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Importance Of Storage Boxes With Lids

The Best Of Storage Boxes: A Complete Guide • April 16, 2020

Importance Of Storage Boxes With Lids

Written by: Zainab

Find out why storage boxes with lids are essential to everyday living. These pretty options are both aesthetically pleasing and functional - get yours ASAP!

Storage containers are ideal for when you need something to get rid of the cluttered look of your space. They are available in various sizes and forms. You can find them made from different materials such as mesh, linen, cardboard, heavy-duty plastic, and metal, etc. However, the most ideal ones are storage boxes with lids. Keep reading to find out why!



Importance of Storage Boxes with Lids

A lid may seem like an insignificant part of a storage box but that is not the case. When buying storage, here are 8 reasons why you should always keep a look out for storage boxes with lids.



Importance Of Storage Boxes With Lids - INFOGRAPHICS



1. No chemicals; no moisture

Lids protect your items from various harmful things such as water, chemicals, and dust which could completely ruin your files, clothes, and other items in the box. These harmful substances can seriously deteriorate the condition and quality of your items. For instance, they can cause corrosion, embrittlement, and even discoloration. So, add another layer of security and go for storage containers with lids.


2. Easier to transport.

Lids prevent your items from spilling everywhere upon dropping. This further adds to the portability as it provides worry-free transport from one place to another.


3. Easy to label

You can easily label the lid so you know what are the contents of the box right as you look at its top.


4. They are stackable

Stackable storage containers take very little space on the whole while organizing your items.


5. No clutter in the front

The lid acts as a door to the world of clutter. Just put the lid on and you can’t see the clutter anymore. It adds a rather clean look to your storage space.


6. Extreme Sanitation

Storage boxes with lids provide extreme sanitation and keep your items fresh. Moreover, they keep them away from pests and bacteria.


7. UV Protection at its best

Some of the storage boxes with lids with solid colors provide your items from UV protection.


8. Multipurpose use

They can be either used as an everyday organizer or even for parcel and deliveries.



Top 15 Storage Boxes with Lids


Here is a list of top 15 storage boxes with lids that you should definitely purchase: it includes decorative storage boxes with lids, large storage boxes with lids and more.



The product is a 2-pack of collapsible storage organizer with a removable lid. It comes in various colors such as black, red, yellow, light gray, dark gray, pink, purple, green, olive and navy. The storage containers are sturdy and come with built-in handles that make transportation easier and more reliable. Just imagine breaking off a handle mid-way. How inconvenient would that be? But, not with this product! Moreover, it is 13 inches wide, 8 inches high, and 15 inches deep. So, you can say that there is ample space to store your items with ease.





The product comes in different sizes such as 12, 15, 27, and 40 gallons. It is made up of sturdy plastic material and consists of 2 lids and 2 totes. Hence, you know that your items are going to be safe in these storage containers. Moreover, you can even store wet liquids in the box as well because it has a “drip resistant lid”.




When it comes to clear plastic storage boxes with lids, this one’s definitely a winner: it ensures that your items remain dry, clean and in pristine condition. It comes with 4 buckle locks that keep the box closed even upon dropping. Moreover, the product has the capacity to hold up to 25 lbs. of weight with ease. Its clear appearance allows you to identify and access contents with just a single glance.




They are sturdy, styles and drip-resistant. Moreover, the product comes in different sizes and can be easily transported due to its back tires and sturdy and ergonomic handle. The best part is that it comes in five different sizes such as 12 to 60 gallons. 




These collapsible storage containers are made up of breathable linen and PP plastic to keep it upright and stiff. The product is ideal for storing your out of season clothing items, toys, books, or other unwanted clutter. You can purchase the product in three different colors such as dark gray, light gray, and/ or beige.




The product is a 3-pack of storage containers made from non-woven fabric and thick cardboard to keep it upright and stiff. It is foldable, stylish, sturdy, Moreover, it comes with sewn label holders, and handles. The best part is that the lids are attached to the storage organizer so you do not have to worry about losing them.




This storage container with lid has been specifically designed for storing fine china dinnerware. However, you can also use it for storing various other items. It comes with a lid, dividers, and handles which makes it easy to carry. The best part of this product is its see-through section in the front which makes it easier for you to glance at its contents. It is easy to assemble and can easily carry up to 12 dinner plates. Moreover, the storage container will keep your items highly protected through its felt protectors and is all in all a great deal. You can purchase it in two different colors and in six different styles. The color combinations include brown and beige, and red and black. Furthermore, the styles include a dinner plate, bundle, salad plate, saucer plate, charger plate, and dessert plate.




The storage containers come in various sets, sizes, and three different styles and colors. The three different styles include tough tote, extra-tough tote, and flip lid. However, the color combinations include, yellow and black, green and red, and grey. It is one of the best options if you are looking for large storage containers.




The product comes in a set of 2 and is made from a mix of ramie and cotton. The lid is attached to these storage containers and the handle is etched onto it as well. It is ideal for storing lightweight items to ensure that the product does not wear out soon. Moreover, it is easy to fold and assemble as per the need and is available in two colors such as grey and green.





These storage boxes with lids come in two different sizes such as, medium and large. They are manufactured from breathable linen which is also environmentally friendly yet, durable. Moreover, the handles are etched within the box and secured with stainless steel. This is a downfall because, this makes it exposed to pests, insects, moisture, and dust. You can store it in your closet or under your best and it will most likely fit in with ease.



The product comes with handles and is made up of breathable linen which makes it easily foldable. It is odorless, durable, versatile and comes with a removable lid. It can be washed with ease however, that will be seldom needed as the storage container is dirt resistant. It is definitely one of the best large storage containers in the market.




The product comes in three different colors such as, grey, navy, and brown. It has ideal size and can easily fit in various shelves and storage spaces. It is sturdy, elegant, versatile, and everything you need in a storage organizer. Moreover, it comes with a leather handle and can be used as a décor item as well.




These storage boxes with lids come in a set of three. Each set has three different sizes such as small, medium, and large. They are easy to assemble and can be easily folded whenever necessary. The product comes in three different colors such as pink, white, and black. Moreover, these storage containers are strong, waterproof, odorless, and functional. The best part is that they come with a one-year warranty.




These 3 pieces of woven storage containers are ideal for storing clothes, toys, and various other solid miscellaneous items. The product is stackable and comes with side handles which makes it easily portable. However, the only flaw is that it has holes so it is not moisture or pest-proof.




The product comes in a pack of six large storage containers. They are preassembled and have sturdy construction. Moreover, the best part about these storage containers is that they come with tires attached at the bottom. This makes them easier to transport no matter how heavy it gets due to the contents inside it. All you have to do is push or pull the box through its ergonomic handle. Moreover, the lid of this storage box is secure and airtight. As a result of which, your perishable items will also remain safe and fresh.



So, when are you going to get yourself a storage box? It will seriously organize your life by hiding all the clutter in one place. Furthermore, with the abovementioned options, you can see that you do not have to compromise on the aesthetics for functionality. Don’t forget the lid!

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