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100 Best Outdoor Storage Bin For Organization 100 Best Outdoor Storage Bin For Organization

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100 Best Outdoor Storage Bin For Organization

Written by: Chloe Davis

Seeing disorganized tools and equipment can give anyone palpitation and stress. Invest in the best outdoor storage bins to enjoy a neater garage!

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The amount of stuff you can accumulate over the years can be staggering. In such situations, the standard storage options such as the attic, garage, and even storage sheds can end up being cluttered with items of all sorts. To enhance your storage capabilities and give your outdoor space a fresh new look, opt for the outdoor storage bins.



Outdoor storage bins come in different varieties, thereby making them the perfect choice for everyone. They cater to the aesthetic savvy people as well the utilitarian who may want to store their outdoor items of use efficiently.



100 Best Outdoor Storage Bin To Pile Up Everything Neatly

Do you ever walk into your garden shed or garage and wish you hadn’t? Seeing all the clutter and disorganized tools and equipment can give anyone palpitation and stress. Sorting everything out can be a nightmare and can take too much time. However, when push comes to shove and you need to find your garden tools so that you can tend to your garden, it is better to have an outdoor storage bin where you can easily access all the tools. Using an outdoor storage cabinet or bin is a great way to not only store garden tools and other important items lying around, but also to give the place a more organised look as well. 



You don’t have to apply the Marie Kondo method to get a desired result. Simply get access to organisational bins that will get the job done and store all items in it. Nowadays, you can easily find an outdoor storage bin that will fit the requirements of your place. And if you don’t have space inside your garage or house, you can easily find a waterproof outdoor storage box to store up all your items without them getting tarnished or rusted. So, buckle up, grab your garden shed measurements, and check out some of our top 100 recommendations on the best outdoor storage bins you can purchase online. Let’s begin!



We’re starting off this list with a wood-like waterproof outdoor storage box that is just the perfect size at 71 gallons of storage and has a top opening lid. It can also be used as a bench for extra seating and won’t dent, rust, or peel like other boxes available on the market. It can be used as an outdoor storage bench.




This outdoor storage bin by Keter is the perfect blend of storage and seating, as this snug little box can be easily used to place all your outdoor equipment while allowing anyone to sit weighing up to 220 lbs. Plus you won’t have to do much to assemble it, as it is quite simple and straightforward. This is one of the best deck furniture. 



Looking for a large waterproof outdoor storage box? This 99-gallon box made of water-resistant poly resin construction is not only water-resistant but rust-resistant as well, which makes it perfect for placing outside by the pool, the grill in all seasons. And the lid opens up for easy access.



If you require a lot of storage space then this extra-large waterproof outdoor storage box will be perfect for storing swimming accessories, cushions, water hoses, and garden shed tools, etc. With 130 gallons of storage space, you also get a 10-year warranty for this all-weather resistant storage unit.



Finding an outdoor storage cabinet is not that easy since you’ll mostly find options with a lid that opens up. That is why this Rubbermaid cabinet style organiser is perfect for any shed, garage or garden. It also completely opens from the top and the front, making it a functional, leak-resistant, dent-resistant and weather-resistant storage option.



What we liked the most about this outdoor storage bin isn’t only that it is dent-resistant and weather-resistant, but also that it comes with UV protection. Plus the top lid doesn’t slam shut and opens farther than 90 degrees. 



Don’t be fooled by the small size of Keter’s outdoor storage bin that looks like nothing can fit. It can easily store cushions and items within 10 gallons. It can easily be reused as a serving table, side table and placed basically wherever you need it. Its small size makes it easy to fit around awkward spaces. Moreover, it comes in a variety of different colours that you can pick your favourite from.



For those of you who can use all the storage space to dump in outdoor bits and bobs in one space, then this extra-large waterproof outdoor storage box is perfect. With over 230 gallons of space, this box is functional for houses with large outdoor pools or sitting areas. It also has hydraulic pistons for easy access and no accidents while shutting it.



So far we’ve been showing outdoor storage bin options that are coloured and conceal the contents you have inside. If you’re looking for an all-clear box so that you can always see what you’ve placed inside, this Rubbermaid’s pack of 4 stacking containers are a steal for under $100. These are great for storing swimming costumes, DIY projects, cushions or camping gear.



Need an outdoor storage cabinet to hide your large, mundane looking garbage bins? Or some place you can store all your yard tools, supplies, water hose, and whatnot. Then you’ll love this Keter organiser as it has steel reinforcements for maximum durability and a chic wooden look made of polypropylene resin.



Are you tired of having your Amazon packages and other mails getting stolen or misplaced when you’re not at home to receive them? This outdoor storage bin is specifically made to store delivery packages and boxes inside, and has a lock option to keep them safe. It also provides protection from harsh weather, stray animals, and nosy neighbours.



We love stackable bins that are multipurpose and good-looking and can be placed both indoors and outdoors. This set of 3 outdoor storage bins will look great both outside of your home and on your shelves inside. They’re easy to clean and priced under $40 they’re an absolute bargain. Moreover, the resin construction makes them not only durable but also weather resistant and rustproof.



Speaking of chic, multipurpose outdoor storage bin options, who says they can’t have a bit of style and personality? These ottoman style bins aren’t just great decorative pieces to be placed outside, but you can store loads inside with at least 10 gallons of space, and they also provide extra seating space as well.



Of course, we had to mention some waterproof outdoor storage box options for kids so that they feel included as well. These cute looking hamper style bins with cartoons on the front will be a hit among kids. They offer considerable storage space to store wet swimming costumes, water guns, and toys outside. As they’re made from a waterproof canvas material on the inside, moisture won’t do any harm.



This may say medium, but from the looks of it and the details, Yardstash has a heavy-duty waterproof outdoor storage box that isn’t messing around. This will keep everything safe whether you take it for sailing, camping, or any other adventure. It also has splash-proof mesh for breathability and light enough to take it anywhere.



Many cabinets aren’t strong enough to hold the weight of fertilisers, pesticides, heavy machinery, etc. which makes storing such items a hard task. Rubbermaid’s outdoor storage cabinet can hold up to 336 pounds and has a lock to keep your items secures from little ones and nosey neighbours. Plus you can stack these cabinets on top of each other to save more space.



If we talk about covers for outdoor storage bins or cabinets, they’re essential if you want to make sure they remain protected from all sorts of weather and also to ensure that the paint doesn’t get tarnished from sunrays. This deck box cover is ideal for all conditions and can fit most medium boxes or a large outdoor storage box that you may have around.



This mesh style extra-large waterproof outdoor storage box is a great option to go for if you’re looking for an easy drag-and-go style organiser where you can place all wet pool items, toys, surfboards, etc. The mesh lining will allow the items to air dry without causing any mildew and has wheels for mobility.



What’s the point of having an outdoor storage bin if your trash can isn’t waterproof right? Well to save you the trouble of having to spend hundreds on expensive bins, this pop-up trash can is great to take with you while camping or a getaway in the wild. This way you can keep the environment clean and have a good time as well. It’s just under $15.



This large waterproof outdoor storage box by Suncast should definitely be on your list of top 3. What made us gravitate towards this Suncast deck box was the sneaky top drawer with 3 small compartments to place small items like gloves, or towels without having to rummage inside the container.



Like the mesh outdoor storage bin, we mentioned a few options above, this one by Cosaving offers similar functionality at an affordable price. Under $50 you can easily assemble it yourself. Additionally, it has metal reinforcements for extra durability. Moreover, it is a great way of letting wet swimming gear and customers to air dry before taking them inside.



Extra-large waterproof outdoor storage box with a mesh lining roll is a great investment. This pool mesh storage bin comes with ample storage space to easily hide away your beach ball, swim toys, floats and all sorts of pool equipment. The mesh is nylon-treated and UV-resistant with the framing made out of a rust-resistant coating. 



A right outdoor storage cabinet will not only get the job done but provide your outdoor area a uniform and clean look as well, and the Rubbermaid cabinet does exactly that. It comes with a lock for added security, a heavy-duty floor mat and 1 wooden shelf for extra storage. Furthermore, the exterior double walled resin construction provides extra durability against all types of weather condition.



What you’re seeing is not only a bench! It’s a large waterproof outdoor storage box as well. With its taupe coloured, resin material construction nobody will have a clue you’re keeping a storage box outside, and it will give your garden a whimsical look at the same time. It’s versatile, functional and doesn’t need tools for assembly.



We know this outdoor storage bin isn’t waterproof, but it looked so chic and rustic we had to mention it in our list. If you don’t want anything plastic or resin by your pool, terrace or garden, and are vigilant enough to keep it out of rain then this wicker style storage bin with handles is perfect to place plants, blankets and other dry items inside. Priced under $15 it won’t break your bank either.



Keter is quite famous for its beautifully designed storage boxes. This outdoor storage bin comes with 30 gallons of ample storage space. If you are looking for smaller storage bins, this one is a good option. The storage bin can also be used as a seat and can hold weights upto 286 lbs. Moreover, this storage box is super easy to assemble right out of the box. Additionally, you get a lot of versatile storage space. You can store all kinds of items inside from beach towels, outdoor pool accessories and grilling equipment, etc. 



When it comes to finding an outdoor storage bin where you can store all your supplies, ropes, tools and things that give your shed or garden a messy look, Suncast has an affordable and durable option for you. Not only is this cabinet durable and secure with a padlock system, it also looks just like any wooden cabinet without the obnoxious price of paying for one.



There is nothing better than grilling during summers and having a pool day in the backyard with friends and family. But that doesn’t mean you have to get all the charcoal dust everywhere or on yourself. Avoid the dirt and the mess with this outdoor storage bin specially made to store charcoal in. You can also place ice cubes, fertiliser, kitty litter or any other thing.



With Christmas right around the corner, it is smart to prepare well in advance for the storing away of artificial Christmas trees or decorations. We thought we’d suggest this storage container that can fit a large artificial Christmas tree to be reused for the next holiday. Now you won’t find odd ends and bits of your tree in the store.



A mini outdoor storage bin to house your grilling tools, towels, or disposable cutlery is always a great item to have. Rubbermaid’s mini bin is compact enough to act as a side table and light enough to be placed anywhere you need. Plus that dark roughneck colour can go well with your patio furniture of a similar hue or tone.



Have you been looking to start a compost bin at home? Or are you tired of plastic bins not concealing the smell or simply degrading under a lot of sunlight? A galvanised steel composter is the way to go, and this one by FCMP can easily be stored outdoors and you won’t need to get your hands dirty by digging or mixing your compost. It has a capacity of 37 gallons.



Made out of iron, this dark gray outdoor storage cabinet has a very convenient design. You can hang this cabinet on the wall. It also features 1 shelf inside that can be used to store items inside. Moreover, this outdoor storage cabinet also features resin panels that provide the overall structure with more stability. The wall cabinet is able to sustain weights of up to 50 lbs. 



Like going camping or fishing by the lake? Have this outdoor storage bin in handy that is compact enough to store your fishing line, hooks, and bait, and can be locked as well. It has a lifetime warranty and can withstand temperature changes from 0 to 100 Fahrenheit. Talk about strength and durability.



Have you ever thought of making trash cans look chic or sophisticated? If the answer is no, then click on this link to see a contemporary looking outdoor storage bin perfect to disguise your trash can and not let it awkwardly stand out in your landscape. It’s a great option under $50 to keep your patio trash free and look put together.



These storage bins are made out of highly durable and long-lasting polyethene. Moreover, this storage box has a very heavy-duty built which means you can easily store craft supplies, outdoor gardening equipment and other heavy-weight items easily. Additionally, it also comes with a lid at the top to make sure the items inside remain safe, dry and protected. This box can be stored on the patio or even indoors if you so prefer. 



Speaking of storing cushions, this pack of 4 polypropylene bags are another great option for storing outdoor furniture or cushions. Not only are they cheap but you can store up to 20 gallons of volume inside. And they have handles for easy transportation.



For all the parents out there who go on hunts trying to find lego pieces or toys that kids lose in the garden or by the pool, this one’s for you! This large outdoor play mat is perfect as it is large enough for your child to make ample amounts of mess and you can simply slide all the toys in the basket for easy cleanup, and call it a day. The outer lip will ensure no pieces fall off the mat.



Here is another affordable play mat option under $25 that has an oxford cloth lining that is easy to clean and collapsible as well. You can store away all the toys and the mat in the basket and be done with cleanup within a few seconds. No more stepping on painful toys hanging out here and there as this play mat will keep everything in one place.



Kids need their extra storage space as well, and this canvas basket is a sweet combination of cute and lightweight for you to take it in and out without any trouble. It comes in tons of design and is priced at $10.99 which is so affordable. Plus if you don’t want to use it as an outdoor storage bin you can easily repurpose it as a laundry hamper or in the closet.



Rubbermaid offers great outdoor storage bin options that are durable, affordable, and weather resistant. This pack of 6 are built to last, stackable, and can store whatever you place in them safely and securely. The tight lid won’t let any moisture or dust creep in.



Looking for an outdoor storage bin that will last you through any adventure, camping trip or hike? Then you need this bin as it is made from a rust-proof polyethylene material and will keep all your items dry and safe. It may be expensive but worth the investment.



We love this extra-large waterproof outdoor storage box that has indentations for you to drag it wherever you need to place it. The wood-like finish and resin material means it will mesh well with your patio furniture and last through different sorts of weathers as well.



Compost bins usually are stored outside, and if you’re looking for an outdoor storage bin for your compost as a beginner or an advanced composter, then this one by Geobin is promising as it has a capacity of 216 gallons and has closure keys to expand it. Assembly is pretty straightforward and it has excellent ventilation as well.



This outdoor storage cabinet offers plenty of storage space with a capacity of 35 cupid feet. Moreover, the cabinet is made out of resin material that is super durable and weather-resistant. It features a very appealing wooden texture that is resistant to rot, dust, mold and peel. You also get a lot of customizability with this outdoor storage cabinet. You can paint it, drill into it and hang it on the wall. 



If you have a person in your life obsessed with grilling, then getting this charcoal dispenser is a great gift idea. This kaddy is easy to carry and they won’t be getting their hands or clothes dirty by lugging around pieces of charcoal.



We all know how unflattering your backyard or garage area can look with the garden hose hanging outside. Sure you can hook it up against the wall, but it still looks displaced. However, with this sleek looking black outdoor storage bin you can easily hide a 100 ft garden hose inside and it has a hole through which you can feed the hose. It also comes with a 15 year warranty.



This outdoor storage box comes with a very rugged and heavy-duty construction. The stackable design makes it convenient for storing inside the house as well. Moreover, the storage box features cool color combinations with the lid featuring a contrasting color with the rest of the storage box’ body. In fact, there are three different contrasting color options you can pick from. 



As fall season is upon us, we feel it is our duty to provide you with options of outdoor storage for firewood so that your backyard or fireplace is secure, and looks organised at the same time. This minimalistic rack with scrolls is perfect to stack up all logs neatly. It can also make a great present, and you’ll just need a wrench to assemble it.



While we’re on the firewood bandwagon, here is another beautifully designed firewood rack that has a minimal look but space to store tons of logs at the same time. It has 2 tier storages and is made with wrought iron for longevity and strength. While the powder-coated finish will make it stand out both indoors and outdoors.



Do you have too many tools you use on the daily outside in your garden? Then get this tool organiser where you can store all your daily equipment from shovels, brooms, leave scrapers, etc. upright and in one place. This round storage box offers 37 gallons of internal storage capacity and even comes with seating that you could place on your patio. 



Although fall is an indication of cinnamon buns, apple cider and beautiful foliage, let’s admit cleaning up all those leaves is no child’s play. You need these 3 heavy duty bags that will help you get rid of all fallen leaves and other things in your yard. You can also use them for compost, or an outdoor storage bin, plus they’re extremely affordable at just under $20.



This styling trash-can is made from solid wood. Moreover, it has a stained medium brown finish for a contemporary, rustic look. With a top open lid you can keep your outside area stylish while your trash is in one place.



If you need a mesh outdoor storage bin then this one by Trademark is a great option to go for. It allows for easy drainage and air drying, while keeping the mesh protected from mildew. Plus the size is ideal, as it is neither too large nor too small.



There is nothing worse than having to offer warm sodas to guests when invited to an outdoor party. Keep your drinks cold and easy to access with this rolling patio cooler that is a smart-looking, teal coloured outdoor storage bin that’ll hold more than 100 cans.



An outdoor storage bin with a cooler and a popup top to place glasses, can it get any fancier or cooler than that? This bin surely is made for the summer where you can place all your drinks in the cooler with a capacity of 7.5 gallons. Plus it has a drainage plug that makes cleanup quick and simple.



Here is another mesh rolling outdoor storage bin perfect to tidy up and place all wet or dry toys, swimming gear, floaties, lifejackets and more. This one is made of PVC tubes and mesh lining so that things get dry faster. It also has a side pocket to put away smaller items.



Amagabeli’s firewood rack has a canvas lining which doubles as a carrier bag as well. The rack is made of tubular steel with a powder coating finish, with a large capacity for storing tons of logs. You also get 4 tools along with this rack which makes it an awesome steal!



A stainless steel outdoor storage bin for your compost is a must if you’re looking to avoid having toxic chemicals mix in your compost and want it to remain odour free. This one by Abakoo holds around 1.8 gallons and is made with rust-resistant 304 stainless steel that is easy to clean and can store up to a week’s worth of compost.




With so many waterproof outdoor storage box options available, we’re going to mix things up with a crate style organiser in which you can place whatever you want. These crates are collapsible and can be stacked on each other. And they come in a pack of 3 with a blue/black colour combo.



When it comes to finding the right dust cover for you outdoor storage box, check out this one by Mr. You that is available in the following dimensions: 52L x 27W x 27H inches. This is a great cover to ensure that your storage boxes are protected year in, year out.



Not the nicest looking outdoor storage bin we’ve shown you so far, however, don’t underestimate its durability and affordability. This bin is perfect to be taken at camping sites, by outdoor pools or gardens without fear for loss of goods or damage to them. It can easily store up to 9 gallons of dry food. Moreover, the stackable design makes it incredibly space-saving. 



What caught our eye about this outdoor storage bin is the gray colour and the natural rough wood effect. Although we’ve shown many containers by Keter, this by far is the most unique looking one, and a pricier option nonetheless. Plus it eights around 17 kilos so you may want to pick one spot to place it in.



This outdoor storage bin means business, and is not kidding around with its industrial build and racer red handles. It comes with wheels on one end and has a tight lid to keep away all water or dust. They come in a pack of two.



Not your classic outdoor storage box! This storage bench by Suncast is a great way to store all your drinks and keep them cool. The resin and wicker construction combination makes this storage bench super durable and long-lasting. Moreover, the functional lid makes it super easy for you to simply open the cooler lid and access your items easily. 



Making sure your outdoor storage bins remain dirt free and dry from mildew will make sure that it lasts for you many years to come. This mesh lined extra large outdoor storage box by Jefee is perfect to wheel around while collecting wet swimming goods and let them air dry before bringing them inside.



This may say it is a collapsible waste bucket, but you can easily use it as an outdoor storage bin to not only store cushions or patio items, but blankets and tools as well. It is light enough to be taken anywhere and has drawstrings to better manage the opening.



We bet you didn’t see this one coming: an outdoor storage bin/tent/cabinet/box for your bike. Yes they exist, and if you want to make sure your bike is safely sheltered from rain or sunshine, then this portable tent has your name on it.



As a plant lover, you know how important it is to properly propagate your plants on time and in the right pots. Using this plant bag to grow your own produce inside or outside is a smart idea, as it is breathable and made from eco-friendly material.



Buy this log rack if you’re looking for an intricate designed steel rack to display all your logs neatly by your fireplace both indoors and outside. Moreover, it is super affordable so you won’t be spending a ton of money on this. The intricate design is beautiful to look at and you can even use it as a decoration stand inside the house to simply store firewood for aesthetic purposes. 



If the above fire rack didn’t catch your fancy, this bookshelf styled rack might be the one. Priced under $50, you can easily assemble it and it only weighs 4 kilos.



This compost bin looks something out of the Star Wars universe, and it is great for the environment as well, as it’s made from recycled plastic. So put on your compost gloves and start your journey today with this 420 L outdoor storage bin for compost.



A rolling cooler cart is a great way of storing cold drinks and beverages for any party outside. Although they aren’t cheap, if you host tons of pool parties it is a wise idea to invest in one as sophisticated and functional as this one.



A hose hideaway is an ingenious outdoor storage bin to keep your garden hose neatly tucked away and out of sight. This one by Suncast has a crank handle that lets you reel in the water pipe without much effort.



Finding an ideal outdoor storage bin for your trash isn’t rocket science. Get this one by keter that is both good looking and functional at the same time. Made with duotech panels it is quality and large capacity all in one.



Not the prettiest of compost bins we’ve seen online, but this Algreens one will surely keep animals away and keep your backyard odour free. You’ll get compost humus within 6-8 weeks with this one.



Looking for a stainless steel double door for your outdoor storage cabinet, this one by Stanbroil has built in shelves and a paper towel holder as well. However, not the cheapest one online.



Plano outdoor storage bins have been around for more than 6 decades and their quality and construction speak for itself. Take it anywhere with you and it still won’t tarnish. Price starts from $15 – $85 depending on the size.



We’ve mentioned so many firewood racks but this list wouldn’t be complete without an outdoor storage bin to collect ash from the fire. This Pure garden bin is quite handy for a quick cleaning once the fire is extinguished. Shovel is included and it has thermal insulation to protect the floor.



A strong and sturdy outdoor storage bin is a must for people with large backyards or patios. Get this one with a 70 gallon capacity as it isn’t too small or too large that’ll take up much space. Weighs around 16 pounds.



If you’re planning to build a mudroom inside or outside by the garden shed or garage, this locker set is perfect as it has UV protected panels and can be easily anchored against the wall. The seats provide extra storage underneath.



Out of all the firewood racks we’ve shown you this one is the smallest one you will find. That is perfect as an outdoor storage bin for logs, that can easily be removed and replaced whenever you need extra. It can hold around 150 lbs of wood.



Do you want an outdoor storage bin that can be used as a picnic basket as well? Well, here you have a collapsible one by Roadie that holds around 29 L in capacity, and is as simple as grab and go.



These metal containers aren’t your average outdoor storage bins, however, they provide the patio and poolside personality with their contemporary look, and you can get a set of 2 for under $50.


We’ve heard of an outdoor storage bin but how about an outdoor storage grill? This one has 2 drop leaf extensions and you can store all grill party essentials within the cabinet. Just roll it out whenever you need it and you’re good to go.



For all the nature lovers out there who believe rain water is the purest form of water, get this water tank that is easily collapsible and has a drain pipe for easy use. This will fit 60 gallons of water.



Looking for the perfect outdoor storage bin for your plants? This 5 tier planter has our heart that allows you multiple rows to plant your favourite flowers.



Speaking of flowers, here is another affordable outdoor storage rack to place your plant pots that is made of strong metal for stability.



This outdoor storage bin is the perfect 4th of July wheelie cooler in red that has a bottle opener and catch along with a shelf at the bottom for extra storage.



Another red, 50’s inspired outdoor storage bin for your drinks is this cooler that has a simple no fuss design, and comes 2 other colours. Lift the lid for easy access and the steel construction will last you a long time.



If red isn’t the colour for you, then this gray one surely is more sleek and edgy, and can go perfectly with neutral toned outside furniture. It has four caster wheels at the bottom and you can easily take it anywhere you like.



Another great cooler bin for your patio is this one by Keter that has a modern design with the top that pops up around 10 inches and you can store around 7.5 gallons of drinks in the cooler below. It’s pretty versatile for an outdoor storage bin.



Lastly, this wooden style cooler is great for folks who like a more rustic look to their patios. It is fully insulated to keep drinks cold. It also has a mountain emblem that makes it stand out.



This basket is great to drag out on a sunny day by the pool chairs, and place your towels, books or blankets. The wood basket will provide ample bohemian vibes to your place.



Having an outdoor storage bin for your hose is vital to give your garden or yard a clean look. Store away your water hose with this metal bin where you can reel in at least a 130 ft long hose easily.



If you need a hose bin that can store a longer water hose this one by Ames allows you to store a 150 ft long water hose, with a handle to reel in the pipe with ease.



Speaking of quirky outdoor storage bins, we can’t leave pets out of it. This fire hydrant is such a unique storage bin where you can place all pet toys and potty train your pet at the same time.



If the fire hydrant above is not your jam, then this storage column has a 30 gallon capacity and with a lid that won’t blow with the wind. Plus it comes in 5 other colours including terra cotta.



A portable, easy to carry outdoor storage bin while raking leaves off your yard is vital to make sure you don’t get tired easily while cleaning. This bin won’t tear from the bottom as it has a hardshell base and a capacity for 30 gallons.



This small yet functional outdoor storage bin by Suncast is perfect to store cushions during the night and pull them out in the daylight. As the bin is weather resistant you can be sure of having dry and dust free cushions.



For the last item on our list we’ll leave you with this outdoor firewood rack that has a small holder for kindling and has a strong construction made of stainless steel. No pun intended but it is an absolute steal at under $70 with 5 years of warranty.


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