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20 Best Expanding File Folder That Are A Steal 20 Best Expanding File Folder That Are A Steal

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20 Best Expanding File Folder That Are A Steal

Written by: Grace Wilson

Store and keep your files safe with these expanding file folder options. At Storables, a tidy life is just one click away.

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Files folders are must-haves for important documents as they keep your papers organized and secure. Expanding files with pockets make organizing, storing, and transporting large amounts of paperwork a lot easier.



Take control of your documents by opting for expanding folders with flaps or handy desktop organizing files for extra security. When choosing an expanding file folder, you’ll need to ensure that your folder will last you for a long time. Check out the 20 best expandable file folder options below: 



20 Best Expanding File Folder That Are A Steal - Infographics




Ideal for use anywhere, this AmazonBasics expanding file folder makes it easy to get your files organized. Keep your important papers and documents neatly sorted and organized with its multiple sections.



Free from acid and PVC, it’s an excellent all-rounder for secure and long-lasting storage. Look no further than the AmazonBasics expanding file folder for a storage solution that works any day!




Whether you are on the go or simply need additional desk/shelf filing, this smart folder is the one to go for. Each folder features a unique embossed pattern that is both stylish and looks 100% professional. Rest assured that your files will be safe with this water-resistant file folder that includes white customizable tab inserts and a protective cover flap. Additionally, this tear-proof expanding file folder can be stood upright on a desk for easy access to its contents.



This sleek Five Star 6-Pocket Expanding File holds a large number of sheets, more than the capacity of a single file folder. Its six pockets allow you to organize by subject (tab inserts included) so you can label each file, whereas a patent-pending tuck-away flap increases its ease of use and access. It also has built-in notches for pen storage.



Expanding files with divided pockets are great for organizing projects, managing daily priorities, or sorting paperwork. Customize the blank tabs with your own titles, or use the pre-printed tabs as they are to sort out your monthly expenses. This is suitable for use in desktop or file drawers.





Made of high-quality and environmentally-friendly PP (Polypropylene), this sturdy expanding file folder is bound to keep your files in pristine condition. These multi-colored folders are suitable for storing all A4 files and letter-sized files. Boasting a total of 26 pockets, it can accommodate up to 3500 sheets of A4 paper. There’s no need to worry about mess in your room anymore! 





Perfect for at home, in your office, or on the road, this expanding file folder is your best bet at organizing and storing important papers. With 24 expandable pockets, this document file folder can hold cards, certificates, bills, coupons, and other equally important documents. It’s a great time-saver for any occasion!





Easily carry files to a meeting or to school with this expanding file. It provides excellent protection for pages stored inside and keeps them all neatly organized.



These cases can store 350 to 1,000 pages depending on how you want to organize your documents. Fashion-conscious individuals can opt for the file folders that feature plaid and circular designs or the variations that come in bright jewel tones.




With seven pockets, this expanding file from Five Star will help you to sort and organize your assignments, notes, reports, and other documents with ease! Finding your schoolwork will become easy with tabs that pull up to remind you of what’s filed and where. Plus, the individual tabs can be clearly seen thanks to the file’s clear cover. Use the Clearview front pocket to display your favorite artwork, selfies, or store important papers for quick access.




Expanding files with divided pockets are great for organizing projects, managing daily priorities, or sorting paperwork. Customize the blank tabs with your own titles, or use the pre-printed tabs. This product is suitable for use in your desktop or file drawers.




This expanding file folder is made from fire-resistant, water-resistant, and high temperature-resistant materials. Unlike other fireproof bags, this product features a unique double-zipper design and consists of a portable hand strap. Its design allows you to better store files and easily carry what you need wherever you go. Additionally, its A-Z labels allow you to categorize files effortlessly, saving you the hassle of having to dig through numerous documents to find what you need.




With 13 expandable pockets, this document file boasts a large capacity for you to hold your documents. Thanks to its practical and exquisite design, it’s the perfect organizer for storing important files, documents, cards, certificates, bills, and nearly everything else in one place. Easy to open and close with a tab and bungee closure, it’s great for both professional and casual usage.



Staying organized at home, in the office, or on the go has never been easier with this portable expanding file box! You’ll get either a blue or green version with your purchase (color will be randomly distributed). Not only does it have 19 pockets with divider tabs, but each one also expands up to 7/8″ to fit both letter and legal-size documents. For safe storage and transport, this file box has a handle and latch closure. 



We know how frustrating (if not impossible) it can be to try and stuff five years’ worth of files into a standard file folder. Well, this may just be the product for you! Easily store large/bulky files, medical charts, product manuals, and more in these 2’’ expanding filing folders.




Made of PP material, this sturdy folder is waterproof and able to protect documents in the long run. Not only is it very stylish, but it is also incredibly practical as it consists of 13 pockets and small colored labels to easily classify and organize files. It’s suitable for filing and storing documents that are A4-sized or smaller. Bonus is that its string buckle design helps secure the items inside.





End clutter in the house for good with the Lizz Express Blue Accordion folder. Made from a durable poly material, it’s perfect for storing important papers or documents. Its full-size flexible flap and cord closure provide added security for important files and documents. To top all of that off, 24/7 customer support is also available, so there’s no need to panic when things go wrong. 





Take your files wherever you go with this expanding file folder. Its reinforced flap with elastic cord closure adds serves as an extra layer of protection/security to the items you store inside it. Featuring double-thick front and back panels, its gussets are fully-lined with tear-resistant reinforcement material for extra durability. Not only is it made mainly from recycled content and post-consumer material, but it is also SFI Sourcing Certified. This is an environmentally-friendly choice, to say the least. 





Smead expanding files are ideal for organizing, storing, and transporting large amounts of paperwork in one go. The step-index organizer has innovative tiered tabs and a clear window on the flap which allows you to see everything at a glance. Apart from 12 pockets with clear indexed dividers, it also features an elastic cord closure for extra security.





With five individual pockets that measure 12.8” x 9.5” x 0.7” each, this expanding file folder makes sorting and organizing your papers a breeze. It’s super durable as it’s made from high-quality polypropylene (PP) material that is non-toxic, non-radioactive, and can withstand multiple uses without any issue. Stick to the safe and modern black, or go for the multi-colored pack to brighten up your space instantly.




With 25 expandable pockets, you’ll be able to easily store, file, and organize all of your important documents. Ensure that your organizer is properly closed with the special buckle closure that snaps into place. The plastic exterior ensures that water and other spills won’t stain the papers or other important items inside, while its top handle makes it easy to transport and commute with. This expandable folder measures 10 x 10 x 3.1 inches.





Pretty and functional, the Skydue File Folder is perfect for home, office, and school. It can also be gifted to someone on special occasions. It holds a maximum of 200 pages at a time and will undoubtedly make your day with its bright shades.





This accordion folder is made of high-quality PP material which is resistant to abrasion, tearing, and moisture. It will keep your documents dry and protected for long-distance transportation and storage. Whether you’re male or female, its classic appearance and timeless style will make you look more professional than ever. Choose this product for an effortless organization today.

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