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25 Versatile Plastic Storage Shelves Solutions To Store More 25 Versatile Plastic Storage Shelves Solutions To Store More

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25 Versatile Plastic Storage Shelves Solutions To Store More

Written by: Benjamin Parker

Easily free up space with these plastic storage shelves! Wallet-friendly and durable, they're lifesaving options for modern homes.

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Are you a homeowner frustrated by the lack of functional storage space in your home? This lack of space most likely has little to do with square footage, but rather the way in which you organize things. Read on to learn how plastic storage shelves can help squeeze storage space out of your house… even when you’d thought it was impossible. If you want to learn about shelves in general, check out our guide on storage shelves.



Why Are Plastic Storage Shelves The Way Forward For Homeowners?



  • Plastic storage shelves are robust, ultra-hygienic and a solution to rusting metal shelves.
  • An affordable option with low to no maintenance cost for the pennywise amongst us.
  • Will not disfigure unlike wood when exposed to the elements and no pesky wood mites. 
  • For the eco-conscious individual, remember your plastic storage shelves are recyclable. The varnish found on most wood shelves means it is non-compostable.



The first step to conquering your storage problem is to determine what it is that needs storing. For example, requirements for living room storage differ from your storage needs in the bedroom or bath.



25 Versatile Plastic Storage Shelves Solutions To Store More - INFOGRAPHICS



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Living Room Storage Space




The repeated square shapes are easy on the eye; the contents of the shelves take center stage. With 13.8 W x 13.8 D inches, most books will stand upright; magazines and coffee-table books can lie on their sides and you will be able to incorporate some of your favorite art pieces or family photo frames. The best part of this plastic storage shelf is the DIY aspect of it. Combine all the 20 cubes to create an unobtrusive yet functional storage area or create Tetris-block inspired shapes.





Shelves that hang with no visible means of support lend a magical feel to the room. This acrylic floating shelf can transform what might be plain and ordinary walls into an interesting and contemporary design. Place your succulents or nicknacks one this transparent shelf to give the illusion that the items are floating. The great thing about this shelf is that it is very durable with 5mm thick acrylic, making it stronger and safer than glass. It is also able to withstand the elements while not turning yellow. 



In the unlikely event that you are unsatisfied with the product, CY Craft will either exchange your product or refund you your money. This is how much the company believes in their product, and so should you! 





Stylistically, this drawer cart is a bit of a chameleon because of the clear drawers. It tends to take on the look of the environment you put it in – the kitchen, craft room or living room. Practical and functional, you can store your game consoles and video games in the drawers to know where all your source of entertainment is stored. 



This drawer features a stop function which prevents drawers from being removed accidentally. Also, you can add wheels to make the drawers moveable. You can now wheel around your gaming unit to every room of the house. 





Part of the appeal of a living room is the display or trophy shelf – used to display special items. This versatile functional plastic storage can be used to display all your proud achievements instead of keeping them in the boxes. With four shelves, you can keep excelling and earning trophies without worrying about a lack of space. This easy to maintain shelf will allow you to spend more time perfecting your craft instead of wasting time wiping it down. So, start stacking and shelving those trophies! 



Bedroom Storage




Simple, open toy storage organizers running along the wall make efficient use of space behind the door and under the windows. This smart use of often-wasted space adds both storage and accessibility to the toys whenever it’s playtime. 



The removable plastic bins make this an ideal toy storage shelf because you can regularly clean the bins to prevent your children from catching diseases. The best thing about this plastic storage shelf is that you can also use the bins as a game to teach your children organizing and cleaning habits – start young while you’re ahead. 





What better way to cultivate a reading habit in your child than having a plastic bookcase in their room? This bookcase can store picture books and toddler encyclopedias to kick start a personal library for your child. Lucky for us, this plastic bookcase shelf can also store toys when your child is not in the mood for some reading. 



Like the toy organizer by Tot Tutors, you can disinfect the surfaces of this bookcase to prevent any germs from causing illnesses. Moreover, this product requires minimal adult assembly. Nothing beats educating and protecting your child without breaking a sweat. 





Here’s an ideal plastic storage for the bedroom – a unit that stands 24 inches, you have the perfect closet drawer. Each unit comes with three easy access drawers that can store your clothes, books, toys or anything you want to hide. Elegant and simple, this Espresso-colored drawer will fit in with any modern interior design. The plastic design resembles a wood woven pattern but without the actual wood. So no wood mites or wood wrapping will occur in this product. 





Do you have limited-edition sneakers like DJ Khaled or a shoe collection like the Kardashians? Do you want to display your treasured babies in your room but only have limited space? This stackable shoe rack is the perfect solution to your problem. 



This high-quality plastic storage shelf is more durable than normal shoeboxes. With dimensions of 14.5 x 10.9 x 8.4 inches, this box is big enough for your Air Jordans or Christian Louboutin heels. The clear sides allow for easy viewing and the design makes it effortless to remove your shoes. Besides protecting your shoes from dust, dirt, and odor, this shoe storage is also collapsible. So, when you decide to discard your old shoes and are saving for your next buy, you don’t have to display empty boxes. 





Tired of the industrial look some shelves offer? This clean silhouette will blend nicely into your bedroom. The ventilated shelves allow you to place your dirty laundry on it before sending it to the cleaners. Also, this shelf is made of eco-friendly, recycled heavy-duty plastic. Besides using this shelf to air your dirty laundry, you can store your folded t-shirts or place some personal items on it because the weight capacity of this shelf is 200 pounds. The storage shelving unit stands at 36” W x 72” H x 24” D.



Plastic Storage For The Kitchen




Calling all pill-poppers out there. This 3-tier storage organizer is great for organizing your supplements and vitamins. This functional storage looks great in your kitchen to save on counter space. If you want a more discreet storage solution for your supplement bottles, you can install this organizer inside a cabinet shelf. 



Made of durable BPA and chlorine-free shatter-resistant plastic, this organizer is food safe. Also, installing the shelf is a piece of cake with the given hardware. So, say no to digging through cluttered drawers or cabinets with these functional plastic storage shelves. 





Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or a novice wine enthusiast, storage will always be on your mind. This plastic wine rack by Clever Chef is rather clever in itself. The wine rack system allows you to custom size your wine racking to best fit your available space. Be it on your countertop or in your fridge, this wine rack allows for easy customization to store your wine. 



The simple design will allow for the wine bottle to take center stage, not the rack. So, display your Pinot Grigio or Chardonnay with confidence knowing that people notice. While the design is simple, the structural integrity of the rack is durable because of its strong connectors. If you’re not a wine drinker, you can still enjoy owning this to organize your bottles around the house.





Any cook who has tried storing jars of spices and herbs in a kitchen knows how difficult it can be to organize and locate small jars. By simply adding a spice rack, this problem is solved. iDesign has created a handsome versatile rack that will provide all the room you need to store and organize your dried herbs and spices. 



Beyond its utilitarian value, the design of the rack will complement any kitchen interior. The transparent plastic walls plus the three layers will allow you to easily view the contents on the rack. Made of durable plastic, you can expect years of quality use. 





Thinking of where to store your new grocery haul in your pantry? Finding the right cabinet for storing canned foods, dry goods, and staples of all kinds is stressful. Besides the new haul, you need to find a good place for keeping bulky cooking equipment as well as appliances and accessories that don’t see everyday use. This spacious cabinet features four adjustable shelves that rest on heavy-duty supports. Standing at 69 inches, you can store all your pantry essentials and new grocery hauls in this sleek cabinet. 



If you’re trying to keep the children away from the snacks, this cabinet accommodates a standard padlock. So, what are you waiting for? Get this cabinet and assemble it under 15 minutes. 



Bathroom Storage




A medicine cabinet is a standard bathroom fixture, but it needn’t be standard fare. Regardless of the decor of your bathroom, this built-in model will suit any bathroom design with its white plastic shell. The recessed cabinet will sit flush against the bathroom wall, giving full functionality with a low profile. 



With two adjustable white styrenes and a fixed polystyrene shelf, the cabinet is useful to organize your essentials. The hardware used in the shelf is zinc coated, preventing any corroding of the base metal. The ultimate solution to clearing clutter in your bathroom. 





Every shower should have a shower caddy because it is great for keeping your shower essentials in place. But, most shower caddies found on the market are metal which rust and stain your bathroom tiles. This 3-shelf plastic shower caddie is mold-resistant and allows water to drain to keep mildew at bay. Measuring at 13.19 inches in width by 10.43 inches in length by 24.21 inches in height, the shower caddy is perfect to install at the corners of your shower. 



The best thing about these shelves is that they are adjustable. Your extra-tall bottles will be able to fit in this caddy. Plus, you can assemble this caddy in minutes without a single tool! Every time you shower now won’t be a pain! 





Use these neutrally designed shelves to store all your freshly laundered bath towels. At 48 inches in height, you can store all the hand towels and bath towels you have in the house in one place without running around to find them. Easy to assemble with no tools needed, you can immediately start using it. Impress your house guests with neatly placed towels in the bathroom on this plastic storage shelves. 



Plastic Storage For The Home Office 




Here’s a lovely classic document case. Although its construction is simple, this plastic document storage will impress you with its proportions and its versatility. Its compact size and secure lock serve well in a home office setting or study to keep your important documents. 



The high-grade resin gives the piece a formal appearance, reminiscent of industrial storages. The polypropylene resin used is resilient; often more durable than metal as it will not corrode, dent or mold. If you seek a pop of color in your office, you can also get these lockers in 5 vibrant colors – blue, red, yellow, grey or white.





Don’t have a wireless printer? Tired of walking to your printer to collect your printouts? This 3-shelf printer cart will be the solution to your woes. With wheels to move your printer around the home office or study, you will not need to upgrade your printers to have wireless printing. All you need is a power source and you are all set to go. 



This 3-shelf will make you more productive as it will declutter the mess on your desk and around the room. Sturdy enough to accommodate most printers up to 75 pounds and easy to assemble with no tools required, you will not go wrong with this office must-have!





Office files can be heavy and take up a lot of space. But with functional plastic storage shelves by Sandusky, you can organize all your supplies on this product – the laminating machine, the boxes of documents and stationery on the shelves. 



Made of heavy-duty high-impact resin, you can place up to 150 pounds on the shelves without the shelves giving way. The dimensions are 36” W x 56” H x 18” D.





Seeking the 80s vibe in your home office? Look no further as this four storage drawer is the perfect solution for your filing needs. Organize all your important files in this thick PP plastic drawer. Well built, sturdy structure, slim design allows you to tuck your drawer in the narrowest of spaces in your home office. The drawers stand at 12.6” W x 18.9” D x 34.7” H. With no assembly required, you can immediately start filing before you start mixing up your invoices. 



Utility Room Storage 




Besides garage products and a DIY utility shelf, no piece fits the garage better than this quintessentially industrial-style storage shed with multi-wall panels. The product features a sleek design that elevates your work environment with dimensions of 30 x 20.2 x 36 inches, creating an attractive space.



Able to withstand 200 pounds on each shelf, you can store your heavy-duty tools in this cabinet without fear of the shelves giving way. The main material used to engineer this cabinet was resin which can resist scratches, dents, and rust.  Metal has finally found its match. 





This traditional-looking garage cabinet is a sophisticated solution for housing your entire garage. At 27″ wide x 15″ deep x 67″ tall, it has plenty of storage room for all the items in your garage. Built from durable polypropylene resin, this storage cabinet is easy to maintain and won’t peel, dent or rust. 



With four adjustable shelves to suit a variety of storage needs, you will have no reason to keep your garage disorderly. Keep the dangerous tools locked away with Keter’s sturdy doors using a padlock. 



To assemble this project, all you need is a screwdriver and 45 minutes with no extra help needed. Simple and functional. 





Do you have a hobby area with all your materials disorganized? This 30-compartment wall mount organizer will sort out all your threads and needles. The lid-free, open design makes it easy to see the contents of each compartment and also keep your materials accessible.



With 18 small bins and 12 larger bins, you can organize everything from your finished projects to your embroidery hoops. Similar to the kid’s toy organizer by Tot Tutors, these bins can be installed behind the doors, against the wall or under the windows.  So say goodbye to an untidy workspace and hello to a brand new creative you. 





With the Wen utility cart with two shelves, lifting 500 pounds has never been easier. This cart plays the perfect companion for your garage when you have to move heavy equipment around to get the job done. Constructed from industrial-strength polypropylene, the Wen cart features two 250-pound-capacity shelves at 30” by 16” with four 5” non-marring wheels, a built-in handle, a cup holder, a towel rack, and five small storage compartments for screws and bolts. Cancel your gym membership because this cart provides all the heavy lifting you will need to achieve drool-worthy arms.





An excellent storage cabinet to place on your patio or outdoors. Made from polypropylene resin to prevent any peeling, dents, or rusting, and rubber seals to protect the interior against dust and humidity, you can be sure your items inside will not deteriorate due to the weather. With lockable doors, your belongings will be safely tucked away. The Boston Tall Utility Cabinet is as attractive as it is durable.  



Plastic storage shelves help to simplify life by providing space at very affordable pricetags. What with the wide variety available in the market, we’re certain you’ll find something you love – check out the options above, or head over to or guide on storage shelves.

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