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Winter Crafts for Kids: 15 Ideas to Keep Them Busy Indoors Winter Crafts for Kids: 15 Ideas to Keep Them Busy Indoors

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Winter Crafts for Kids: 15 Ideas to Keep Them Busy Indoors

Written by: Lily Evans

Spending Christmas indoors would be fun again with these winter crafts specially made for kids. These crafty ideas would surely make them busy all winter.

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As snow covers the whole city like a fluffy white blanket, it’s great for kids to enjoy a magical and fun time outside. However, for some, a crafty session in the warm indoors is the best option to go for. If you’ve been looking for fun and easy winter crafts to do all season, you’ve got some luck because here are 15-holiday winter crafts for your kids to enjoy.


15 Winter Art And Craft Activities To Do All Winter


Things You’ll Need:

Light Blue Paper Plates

Clear Plastic Plates


Snow globes are mesmerizing to look at. With that, they should also be the best easy winter craft for your kids to make indoors. Using paper plates, a dash of confetti, and imagination, your kids can create these magical orbs and customize them with things they want to include. It can be a picture of themselves playing in the snow or a snowman they drew. Undoubtedly, kids will enjoy a festive sight of “snow” as they shake and wave these creations.



Don’t throw away your toilet paper cardboard rolls just yet. Instead, keep them to come up with fun winter crafts for your kids. For instance, this paper tube snowman project is a great way to keep your kids busy indoors and also allow them to get creative.


3. Christmas Stick Puppets

Stick Puppets

Photo from iheartcraftythings.com


Does your kid have a story to tell? These popsicle stick puppets are a great way to convey their exciting ideas and thoughts over the holidays. Not only are winter-themed crafts like stick puppets a great help for your kids to develop their listening and speaking skills, but this activity also keeps your whole family entertained. Gather everyone for an in-house puppet show using these cute and easy-to-make props.


Things You’ll Need:

Square Plates

Yellow Construction Paper

Silver or Gold Glitter


Make Christmas festive and fun with this paper plate poinsettia. These easy and fun poinsettia flowers are the best way to pass the time as heavy snow falls outside.


Things You’ll Need:


With their features and natural habitat, penguins truly belong to the winter season. Their cute walk and adorable demeanor make us want to befriend each one of them! Unfortunately, you can’t make them your pets. Still, you can have your kids closer to them with this penguin cotton ball craft!


6. Hot Chocolate Popsicle Craft

Hot Chocolate Popsicle Stick Coasters

Photo from simplemomproject.com

Things You’ll Need:


Everyone, especially kids, enjoys drinking a hot cup of cocoa during the holiday season. While they do, you can whip up an on-theme winter craft to enhance the experience. This hot cocoa craft made out of popsicle sticks can be used as Christmas decor for your tabletops, Christmas trees, or as fun little gifts.


Things You’ll Need:

Autumn Leaves

Clear Contact

Battery Tea Light Candle


What better way to mark the onset of winter than making a winter solstice lantern? Aside from using only recycled milk containers and autumn leaves, this DIY lantern project is one of those winter arts and crafts for kids that will be admired even long after the process is done.


8. Snowy Owl Pinecones

Snowy Owl Pinecone Crafts

Photo from littlebinsforlittlehands.com

Things You’ll Need:


Christmas ornaments come in different designs, and this includes snowy owls. In real life, these birds’ snowy white feathers help keep them warm and blend well with their surroundings. Teach your children these interesting facts while making their very own snowy owls out of pinecones!


Things You’ll Need:


Holidays can get even merrier when your kids are given fun winter crafts to do. While inside, your kids can make these rocking snowmen that can later be used as a great interactive display.


Things You’ll Need:


Are your kids bored of the snow? These salt-painted snowflakes are one of the best winter crafts to keep kids interested in the holiday season. This colorful and fun craft is super easy for all ages and only needs a few materials to put together. So, let your kids’ creativity splatter into these colorful snowflakes.


11. Snowstorm Science Experiment in a Jar

Snowstorm Jar

Photo from littlebinsforlittlehands.com

Things You’ll Need:

Vegetable Oil

Washable Paint

Alka Seltzer Tablets


Snowstorms can be scary for the little ones. To steer their attention away from the frightening weather outside, give them quick and easy winter crafts like this one. Much like lava lamps, making snowstorm jars can be the best way for you to incorporate a little science experiment into your fun. This can help children mimic such a phenomenon safely and creatively.


Things You’ll Need:

(Silver) Metallic Liquid Watercolor

Foam Snowflakes

Snowflake Confetti

Kitchen Utensils

Peppermint Extract


It’s okay to get messy, especially when your kids are having the best time of their lives. This snowflake sensory bin, or sensory soup, is a winter craft that will help them learn through hands-on tactile play, which engages their olfactory senses.


Things You’ll Need:

Small Plastic Cups

Styrofoam Balls


Snowball fights are a classic winter activity, but how can kids enjoy this exciting winter play when they’re stuck being indoors? With this craft, you and your kids can make your version of snowball launchers. Have some “snowball” action in the comfort of your own home, without sacrificing fun and creativity!


14. Melting Snowman Slime

Melting Snowman Slime

Photo from littlebinsforlittlehands.com

Things You’ll Need:


If your kids are tired of playing with Play-Doh sets, then this homemade snowman slime will surely keep them busy all day. The best thing about this winter craft project is that children can make their slime and play with it even while indoors. Slime also stimulates a sensory experience making it an excellent stimulant for their budding curiosity.


Things You’ll Need:


Kids love catching snowflakes either with their hands or their tongue. And they can bring this kind of fun inside since they can create their very own snowflakes! Guided by a snowflake pattern along with a few folds and cuts, you and the kids can create beautiful designs and see them unfold right before your very eyes.



As frost decorates the trees, be sure to use these fun and creative winter crafts for the holidays so your kids can enjoy and have some indoor fun. Likewise, jump on the opportunity to be creative while your kids are preoccupied. The internet is full of fun and exciting arts and crafts projects for adults as well. Browse a selection of the best soap-making kits for beginners or simply join in on your kid’s Christmas-themed crafts.

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