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20 Best Glass Furniture Of All Time 20 Best Glass Furniture Of All Time

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20 Best Glass Furniture Of All Time

Written by: Oliver Mitchell

Stylish and functional, choose these glass furniture pieces for absolute peace of mind. Make your space more beautiful today!

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Glass furniture are super trendy must-haves when it comes to contemporary design. The distinct, clear surface of glass and its see-through nature make it a common material used in furniture such as cabinets and tables.



Choosing the perfect glass furniture can a difficult process due to the choices available. If you’re feeling frustrated, fret no more: Storables has compiled a list of 20 best glass furniture products that everyone should consider having in their homes. 



20 Best Glass Furniture Products Of All Time - Infographics





Fantastic as a coffee table or just a room accent, Flash Furniture’s glass table is a multi-functional and adjustable pedestal-type table that can fit perfectly in any modern home. The glass tabletop is made of 8cm tempered glass connected to a chrome pole that’s adjustable in height via a handle on the top. This table can be set from 33.5 inches to 41 inches tall. 




This stylish coffee table features a circular base and an oval tempered glass tabletop. The product measures 17.75 x 47.25 x 23.63 inches, and its base is made from wood finished with glossy lacquer. Glass tops for furniture make a bold statement in any contemporary living room.





Best Choice Products’ coffee table is a simple piece that oozes stylishness. Its tabletop is created with safety-tempered glass that sits snugly in a metal frame coated with satin gold. Additionally, the legs of the table are encased with rubber to prevent skid/scratch marks from forming on the floor. The table’s dimensions are 36 x 36 x 17 inches, and it has a total carrying capacity of 110 lbs.





For a simple but elegant end table, this glass product by Convenience Concepts is a great piece of furniture for any home. It has a trendy design and its stainless steel frame is sure to last you for years. These two glass pieces can be used individually as well, serving as a tabletop and a lower glass shelf respectively. This end table has dimensions of 15.75 x 15.75 x 24.41 inches.





If whimsical 20s-inspired furniture is what you’re looking for, this Walker Edison Furniture Company end table is the perfect choice for you. Crafted with a solid metal frame and a thick tempered glass top, this glass bedroom furniture looks like it came straight out of the movie The Great Gatsby. Its metal frame is available in either a chrome or gold finish. Its compact size of 24 x 16  x 16 inches ensures that it’ll fit into both large and small spaces.





Storage space is always important in anyone’s home. This 4-shelf glass cabinet from Coaster Home Furnishings is both compact and stylish. Its base frame is made from solid pine and finished with a layer of black paint. The sides and shelves of the cabinets are transparent to create the illusion of more space. This product has the dimensions 16.8 x 14.2 x 63.7 inches, with each shelf carrying up to 33.07 lbs. 






An affordable storage piece for your home, this classic four-tier glass cabinet from Convenience Concepts is both functional and stylish. It’s created with solid stainless steel poles and features four tempered glass shelves. Each shelf is designed to be able to display and hold different curios and trinkets.





If you’re looking for a good storage unit to showcase your collection, this wood-and-glass display case from BOWERY HILL is perfect for you! Featuring a modern black frame, this display case has a glass top for wood furniture that offers a great view of its contents. It has 5 tiers to hold items and 2 magnetic glass sliding doors that provide easy access your items. 





Some glass cabinets come in a more antique style. This curio cabinet from Southern Enterprises is made from a blend of pine and birch veneer and features 5 mm tempered glass panels that neatly display your items. There are even mirror panels inside to better reflect light, along with four adjustable glass shelves and two fixed ones. This cabinet – which measures 21.25 x 15.5 x 70 inches – can carry 60 lbs in total or up to 10 lbs per shelf. It’s the perfect glass living room furniture.





Ideal for smaller spaces, Design Toscano’s Tuscany curio cabinet can be used free-standing or mounted to a wall. This 19.5 x 8.5 x 26 inches wooden cabinet has glass shelves and panels with a mirrored backing and is perfect for displaying collectibles, trinkets and much more.





With its clean, industrial look, Versanora’s Minimalist Dining Table in Clear is a beautiful glass table that’s compact yet functional. This table is comprised of a durable clear-glass top supported by a wooden frame and solid metal legs with a wooden finish. This table measures 55.1 x 31.5 x 30.3 inches to provide ample space while being small enough to fit into smaller corners/rooms.





We’re sure that you’ll love this durable five-piece dining set from Tangkula as much as we do. Its table is composed of an 8 mm tempered glass top with a steel frame, and its four chairs are made from steel and white PVC leather. This dining set has a fairly minimalistic design that allows it to fit into any home setting. The table is just 45.5 x 27.5 x 29.5 inches in size, and each chair measures 16 x 20 x 37.5 inches.





From IDS Home comes a seven-piece, all-black dining set with a thick tempered glass tabletop. Its table is attached to a heavy-duty, rust-resistant frame and complemented by six chairs featuring the same steel frame and black PVC cover. Dimensions-wise, the table is 51.18 x 27.56 x 29.53 inches while each chair measures 16.5 x 20.5 x 37.8 inches. The set is ideal for an elegant and modern room. 





This five-piece set from Flash Furniture is made of metal and rattan that can withstand external elements without trouble. The tabletop of its table is made of glass and is easy to clean and maintain. The set consists of a square table and four lightweight chairs.





Comprising a tempered glass tabletop and a rust-resistant steel frame, this dining table is a dream come true for fans of modern design. Four matching white seats are also included in the set. The chairs measure at 38.6 x 15.7 x18.5 inches each while the table is at 47.2 x 27.6 x 29.5 inches. This set will help to brighten up any room instantly.





Walker Edison Company offers a stunning L-shaped glass desk that can support at least two full computer set-ups. The desk measures 29 x 51 x 20 inches and is ideal for those who require a large space for their work/studies. A sliding keyboard slot and a universal CPU stand make for easy devices setup. The glass is created with thick and tempered safety glass atop a heavy-duty, powder-coated steel frame. 





Need a modern desk for your workspace? Look no further than this Baraga L-Desk in white. It has a chic and sleek look with a white metal frame and frosted glass top. Its L-shape design makes it versatile and perfectly functional for both right-handed and left-handed users. The desk’s overall dimensions are 61 x 51 x 30 inches.





From bonVIVO comes a writing desk that’s perfect for both work and studies. This desk consists of a shatter-resistant tempered glass top with a white lacquered MDF wood shelf just underneath it. This product’s overall dimensions are 29.5 x 43.3 x  21.6 inches, and sturdy bamboo legs complete this versatile desk. It fits into compact spaces and is great for those who live in apartments. 





For a simple but functional computer desk that does not take up much space, choose Techni Mobili’s glass-top desk. The tabletop is made of 8 mm tempered safety glass that’s fitted on top of a powder-coated, curved steel frame. Furthermore, a pullout keyboard section made of mahogany is also included. It measures 22.5 x 43.25 x 29.5 inches and is perfect for saving space.





The OneSpace 50-HD0107 contemporary glass writing desk is a modern-looking and highly functional piece of furniture. One noteworthy benefit of this desk’s design is that it boasts plenty of legroom despite its compact design. Moreover, the blue glass atop the table is tempered for added safety. This desk’s overall dimensions are 23.9 x 40 x 30 inches.



Why Choose Glass Furniture?

Apart from imparting a classy and elegant touch to its surroundings, there are certain advantages to choosing glass over other materials. Here are the pros:



1. Environmentally friendly

Glass furniture is an excellent option for people who are prone to allergies as the material used for creating glass furniture is environmentally friendly. You won’t feel guilty knowing that trees had to be sacrificed in order for your furniture piece to be created.



2. Makes a room look larger

Furniture made of glass helps make a room look open and fresh. The glass furniture allows the furniture piece to blend in with the room unlike other furniture pieces made out of wood or steel. Even if the space in your room may be less and somewhat cramped, the glass furniture transparency ensures that your space looks spacious.



The transparency of a glass tabletop adds an illusion that makes your space look larger and wider. Since it doesn’t block the views behind the furniture piece, the glass creates a more visual ‘empty space’, making it ideal for small spaces. The transparency instantly lights up a room and gives a fresher and lighter vibe. Generally, glass reflects more light as well, so it’s a great material of choice in cramped living spaces that receive less natural light.



3. Reliability

Many people might think that furniture made out of glass may be extremely fragile, however, that isn’t necessarily the case. Furniture made out of modern glass can be quite sturdy which makes it a reliable furniture item of choice.



If you want your glass tabletop to last for a very long time, make sure you choose a tempered glass top as they are stronger. However, if it does break due to strong force, they won’t shatter into very small pieces. Regular glass may break once it’s exposed to extreme temperatures, but tempered glass can handle hot items. However, it’s probably still advisable to put a placemat or a coaster before placing a scorching hot pan on top of it (just to be safe).



4. Compatibility

Glass is extremely compatible with other items. Glass tabletops for example would either have wood or metal as a base. Glass highlights the beauty of the base, letting the design and color of the metal or wood shine through.



Also, because of its transparency, it doesn’t block the beauty of the decor that you have set for your home. Glass encourages you to pair attractive dining chairs with it since they will be fully visible. You can also place a beautiful area rug with an interesting pattern and make them the accent piece of your living space.



5. Functional

Furniture glass is ideal for tabletops, partitions, coffee tables, and more as it offers a nice and clear look. Lacquered glass can also provide a scratch-resistant surface with unrivaled longevity. Clear furniture glass is effectively used for kitchen cabinets, tabletops, glass shelves, partitions, and more. Furniture glass provides a great alternative to traditional furniture in oak and/or other wooden materials.



6. Elegant and modern looking

Furniture glass can add a dash of style and elegance to your kitchen space with stylish dining chairs to complement the look and feel of your home. Sleek lines and reflective surfaces of the glass furniture can help bring in a contemporary and airy feel to your home. The use of frameless mirrors in foyers and bathrooms can also add some style and panache almost effortlessly.



Glass also gives off an appearance of elegance and sophistication that looks especially fitting for modern and contemporary spaces. Depending on the style, glass furniture can also offer a formal look that looks fitting for fine dining. Glass generally exudes a level of finesse that enhances the overall look of your space.



7. Low maintenance

One of the main reasons as to why people choose a glass top is because it’s easy to clean. All you’ll need to do is use a wet or damp cloth piece to wipe the tabletop clean. Glass is a non-porous material as well, so once the spills happen, you’ll just need to wipe it up and your furniture piece will be clean. You won’t even need to use any cleaning products or solutions – Using plain water is enough to keep it shiny and looking clean.



There are also no chances for your glass furniture to ever come in contact with termites, which is very common with many wooden or cane furniture. With wooden or steel furniture, the furniture may fade away with time. As wooden furniture gets old and rusty after a few years (even if you put in sufficient care), the shine of your glass furniture will remain superior with regular and low maintenance clean.



8. Safe and Durable

If there’s one reason as to why homes and offices prefer glass furniture, is because that glass furniture has extended durability. Glass furniture is extremely durable and doesn’t require any extra maintenance effort. Today, most people prefer furniture made out of glass which not only looks aesthetically superior but also provides scratch resistant and highly durable features.



Glass furniture is completely safe to use due to special technologies used and applied during the glass processing.



9. Humidity Resistant

Glass is generally popular for bathrooms – Its transparent construction makes a weightlessness effect. Glass surfaces used as tabletops can be annealed or tempered. Annealed glass is something you may already know about but probably never heard of: it’s the standard, basic everyday glass. Meanwhile, tempered glass is a toughened glass that is stronger and thermal-resistant because it’s heat-treated.



10. Offers Variety in Style

Similar to other materials, glass is available in a variety of styles. For example, a glass dining table can feature a different material as a base, such as wood, chrome, wrought iron, and even rattan or wicker. The glass surface isn’t always clear and colorless – It can be frosted and tinted into any color. It can also be cut into almost any shape. If you’re going to have a custom-made glass dining table as an example, you can even have more leeway. Furniture stores also offer corners and extending arrangements for glass tables.



11. Continuing Suitability

Glass furniture helps make living comfortable and to help make people feel good. This is achieved through comfort, functionality, attractive appearance, and up-to-date design solutions.



12. Versatility

Until recently, glass was only used for making furniture. Today, glass is used for making shelves, glass ceiling, walls, coffee tables, interior doors, breakfast bars, counters, different wardrobes and their doors, storage units, drawers, arm-chairs, dressers, chairs, and even curtain walls.

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