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How To Install DVD Storage Shelves (Step By Step Guide) How To Install DVD Storage Shelves (Step By Step Guide)

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How To Install DVD Storage Shelves (Step By Step Guide)

Written by: Emily Roberts

Follow this stupendous guide to learn how to hang the shelf in your home or office. Also, find some great DVD storage shelves recommendations. MISS NOT!

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DVD storage shelves did bring some sort of nostalgia when you used to run to Blockbuster and rent the latest movie. Especially, when you used to line up outside the stores to buy the HD edition of your favorite series. Apart from helping you safe-keep your favorite DVDs, these storage shelves can also enhance the aesthetics of the room. 



Always, DVD storage shelves are under the category of entertainment centres. On the material side, some are made out of metal, and others are wooden. These materials have their pros and cons. Wood is better to look at and is rust free. Metal or steel media storage equipment is more reliable, durable, and provides more space. 



Let’s begin with an installation guide that will help you understand the whole process step by step. 


Should I buy A Storage Shelf Or Build One On My Own?

Well, if you are not a professional, then it is recommended not to start a DIY project. This is because there is the risk of DVD Cabinet falling apart. Until and unless you are the designer, it is good, but always try to hire a carpenter to build it for you.


Another reason is that you may not be aware of the materials and equipment that will work best. For instance, wood elasticity is one of the factors that professional carpenters look into before they start a project. In that, the Birch Wood has higher flexibility than Douglas Fir, White Oak, or even White Pine. 


Even if you have some excellent DVD storage ideas, it is best to share them with the carpenter. Let them do what they do best. 


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Installing DVD Storage Shelves – Wall Mounted (Step by Step Guide)

Majorly, two kinds of storage shelves are available. Some are made out of wood and other metal. Depending on the stock of your DVDs, you can buy an appropriate storage shelf for your home or office. 


Once you have bought, follow these installation steps:


1. Mark The Points



The metal storage shelves come with longwall studs (long metal pieces) that go against the wall. Mark holes for drilling screws into the wall to support the wall stud. Use a pencil to mark these points. 


2. Drill Holes



The next job is to drill these holes with any household drilling machine. You may use a ⅛ inch drill bit. For dry walls, you will also need a stud finder to mark the holes before drilling. Once you have located the studs, use a light masking tape so that it does not mess up with the paint. So, after determining the studs, mark the holes with a light pencil or pen. Start drilling the holes. 



3. Fixing The Wall Studs



After punching in the holes, screw the first wall stud of the metal DVD storage shelf. To do that, hold the wall stud against the drilled holes and then screw them tight with a screwdriver. In the initial steps, support the wall studs with steady hands until all the holes are screwed to the wall. 


A word of caution: do not over tighten the screws. You must make sure that they are tight enough to hold the weight of the shelves and the DVDs, but it should not be too tight that it damages the wall. 


Pro Tip: Try to rub candle wax on the screws; they will go in with ease and smoothness. 


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4. Install The Shelf Brackets



To tighten the screw at the bottom end, you may need to use a level for ensuring it is vertical. Repeat this process to hand the second wall stud. Once you are done screwing the wall studs, you need to install the shelf brackets. These brackets will support the wooden or metal shelf that will go on the brackets. We are going to fix them in the next step. 


The critical task is to make sure that you buy wall studs that have multiple lock-in spots throughout the length of the studs. Some shelves have a hook protruding from the back end that locks inside the gap provided on the long wall studs. 


But if you have some other type of wall studs accompanying the Media storage shelf that have dedicated spots to affix the shelf brackets, don’t worry. Simply locate the holes on the wall stud and screw or hang the shelf brackets in it.


5. Placing The Shelves

Metal Storage Containers:


DVD storage shelves need to be screwed onto the brackets to ensure that they stay in place. Check whether the wooden shelves that have come with the package have holes in them or not. 


If there are no holes, then place the mark holes with a pencil on the shelves and then drill the required holes. Make sure to put a raw piece of wood beneath the rack before drilling holes in it. Do not place the shelf with the front down on the floor. 


Metal Shelves:



However, you may also get metal DVD storage shelves with your purchase. The metal shelves can also have holes to screw the shelves in from the bottom or from above. In addition to this, some DVD storage apparatus also has locks to fix the metal sheets onto the brackets. 


How About Getting A Free-Standing DVD Cabinet

Free-standing cabinets may offer more storage space, but also take larger space in the room where they are kept. However, installing these types of cabinets is easier and simple.


After receiving the cabinet, you may only have to place it in the appropriate place and ensure that it is standing on a firm ground. These types of DVD cabinets also have many variants, and you can choose the ones that are in sync with your interiors. 


Here Are A Few DVD Storage Ideas For Your Home Or Office

DVD storage shelves come in all sizes and shapes. They also have different kinds of hanging systems. Some have a hanging wall system, while others are getting the support system with a separate wooden shelf. There are single mount shelves, both wooden and metal. Then you have the rack shelves and Bracket shelves. 



There are a lot of DVD storage ideas that you can implement with all these types of shelves. Before purchasing, you must first assess your requirements, space limitations, and the number of DVDs that you have. 



If you want to keep a personal collection in your room, then a small 50 to 100 DVD shelf is appropriate. But when you are looking to flaunt your collection, buy a bigger wall mountable shelf with a bigger capacity. 



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Some DVD storage ideas that you can consider buying 


One of the great choices for your DVD Storage shelves, this wall mount rack is made out of steel and can be mounted on the wall with ease. Accompanying your purchase, there is an installation guide that will take you through the process. 


Good quality with a durable and room-friendly design, you will get five separated shelves each sized 34 ¼” in width, 4″ in-depth, and 6 ¼” in height. The best part is that you can arrange them in any shape that you like. 


You can arrange it in a square shape, horizontally one above the other, or even vertically, one after the other. So, you will have some options to set them according to your preference and style. 



The Cherry laminate composite woods give this cabinet a vintage look in a modern house. The wall mounting mechanism is strong and robust. However, it is best if two people work together to install this DVD Cabinet. 


The package contains the instruction manual. Capacity wise, you can keep an arsenal of 142 DVDs in it. This type of wall mount has a clete or hanging wall design that allows the cabinet to slide inside another piece of wooden wall mount smoothly. 


It looks great, has a nice finish, and can be taken down or installed quickly. An ideal shelf for your living room. 



This easy to install DVD Storage shelf has a simple design and comes with all the necessary hardware. Available in dual colors and various sizes, you can use this shelf as per your requirements. Place the shelves with a lock-in mechanism, and you are set to place up to 200 lbs of weight on these shelves. To support the DVD on either side of the shelf, you can also add some extra support or install them against the side of the wall. 



A durable product made with steel that is built to last longer and provide accessibility. This is an example of a simple solution to use the limited space in your house optimally. 




When modernity is what you are looking for, the Wallniture Lubro metal Media storage rack is a good option. Boast your DVD collection with this chic wall mounting shelf 24″ in length. Among the other wall mounting shelves, this one the easiest to install and secure to the wall. There are holes already made into the L-shaped metal structure running adjacent to the side of the shelf walls. 



More importantly, it will save a lot of space that was to be otherwise in placing a free-standing cabinet. But that is something that you will get with every wall mounted DVD storage shelf. What’s better in this one is that it is small and easy to handle. 



So, if you want, you can buy more than one to accommodate your storage needs. 




Weather Oakwood is one of the finest woods out there. It has a class, style, and durability. This free-standing DVD cabinet is made of weathered oak and is best used to store your DVDs. To this end, you can store up to 228 DVDs in this cabinet. 


It is tall and does not need any installation. The shelves are adjustable to your desired height. You can displace some shelves and make way for larger areas to store your stuff. Out of the 16 total shelves, four are fixed, and you can replace the others with each other. It is versatile, goes well with your room decor. 



Here is the trifecta of a DVD storage cabinet, Aesthetics, Robust, and Capacity. Fortunately, this wall mount cabinet has everything that you need. It is larger than most, made out of laminated composite woods, and has a bigger capacity. 


If that’s not all, the shelves inside it are also movable. You can adjust them. This cabinet has a width of 48″, a height of 34″, and a depth of 8 ¼”. This means that you can store up to a large number of DVDs (more than 500) in it. 


Such wall shelves are pretty heavy when empty, and they must be installed with care. About its installation mechanism, you will get a guide to fix it with perfection with the help of a hanging rail system. 


DVD storage shelves are an excellent addition to your house or office decor. They are space-saving and allow you to keep your stuff organized. However, take care while installing the shelves and follow the set guidelines. In the end, you will be working with drilling machines and hammers, be safe, and buy the right product. 

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