibe to your interiors. With the help of the USB Type-A port, you can save recordings and extend the storage space. 



  • This portable piano can easily be connected to your computer. 
  • It is equipped with a high-quality built-in speaker.
  • Moreover, you can also apply drum effects to your music.


  • The keys are wide. 



If you wish to buy portable keyboard pianos for your kids, here is a lead! The Artesia Performer Semi-Weighted Digital Piano comes with adjustable touch response. Traveling with this keyboard is easy since it is compact as well as light. Moreover, there is a sustain pedal input that allows the notes to ring out for a more extended period. 


There are twelve voices which include strings, electric piano, grand piano, and more. The USB/MIDI allows easy connection with smartphones, laptops, and tablets. In addition to that, there is a reverb, four built-in speakers. You can also take free online piano lessons, which are included in this product. 



  • The battery port allows you to take the digital piano anywhere you want. 
  • You get the benefit of learning right from your home. 


  • The keys are smaller than the regular piano keys. 


The lotmusic portable keyboard piano is an excellent tool for learning to play the piano. It has full-size keys and can be connected to speakers or headphones. Most importantly, the sound quality is good, and the sustain pedal works well. Its features definitely justify the price tag it comes with.


This one is a semi-weighted digital piano with 88 full-sized velocity-sensitive keys. This piano features a slim and stylish design making it perfect for those who are short on space. Besides, the LCD display screen allows you to adjust your tones as well as showing the notation of the chords that you are playing. The piano also comes with two 25W amplifiers meaning that you can connect external speakers if required.



  • The control panel includes sustain pedal, triangle pedal, audio inputs & outputs to help you make a new creation.
  • Furthermore, you can play the keyboard via the included power adapter or 6 AA batteries.


  • The only feature missing from the Keyboard is the stand.



The Starfavor SP-10 88-key digital piano is a full-sized and semi-weighted keyboard with a realistic sound, making it an ideal choice for beginners and students. The SP-10 features 128 rhythms, eight timbres, 31 demonstration songs, chord, metronome, transpose, effect control, and tempo adjustment functions. Indeed, the ideal piano that any instrument lover would want.


Besides, it also has a record function that allows you to record your performances and play them back later. This piano comes complete with headphones for private practice sessions as well as two pedals. 



  • The keyboard has in-built high-quality 30W speakers.
  • Additionally, it included all the necessary accessories required to learn as a beginner.


  • The piano stand is not very sturdy.



The Anckon portable electric piano is a high-quality keyboard that delivers all the features you need to take your music-making skills to the next level. The 88 full-sized keys are semi-weighted and velocity-sensitive, so they feel just like an acoustic piano. Plus, there’s plenty of other valuable features, including ten demo songs for learning, 400 different voices and rhythms to inspire you as well as USB connectivity.


Furthermore, the electric piano also has built-in speakers, so you can play anywhere without needing to connect it to an amplifier or additional speakers. On top of that, you will also receive free access to the Simply Piano application, making learning fun and easy. 



  • The in-built lithium battery needs just 5 minutes of charging to continue using it for 24 hours.
  • Moreover, it has a high-quality sustain pedal.


  • It might be a bit difficult to learn all the features at the beginning itself.



The Honey Joy Touch-sensitive keyboard with Bluetooth is another top-notch electronic keyboard option for kids and adults. It is designed to be a full-sized 88-key digital keyboard that features a touch-sensitive feel, allowing you to play each note differently. Moreover, the keyboard has an extended dynamic range and will enable you to play from pianissimo through fortissimo. 


Apart from that, this piano can create various tones, including orchestral sounds, electric piano sounds, and synthesized string sounds that will enrich your musical experience. You can adjust it to more than 128 rhythms, 128 tones, and 20 demos for boosting your performance quickly as beginners.



  • The touch of these keys is smooth and comfortable.
  • Moreover, it works for more than 12 hours with a charge of four hours.


  • It has a high weight of 13 pounds.



An excellent gift for beginners, Glarry Portable Touch Sensitive Electronic Keyboard is a beautiful instrument to learn music. Its lighted keys are designed for easy touch and play. This 88-key keyboard has the function of transpose, allowing you to change the key at any time while playing. 


Also, with built-in speakers, you can enjoy good sound quality wherever you go. You can connect it with your phone through Bluetooth, play along with your favorite songs, or even use it as a piano trainer app. It’s also perfect for karaoke. 



  • After a full charge, you can use it continuously for 4 hours.
  • The keyboard also features a MIDI function that allows you to connect a computer, smartphone, and other intelligent devices to compose music.


  • It doesn’t come with a music book.



The Casio CTK-3500 portable keyboard is the perfect instrument for making music on the go. The CTK-3500 includes a variety of features that make it easy to enjoy playing music, such as a step-up lesson system and an auto power-off function. Apart from that, its 400 tones and 100 rhythms allows you to play along with your favorite songs or create new ones. 


The CTK-3500 also includes 50 built-in dance music rhythms for added fun. Moreover, it has 61 keys, has two touch modes, and features an on/off sensitivity level. 



  • You can connect it with your tablet and play your favorite tone.
  • The keyboard has a low weight of 7.5 pounds.


  • For people who love loud music, this one is not a good option.


It can be hard to find the perfect portable keyboard for traveling musicians. But with our list of 25 keyboards that will fit any budget and need, you should have no problem finding one! If you are in the market for  good keyboard or want some inspiration on how to get started, this blog post is going to help a lot. It’s time to find your next favorite keytar!

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