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A Must Read On Metal Storage Shelves – All You Need To Know A Must Read On Metal Storage Shelves – All You Need To Know

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A Must Read On Metal Storage Shelves – All You Need To Know

Written by: Oliver Mitchell

Grab these metal storage shelves that are a wonderful storage in your abode.They’re STURDY, DURABLE and undoubtedly stand the test of time!

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Do you ever wake up in the morning feeling like your house is more of a warehouse than an actual home? Where you’d find everything from a paper clip to a drill machine, but just when you actually need the screwdriver, you’ll find everything in between and not the actual screwdriver!


It doesn’t matter how big or small your house is. If you don’t have a proper organization system established, your sanctuary may as well turn into a war zone really fast. Now, I know what you’re thinking, sure you’ve got your handwoven baskets and cute little racks, but those storage shelves only last for a few years after which they start wearing down. Your best option when it comes to investing in storage material is to go for metal storage shelves.


They’re sturdy, durable, and stand the test of time!


Getting metal shelving installed around your house can also add nice accents to the theme of your home, and break up the monotony in the decor around your house. Metal storage shelves can hold up a ton of weight and won’t collapse out of the blue. Plus they can be placed anywhere around the house from the kitchen, pantry, garage or even in bedrooms.


Advantages And Disadvantages Of Metal Storage Shelves

Metal Storage Shelve


Before you go placing an order for your storage shelves, here are some pros and cons of using metal storage shelves:


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  • Investing in good sturdy metal shelving will give you a good return in the long term as they don’t break or wear down easily
  • They’re easy to install and you won’t need to hire any handyman or risk yourself.
  • Open metal shelving makes your space look cleaner and you’ll be reaching for things that would often go untouched.
  • These types of storage shelves are friendly on your budget and you’ll end up saving some extra bucks.



  • Open metal storage shelves can get messy if you don’t keep up with sorting the things out.
  • If you buy a cheap version of metal shelving, they can erode quickly due to external factors
  • With toddlers or kids around the house, it is possible for them to knock out the decor pieces you’ve lovingly kept.
  • Your family can mistake the garage shelves for a dumping ground of knick-knacks and can lead to interesting discoveries if not paid attention.


Where To Buy Metal Storage Shelves?

Metal Storage Shelves


Now if you’re sold on the idea of purchasing metal shelving for the garage of your kitchen cabinets, it has become so easy to acquire those garage shelves your family member may have been nagging you about. There are so many E-Commerce websites that offer all sorts of storage shelves, small metal racks, decorative metal shelves and other organizational items around the house. But let me tell you, Amazon by far has the best deals and options when it comes to metal storage shelves.



Let’s face it, when you’re thinking of decluttering around the house and adopting that minimalistic lifestyle as preached by Marie Kondo, Amazon is your best bet to purchase all the organizational storage you’ll need. Be it industrial metal racks, heavy duty metal shelving, single metal shelf you name it, Amazon has it!



Down below are some great options!



Top 10 Metal Storage Shelves Available On Amazon


Here are some trustworthy recommendations for storage shelves on Amazon that you don’t want to miss out: 



With a 4.7 rating on Amazon and more than 1150 customer reviews, Whitemor has been leading the game when it comes to metal storage shelves. With a chrome steel construction, the durability is bound to last for a long time and with a versatile design, you can use it as garage shelves or place them in the corridor.


The wire shelves are adjustable with a one-inch increment and it has a great stability unit because of which it doesn’t wobble on uneven surfaces. The setup is a piece of cake and doesn’t need tools and can hold up to 350 pounds.


They’re 54” tall and have four shelves that are perfect to store all the dry goods in one place as compared to when they might have been lying around in different corners. And if you don’t like them in one particular area of your house, you can easily move them to another place.





Another reliable option comes from AmazonBasics- Amazon’s very own private label that gives you everything from kitchen appliances to tech gadgets. Although labeled as a “Medium Duty” shelving it has the strength that most “heavy-duty” storage shelves can’t match.


Not only is it reasonably priced but it can hold up to 800 pounds on each shelf and will make sure that those expensive golf clubs you got gifted don’t get ruined if the shelves collapse.


Now, I know this may not be the best-looking metal storage shelves that are out there but if you’re looking for a long time partner that won’t flake on you this 72” tall stud isn’t messing around. And you won’t need to do any building to set it up.





Let’s get moving!



So far I’ve only mentioned storage shelves that stick in one place and don’t topple, well now I’ve got some metal shelving that is portable. Want to take it along around the house and see which place it fits best? Check out this metal shelving with wheels. 



Good thing you won’t need extra muscles causes those wheels to give you all the support you need. With 5 shelves that can hold up to 300 pounds of weight and a 61.5” height it has an ultra-zinc coating to avoid any erosion and is equipped with Industrial grade Zinc! Also, you don’t need tools to fix it up, which is always a win-win!




Now, I know so far I’ve listed storage shelves that may look great as garage shelves and not so much out in the open. But don’t worry as another great option by AmazonBasics is this 3 shelf shelving unit that can be used specifically in the kitchen, bathroom or your home office.



Moreover, Amazon gives you the option of ordering it with casters if you require it, and with the durable steel construction topped with a chrome finish, it’ll give your kitchen a minimalistic overview.



Only 30” in height and supporting 250 pounds evenly distributed this is smart metal storage shelve to buy if you’re not ready to commit to larger size ones. Plus, it comes in black and chrome finishing, and you can use as garage shelves or adjust it in your office to store supplies.




If you’re looking for industrial level quality for storage shelves, then the metal storage shelves by LANGRIA fit the requirement. They’re made from durable metal and won’t wobble no matter how hard you try.


On top of that their sturdy posts and wired mesh can support up to 661 pounds of weight. That is ideal if you’re looking to place electronics and other heavy equipment, as the grid style makes the shelves so spacious you can play around with the items you want to display.


Now for some specifications, they have extra-large wire mesh so that the air circulates evenly; the all-powder coating protects the metal shelving from rust or water so that they last longer. You don’t need to hire anyone to assemble, as it is simple as 1, 2, 3, and even though they’re 78.7” in height, you can adjust the shelves to fit your desired length.





So far, the storage shelves suggested have been pretty durable and decent looking, but if you’re looking for some heavy-duty shelving and aren’t too pressed for looks, then your hunt is over.



The Gladiator Heavy Duty Rack is the mightiest of them all, with a heavy-duty finishing and a 4.5 rating on Amazon. You can judge it’s the strength by the fact it can hold up to 2000 pounds of evenly distributed weight per shelf and won’t collapse on you. This is the perfect rack to store all your gym gear, lifting weights, construction tools or those oversized decor pieces that don’t have a place in your home yet. The gladiator Heavy duty shelves won’t need you to break your back while assembling it and the shelves are easily adjustable to whatever height you want.



Even though it is pricey, you can’t go wrong with this sturdy single metal shelf.




Now, now that isn’t the only heavy-duty rack that Amazon has to offer!


For the people who’re enamored by these heavy-duty storage shelves, well today is your lucky day because EDSAL gives you another great 5 tier storage unit, perfect if you’re looking for strength over pretty appearance. The plain boards can hold up to 4000 pounds of any sort of stuff you own, and you can adjust the height of the 72” metal storage shelves to a height you find best suited for your organization.


It has a steel metal construction and leveling foot so it doesn’t wobble or collapse on you one day.




Does your pantry look as if it has been hit by a rocket recently?



Don’t worry, this shelving unit will help bring order in that disorder. Similarly, those shoes lying around homeless with one pair in part of the house and the other, God knows where can be all arranged and stored perfectly with this storage shelving.



This metal storage shelves are perfect if those heavy-duty storage shelves don’t match your vibe. What is special about these storage shelves is their NSF certified shelving which guarantees quality and is safe for use in food environments. The plated steel ensures resistance to corrosion in dry or heated environments, which is perfect for an office, restaurant setting, and each shelf can manage an evenly distributed load of 800 pounds per shelf.



Plus those wheelies at the bottom make moving it around a walk in the park. You’ll be making a safe bet with this sleek beauty in your space.




Well, so far all the storage shelves have featured horizontally wide shelves that are great for a lot of storage but not so feasible if you’re looking to utilize a small corner in your house that needs a compact organization unit. The HollyHome 5 tier steel shelving unit is perfect to fit into those corner areas which you can’t necessarily fit anything into. You know those corners where you can’t hang some posters and a dream catcher won’t look good.


But this sleek unit will fit like a snug into any narrow space or room corners where you can store books, bathroom essentials, or other knick-knacks you have and want to display. The smooth black matt finish and rust/waterproof coating will make it last longer while accenting the theme in your space.



Now, for the final recommendation in this post, I’m following the same theme from above!



Presenting a classic version of a corner metal storage shelves, which is great if the black isn’t for you. The Rackaphile’s storage shelves are another great option that can be set up without any tools and bring out the do-it-yourself handyman within you. With a silver, gray coating which is waterproof, it’ll protect it from rust or corrosion and last for a long time.



It is thoughtfully designed to make it blend in well with any household layout while holding up to 275 pounds of any sort of goods, evenly distributed. Store anything from grocery, files, linens, towels or board games. It’ll hold everything perfectly and make sure nothing falls out. Moreover, the rubber-ended feet make sure that the storage shelves don’t budge, even on an uneven floor for maximum stability and perfect balance in your home.



We hope this guide helps you while making a decision. And remember, you can never go wrong with a good metal storage shelving for your storage needs. Take it from us, investing in one now will make your life easier and a little less disorganized. 

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