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Which Picture Hanging Hooks Are Easiest To Install Which Picture Hanging Hooks Are Easiest To Install

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Which Picture Hanging Hooks Are Easiest To Install

Written by: Ethan Hayes

Check these picture hanging hooks to keep your walls looking spotless and intact to nail a stunning gallery wall everyone would love looking at.

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Your approach to a minimalist interior design may leave walls looking elegant, yet empty. If you are considering spicing things up but within the boundaries of minimalism, then a large-scale art piece or even a picture frame is the best for your lonely walls.



As we go looking for the perfect wall decor to freshen up your space, having the best picture hanging hooks is also important to secure your prized decor.


What Are Picture Hanging Hooks?


As the name suggests, picture hanging hooks are specialized hooks made to firmly hold wall decors in place. Unlike nails and screws, picture hangers provide more holding power so you can hang DIY picture frames, murals, baskets, tapestries, and other hefty furnishings to enhance your interior.



Picture hanging hooks offer enough resistance to carry heavy wall decor without prying your walls open. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you’re worried about exposed nails that ruin the look of your interior, then decorative picture hanging hooks are your solution.


Are Hanging Hooks Bad for Walls?


Truly, there’s nothing easier than hanging a picture on the wall when talking about DIY home improvement projects. However, there’s still a right and wrong way to hang decor and picture frames.



Not having enough knowledge about the proper angle, and even ignoring the weight requirements of a hook can instantly make your home renovation a project fail. You and your visitors wouldn’t appreciate staring at a wall full of scratches, holes, and dents, so be careful!



Aside from causing an eyesore, you also wouldn’t want to dent your budget by constantly doing repaint and repair jobs for something that can easily be avoided. This is where adhesive picture hangers come into play.



Picture hanging hooks without nails can be the best alternative when you’re living in an apartment or when you just don’t want to ruin any surfaces. This does not require you to use a hammer or even drill holes; just stick it and you’re done. There are also picture hanging hooks for drywall, brick, concrete, and more, so you can pick the best hanging system for your space.


Best Picture Hanging Hooks

Hanging Kit Without Nails

Damage Picture Hangers

Monkey Hooks Picture Hangers


How To Use Picture Hanging Hooks


There are several ways to hang things up but picture hanging hooks offer another level of guaranteed safety to your decorations. There also are hanging hooks in the market that have pre-setup holes on the nail itself to achieve the right angle. This is better than risking the damage of having a nail go straight to your wall.



The first thing you need to do is to find the best spot to hang your decor. This is so you can properly measure the space for balance or outlook. Next is to mark the spots where you will be placing each of the decors. If you’re using metal picture hangers, then pre-drilling the holes are preferred, but not required when you are skilled enough to do the task efficiently and precisely. You may also refer to the instructions printed behind labels. Since metal hooks vary in features and usage, it’s best to follow the steps provided to reap optimal results.



On the other hand, plastic hanging strips don’t require any pre-drilling so you can just stick them onto the desired markings. There are also plastic hanging hooks that have pre-installed nails which are great for cinder block and hard walls. These provide a traceless picture hook if you don’t want any hardware bulging out of your gallery wall.



If you’re torn between choosing metal and plastic hanging hooks, then have a look down below. We’ve help distinguish the best picture hanging hooks to suit your wall decor ideas.


Metal Hooks vs Plastic Hooks


Choosing between metal and plastic hooks can be a lengthy deliberation. Even though both offer the same function when it comes to hanging wall decor, they have a fair share of pros and cons. To help you decide on what’s the best hanging system for your house, here is a probe on how these two differ from one another.


Metal Hooks


Metal hooks are sturdy and durable, making them a reliable option for hanging heavy frames, mirrors, and the likes. They are also strong enough to pierce through concrete. The key here is to make sure that your nail is angled around 45 degrees to prevent any cracks and damage once you hang your decoration.



Though this type of picture hanging hook can support heavy loads, they are prone to rust since they’re made of metal. If you’re not a handyman, then installing and removing metal hooks from your walls can be an added chore. You also need to learn how to apply spackle on your walls when redesigning them. If you’re just renting a space, then you might get in trouble as metal hanging hooks can destroy walls and leave marks if not installed properly.


Best Metal Picture Hanging Hooks

Glarks 500Pcs Picture Hanging Kit

30 Pieces Metal Push Pin Hangers

Heavy Duty Picture Hangers


Plastic Hooks


Plastic hanging hooks work best with lighter hanging decor. They’re cheap and especially easy to find and use since you won’t be needing any device or hardware tool to install them. Today, companies have been manufacturing adhesive hanging hooks that can hold 10 to 20 pounds of decor. Hence, they’re perfect for people who live in apartments or in households that take good care of their walls.



The downside of choosing plastic hooks is that the market is filled with hanging hooks made from cheap materials. They tend to break when used for heavy decor and can easily wear off after long periods of time. So, be sure to check the brand’s quality before hanging precious or fragile pieces onto them.


Best Plastic Picture Hanging Hooks

Invisible Nail Hangers

Traceless Hardwall Picture Hook

Command Picture Hanging Kit


How to Remove Metal Hooks From Walls


With a sudden change of mind, many find themselves tearing down decals, furnishings, and picture frames to update and spruce up their space. If this describes you, here is a short step-by-step instruction on how to remove metal hooks from your walls:


Things You’ll Need:

WORKPRO Sandpaper Pack of 24

Grit Wet Dry Sandpaper

Heavy-Duty Slotted Screwdriver

Felo Slotted Screwdriver

Pre-Mixed Vinyl Spackling

Spackle Knife


  1. Using a flathead screwdriver, gently pry until the hook becomes slightly loose. Don’t forcefully remove the hook to avoid causing more damage to your walls.
  2. Once you get a grip on the nail, gently give it a wiggle and pull it out of the hole. Some nails are hammered through the wall at a specific angle, so try to remove it the same way it was inserted.
  3. Get your vinyl spackle and putty knife. In a dragging motion, spread the putty from top to bottom until it fills the hole. Leave to dry.
  4. When the putty is fully dried, lightly sand the area to get rid of bumps and nicks. If the spackle doesn’t match the color of your walls, you can paint over it to hide the repair.


How to Remove Plastic Hooks From Walls


Plastic hooks need to be removed in a completely different manner. To avoid damage, you can follow this guide for a detailed process of removing plastic picture hanging hooks.


  1. Remove the hook from the base. To do this, just grab the hook then slide it upwards.
  2. If the plastic hook is installed correctly, you will notice a non-adhesive tab on the bottom of the base. From there, pull downwards until the base and the adhesive come off.
  3. Don’t hesitate to use a lot of force when pulling down. It’s also important to note to never pull against the wall and that you should keep one hand covered on the base to protect you from the hook.


If you’re using a tougher plastic hook, or you’re left with some broken adhesive or residue from the tape, then you can try the following method instead.


Things You’ll Need:

Isopropyl Alcohol

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Biodegradable Dental Floss


  1. Gently slide the dental floss over the hook. Make your way down slowly until you reach the bottom. This will help you make a clean removal of the plastic hook or residue.
  2. After that, use a cloth and alcohol to wipe the surface. Be patient since this can take a lot of time and nitpicking. When all is clean, you’re done!



Hanging picture frames and other decor might be the easiest way to personalize your space. The said endeavor requires you to choose the best picture hanging hooks to secure them in place, so be sure to check this list whenever you’re refurbishing your walls. Speaking of hooks, why not try these garage hooks to make your life easier when it comes to hanging and organizing your tools!

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