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25 Best Storage Shed Kits Of All Time 25 Best Storage Shed Kits Of All Time

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25 Best Storage Shed Kits Of All Time

Written by: Sophia Turner

Instantly free up space and store more with these storage shed kits! Choose the right shed from our list of products today.

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Many people build a big house with a garage and other storage space. In time, however, these people run out of space. This makes it essential to have a storage space assigned for your tools. If you are the handy type, you might decide to build a barn to store your things. In an age where hands-on is preferred to ready-made, DIY shed kits/self build shed kits are definitely in trend. Not everyone, however, has the luxury of time.



With this, we are introducing 25 best storage shed kits for users. There are various types of storage sheds you can choose from.  They can either be made of metal, plastic, or wood, but they come with everything you need to have convenient storage shed. We will be examining the best storage shed based on users’ experience, ease of use, and customer satisfaction. And, we are confident that you will get one that will serve your needs.



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Best Storage Shed Kit Reviews



For everyone in need of classy outdoor storage to add beauty and elegance to your space and protect your lawn, Suncast is a good choice. It is big enough to house your ladders, power equipment, and many long-handled tools. Made of durable materials, it is resistant to the elements and will stand the test of time. Hence, you can use it for years to come.



The floor is stable and reinforced; therefore, it will withstand rough use. There are windows to provide ventilation for everything stored in the shed. Assembly is easy as it comes with the manual that will direct users on all they need to do. The roof is strong enough to handle snow, tree branches, etc. It is an excellent storage shed kit for every household.




In need of a tough shed to give your backyard a classic design? Try this Keter Oakland outdoor shed. It is a strong shed resistant to the elements and proven to last pretty long. There is enough storage to take care of everything you want to store inside. The floor is reinforced to withstand all your tools.



It is one of the metal storage sheds featuring double walls reinforced with steel for added strength. It features a double door that gives it the needed protection without sacrificing quality. The shed comes with windows and skylight, which gives space for natural light and adequate ventilation for all your tools. You can customize the shed to fit your taste. Assembling the storage kit will not pose any problem at all.




Here is one of the classic outdoor storage shed kits to house your tools and other materials in your backyard. It comes with many innovative features that make it attractive to users and worth getting. Users will get natural light in the shed thanks to the skylight fixed across the length of the shed.



This outdoor storage shed is pretty attractive, hence it will add color to your outdoor space. Durability is guaranteed as it features UV protection, which will prevent fading and discoloration in time. It comes with a single hinged double steel reinforced door that opens 180 degrees. The floor is made with dual polyethylene. It does not crack and is resistant to oil, stain, and slip. The roof is high pitched. This allows for easy draining of rain and snow. With heavy-duty steel trusses, the strength is superb.




In need of the perfect outdoor storage shed kit for your backyard? Arrow Oakbrook is a terrific choice. This is the ideal storage shed if you want to build something helpful to store your tools. Assembling this storage shed kit will not pose any problem as everything you need comes supplied with the kit. It comes with a high gable roof for extra storage alongside a headroom, which makes finding your things easy.



The door is wide enough to accommodate heavy-duty tools. You get a storage space of 769 cubic feet, giving you enough space to store your tools, garden equipment, bicycles, and bike. This outdoor shed is visually appealing and will surely add color to your outdoor space. The components are protected from damage that might come from unkind weather, extreme temperature, insects, and rots. The design features a high gable steel roof giving it additional strength.



Lifetime Outdoor storage shed is a terrific option for everyone in need of good storage for their tools, bike, and bicycle. Featuring 10 feet by 8 feet, it can accommodate the majority of your tools. It features two side windows for enough ventilation, four corner shelves, a large and small skylight for natural lighting in the shed. It comes with two sets of doors for easy ingress and egress.



The storage shed features UV protection to guard against damage from the elements. For everyone in need of a low maintenance storage shed kits, this is a good idea. The roof drains water and snow away easily. The door is protected against oil, stain, and other solvent and does not slip. It is one of the metal shed kits featuring strong reinforced steel construction that will stand the test of time.




Here is another top-rated storage shed kit that is easy to assemble. For everyone that needs extra space in their backyard as a barn to store tools, Fast Framer Universal Storage Shed Framing Kit is a good choice. The kit comes with everything you need for a seamless assembly. The parts are made with a galvanized steel plate that will neither corrode or rust. With this, the shed will stand the test of time. However, it does not come with lumber and roofing materials.




Arrow Hamlet storage shed is one of the top storage shed kits available for everyone. It is the perfect kit to store your tools, garden equipment, pool supplies, etc. This shed is highly durable and treated with zinc to make it resistant to corrosion.



Also, it will not break down due to rots, insects, and unfair weather conditions. It is easy to assemble as all you need comes with it, besides, the materials are precut. This storage shed gives 230 cubic feet of storage material. The efficient roof design ensures that there is no stagnant water or snow on the roof. You can lock the door to keep your items safe and secure.




The Rowlinson Wooden Outdoor Storage Shed is the right storage system for outdoor tools, pool equipment, bikes, and others. This is a practical outdoor storage shed that will add color to your outdoor space and with lots of usefulness for everyone. Made with a waterproof material, it will resist the elements. The kit comes with everything you need to assemble it, and you can do this with simple DIY tools. There is also a PDF manual that guides the user on the installation. It can house outdoor bikes, farm, and pool tools.




In need of strong metal shed kits for your outdoor space? Palram Skylight is a terrific choice. It is the ideal choice for organizing your tools and equipment safely outdoors. This is a skylight shed that will last for many years to come. Made with a reinforced aluminum frame, you are assured of years of maintenance-free usage with this storage shed kit.



The roof is made with a polycarbonate panel that allows natural light inside. It is a beautiful shed that will complement your outdoor space. You get 740 cubic feet of storage space with this storage shed. It is easy to assemble and comes with all the parts you need for a seamless assembly.




For everyone in need of an outdoor shed to customize to their taste, Keter Patio is a fantastic choice. This is for everyone that needs a pretty spacious outdoor storage shed to house their pool equipment and garden tools. You can keep all your stuff away from harsh weather with this storage kit. It is made with resin construction, which makes it weather resistant.



With this, it will not peel, rust, fade, or deteriorate. There are adjustable brackets to support extra shelves. You can lock it as it works with a standard padlock for added security. You can also easily paint this storage shed, giving it the perfect color to blend with your space.




Arrow is one of the top metal storage sheds made with galvanized steel. It is easy to assemble and features fewer parts, which translates to reduced assembly time. You get a pretty strong shed that has been reinforced with steel walls.



This outdoor storage shed is a good idea for everyone looking for a shed to complement their outdoor space. It is fully framed, hence has no exposed panel end. Gable vents allow for adequate ventilation. The shed has walls 65 inches tall. This gives enough room for everything you need to store, including long tools. It is durable and will stand the test of time.




Keter Manor is the ideal outdoor tool to protect your tool and other equipment. It is strong with high-quality materials that will resist the elements. This is a compact plastic shed that will complement every outdoor space users might have. It is the perfect small storage shed for people with limited outdoor space.



The general storage capacity is 131.8 cubic feet. Durability is high and guaranteed as it is resistant to the elements. As a result, it will not rust, peel, or fade. You can have your wheelbarrow, lawnmower, pool, and yard tools in here. It installs on the ground surface and has a window that provides needed ventilation for stored items.




Keter Factor is one of the top-rated storage shed kits for everyone that needs a safe place for their tools, toys, and household items. Made with a heavy-duty polypropylene resin, this shed resists the elements and it will neither rot, nor rust.



This is a high-quality shed that will stand strong against every weather and climate condition. There will not be any instances of cracking or bending. It is made with strong plastic that has been processed to withstand all forces. With a capacity of 265 cubic feet, it can house the majority of your tools. There is also a skylight that reflects natural light, and a window for adequate ventilation.




Leisure Season is a small storage shed that will not occupy much space in your backyard. It comes in the form of a multi-shelf storage shed and cabinet for users to organize their tools and accessories. It is strong and made from a protective acrylic coating. This makes it resistant to decay and other deterioration.



This outdoor storage shed is really attractive and will add color to your outdoor space. You get a drop table with many interior shelves. You can also organize items like rakes, gloves, cutlasses, hammer, shovel, and spade in it.




For everyone in need of a large, durable outdoor storage shed, Suncast Covington is a terrific choice. This is a 7 by 10 inches storage shed that is durable and classic. It is strong and will add color to your outdoor space. The floor is heavy duty and will withstand bulky items like mowers, ladders, and other tools. It features a double-wall door with metal reinforced.



There are hooks and shelves in the store for extra storage. It is the perfect storage kit to organize all your stuff. Assembly is easy as it comes with everything you need cut to size. It is also easy to use and compatible with all versions of Suncast Shed.




This outdoor shed kit comes with everything you need to make the perfect shed. It is strong and classic. Everyone in need of extra space for their bike, outdoor tools, power equipment, and pool materials will find this shed useful. It comes with a detailed instruction that guides you on how to build it, including a step by step instruction guide. You can build the shed to any length you want (up to eight feet). Made with heavy gauge structural resin, all materials are strong enough to withstand the weather.




Palram is the perfect outdoor storage shed kit to organize your stuff. The shed is made with reinforced aluminum and polycarbonate, which gives it superb strength. With this, you get a strong storage shed that will stand the test of time with little maintenance required. You will have a durable and rigid shed once assembled. It features a skylight polycarbonate roof that allows natural light inside. This is, however, opaque from outside, giving you and your tools the needed privacy.



Palram features vents, both front, and back for maximum ventilation. This high-quality shed will withstand the elements – water, high temperature, snow, and hail. It will add beautiful color to your backyard. It is easy to assemble and comes with everything you need to make this possible.




Measuring 10 by 8 feet, this is a DIY wood shed kit recommended for everyone in need of a perfect storage system for their outdoor space. This is a classy storage shed kit that will add class and sophistication to your outdoor space. It comes with double doors, giving you access to all your tools.



You can customize the interior by adding shelves, a hanger, and whatever you want in it. With simple house tools like a hammer, tape measure, screwdriver, and a step ladder, you can easily assemble these storage sheds. There are gable vents that give the needed ventilation for your stuff. You can easily store your mower, wheelbarrow, bicycles, and other tools.




For everyone in need of an external storage system in their outdoor space, Arrow WR65 is a terrific option. This beautiful storage shed kit will add class and style to your backyard. It is made with processed wood grains that have been treated to resist insects, rust, and all forms of degeneration. It also features electro-galvanized steel, which prevents corrosion. The wood comes with everything you need for simple and seamless assembly. It features a sliding door for easy ingress and egress. With this storage shed kit, you get over 400 cubic feet of storage space – enough for your tools and all.




Made with strong and unbreakable polycarbonate and reinforced aluminum frame, Palram skylight is one of the top small storage sheds designed for users. This is a shed you will enjoy for many years to come as it is maintenance-free and guaranteed to last. This is a strong storage shed that is strong and rigid when installed.



It can withstand the elements and forces of weather will not damage it. You get enough airflow thanks to the front and back vents. The polycarbonate panels are protected from UV rays as well. It comes with a skylight roof which transmits natural light inside the shed. Assembly is easy as it comes with everything you need to make this possible.




For people in need of small storage sheds, Goplus Garden Storage Shed is a terrific idea. It is the perfect storage place for your garden tools and equipment, mowers, spades, and others. Made of high-quality fir wood, durability is guaranteed and will stand the test of time.



The storage shed comes with a double door; hence access to the shed will be easy. It attaches firmly to the ground and will withstand all elements and weather. It also features a black asphalt roof that will not hold water, so your tools are protected against rain, gale, and snow. There are shelves of various sizes in the shed, which allows you to store all you need inside. The shed attached tightly to the ground; hence the shed will last pretty long.




To everyone in need of the perfect outdoor storage system to house your garden tools and farm equipment, Suncast Cascade is a terrific option. This is a top-rated storage shed kit that offers a storage space of 171 cubic feet. There are double doors for easy ingress and egress of big items like ladders.



The construction material is strong, durable. It is made of blow-molded resin, which makes it easy to clean and it is resistant to rot and rust. Every part of the storage shed kit is strong and will stand against the elements. This is a beautiful shed that will spice up your backyard. The floor is heavy duty and constructed to support heavy equipment, and it is also resistant to stain.




Suncast Cascade is a perfect solution for everyone who is pressed for storage space in their yard. If you want to build a tough shed that will withstand the elements and various forms of weather conditions, Suncast Cascade shed kit is a terrific choice.



This is a 7 by 7 feet shed that offers 322 cubic feet of storage space. With wide double doors, users can easily move in large items for storage. There is a window that allows for ventilation of stored items. Made of resin, it is easy to clean. It features a hardened weatherproof roof that will not lose its integrity from rain, snow, and sunlight. You have two skylights; hence visibility is not a problem in your shed. It is water-resistant and also protected from UV radiation. There are spaces to build shelves if you need to organize your tools inside.




Duramax Woodbridge is a huge storage shed for everyone who needs extra storage space in their backyard. This is a high-quality storage shed kit made from strong and durable material that will stand the test of time. Not only will it store tools and garden or farm equipment (wheelbarrow, ladder, mowers, spade, cutlass, sprayer, etc.), it can be used as an activity room.



It features reinforced wall columns, which gives added strength and rigidity. You can add shelves and a hanger in it for added storage options. Assembly is easy as the kit comes with all you need to set this up. The material is resistant to rust, dent, and insects.




Finally, on our list of top-rated storage shed kits, we have Arrow LX108. Here is a big storage shed measuring 20 by 8 feet with a storage size of 487cubic feet. It will easily store all farm, garden, and pool tools with enough height (7 feet) for workspace. The storage shed kit comes with all essential parts precut, which makes assembly easy. The parts are galvanized and treated, which gives a strong storage barn that will last many years to come.



Buying Guide: Choosing Your Storage Shed Kits

Storage Shed


For everyone that needs extra storage space in their backyard, a storage shed kit is a terrific idea. We have considered the top storage shed kits available. This section will explore some of the top factors you should consider before selecting your storage shed kits.



1. Shed Type and Styles

If you need a simple shed in their backyard for farm and garden tools, a cedar garden tool is a terrific idea. They are small in size with a window for extra ventilation. For people that need a big shed that will house benches, power tools, mowers, pool equipment, etc., we recommend a metal shed as it comes with the needed strength. A big shed with a double door is a good idea as well.



2. Location of the Shed

Before thinking of where to have your shed, you should consider some factors. Easy access to your shed is important to prevent you from carrying supplies and tools around the yard. Also, take note of trees. You do not want your shed near big trees as a falling branch might pose a hazard. In locating your shed, it is a good idea to avoid areas with stagnant water as well. The area with some shade is a good idea. Excessive sun, while it will not cause any visible damage, could result in an excess buildup of heat in your shed.



3. Shed Foundations

This is one of the most important parts of your shed. You can have various foundations for different types of sheds. Some examples are:



  • Gravel Foundation: This is pretty cheap and the simplest option to consider. All you need is about three inches of gravel. Level it on the designated space and anchor the shed well to secure it.
  • Concrete Slab Layer: This is a strong and durable foundation you should consider for your shed if you have the means. Your shed will seat comfortably on the ground with little tendency of any structural movement. It is expensive but pretty reliable as it gives a secure fit and also prevents moisture from infesting your shed.



4. Get Info on Restriction and Building Codes

On deciding on the size and location of your shed, an idea of the building codes and local restrictions in place also matters. While many codes exempt small storage sheds from this restriction, you are better off checking to be sure. The restriction varies by state. There are states that need permits for outdoor storage sheds of more than three meters, with a length of 10.2 meters.



5. Installation Requirement

There is a big probability that your shed will not come already assembled. With this, you have the option of DIY assembly or using the services of a pro. For people that are not good with tools, a professional can help with the installation process. However, for people that are handy, they can save money and order storage shed kits. It comes with pre-assembled parts and instructions to guide users on assembly instruction. Also, make sure the assembly guide is detailed. If possible a pictorial guide will help.



6. Materials

Majorly, sheds come in three materials – wood, metal, and plastic. Woodshed comes with a stud frame covered with plywood. Such a shed does come with plywood sheathing. They also have wood roof frames and use standard roofing materials like shingles. Metal storage shed comes with a simple metal framework and could be coated with factory painted vinyl coated metal. Plastic shed uses PVC or other plastic-type and needs little or no maintenance.




We have examined several types of storage shed kits for anyone looking for extra space in their backyard. We are confident you will have a good time using these kits, and they will add color to your backyard.

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