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5 Best Floral Print Ideas You’ll Adore 5 Best Floral Print Ideas You’ll Adore

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5 Best Floral Print Ideas You’ll Adore

Written by: Sophie Thompson

Want to add florals to your house, but have no idea how? Here is our guide on subtle ways to incorporate floral prints into your home décor. Read on!

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Flowers: they’re big, bold, beautiful… and they’re making their way into your houses. Extremely versatile, floral prints can be used to decorate the walls as wallpapers, floors as carpets or cement tiles, and so on.



Whether used sparingly or in large amounts, the floral motif brings a good dose of romance and life to any room – from the bedroom to the kitchen. Wondering how best to adopt the decorative floral pattern? Here’s our guide.



Which Floral Pattern Should I Choose?

floral murals

Photo by Annie Spratt On Unsplash



Floral, Vegetal or Liberty print – there are many floral motifs in decoration. Flowers have always seduced and been an inexhaustible source of inspiration.



2019, in particular, is seeing a return of herbaria and botanical decor.



The current floral trend is a bit wilder and more varied. With the tropical theme, flora is combined with fauna to produce an exotic result.



Apart from actual flowers, printed flowers are an option too. Think imposing and graphic roses, tropical flowers etc.



What flower pattern to choose really depends upon the style you want to create, or what best matches your existing décor.



Use Florals In Small Touches…

florals in small touchs



Sometimes, less is more.



With small decorative elements, the floral pattern will bring a touch of romance to your home, without making the ambiance smothering.



If you’re just starting out, we recommend that you use florals in pastel shades to play safe.



Additionally, curtains, cushions and sofa covers are good for experimenting with as these can be changed any time.



Beware, however, of random mixtures of patterns that don’t belong together. For example, stripes and tiles rarely make good compliments to flowers.



Overall, it’s all about having a light touch on the floral print and betting on accessories.



…Or Go Wild With Them.

colorful florals



Ready to give florals a permanent place in your house? Then it’s time to invest in sustainable deco elements.



A floral wallpaper or panoramic will set the atmosphere of a kitchen.



Decorate an alcove in a living room or a room, or give the tone of your interior in an entrance or a corridor.



A bathroom can be enlivened with a wall tile or cement tile floor with flowery decor. Dining tables can be easily dressed with a table service decorated with flowers. In the bedroom, the headboard just like bed linen can be covered with a floral fabric.



Indeed, by doing so, a romantic atmosphere is guaranteed! Here are 5 subtle ways to incorporate floral prints into your house:



5 Best Floral Print Ideas You’ll Adore





There is nothing more beautiful than being able to transmit to our home the color and freshness that characterizes nature so much.



This is why floral prints, both on walls and upholstery, fill the space with color, freshness and joy. Flowers or large leaves are fashionable in wallpapers. It is best to use them as focal points, so as not to overwhelm the space.



A pattern with large flowers on something small looks modern and fresh. A large flower pattern can be used to highlight an accent wall or to add color to a particular space.



On the other hand, small flowers confer a sweet vintage feel on whichever object it is used on.



To achieve cohesion, the colors found in the wallpaper must also be consistent with the ones that are used in the room.




If you think that covering a wall with flowers is too much, there are other ways to introduce a floral print to a room.



For example, you can choose a carpet or rug with a floral pattern that matches your style. It can be something jaunty and colorful, or something more abstract and subdued.



A patterned carpet can really brighten up a room, while adding some color to your decor.



So, light up a dark or sober space of your house with a floral carpet or flower-patterned rug in beautiful pastel colors. It has an enduring charm that can give life to a home.





Yes, a floral sofa could (totally) fit into your grandma’s house. no, it doesn’t have to be old-fashioned and boring.



With the passage of time, the floral print has evolved, with new patterns and colors being created every year. This is the reason they stay trendy and never go out of style.



There are lots of new and modern prints to choose from, so take your pick. Compliment a floral sofa with a single-toned carpet, and you can achieve a balance.


The sofa is not the only piece of furniture that looks great when covered in colorful patterns. Although it is quite rare, a table can have a printed top too, so why not put florals on it?






Last but not least, we have all the accessories and little things that can be used to introduce a beautiful floral print in the decoration of a room.



This includes things like bedding, cushions, lampshades, vases and other similar things. This is the easiest way to bring nature inside and make the most of its vibrant colors.



These prints can go anywhere. For example, you have an oriental rug adorning the room. Does that mean floral cushions cannot be used?



Our answer: no. Not if they include at least two colors of the carpet and it has an open pattern (with the background clearly visible).



The mix of flowers creates energy. The key for the combination to work is the use of a matching background color.



When elements are framed by a background of neutral color, for example, it’s easy to achieve a cohesive effect.



5. How About Some Mix And Match?

mix and match floralss


When it comes to interior design, fusion styles have become increasingly commonplace in recent years.



You might, for example, be tempted to incorporate floral print into Scandinavian or even industrial decor.



A word of caution, however: due to their bright colors and patterns, floral prints might not fit well into these interior styles.





The ways to combine these small details are really endless, since we can all find a personalized decoration style that fits our taste and style.



Floral prints can be intimidating at first, but once you’re aware of guidelines, they are not difficult to work with at all. Choose florals today!

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