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30 Hanging Decorations To Beautify Your House Instantly 30 Hanging Decorations To Beautify Your House Instantly

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30 Hanging Decorations To Beautify Your House Instantly

Written by: Olivia Parker

Stunning hanging decorations that are sure to complete your home! From ornaments to tapestries, find what you need right here.

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Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year… gatherings, lots of food, and merry-making are what make holiday season so special. These are the times you’d most likely spruce up your home to make it more homely, warm, and inviting. All the preparation, however, can lead to burnout of various degrees. To help you manage your stress levels, here are 30 hanging decorations that will give your house the je ne sais quoi it needs.



Living Room




Build a gallery wall to impress, and a wall of functions that your visitors would want to emulate. Perfect for your treasured memories, holiday snaps, and family portraits, it features fast-open tabs on the back so you can switch photos quickly. The frame is a classic look that will never go out of style, adding a touch of elegance to your home decor.



Super easy to set up and install, there is a hook in each side of the picture frame back which you can use to mount the frame onto the wall in any position. Both vertical and horizontal wall displays support pre-installed hanging hardware.




This charismatic wall ornament will no doubt appeal to the romantic in you. Add a retro touch to your country cottage-inspired home with this shabby chic mason jar lights decor. With 6-hour scheduling and remote control capabilities, Mason jar lights can be turned on and off automatically, saving time and effort. With eight different lighting modes available, you can always find a mode to match your mood. All parts are made from all-natural hand-picked wood that is cut, sanded, and stained by hand. Each one is unique, and you can replace the flowers anytime you like.




Simple yet thoughtful hanging ornaments that evoke contemplation of time, space, and change, each of these pieces is handmade from hammered metal moons and iron chains. With this decorative silver banner, the phases of the moon shine to create peace and relaxation in any space. Overall, it makes a great gift to a modern boho lover, or for adding magic to your own living space.




This wood hanging shelf can be easily integrated into any room, expanding your home and adding modern flair at the same time. Display your books, lovely plants or candles, spice or coffee cup kitchens, mementos and more proudly to guests. Built with high-quality materials such as Paulownia wood and jute rope, it is long-lasting and can be easily integrated into any space, such as in-store hanging to organize special objects. Alternatively, you may find it fun to keep your plants in a garden or porch area. These hanging decoration shelves transform any small or unused room into beautiful displays. They’re especially ideal as housewarming or unique gifts for a baby shower.




A tranquil backdrop that embodies peace, warmth, and a welcoming spirit, this one is made from 100% polyester fiber and is both eco-friendly and odor-free. It is available in several awesome patterns: mandala, black and white tropical shore, abstract flower, beautiful environment, sea, world map, nebula, etc. All in all, it’s portable, decorative tapestry that’s great for a wall hanging, bedroom decorations, dorm decorations, picnic blankets, porch and other rooms, widely used on indoor and outdoors standing surfaces.




Decorate a blank standing surface with the Stratton Patina Scroll Leaf. This decorative scroll plaque is made of 100% metal with a patina-green finish and has a rescued, antique feel. For an elegant look, hang it among pieces of traditional decor. This product is crafted and painted by hand for the ultimate natural look and feel. It also comes with an attached keyhole for hassle-free hanging.




A modern take on an all-time reliable machine that provides tracking of time, this hanging decoration is created with handmade wood that is creatively designed for a modern wall clock pendulum. It uses non-toxic paint coloring, white face with black numerals for environmental protection, and is a great decorative and functional addition to any hotel, office, and living space. The clock features silent, non-ticking moving parts, thus ensuring a quiet environment. It even has aluminum clock hands that run calm and smoothly, ensuring silence and better accuracy.




Another hanging decoration that evokes peace and tranquility, enjoy the vibe this elephant wall hanging gives off and how relaxing it is to look at. The colors are vibrant and look amazing in any room. Lightweight and easily hung, elephant mandala tapestry is great for any teenager’s room. Made from 100% premium polyester for a soft feel, the kit is packed with 2 barb clips and 3 no-trace hooks, available in your colors of choice. The two ends of the wall blanket tapestry need only be attached to the wall. It is quick to put up and will not cause any damage your wall. 




This floral decor piece can be hung indoors or outdoors: it would look equally lovely whether it’s placed in the bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom, office, or on the fence of your garden. This lightweight piece was crafted to produce a lifelike spring flower pattern from layers of molded metal. The plaque measures 10×2 inches, with each metal wall art sold separately.




Ultra-modern eye candy for the 21st century home, these Giclee hanging decorations are printed on waterproof archival-quality canvas and make the perfect wall art for any room. Each canvas art panel comes with a black hook. Every piece is printed to the highest standards onto a waterproof canvas and then stretched by hand across an imported high-quality pine frame. Production invests in every step of the crafting process, to ensure your canvas is beautiful and lasts for a long time.







With this decorative gold banner, the Phases of the Moon shine, creating peace and warmth in any space. Each piece is handmade with hammered metal moons and iron chains and is as special as you are. Simple home decor for hanging as wall art or with nails, pins or hooks in any room, hardware not included. It’s the perfect present for a modern boho lover or for adding magic to your own living space. 




The dreamcatcher’s origins can be traced back to the 18th century. It was used by the Indians to catch beautiful dreams and allow the morning sun to make nightmares vanish. Item is constructed with 100% cotton woven tassels, Wood beads, Metal Moon, 100% Handmade woven. They are persuaded that the night air is full of different dreams. Only dream catchers can filter dreams. Perfect for a bedroom, a patio, a dining room, a children’s bedroom, even a wedding and a band. Bring your loved ones into a beautiful dream.  




Made of high-quality components including metal circle, plastic beads, natural white feather, and LED star lights. Feathers are fully natural, not made of plastic molds, washed and fumigated with all the feathers. After strict selection, they are about the same size and color. It’s the perfect gift for the people whom you really care about.




This stunning hanging wall of stars looks super elegant and is sure to decorate your house nicely. This stunning banner of stars will add a touch of bohemian feeling and goes well with modern or classic décor. The stars are made of wood board with gold metallic paint and an iron chain with a golden finish.



With 25 wooden gold clips, the wall decor photo organizer will give your custom wall art a makeover anytime you want by simply removing or adding images. In addition to hanging pictures, you can also share your mixed size artwork, postcards, landscape, any combination you want. Quite a versatile item with a style stars banner. Wall hanging garland with 3 different size stars is a kind of wall art, fits any home decor. A picture display for easy hanging with all the required hardware included.




Not only is this macrame hanging picture artwork a perfect way to display photos or snapshots, arts, it’s also a special wall decoration that compliments any room like a home, office, or any room. Constructed with top-quality materials, such as cotton cord and wood dowel, with 30 removable wood clips.  Beautiful, sturdy, and environmentally-friendly, it’s suitable for indoor use. This simple photo organizer provides a perfect way for individuals to mark their wonderful life details, illustrating their journey, affection, and cherished memories of a lifetime to others. 




This product is a white daylight waterfall fairy light that comes with 18 light strands and 17 light beads are included in each string. It is safe to touch and will not overheat when used for a long time. It even features a memory function that can remember the light effect settings. Whenever you turn them back on, you do not need to manually pick your preferred setting. This item is for all seasons, though it is best as a holiday add on decoration. It features 7 Changing Modes and 1 Steady-On Mode.




Never fear the darkness again, but rather enjoy a soothing, relaxing, and ever-so-calming sight of fairy lights accompanied by butterflies. The curtain fairy lights are connected by a USB cable, so it is very easy to run, operated by a power bank or any power device with a USB port.



Using mobile power, you can decorate any place you like. Energy-saving and eco-friendly and it won’t heat up even after a long time or use, so it is very safe. This item has 8 working modes, combination, in waves, sequential, SLO GLO, changing / flashing, slow fade, twinkle/flash, and steady on. Only plug a USB interface device in and press the USB button, then you can choose 8 different modes to suit your various needs. Great for both internal or external decoration.




This hanging decoration is perfect for Boho-themed decor in your bedroom, bathroom, living room, and more, adding that cozy feeling to any room. Handcrafted from natural cotton and great craftsmanship makes this custom macrame weaving exude warmth and look amazing. It fits the theme of a cute house or apartment because it’s cream and pink, while not making the room look busy at the same time.




A calming, tantric, view of the galaxy right where you’d like it to be. This purple-pink galaxy can be used as a wall hanging decor, picnic blanket, bed cover, beach towel, yoga mat, table cloth, curtain, or better. With this handmade 3D forest tapestry wall hanging, add the feel of the starry sky to your home. Made of 100% high quality and environmentally friendly polyester that is light-weight, smooth, comfortable, skin-friendly, durable, fast-drying, and non-fading. It’s great for any home due to its colorful print and ease of maintenance. 




This product may not elevate you to an ethereal plain, but it will surely organize all the supplies that you need to reach it. This Crescent Moon shelf for crystal, herbs, and essential oils, is crafted from the finest pine wood and is proven to last over 20 years. This has 5 levels to accommodate different types of hanging decorations. You can position crystals separately from each of the 7 chakras for Stone Crystals & Essential Oils wall decorations.







Welcome individuals with this decorative hanging wall sign into your kitchen or dining room. A sweet reminder to eat and be cheerful, this home design that produces a beautiful decoration for the wall. These three plaques of wall decor spell out the word “EAT’ and complement the theme of the country farmhouse kitchen perfectly. The gray wooden letters set over a distressed white finish give off an antique, vintage charm. Hang it at your next family gathering for a decidedly happy look.




Dual functioning decorations will always be a great addition to any room in your home. This one is specially made for the kitchen, to add a little chic-ness and free up storage space. Built with high-quality materials and a homie warm design that is both welcoming and useful, these farmhouse storage baskets feature a sturdy metal frame and wire design with a black finish for that rustic farmhouse look. They are perfect for your home and kitchen for showing, storing and arranging fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Organize fruit, vegetables, bread, flowers, and other items in your home and kitchen. It is possible to tie the baskets to any wall or they will stand upright on any flat table or counter.




Have fun and add character to your home décor with a cool idea. Your project begins here with sleek, inexpensive rustic shelves that provide modern design and attachment display options. Rustic wall shelving by Clarke’s Decor with a torched wood finish. The Royal Paulownia Wood has the highest strength to weight ratio of any wood in the world, and manufacturers have chosen the lightest known timber for our shelves. Our floating shelves have a unique shelf with hooks, with an optional towel bar or rod for coffee cups. Multi-purpose shelves for the office, living room, or dining room. They also work well as mini bookshelves. A great show of quality wood and carbonized metal for bathroom shelves, with solid, well-placed brackets.




Here’s an idea: why not go back to a simpler time when small pots are used to store and care for different spices? This darling decoration is reminiscent of the fabled cooking pots treasured for centuries in the Southwest – they look like they came straight from the kitchen of a Santa Fe gourmet. Four graceful earth-tone vessels are able to brighten every corner with jute hanging loops. Delightful decoration for any kitchen that features a jute hanging loop for easy display. It’s truly a wonderful gift idea for housewarmings or hiding your specially made spices.




Another multi-purpose hanging decoration that works well with any mason jar or as hanging wall storage. The spice rack is made from a combination of metal and wood, providing it a retro look that is perfect for so many hanging areas. Specially designed with a wide board to work as a seasoning rack, so you can put more of your spice jars or any other item. The board is wide enough so you can use it to put the multiple small seasoning jars or the large spice jars. The iron net of this wall mounted spice rack is made of high-quality-thick iron wire, which gives this decorative spice rack better load-bearing capacity and means it’s not easily deformed during use. To encourage customers to have more flexibility when installing the product, the wood board is not perforated and locks the screw in the most appropriate position.




This hanging decoration not only entices visitors to look at, but also encourages and welcomes them into your home. A great way to say “Happy Thanksgiving” is this turkey hanging decoration that can be displayed inside or outside, and you can put it on your front door or wall. These hanging decorations are made of sturdy, durable and attractive metal that will surely last for years. The decor is just the right size for displaying on your front door, and is clearly visible even from a distance. It features a bracket on the back, which can not only be hung on the wall for decoration but also can be placed on tables and shelves to adorn your room.




Perfect lighting decorations do not have to be fancy. In fact, they could be formal and purposefully functional. This lighting fixture is constructed from solid aluminum and its lamp holder has a stainless steel canopy to help protect it from corrosion. It serves as a perfect addition to your home or bar area decor. Purposefully designed and created for high quality and functionality. This pendant light decor is DRIVERLESS and uses the latest and most powerful technology AC LED 120V ETL and FCC listed LED board. This distinctive and patented LED board lasts a long time, thus making it possible to lessen the need to replace the bulbs very often. 




Industrial and rustic – that’s what this piece for hanging decoration is all about. To put it simply, it’s a statement piece that makes you reminisce about the good ol’ days. For a living room, kitchen island, cafe, bar, restaurant, dining room, wine cellar, kitchen island etc. the antique pendant light fixture is super magnificent. This industrial pendant light is typically designed to be adjustable. To fit your house, the detachable chain helps you to create the perfect height of the pendant light. Standard E26 holder allows you to use any bulb you want and each bulb has a limited load of 60W, more than enough to brighten any area. The 8 industrial hanging light lights are quickly mounted and the simple installation makes it easy to enjoy your new eye-catching decoration.




Basic but charming, this item exudes the warmth and simplicity of an old country home. This is a very charming 3-tier weathered rustic farmhouse ladder. Decorate your house with this distinctive torched wood ladder in a rustic farmhouse style. These shelves take up minimal space and feature 3 rungs that can be used in your bathroom or kitchen to store hand towels and washcloths. Made from Cedarwood, selected high-class cedar wood polish into a smooth surface, while retaining the natural wood grain, without any thorns and sharp parts, then a well-made ladder is completed. It is secure and easy to hang on or lean against the wall with 3-tier racks and a sturdy rope.




Handcrafted to the highest standards for decor lovers, our mason jar organizers are sure to surpass expectations. The rustic piece of wood contains four glass mason jars that are connected to removable steel clamps for cleaning and storage. They can be used for many purposes, such as storage for the toilet, kitchen planter, decoration for the hallway, candles, and more. Quick and easy to install, it comes with two keyhole slots routed into the back for a super-strong mounting flat against the wall. Give your home a wonderful outlook that encourages peace and harmony today.

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