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30 Best Wood Furniture For A Cozy Home 30 Best Wood Furniture For A Cozy Home


30 Best Wood Furniture For A Cozy Home

Written by: Emma Thompson

These premium wood furniture add warmth to your kitchen, bedroom and more! Learn how to choose the best products for better living.

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Wood furniture are some of the best assets any home can have. The use of such furniture in interior design dates back as old as mankind itself. Due to its aesthetic value and versatility, there’s no doubt that wood furniture of all forms beautify our homes and improves our lives significantly. Read on to discover your favorite products.




The world of design has definitely seen its share of trends over countless centuries. It almost seems like there’s a new idea and concept born everyday and it’s become an excitingly endless flow of creativity and ideas. Who could have guessed that something as simple as a chair can take on so many unique forms and even come in almost every material you can imagine? The different forms and concepts in design have evolved so much that it has become synonymous with art itself because it has the potential to be a complete extension of who you are as an individual. For designers, it’s become a form of expression. The bounds have become so extensive that in this day and age, furniture design can simply be considered as functional art. It is now something that we can admire and debate over, but also something that brings us a substantial amount of physical comfort at the end of a long day.



However, a lot of us can also derive a lot of comfort and familiarity from timeless designs and classic interpretations of furniture. The most iconic out of all of these is definitely wood furniture. It’s sturdy and naturally beautiful. Every piece is slightly unique as no two pieces of wood are exactly the same. Wood is also unique in that it’s able to provide warmth and life to any space and it’s so easy to create different forms with it. From robust and heavy to lightweight and airy, wood furniture knows no limits and can transform your home beyond your wildest imagination.




Even though we don’t really think of wood furniture whenever we’re in the bathroom, it’s also still possible to inject the structure and unique characteristics that only wood materials can give a space. This is an incredibly compact wood cabinet that can store your spare tissue rolls while being a trusty and reliable tissue holder for whenever you’re on the toilet. It’s also pretty slim so it’ll fit in most tight spaces.




Whether it’s in the bathroom or even in the kitchen, wood performs best when kept away from moisture which is why shelves are great since they stay off the ground. This way, they can provide you with a lot of convenient storage space and add a lot of texture to your bathroom at the same time. The rustic wood grain combined with a sleek black metal frame is perfect for those looking for a dash of contrast in their home.




There’s just something very uniquely nautical about a visible wood planks painted white. If you ever want to inject that summery cruise ship vibe to your spaces, you can invest in this trusty little floor cabinet that can store anything you want. If you place it in your bathroom, it can store your toiletries or even back-up tissue rolls. You can use it in your bedroom for more flexible multipurpose storage solutions.




Contemporary kitchens nowadays make use of bar tables and stools for a more modern take on a traditional dining area. It saves space too as the chairs can usually be slid underneath to create a completely flush look. This type of dining set is much more casual too especially in comparison to a full-blown dining set which is perfect for quick breakfasts and lunches. This particular set is also quite trendy with its cherry wood with strong texture paired with smooth black metal.




Shoe racks nowadays often come in plastic frames as these are the most resistant to dirt. However, you can also inject the warmth and robustness of wood with furniture like this if it’s treated or coated to become resistant to dirt as well. Not only does it look leaps and bounds better, but it also offers a ton of storage space for not just shoes, but any other thing you might think of keeping near your entry way.




A classic wood coffee table is unbeatable and wood-steel trend in furniture is clearly not going anywhere any time soon. This coffee table doesn’t need much introduction as it’s a universal design that can go with almost any interior you can think of. In terms of form, it’s also very straightforward and will surely play nice with your existing furniture. This option is definitely perfect for those who don’t really want to think to much about what coffee table they’re getting.




A side table can really bring a lot of convenience to your everyday life. Whether it’s just a spot to conveniently leave your phone to charge or maybe a handy little spot where you store random essentials, you can never go wrong by investing in a little best friend for the side of your bed or living room set. This particular design overs woven baskets for drawers to give it a more lightweight look while still looking super chic and fashionable.




This wood shelf has so much potential that it shouldn’t be limited to just being used for bathrooms to store toiletries and towels. It can also be used in places like spas as a general place to store your things. If you’re feeling a bit creative, you can mount in on a wall and turn it into a display area for figurines and your favorite art. Simple shelves like these have so many practical uses that you shouldn’t pass up on them.




Here’s a more unique take towards simple wall-mounted shelves. By just adding the circular metal frame at the sides, it’s given new life and a more interesting form. It creates the illusion of an exciting overall shape but in reality, it’s still just two wooden shelves with extra towel racks underneath. It’s really the power of adding the rails at the side to give that illusion of a completely new design when it’s really just a small modification done to a very classic design.




Even your dish drying rack in the kitchen can be made of a gorgeous wood material. Although it isn’t as high-tech as most new dish drying racks that have all the shiny chrome and plastic, there’s a certain simplicity and familiarity that comes with buying a drying rack like this that will remind you of quiet days at your old family home. It brings a lot of comfort and nostalgia that you just can’t put a price on.




The warmth and life that wood can inject into a space is definitely a good choice for the play area of your kids. This is a wood table that’s specifically designed for playing around with Legos thanks to its nubbed table surface. You can securely pile your Lego blocks on top while there are handy drawer compartments to store other toys. Definitely a lovely little investment to have in your kids’ room.




Most wood furniture can tend to look rigid and very uniform but you can also have a wood cabinet that’s incredibly playful and shows a little bit of controlled chaos. This desktop organizer features drawers of different sizes and orientations that may look a little crazy but is actually perfect for accommodating the different types of tools we might use. You slowly realize that there are drawers that are perfect for storing pens upright while some might be just the right size for your rolls of tape or even your memo pads.




Wood can even translate to your smaller home accessories that can honestly add to the cozy feel of your home. Coasters are a surprising accessory that can help make or break your space so it’s important to have ones that can complement the motif of your interiors. This particular walnut option is so universally appealing that you won’t have to worry about it not going with your furniture. It’s a neutral tone for wood but has enough depth and texture to create a really subtle contrast.




If you fancy yourself as a bit of a whiz when it comes to arts and crafts, you’ve probably realized that it would be great if you have a work station that could follow you around the house or the studio. This wood mobile cabinet is absolutely perfect for doing just that. Not only does it have tons of compartments, but it has also dedicated rolls for twine and other similar materials.




Collapsible furniture is key especially if you have a tighter space. You don’t really need a large craft table taking so much space at all times. This one is perfect as it shrinks to half its size whenever you aren’t in an artsy mood. It has just enough convenient little storage pockets without being too heavy to move around. Whenever you’re not doing arts, it can be a convenient little computer desk.




This lateral drawer design was made famous by Scandinavian designers and for good reason as it remove the need for complicated metal hardware. Thanks to the notches you can grab onto, you save yourself the heartbreak of seeing grab handles get rusty or faded through the years and you’re left with a super sleek and stylish movable wood cabinet that’s going to be there for whatever you might need it for.





Whether it’s to store you art supplies or craft materials, or maybe even to use it as a moveable buffet table, this gorgeous paneled Sauder wood table is perfect. The details and the design itself is really quite simple but the heavy wood construction is made more convenient and functional by adding a set of wheels and an extendable work surface. Everyone will covet this piece of wood furniture for all the functions that it can perform. The only limit is your imagination.




Watch boxes are usually in different colors of leather upholstery but it’s a whole other effect when you use wood coupled with a sophisticated cream canvas lining. All the textures make it look so cozy and warm but still very trendy and very fashionable that it looks like something out of a Pottery Barn catalogue. It creates this amazing balance of vintage but contemporary, relaxed but luxurious.




Every artist has dreamed of seeing their art supply collection proudly displayed just like in most specialty art supply stores they’ve been too. Especially if you’re someone who collects pens or markers, there’s nothing cooler than seeing them neatly organized and ready for the taking. This wood desktop organizer provides you with nine slanted pen compartments, an open flat compartment, and a convenient bottom drawer.




Who says your garage should only make use of metal or plastic furniture? If anything, your garage really needs the warmth and life that only wood can give. This simple little utility shelf makes use of wood shelves with notches to easily hang power tools while the detailed metal frames at the side give it some contrast as well as a little bit of an old world flair.




A wooden chest is another one of those universal pieces of wood furniture that you can enjoy virtually anywhere around the house. You can use it as an additional seating area in your bedroom or living room. It would also make a fantastic little storage chest for cushions if you have a patio set outside. This simple rectangle is made to make your life so much easier while making your home so much more fashionable. You can also soften the look by adding a fabric throw on top of it.




Your choice of trash cans can really ruin the look of a room. Especially with something as trivial as a bin, most designers don’t really like to give their energy into designing a really pretty place to put your waste in. However, if you’ve ever worried about a trash can not matching your wood furniture then worry no more with this beautiful teak wood trash can enclosure. It’s simple yet so adorable to look at.




If you want that iconic rustic look to break through the monotony and smooth finishes that you’ve got going on at home, a cabinet with a rough wood grain can bring you that freshened look in an instant. This design makes use of an unfinished and rustic look that only wood can provide. It’s made even more rugged with the diagonal paneling to inject a ton of personality into any space you feel might need it.




There’s something about the rounded metal grab handles that evokes a very Asian influence with this piece of wood furniture from Bush Furniture. There are so many slight nods to traditional Chinese antique furniture with this wood chest that makes it different from most cabinets in the market while still being universally suitable for most living rooms. The gigantic drawers can also store a surprising amount of stuff to keep your home free from clutter.




Keeping wood tone light and neutral is always a safe choice whenever decorating. However, it can be a little bit boring and bland at times. This dresser from HOMFA offers the classic light wood tone that everybody loves but then gives it a little bit of a twist with the addition of a really rough wood grain for texture. Coupled with the black metal legs, you’ve got yourself a cabinet with a lot of personality and contrast for any space in your home.




This buffet table takes the industrial trend to a whole other level by adding more rugged metal accents such as the mesh panel that swings out on top of the cabinet. The tone of the wood is also flawlessly curated to match the tastes of even the top designers of the world. If you choose to have this as a focal point in your living room, you can be sure that you’re designing your place like a total pro.




As beautiful as the natural finish of wood is, you can also achieve an incredibly unique effect by slapping a coat of paint on it. What you’re left with is the iconic and distinct grain of wood but the consistently solid color of the paint you used. This creates a new life for a lot of old furniture but it’s a great way to create a more contemporary effect for your living spaces. This would’ve been a very old-fashioned design, but the cobalt blue really brings it into 2021.




This wood console table almost exudes a very retro feel with its boxy cabinet paired with slanted stick legs. Everything about this is very polished and mod yet it has tons of texture and character thanks to the choice of wood finish. Imagine placing this in your foyer with a round mirror up top and a stylish fabric throw to soften the look. Anyone would think your home was decorated by a total pro!




This wood buffet table will be more than enough make a lot heads turn. It’s everything that industrial design wants to be – which is a cohesive marriage between wood and metal. The slanted grills on the metal doors make it easy to grab hold without needing to add a separate door handle. Everything about this design is cleanly executed and absolutely lustworthy on so many levels.




Scandinavian design is all about being lightweight and airy so your wood chair can also exude the same level of lightness with thin wood almost running like water and equally fluid when it comes to how it’s formed. The seat is then made of an elastic but strong fabric that promises the utmost comfort. There really is no other wood chair that will cradle you better than the Wishbone Chair from VODUR.



Nothing is ever going to be quite like wood furniture. It’s reliable and sustainable, but it’s also incredibly beautiful to behold and be formed into almost anything you can think of. For such a rigid material, it sure is flexible in what it can do. This is why investing in good wood furniture is never a bad idea and it’s an investment that you will be thankful for years to come. Wood is also a replaceable resource with good harvesting practices so it doesn’t hurt the environment as much as plastic furniture would. You can never go wrong with this because it’s truly the full package and it’s a material that proves time and time again that the sky is the limit when it comes to design.



Why Choose Wood Furniture?

Wooden Furniture



There are many reasons why wood furniture is the way to go in home design. For example, chairs made from wood are usually more comfortable, more durable, and highly portable as well.




Wooden chairs are not the only type of furniture that possess these qualities. Other furniture made of solid wood such as bed frames, cupboards, shelves, cabinets, ornaments, and more are a fantastic fit for our homes. The use of real wood furniture in our home offers a natural feel and appearance, making it stand out among other furniture materials.




Apart from the qualities mentioned above, you also get to choose from a wealth of beautiful styles and designs that will give your home or office an outstanding look. For example, your dining spot can be made stylish with a great wooden dining table. In the office, you can also reduce stress levels by getting a comfortable wooden chair.



Given its versatility, wooden furniture makes an excellent and classy fit for your home. 



7 Things You Must Know Before Choosing Wood Furniture


Below is a list of seven helpful tips you need to be aware of before you make the switch to wooden furniture.



Know Your Wood

There are three categories of wood furniture: veneer, composite wood, and solid wood. Each type of wood comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Knowing about the different types will help you to make the best decision for a particular setting. 



Try To Avoid Glue And Nails

Instead of going for furniture fixed by glue and nails, you should opt for products that are joined from one end to the other without connectors. This helps wood furniture retain its raw, natural feel.



Fit It Into Your Lifestyle

If you’re someone who loves your colors, there are options for you in the form of brightly colored wooden furniture. Alternatively, you could settle for a quiet and warm design. Ultimately, you know yourself best, so choose furniture that best reflects your tastes and lifestyle.



Consider Your Design Scheme

When contemplating which wooden furniture to get, do remember to take your current design scheme into consideration (unless you’re looking at a complete makeover). Choose something that matches and complements it. The correct furniture will inject a breath of fresh air into your home and give it a feeling of sophistication.



Inspect Your Items Thoroughly

Before purchasing any furniture, ensure that you thoroughly inspect the piece in question to confirm that it is in its best condition. It’s better to be safe than sorry because as “new” as furniture may be, errors do occur occasionally during the production process.



Consider Colors

Colors are also important when buying wooden furniture because it is what confirms whether or not you have made the right choice for the right spot. Neutral colors are always a great option as they blend in effortlessly with almost any background.



10 Types Of Wood For Your Interior Design Scheme




There’s this feeling you get when you’re in your home surrounded by some well-crafted wooden furniture. Such furniture will leave memorable impressions even on your guests. This is why it’s vital to match wooden furniture with your interior. To help you make a choice, here are ten types of wood you can choose from.



Cedar Wood

Among its plethora of characteristics, cedar is well-known for being able to repel odors. It’s an excellent option for closets and can also be used in guitar-making, shipbuilding, and fencing. Furniture made from this versatile wood brings a feeling of bliss, style, and nature to our homes.



Oak Wood

The wood from oak trees can help create a spark between you and the dining tables in your dining area. Furthermore, chairs made of this wood also serve the purpose of creating a special bond with finesse and attraction.



Padauk Wood

Also known as hardwood, the padauk wood is famous for its hardened quality and heaviness. Musical instruments made out of this solid wood are highly durable and of top quality. In terms of furniture, this translates to products you’ll probably never have to replace.



Walnut Wood

Like how the seeds of the walnut tree offer an excellent taste, furniture made from this wood offer stylishness and class. Your kitchen floor would look so beautiful and durable with walnut wood, and so would furniture like rocking chairs and TV consoles. 



Teak Wood

Do you want to make your doors, window frames, and other types of furniture look majestic? Then teak wood is your answer. Teak wood furniture are desirable options if you want solidly-built furniture that have a rustic charm.



Purple Heart Wood

South Africa is the home of the purple heartwood. It speaks of sheer elegance, has great texture, and is responsible for the production of high-quality products. It is very flexible, has an authentic purple color, and will give you the exact brilliance you desire. 



Alder Wood

What do you get when you combine strength with elasticity in a wood material? The answer: alder wood. It is one of the most affordable species on this list, and is a beautiful, popular option for interior design nowadays. Furniture made from alder wood marry beauty and strength for timeless pieces you will love.



Maple Wood

Ever wondered what wooden baseball bats are made of? It’s maple wood. Maple wood is also instrumental in making well-crafted floors, furniture, and walls. If your house needs a touch of magic, maple wood can provide just that. 



Poplar Wood

Chopsticks, paper, matches, and plywood are all birthed using poplar wood. With this solid wood, you can also churn out high frames and use them for some great interior designs. Moreover, this wood is also an amazing material for home furniture pieces.



Lyptus Wood

Lyptus wood is a fusion of exoticism, naturalness, and hues that mash-up to create amazing beautiful interior designs. Furniture made from lyptus wood include doors, frames, cabinets, and floors.

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