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Benefits Of Using A Plastic Outdoor Storage Bench Benefits Of Using A Plastic Outdoor Storage Bench

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Benefits Of Using A Plastic Outdoor Storage Bench

Written by: Oliver Mitchell

A plastic storage bench comes with different benefits. Here are all the reasons why you should have a plastic outdoor storage bench at home. Take a look!

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Outdoor furniture that comes with an option to store your stuff is an excellent addition to any yard or patio. Generally, there are three types of options to choose from – metal, wood, and plastic. However, a plastic outdoor storage bench is the perfect solution for all your storage woes. If your patio or yard doesn’t have furniture in the shape of an outdoor storage bench, you must include it immediately. 



These storage options help to keep all the stuff organized besides being highly functional. In this article, you will find the top ten reasons to buy a plastic outdoor storage bench. Apart from that, some of the best products are also mentioned below.




Benefits Of Plastic Outdoor Storage Bench

Storage Bench


Read along to know all the benefits of the most comfortable outdoor storage bench.



1. Easy On The Pocket



Plastic outdoor storage sheds have the primary benefit of being easy on the pocket. These are much less expensive than the wooden or metallic versions, though they perform an almost equally good job. Besides, they do not require much care and withstand rain and snow with ease. Additionally, you wouldn’t face problems like loosening joints or paint, for years at a time.



2. Plastic Benches Last For Years

When it comes to durability, plastic outdoor storage benches fare no less than its competition. Most of these are made of durable polypropylene that lasts for years, even when placed in the sun or rain. Besides, some of the benches also come in fade-resistant coating and stay as new for long periods. 



3. Versatile Storage Options

The plastic outdoor storage benches can be used for a variety of purposes. You can use them to store cushions and sheets to outdoor umbrellas, depending on the size. Some people even use them to store firewood or gardening equipment. Apart from storing stuff, you can use them to bring more color and texture into your outdoor space. 



4. Easy Assemble

Plastic benches are always easy to install, whether it’s an extra-large outdoor storage bench or a smaller version. Besides, you will seldom require the help of another person. But you will not need to hammer any nails or pick heavyweights. Most storage benches are just like a piece of the puzzle that can be assembled by easy instructions. 



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5. Portability

Plastic outdoor storage benches are easy to carry from one place to another, thanks to their lightweight materials. Dispensing on the size, only one or two people can easily move these garden benches. The same can not be said for the metal or wooden benches, which undoubtedly have a lot of weight. 



6. Flexible Designs

Since the Plastic outdoor storage bench is made by pouring the molten materials into a prefabricated mold, they come in many design options. So that means you can buy a plastic outdoor storage bench that looks like metal or wooden bench. Therefore, you get the look and feel of a pricey bench at half or less cost. Additionally, there are several color options to pick from. 



7. Low Maintenance

Outdoor benches are relatively low maintenance and only require regular cleaning. Besides, you need not buy any harsh chemicals, because only water and mild detergent will do. The plastic surfaces being smooth leave the stains pretty quickly and without much effort. On top, there is no need to paint, or polish the surface, because just wiping will bring back its grace. 



8. Safe And Anti Theft

Many outdoor benches also come with inbuilt locks or provisions for padlocks. This means that if you feel insecure about the items you store in these benches, you can lock them. And therefore, your things stay safe, and you need not worry about taking them indoors for safety. 



9. Waterproof

Plastic outdoor storage benches are obviously waterproof and will suffer little to no damage when kept outdoors. They are also safe from rotting and rusting, though they may suffer some wear and tear with time. 



10. Can Be Used Indoors As Well

Of course, there are no rules that an outdoor bench can be used outdoors only. If you have the need to use aPlastic outdoor storage bench indoors, feel free to do so. You can use them to keep kids’ toys or in your reading room to store your stash of books. Or perhaps in the storeroom to store your not so frequently used items. 



So if so many benefits for a plastic outdoor storage bench have wooed you already, here are some of the best options.




Best Plastic Outdoor Storage Benches:

Here are the best plastic outdoor storage benches that will liven up your space as well as provide comfy storage. Have a look!



1. Keter Eden 70 Gallon Storage Bench




If you are searching for a durable best outdoor storage bench, Keter is one of the best brands. For instance, this Keter outdoor storage bench comes with a weather-resistant resin construction that will make it last for years. Besides, it comes with a storage capacity of about 70 gallons hidden beneath the seat. 



However, the best part is that it is designed to look like a wooden bench, though it will never rust or rot. And it will be easy to match with the wooden outdoors. Besides, you can keep your things safe by locking it with a padlock. 



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2. Ulax Rattan Style Bench




The Rattan Style Bench is by Ulax Furniture is style mixed with convenience. It comes with handles, which makes it easy to carry around. This outdoor bench with storage is constructed with all-weather and UV-resistant wicker in the bronze shade. Apart from that, the cushion of this bench is super comfy and is made up of exclusive fabrics making it very durable and functional. You can use it to store outdoor furniture and garden necessities. Not only that, but the storage space can also be used to store pool accessories. 




Once you assemble this waterproof outdoor storage bench, it can easily support two people’s weight even if it is filled with all the clutter. However, joining it is the real deal, and once it is complete, you can keep this pretty piece of furniture right in your porch for some aesthetic feels.



3. Outdoor Bench Ploy Rattan 




From your garden furniture cushions to pillows or extra blankets to towels, everything has a place now. Outdoor bench with storage is truly versatile since it has a high load-bearing capacity. It is crafted beautifully with a modern design that will suit your outdoor living space with elegance. Made from a durable and high-quality poly rattan, this extra large outdoor storage bench has a sturdy powder-coated steel frame.



4. Outdoor Loveseat




For an organized and cool patio or outdoor area, add this four-foot-wide outdoor loveseat. It is the perfect storage space-saver, which helps to maintain all the outdoor equipment with ease. You can store grill accessories, seat pillows, and toys. This outdoor bench with storage is built with durable material and strong construction, offering supreme protection from the wind so that it doesn’t move around. With this amazing storage idea, there is no need for additional maintenance. 



There is also a basket underneath, which provides huge storage space. It is comfortable and makes sure to tidy every little thing that may clutter in the outdoor space. You can even store swimming pool products and snow equipment, which are a little heavier than other things. This waterproof outdoor storage bench ensures to keep all your stuff dry while protecting them from other elements. The outdoor storage bench provides enough space for two adults and is easy to assemble as well. 



5. Padded Outdoor Storage Bench




The moment you lay your eyes on this beautiful outdoor patio storage bench, you will immediately fall in love with it. This padded bench is constructed for maximum durability and provides ample space for two adults. With this bench, you won’t have to worry about the maintenance from leak, dent, or even change of weather. Therefore, you can make use of it throughout the year. It keeps all your stuff within your reach. 




Assemble it within a few minutes and store all your outdoor stuff, including your kid’s toys and gardening tools. This compact outdoor storage option is ideal for small patios, decks, and porches. Pop it with few cushions and enjoy your outdoor time with this cute plastic storage bench.



6. Loveseat With Storage



This Suncast storage bench is the most stylish seating option for any patio or deck. The pretty white color adjust to any outdoor space and adds more aesthetic to enhance the overall look of your outdoor space. The storage box is located just under the seat and has a capacity to hold around 23-gallons. Therefore, you can easily store all your patio accessories that conveniently holds the seat cushions. Whether the temperature outside is cold or hot, this outdoor storage bench is built to withstand any weather conditions. 



Forget about warping, rusting, and dust, and enjoy quality time with your family on this bench. Another feature of this bench that makes it a great deal is its ergonomic structure. It is contoured and provides extreme comfort and support, so you don’t feel restless or tired. The all-weather resin material resists any stain and makes it easy for cleaning.



7. Keter Resin Deck Storage Bench




There are times when unnecessary stuff takes over our deck or patio. Therefore, what we need is a Keter outdoor storage bench, which is attractive and multifunctional. The bench makes for a perfect outdoor storage solution besides bringing more aesthetic to your house. It helps to keep the garden tools and sporting and pool accessories organized. When you close the lid, the plastic deck box helps to keep all the content safe and well-ventilated. 




Apart from that, it also doubles as a workspace, a seating spot, and a table whatever you like. The interior of this storage option is very large, which helps to store even the most cumbersome objects that take a lot of space. Besides being easy to assemble, the Keter outdoor storage bench is made from non-toxic and recyclable material. Therefore, it is both affordable and eco-friendly. You can clean the bench with a damp cloth, and your work is done!



8. Suncast Patio Outdoor Bench




This pretty patio bench has a remarkable capacity to hold; around 50-gallon. You can keep this Suncast storage bench in your front yard, deck, patio, shed, or even the garage. Made from water-resistant polyresin helps prevent fading and rust from increasing the longevity of your outdoor storage box. The multipurpose storage option helps to store anything and everything. You can even adjust it inside your living space and add a little drama to your surrounding. Assemble it under 5 minutes without any tool and make space for all your necessary items. 



9. Outdoor Storage Chair




Enhance the comfort of your outdoor living area with the Suncast storage chair, which is the perfect addition to any deck or patio. It has an exclusive Java wicker pattern that makes it more alluring than the rest of the options available in the market. This outdoor storage has a storage capacity of 11-gallons, which caters to hold seat cushions and other small accessories. It is constructed by keeping all the weather conditions in mind. Therefore, even if your chair stays in the rain or sun for a longer time, there is no reason for you to be worried. 



10. Keter Circa 37 Gallon Round Deck Box




Made with a weather-resistant resin with an appealing texture, the Keter Circa Deck Box has a very attractive look and feel. It is capable of storing 37 gallons of the stuff and keeps it safe from outer elements. It is weather-resistant, meaning that there will be no issue when it comes to rusting or denting. The two-in-one patio table also serves as a great option to keep essential stuff on top.



We hope that this outdoor storage bench buying guide helps you choose the best outdoor furniture for your house. The ones made from plastic are durable and also come in various sizes and designs to add a more pleasing and neat vibe in your surrounding.

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