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10 Stunning Room Decor For An Ethereal Feel 10 Stunning Room Decor For An Ethereal Feel

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10 Stunning Room Decor For An Ethereal Feel

Written by: Amelia Brooks

if you're looking to add a rainbow glow to your home, then pick these 10 iridescent home decor items that can turn your home into a magic wonderland!

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Sometimes, it’s the little things that can turn the ordinary into something magical. The same goes for your house! If you’re looking to add that dream-like glow to your home, choosing iridescent decor is the way to go.



Iridescent decor pieces reflect a variety of stunning colors every time light hits them at different angles. Here’s our pick of 10 iridescent home decor items that can turn your home into a magical wonderland!





Iridescent Definition – What Is It?


Photo by Jeff Kubina on Flickr



Confused as to what iridescent means? Not to worry, we’re here! Iridescence simply refers to any object that reflects changing colors at different angles. This creates a pearl-like or rainbow effect. Objects that reflect light in such a way are called iridescent or pearlescent objects.



1. Wave Design Makeup Holder

Pearl stand

Add a dash of glam to your washroom/powder room with this stylish makeup holder. Not only is its unique wave design an eyecatcher, but its pearlescent finish will add a touch of magic to your make up routine! This glitzy piece can also double up as a stationary organizer. Use it to store your pens, pencils and more on your desktop, and organize your knick-knacks in style.



Get Zodaca Wave Pencil Holder from Amazon. 



2. Iridescent Holographic Window Film

Iridescent Holographic Window Film



If you want your home to truly turn into a rainbow-filled paradise, then pick this holographic window film. Its cracked ice rainbow pattern creates a prism-like effect, bathing your home in all seven colors of the rainbow. Make sure to use this on a window that gets direct sunlight for best results. With this addition to your home, it would be like dreaming with your eyes open!


Buy Decorative Window Film Holographic Prismatic Etched Glass Effect from Amazon. 



3. Pearlescent Hummingbird Ornaments

Pearlescent Hummingbird Ornaments



Let your mornings begin on a sparkling note with these delicate, acrylic hummingbird ornaments. Hang them up by your window, and watch the morning sunshine glitter inside your room! These ornaments have a lovely crystal-like appearance, are small in size and can be easily hung anywhere in your house. Not only that, they make for great festive decor during the holidays – be it thanksgiving or Christmas.


Kurt Adler 3 Assorted Acrylic Iridescent Purple, Blue and Clear Hummingbird Christmas Ornaments is available for purchase here. 



4. Iridescent, Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Set

Iridescent, Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Set


Who says you can’t cook at home in style? These stunning stainless steel knives are sure to make your cooking experience a visual delight. Their iridescence comes from the special titanium plating over the steel. Sure, they may require a little more care than usual knives: for example, they need to be washed by hand. But, overall, we reckon their beauty makes it worth the effort.



Call your friends over for a weekend cooking session – we’re sure this set will win you compliments!

These 5 Elegant Knives Chef Quality Stainless Steel Blades With Ergonomic Handles scream #aesthetics.




5. Mosaic Glass Bathroom Accessory Set

Mosaic Glass Bathroom Accessory Set



This bathroom accessory set is just the thing for your bathroom to get a glow up! Crafted from mosaic glass with a pearlescent finish, it can be used to store your cotton balls, toothbrush, moisturizer and more. Place these in your kitchen or guest bathroom, to add a pop of pearly glow to your space.



How about a Whole Housewares 4-Pieces Bathroom Accessory Set for your bathroom?



6. French Press Coffee Maker

French Press Coffee Maker



Want a little bit of rainbow with your morning coffee? We’ve got you covered! This iridescent stainless steel coffee maker is simply gorgeous to look at. What we love about it is that it works as beautifully as it looks! This coffee maker can make up to four 8 oz cups of coffee/tea. What’s more, it’s insulated, so your drink stays warm or cold for hours upon hours.



Whether in your home or in your office kitchen, it’s sure to add a bit of whimsical beauty to an otherwise simple space.



Get French Press Coffee Maker, Large Rainbow Iridescent Stainless Steel 34oz from Amazon. 



7. Iridescent Titanium-Plated Porcelain Mug

Iridescent Titanium-Plated Porcelain Mug



Sipping from this gorgeous mug will make you feel like you’re the prince/princess of Narnia! They’re electroplated with titanium with an iridescent rainbow finish, which gives stunning metallic luster.



These beauties are durable, dishwasher safe. They have a sturdy handle and enough capacity to hold a generous helping of tea/coffee. It’s so pretty, we can’t help but keep staring at it!

Be the center of envy with LIFVER Porcelain Novelty Coffee Mugs for Coffee.



8. Iridescent Fruit Basket

Iridescent Fruit Basket



We love this iridescent basket so much, we’d like one for every room in the house! It’s simple in design, durable, and has a vibrant rainbow finish. Its alloy metal body makes it sturdy, and its open design makes sure that it showcases your fruits and more beautifully atop any table/countertop!



You’ve also got to appreciate its versatility – it can be used to store fruits, knick-knacks, hand towels and so much more! Grab one fast, we say.

Get Wire Kitchen Fruit Basket, Iridescent Rainbow Bowl for Countertops from Amazon. 



9. Iridescent Crystal Pyramid

Iridescent Crystal Pyramid

A stunning showpiece that can reflect light in countless colors – who can resist such beauty? With its prism-like shape and lovely crystal body, this iridescent crystal pyramid promises to be the center of attention in your room. What’s fun about it is that the color it reflects changes with how its placed against the light.



So go ahead, experiment with where you keep it, and you will see lovely new colors brighten up your space, each time.

Amlong Crystal Iridescent Pyramid Rainbow Colors with Gift Box, 2.5-Inch could be yours for just $10.80.



10. Pearlescent Fridge Magnet Picture Frames

Pearlescent Fridge Magnet Picture Frames



These magnetic photo frames make for an adorable way to treasure your special moments! Quite easy to use, they have two components – a clear acrylic screen and an iridescent, magnetic back panel. Just slide the photo in between and place them on a metallic surface for the frame to stick to, and you’re done!



The photo frame’s iridescence creates a lovely luminous effect, adding even your beauty to your cherished memories.

Buy WINKINE Magnetic Photo Frames 2×3, 6 Pack Iridescent from Amazon.


If you’re looking to add a bit of surreal magic to your home, then choosing iridescent decor is a great way to do it. From iridescent window film, coffee mugs to fruit baskets, the pearly, rainbow glow of these pieces gives it a hypnotic effect. Place these decor pieces in spaces with plenty of sunlight, and watch the sparkling magic unfold before your eyes!

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