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25 Best Bathroom Curtains For Creating A Good Feel 25 Best Bathroom Curtains For Creating A Good Feel

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25 Best Bathroom Curtains For Creating A Good Feel

Written by: Sophie Thompson

Check out these bathroom curtains that have amazing material, texture, and design. Transform your bathroom to a beautiful space in your house NOW!

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Are you setting up your new place? Or perhaps simply renovating or decorating the bathroom? Whichever it is, you’ll find that when it comes to buying curtains for your bathroom, the smallest decisions are often the hardest.




You need to consider a lot of things when choosing bathroom curtains. These include the material, texture, and design. Other important factors are the brand, the quality, and the price range.




However, with the wide variety of options in the market, the decision can be quite overwhelming. Therefore, we’ve narrowed down the list by selecting the 25 best bathroom curtains available online that you can buy right now.



25 Best Bathroom Curtain Ideas





If we are going to be talking about the best bathroom curtains, let us start with a top seller. 100% polyester and a water-repellent fabric make this curtain ideal for bathrooms. With grey stripes across the entire curtain, the fabric is opaque and elegant so it gives you privacy as well as aesthetics. To maintain even more privacy and ensure that water does not splatter everywhere, the hem is weighted to avoid the curtain from blowing off. For a sophisticated bathroom color theme, this curtain would be perfect.





If you are more of a printed-fabrics person, you will love these Morocco pearl-printed bathroom curtains. They are silver originally but come in a variety of other colors as well. You can pick and choose your favorite to go with the color theme of your bathroom. Under $30, the fabric offers durability, high quality, and eco-friendliness. 





To add a subtle color to your plain bathroom interior, this gorgeous 100% polyester print with beautiful blue gradient stripes is a stylish option to go for. Not only is it pretty, but it also offers premium quality and is very easy to machine-clean. 





Even though these curtains come in a variety of colors, the turquoise shade is the best seller. These beautiful bathroom curtains are packaged together with metal hooks and color-coordinated beads. The fabric is fade-resistant which means that it will stay beautiful and vibrant for a very long time and look good as new. Therefore, this is a good option.





If you’re into colorful, eye-catching prints, you should definitely consider this option. Not only is it beautiful with it’s a variety of vibrant colors, but it also offers premium quality, is eco-friendly, and highly durable. Besides, who doesn’t love flowers and pretty colors?





White bathroom curtains are always a statement. Add a piece of gauze to the curtain and you’ve got yourself a modernized masterpiece. This is exactly what this curtain looks like. All plain and white, it has a single strip of white gauze on the top, keeping it elegant and private but equally stylish. And apart from being creatively designed, it is waterproof, meaning the fabric will resist catching moisture and getting wrinkly and ruined over time.





If you like prints and bold buttons, merged with vibrant colors, this fabric will be your favorite. Apart from being ridiculously pretty, the material is also easy to wash, premium quality, and water-resistant. These curtains are very durable and also very thick. Moreover, the waterproof fabric prevents water from escaping and keeps your bathroom floor clean.





Apart from being waterproof and of high-quality, these modern bathroom curtains are soap-resistant and machine-washable. Plus, they are surprisingly light-weight so you can easily move them. You can also clean them very easily. But the best part is that the bold, green leaf-print looks very classy on the mildew-resistant fabric and will add a subtle hint of color to your bathroom interior decor without stealing a lot of attention.  





Another one of the most stylish bathroom curtain ideas, iDesign has created this chic yet fun design to go with your plain bathroom interior. It comes in a variety of colors but the navy and slate is our personal favorite. Plus, the fabric is durable, machine-washable, and mold-resistant. It does not wrinkle and it dries very fast. Thus, these curtains provide style, durability, and quality, all at a good price.  





If you are looking for an extremely gorgeous fabric that is water-repellent, heavy-duty, and free of chemical smells, you can consider this Eva shower curtain. The curtain has a beautiful pattern filled with shiny, light-reflecting elements, giving you the vibes of a crystal ball. The fabric is lined by three magnets on the bottom of the liner to keep it in place and prevent blowing. This feature maintains privacy and keeps your bathroom floor clean and dry.





If you like floral prints, you will definitely like this design. It comes in a variety of colors such as yellow, pink, gray, purple, blue, and a few others. The design is minimal and perfect to add a hint of color to your bathroom. The fabric is soft and good quality, too. They are a perfect way to add delicacy and elegance to your bathroom setting. 





This brand has a beautiful collection of leaf-prints in bathroom curtains, so here is another one. The green leaves fall down on the white fabric, creating a soothing and elegant ambiance around the shower. The fabric is opaque and provides privacy. Furthermore, the design is beautiful it’ll add an aesthetics touch to your bathroom. Plus, it is free of any weird, chemical smells that you might expect in a shower curtain. Hence, this shower curtain is a complete package.





Marble has always been a statement pattern and design. It screams elegance and aesthetics. And a marble-printed shower curtain is nothing less than perfection. This one by Uphome is beautiful, heavy-duty, and good quality. It comes with 10 high-quality hooks made of plastic and a weighted hem to prevent floods on the bathroom floor while the shower is being used. 





By the looks, print, and color, these bathroom curtains would be appropriate for children’s bathrooms. Apart from being fun and vibrant, these curtains are also waterproof, durable, and high-quality with HD printing on the fabric. Their water-resistant quality is favorable if you end up getting it for your kid’s bathroom.




Moving forward to the second kind of curtains in a bathroom, the following bathroom window curtains are some of the best options available in the market. 





With waffle weaves and beautiful, soothing color, this item is a stylish addition to your bathroom setting. The fabric lets a good amount of light through but maintains optimal privacy. Apart from giving you these perks, it also keeps the windows dry because of its water-repellent quality. Plus, it is also amazingly dust and wrinkle-proof. 





If you like sheer, fancy bathroom curtains, you will love this design and fabric. They come in a variety of colors, including white, pink, blue, and several others. The fabric is linen and semi-transparent with a criss-cross design so that it gives you some privacy but allows light to pass through. So, you get yourself a well-lit bathroom without anyone invading your privacy.





For people who like prints and colors, and want to ensure complete privacy in their bathrooms, these opaque and modern bathroom curtains will be the perfect way to go. Apart from the beautiful grey and silver design, they come in a variety of other options as well. However, they are not just pretty to look at. They offer high quality, ease of washing, and cost-effectiveness. 





To add a vibrant pop of color to your plain bathroom interior, you can opt for these short curtains in turquoise color. They are beautiful, durable, water-repellent, and fun bathroom window curtains. They are tier curtains so they can be used to cover half of, or the complete, window. The fabric has a waffle weave which ensures sunlight entrance while maintaining privacy. 





Again, if you have a plain bathroom setting, and you wish to add some fun to it, colorful, sheer, linen curtains are one of the most popular bathroom curtain ideas. This one by Koufall is a beautiful example. These simple yet fancy bathroom curtains are a great way to add a touch of elegance to your bathroom interior without overdoing it.





Tier curtains are a great way to have the option of covering the entire window in order to get maximum privacy as well as to let the sunshine through half of it. These modern bathroom curtains are high-quality, beautiful, and durable. They are simple, elegant, and they have waffle weaves all over the fabric. Plus, they come in a variety of colors, so you can choose your favorite according to your preferences and what your bathroom color theme looks like. 





This one is a great option for your sophisticated bathroom interior design. For starters, it is white. Secondly, it comes with ribbon tiebacks. Moreover, the fabric is elegant and high-quality. These modern bathroom curtains improve and add to the overall ambiance of your bathroom. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, the fabric is 100% PVC material, water-repellent, and very easy to clean with a damp sponge. 





One of the most popular and trendy bathroom curtain ideas is to merge sheer fabrics with embroidery. The two combine to create beautiful, elegant, and modern bathroom curtains that add aesthetics to your interior setting. These curtains by TopPick are a major example of this phenomenon. They have the perfect amount of texture and sheerness, they come in a variety of colors, and they effectively mellow the sunlight while maintaining privacy. In conclusion, they are the perfect combination of design and functionality. 





If you want to maintain both style and privacy through your bathroom window curtains, the best way to go is a semi-sheer and textured fabric. Such bathroom curtains are not only pleasing to look at but great in terms of offering both privacy without darkening out the bathroom. These curtains by RYB do all of this. They come in a variety of beautiful colors including beige, navy blue, grey, and some others as well. Plus, they are semi-sheer and linen-textured. This means that your bathroom will be well-lit but secured. 





If you want absolute privacy in your bathroom, blackout curtains will be your best choice. These double-layered curtains with sheer panels by Pony are a good option if you want complete privacy. These bathroom window curtains come in a variety of vibrant colors ranging from teal blue to red to blush pink. You can choose one according to your liking or based on what the rest of the bathroom’s color theme looks like. The design is stylish, convenient, and modern. The fabric is durable, high-quality, and very easy to clean. 





If your aesthetic sense is more vintage and country, you will love this design. The fabric is soft, good quality, and durable. You can choose from 6 different colors in the plaid pattern, and also select the appropriate size that you want. They are machine wash, high-quality cotton, and give the perfect amount of privacy while letting a little sunlight coming through. 

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