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Types Of Outdoor Storage Bins And Why You Need Them Types Of Outdoor Storage Bins And Why You Need Them

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Types Of Outdoor Storage Bins And Why You Need Them

Written by: Tabinda Mustershad

Check out these outdoor storage bins that let you store everything and declutter your outdoors within seconds! Dive into our guide and BUY ONE RIGHT AWAY!

Think of the pretty patio your house has and then imagine decorating it with your favorite plats and maybe a beautiful wicker sofa set. This soothing image of your little patio garden can easily be ruined if there’s clutter laying all around, whether its gardening tools, pool toys, or clutter created by outdoor gaming equipment. A cluttered space can only add to problems – things that you should have access to right away would become a nuisance to find under piles and piles of unorganized stuff.




Neatly organizing the outdoor area of your house is important. Otherwise, all the items would not only be hard to find but would also be susceptible to harsh weather conditions. Investing in an outdoor storage bin is a great idea if you’re looking for storage ideas to use for your outdoor space.




Outdoor storage bins are storage boxes that provide convenience and add attractive storage space on your outdoor areas like patio, deck, veranda, or porch. One can safely put miscellaneous items in an outdoor storage bin except for those items that are prone to getting rusty.




These storage boxes provide multiple benefits as they can also serve as a tabletop or extra seating. So, the larger your storage box is in size, the more space it’ll have for storing items. Let’s take a look at a few things you should keep in mind when buying an outdoor storage bin. Want to find out more about storage? You should definitely check out our awesome storage ideas.




The Various Sizes Of Outdoor Storage Bins

Plastic container box



Outdoor storage bins come in a vast variety of sizes, types, and materials. You first need to decide what you plan on storing in the bin that you can then make an informed decision about which size to go for.




Normally, you measure storage boxes in gallons; hence a larger gallon size means more storage space. The idea of measuring the storage space in gallons originated from the time when deck boxes were popular items for storing gallons of fish on fishing boats. Since then the term simply caught on and is now also used to describe the size of an outdoor storage bin as well.




Another important factor to consider is to check the dimensions of the storage box. Make sure that your desired box is capable of fitting in the space you are buying it for. The various available sizes of these storage boxes are:




1. Small Deck Boxes




The smallest size available in these storage sheds is the small deck box. Although the dimensions vary, the max this waterproof outdoor storage box can hold is 50 gallons which are perfect for storing tiny items. These are great for storing soft adjustable material things like pillows, cushions, towels, etc. as these do not take up much space.




2. Medium Deck Boxes




Medium-sized boxes offer quite a lot of space which is usually ideal for storing items like a pack of cushions, towels, gardening supplies that aren’t too big, small plant pots, etc. These storage sheds have a space of 51 to 99 gallons which is ideal for outdoor areas that aren’t too big yet can easily accommodate a storage cum seat box.




3. Large Deck Boxes




For houses with big outdoor space, large-sized storage boxes are a perfect choice. Picking the right type of large deck box would not only add convenience to holding your items but also add a sense of grandeur to your outdoor area. They are capable of holding 100 to 149 gallons, which means you can easily dump in lots of toys, gardening and pool maintenance tools, a full pack of pillows, and even some large plant pots.




Moreover, the large deck boxes can also double as a bench or seat, which means you get double bounties from a single product.




4. Extra Large Deck Box




The largest box size available for storing outdoor stuff is the extra-large deck box with a storage capacity of 150 gallons or more. This extra large outdoor storage box can store almost anything you can think of from plant vases to large gardening equipment and from car tools to even a tri-cycle of one of your kids.




However, large or extra-large deck boxes should only be an option when you have enough room for fitting them in and have a genuine requirement for a lot of storage space. Otherwise, they would just be an unnecessary item that would take up too much space. Be sure to do your homework before you get your hands on these.




Types Of Outdoor Storage Bins You Can Buy

Garden Patio



Let’s talk about all the various types of storage sheds that are available on the market. Of course, the possibilities are endless when it comes to a variety of designs, shapes, and colors of these storage bins. One can easily purchase a box that goes with the exterior of the house, or you could match it with the color of your wooden deck or patio.




Numerous vendors are selling outdoor boxes online. However, one must be cautious before making a purchase and look for those sellers who have a higher rating than the others. See what the product description has in it. Whether or not the material is durable and sturdy enough to withstand all kinds of weather conditions.




Most importantly, see what the review section has to say about the product you are about to buy. There are high chances someone would have uploaded the picture of the storage shed after receiving their order. This way you can see if the product shown by the seller is similar to what the consumers receive. You can also check what type of comments people are leaving under the product to see if the product is worth it or not. There’s a possibility the item might not be the type of storage box that you are looking for. Hence, making an informed decision before making a purchase is important.




1. Cube-Shaped Storage Box




Cube-shaped storage boxes are an excellent addition to any outdoor space because of their elegantly compact design. Look for a box that is sturdy enough to withstand damages. Cube-shaped storage boxes can easily hold all sorts of materials. Items like gardening tools, outdoor décor, barbecue grilling items, pool toys, small pillows, etc. can be easily placed inside a cube-shaped storage box.




The wicker-like design of these boxes is perfect in the sense that it easily blends in with most house’s exterior décor. Made of strong plastic and sturdy resin panels, these cube-shaped boxes can also be used as a comfortable bench seat or a tabletop. Just put a cushion on the lid and you are good to go.




2. Patio Storage Ottoman




The ottoman designed storage boxes provide the perfect style to any interior or exterior. The patterned weave on these boxes makes them a great choice for all those who are looking for something minimalistic yet convenient. These boxes are made of heavy plastic which is durable to the core. Moreover, they also provide ample storage space that is more than sufficient to hold a full pack of pillows, or even an entire set of barbecue grill items. Heavyweight pots or vases, or plant décor items can also be easily placed in an ottoman storage box.




They also serve as a bench to conveniently accommodate two people at a time when the top lid is closed. So, you can use them as a part of your dining set or the garden chairs set, according to your usability.




3. Deck Storage Bench




Looking for a storage box that not only holds your expensive gardening items but also serves as a stylish serving station? Look no further. The deck storage benches are capable of storing all sorts of items be it extra pool kits, gardening equipment, cups, and kettles, or cushion sets. They make for an excellent decorative furniture item that you can easily add to your outer areas like the patio or the deck.




They come with a flat lid that can be doubled and used as a bench or can be used as a tabletop. Place two garden sofas with the deck storage bench in the middle and voila, you have the perfect spot for your afternoon tea. The bench comes with a lock so, you can place all sorts of expensive items in it without any risk.




4. Wooden Cabinet




If you are looking for single-purpose storage boxes for the outdoors then look for the fashionable wooden cabinets. These storage options not only provide you with style but also bring about a certain elegance and appeal to your outdoor setting.




Complimenting your exterior design with these wooden cabinets is super easy if you are looking for a woody cozy design for the exterior. Cabinets made of eucalyptus or teak would go well with a fire pit and tiki torches.




Wooden, cabinets are made of highly durable construction and can last a lifetime. The only problem with these cabinets is their fading sheen which may require some sort of weather-protecting chemicals. This can be easily avoided if the cabinets are not placed in direct sunlight or exposed to the harsh winter months.




Wooden cabinets made of cedar, teak, and pine are moisture-resistant and also come in a variety of finishes ranging from light to darker wood colors. There are also eco-friendly options available on the market just like the one made of Shore wood. This cabinet has ample storage for all your needs with a four-door design.




5. Heavy-Duty Plastic Storage Box



Probably one of the biggest advantages of plastic is that they are highly versatile They can be molded into any shape, size, or color making it a fan favorite amongst people looking for storage solutions. This material flexibility provides multiple benefits from durability, light-weight design, and water-resistant qualities all-in-one.




One of the options among several designs is the heavy-duty plastic storage box that can act as your small storage shed. It comes in white or blue, and it can easily blend in with your outdoor décor by complimenting the pool or even garden. Another great feature is the hinge padlock that keeps all the items safely stored inside.




Another variant available on the market is made from heavy-duty plastic polyethylene and it comes as an extra-large deck box. This is available in tones of brown, making it ideal for any outdoor setting. The extra-large capacity of the storage space makes it perfect for storing garden tools and supplies. Steel hinges and a lockable lid add to its overall appeal as an outdoor storage item. It can turn into a seat when closed.




Which Material Should You Select?

Plastic Box



In your quest for a reliable outdoor storage bin, there are several options available that you can choose from in relation to the material of these storage boxes. The most popular materials available include wood, resin, high-density polyethylene plastic, and wicker. It is of utmost importance to select a material that is suitable for your outdoor needs. For example, most of the time, users require waterproof storage options as they can simply put the bins out in the open. Similarly, you may prefer to buy mildew-resistant storage boxes as they offer protection against mildew development in damp environments.




Resin storage boxes have a lightweight structure without compromising on durability. Plastic boxes are the most versatile and require low maintenance. Plastic deck boxes are durable and long-lasting with only fading color posing as a slight problem. Wood is an evergreen material that adds beauty and style to your outdoors. It is also durable and even moisture-resistant in the case of teak, pine, and cedar.




Final Thoughts

Outdoor storage bins come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. They can be small or large, vary in colors, made of wood or plastic, and have a utilitarian or aesthetic design. All storage bins are designed with a diversity of storage needs kept in mind.




It is difficult to select amongst such diversity but hopefully, this guide makes the decision-making process a little easier for you.




You can choose the more aesthetic wooden cabinets that go with your exterior design or the simple utilitarian plastic ones to increase storage efficiency. If you want further options, there is the ottoman storage box that you can opt for. Just be sure to do some research and buy something that aligns with your personal needs and preferences.

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