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60 Best Farmhouse Furniture For Rustic Charm 60 Best Farmhouse Furniture For Rustic Charm


60 Best Farmhouse Furniture For Rustic Charm

Written by: Lily Evans

Instantly add rustic charm to your interiors by investing in these gorgeous farmhouse furniture pieces. Check out our top 60 picks!

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Farmhouse furniture typically emit a warm and homely vibe. For anyone who loves the classiness that comes with farmhouse furniture, this article will be of great help. We have selected 60 best ideas that work for any space, so be sure to check them out.



60 Best Farmhouse Furniture For Rustic Charm - Infographics





This 32-inch buffet bar combines rustic and modern appeal to spice up your space. It is made from durable, high-quality material that can withstand the test of time. With a maximum capacity of 250 pounds, it is ideal as a TV stand, a storage cabinet, or a kitchen storage piece. 





Coffee time, anyone? This natural reclaimed barnwood is a terrific choice for any household. It is made completely from reclaimed wood and comes assembled for instant use.




Play up your space with this discreet yet edgy piece. You can use it as a side table, end table, nightstand, TV stand or bookshelf. It fits perfectly in the bedroom, living space, or entryway. Metallic accents further enhance the raw aesthetic to create a piece everyone will enjoy. 




If you need the perfect side table, coffee table, storage, or oval side table, this Walker Edison farmhouse furniture is your best bet. This side table comes in handy for anyone who fancies the urban industrial look in their bedroom or living room.




Here is a classic farmhouse furniture idea that will add class and style to your living space. With a two-tone finish, it’s not hard to be enchanted by its fresh and modern appeal. Its sliding slatted door gently glides open on both sides. With this, you can hide items on one side and open it on the other. 




This rustic wood remote control caddy is the perfect organizer to bring style and class to your living space. It features three compartments to hold your remotes and other items. It is the perfect organizer to keep your space tidy, neat, and attractive.




This product epitomizes the farmhouse style perfectly. It was crafted handsomely and resembles an actual barn for rustic vibes. The perfect end table for a farmhouse-themed bedroom, it comes with almost all the accessories you need to assemble it. 




Sip drinks at your very own home bar with Pinnadel bar stools that feature elegant curved metal designs.  Their beautiful veneer finish adds class to your space and enhance the look of the dining area. Their heights can be adjusted according to your needs/preferences.




Pretty and functional, this bathroom shelf serves as the perfect storage solution for bathroom accessories, kitchen supplies, and more. Not only is it suitable for use in the bathroom, but it can also be used in the living room, laundry room, pantry, and garage. If you need a space saver, you should get this antique farmhouse furniture.




If you like the texture of raw wood, this bathroom shelf will definitely be worth your money. You can affix it above your toilet bowl for more space. You can also use it in other rooms like the kitchen to hold spoons and other utensils.





In need of the perfect farmhouse furniture to complete the rustic aesthetic? Consider bringing this three-way Derek antler table lamp home. Its unique blend of faux rock and pinecone is sure to bring out a woodsy feeling to any room. Enjoy a mountain retreat experience without having to take a single step outside.





For those in need of a simple and elegant shelf that’s easy to assemble, this bookshelf is a good choice. It is perfect for homes, stores, and offices. It also makes for a unique decorative display. Its blend of real pine wood and metal gives it the strength and durability needed to hold your plants, books, photos, and more.




This mid-century coffee table will make a lovely addition to any living room. Its high-grade metal legs hold it steady, while a low-level open shelf accommodates a wide range of items including snacks and books.  You will love its PVC veneer finish that gives off a rustic homey appeal.




Here is another high-quality entryway bar cabinet that will elevate the look of your home instantly. It has a classic design that adds both style and functionality to your living space. Don’t worry about running out of space as it has a generous weight capacity of 250 pounds. Apart from acting as a storage cabinet, it can also function as a TV stand.




This 100% polyester saddle counter stool is an affordable option with a sleek finish for a classy feel. Its faux leather footrest provides maximum comfort and helps to soothe tired and aching legs.





Nothing says farmhouse quite like this rustic octagon end table. It comprises of a beautiful, solid round wood top connected to sleek, matte black legs for the best of modern and rustic designs.





Looking for the perfect farmhouse furniture plan to add a rustic touch to your space? Try this farmhouse console table. This high-quality piece will blend in effortlessly with any decor scheme. Its minimalistic design makes it ideal for use in the living room, entryway, hallway, or kitchen. Light assembly is required.





Freshen up your living room with this rustic natural end table. Easily and stylishly store books, magazines, vintage lamps, and more with this vintage piece. The end table combines new and reclaimed wood with cracks and knots, making for an interesting texture. 




Here is a high-quality oak side chair that will add a modern flair to your dining room. It features a distinct led finish, a wooden backrest, and a wooden seat. You will love its vintage dark finish and frosted glass top. Make this beautiful rectangular pedestal chair yours today.




These floating shelves are a must-have for fans of the farmhouse aesthetic. With these, you can add extra storage space to your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. It is the perfect furniture to display decorative pieces in your home. 





This fantastic classic cottage side table will add a touch of class to your space. You can use it as a display stand to hold collectibles or other precious items. Crafted from acacia wood, the frame holds a dark oak top that effectively resists wear and tear.




Bring the sea close to you with a rustic seaside lodge white table. You will love the weathered look coming from its mahogany veneer panels and frames. Furthermore, it features a rustic aged look alongside an x-frame pattern that gives it a warm cottage feel.




Get more things done with this simple, no-frills bamboo round table-basket. It is made with water-soluble paint and natural bamboo that will stand the test of time. Its table tray can be used to place food and drinks, whereas its basket can accommodate a number of knick-knacks.





One of the best accessories to include in your farmhouse furniture plan is this end table. Made from wood and veneers, it features superb craftsmanship. Its versatile chestnut shade allows it to blend in with all forms of decorations and room motifs. 




A simple side table that consists of a wood grain top, this furniture makes for a perfect sofa table, corner table for cats, or nightstand stool. Moreover, it features a chemical-free wooden chipboard alongside an anti-rust carbon steel top. You can even store things in the detachable storage basket, keeping unsightly items out of the way.





This is one of the best farmhouse furniture bedroom ideas for your kids. Ideal for even small spaces, it’s the perfect installation to proudly display your kid’s books, collectibles, and the like. Easily assemble the shelf using mounting hardware included in the package.




For people who love the feel of high-quality rustic wood, this sturdy three-tier floating shelf is a terrific choice. You get to arrange the shelves to display your books, collectibles, decorations, and trophies anywhere you want.




We recommend you to use this comfy bar stool in the kitchen and/or dining area. The 360-degree swivel gives you a free range of movement. A product of engineered wood, upholstered seat cushion, and faux leather, it features a light brown finish for a more rustic appeal.




Stunning and easy to install, this entryway storage bench is pretty and saves space. With this bench, you can store up to five pairs of boots and hang items like handbags, belts, etc. Anti-tipping hardware provides extra stability so it won’t topple over easily.




Farmhouse drawers are the perfect storage solutions for small items like wristwatches, ornaments, and jewelry. They’re great for holding various items in the bathroom, living room, or kitchen. Distressed edges were designed to give the impression of years of use.




How’s this Pamari furniture for a makeover? This TV stand supports 75 pounds of weight and TVs that measure 60 inches. Tuck small items out of sight with this stand and place ornaments on its shelves. 




If charm and comfort are what you seek, this Christopher Knight Home piece will meet your needs. This piece of furniture comes in various distinct colors to spice up your living space. This timeless masterpiece is a fantastic piece of farmhouse furniture with soft durable fabric that will fit your space. Additionally, the undulating edge along the backrest makes it classic.




Here is a classic and timeless piece that will bring antique and rustic charm to your space. This is an excellent investment that can be passed from one generation to the next. Furthermore, the solid wood is beautiful, giving it the vintage rustic appeal.





This beautiful two-toned perfect masterpiece is made of wood and metal. For everyone in need of extra storage space, this buffet cabinet is a terrific choice. It can fit into your kitchen, living room, passageway, and entryway without any trouble. If you need farmhouse furniture cheap, this is a storage cabinet that’s worth getting your hands on.




This classic piece delivers superb value for its price. For anyone seeking to add extra storage space for books, decorations, and collectibles, this is a good choice. You can place it by your couch or bed or use it as a center table.





If you appreciate high-quality farmhouse furniture ideas, this is a terrific choice. You will love its traditional look and the rustic feel it exudes. Made of unfinished and easy-to-assemble wood, it is classy and super durable.





Need the perfect cabinet to add pizazz to your space? This is it. Featuring one open side and two fixed shelves, this cabinet is a viable way of holding your collectibles, trophies, etc. It comes fully assembled and can fit into your kitchen or living room.




This versatile number can be used as a side table, coffee table, or footrest. It comes in a classic sand color and is one of the best farmhouse furniture in the market. Its sturdy resin build requires little maintenance – some gentle cleaning with a cloth will do.




This set of dining chairs makes a subtle yet elegant statement. Its two-tone finish is distinctly vintage, with each chair crafted and woven with a heavy fabric that is both beautiful and durable.





This affordable farmhouse furniture piece instantly adds style and class to your space. Its round and relaxed structure results in a classic look that blends well in most homes. We are confident that you will love the cottage effect, and its tapered leg only makes it more appealing. 





This console table is strong and features beveled edges that give it a fine and rich appearance. Its lower shelf is fixed and gives a multi-tonal slat effect which serves as a decoration or storage space.





This versatile farmhouse furniture will help to take care of your needs. It consists of a sleek and streamlined drawer that’s perfect for storage. It also features engineered wood painted in a distressed brown-and-gray finish. Neatly store and organize your collectibles, essentials, DVDs, and decorations with this cabinet today.




This is the ideal utility cart for your bedroom, living room, and kitchen. Not only is it sturdy, but it is also resistant to moisture and guaranteed to last for ages. We think it’s great for creating a stylish yet cozy space.




This solid wood nightstand will add class to every living space. It is made from engineered wood and veneers and is strong enough to withstand the test of time. We’re in love with its smooth-gliding drawers that come with replicated linen lining to give you a classic-rustic effect.





Make this stand the highlight of your living room! This rustic farmhouse furniture idea gives you the opportunity to set up and organize multiple consoles/accessories. You can create a variety of different ambiances with this TV stand – a cozy cottage, relaxing beach house, simple farmhouse, and more. 




Did someone say farmhouse industrial? This beautiful and practical four-tier shelf will make your indoor space come to life. It is the ideal solution for a clean, orderly, and clutter-free indoor space. You can easily install it with simple house tools.





This nightstand with a drawer features a black iron frame with a rustic top on the table sides. It’s of excellent quality and is ideal for small rooms, narrow spaces, and hallways.




Made of reclaimed wood, this is a classic farmhouse piece that is sure to draw attention. All pieces are handcrafted by skilled artisans with the aim of preserving the wood’s natural shape and color. Satisfied buyers of this piece have used it as an end stool, coffee table, indoor plant stand, and many more.




This is a simple and wonderful way to make your home cozy! This table will fit perfectly into your living space or bedroom, giving it a fresh, warm look. Depending on your needs, it can serve as a coffee table, nightstand, or décor stand.




These bar stools are A-grade farmhouse furniture perfect for lounging around the house. Pull it up against the kitchen counter and it becomes a barstool; place it in front of your dressing table and it serves a completely different purpose. 




These Christopher Knight acacia wood chairs will surely add a rustic feeling to your home. These comfortable options are made from acacia and designed to feature slightly reclined backs. You can pair these chairs with any table or use them on their own. 





A trustworthy bedside companion, the upper shelf of this table can be used to hold miscellaneous items, whereas the lower one fits towels/books, etc.





If you’re looking for a strong picnic bench/side table/footrest, you’ll find this product tremendously helpful. Its neutral shade means it’ll it blend perfectly with any existing furniture. Grab those sandwiches and head outside for a picnic while sitting on this bench!





Need extra storage? You will love these rustic floating shelves which give users more storage options. This product is made from eco-friendly paulownia wood, is wrap-resistant, and can hold up to 50 pounds. Moreover, the rustic farmhouse furniture feel adds personality, taste, and color to your indoor space. 




This three-tier storage system will save plenty of space in the kitchen. It can hold appliances and utensils like dishes, plate racks, etc. Made from high-quality wooden boards and a black metal frame, it’s strong, stylish, and everything you could ask for. Overall, it is a terrific choice for all kitchens.





This ottoman tray is made of real wood, giving it the perfect rustic farmhouse furniture feel. It is a  masterpiece that will beautify your space and add color to it in no time. Hosts will love this gorgeous serving tray that can hold coffee, lemonade, appetizers, etc. It is the perfect accessory to treat yourself or that special person to a nice breakfast in bed. 




Made of real wood, this grey console table adds character to any space. It’s perfect for the dining area, entryway, and living room. Moreover, it comes fully assembled and ready to use. 





For everyone who wants the perfect farmhouse furniture in their living room or bedroom, this dining armchair is a terrific choice. It comes with a natural rattan seat which provides comfortable support for you while reading, eating, or relaxing.





For everyone who wants to add the perfect solid wood farmhouse furniture to their space, this side table is a terrific idea. It features rounded triangular MDF walnut table tops resting on strong black metal. Not only is it robust and steady, but it’s also waterproof and safe for kids. 




This cottage collection will be a terrific addition to your home decorations. Its individual composite wood construction adds a distinct accent to your space. Moreover, it also comes with an end table and drawer with which you store remotes and other items. Made with the best combination of pine and acacia wood, it brings the perfect farmhouse feeling to your space.


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