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50 Garage Storage Shelves For Effortless Organization 50 Garage Storage Shelves For Effortless Organization

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50 Garage Storage Shelves For Effortless Organization

Written by: Isabella Mitchell

Preserve memorabilia, maximize your space and enhance its appearance with these compact yet reliable garage storage shelves!

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If you belong to a typical, traditional family, the chances are that every room of your house is well decorated except the garage. This space is one of the most neglected spots in almost every house. In fact, one of the most nostalgic features of a home is a messy, unorganized garage. Sad but true.



However, organization and storage were not as simple ten years ago as they are now. Today there are tens and hundreds of ways to assemble your stuff and make your garage look neat. Various kinds of shelves can maximize storage garage and give you more space to store your stuff.


For a lot of us, our garages seem like the best place to dump all of the stuff we don’t like lying around the house and before you know it, it’s become a messy storage room instead of a functional garage. Keeping your garage free of clutter can be tricky but it’s also incredibly important to do this because you can’t exactly properly park your car if there are boxes of stuff everywhere. You’ve probably seen tons of garages even in television shows and you can visibly see them struggling to keep it organized; usually by stacking boxes along the walls which is frankly a very unstable way of organizing.



At any moment, those boxes can really just come crashing down and cause some expensive damage to your cars. Having all these boxes of clutter is also a good way to get vermin and all sorts of pests to take root in your home. After all, these are dark and possibly damp places which are heaven for these living things and that brings with it all sorts of other problems. Do yourself a huge favor and invest in the best storage shelves for garage that will work best for you as well as the things that you plan to store. You would actually be so surprised if you knew how beautiful and spacious your garage can actually be!





Dewalt is an established brand when it comes to heavy-duty products, so it doesn’t come a surprise at all that they’ve come up with  garage storage shelves that live up to its name. In spaces like a garage, we usually do not have to be so particular with motifs and colors, especially since most garages are designed to simple to save on cost. This bright yellow shelving will give your garage a pop of color and is also easy to identify in the dark.





If you’re looking for a more subtle finish, garage storage systems also come in a neutral metal finish such as this one from Amazon Basics. It has a lightweight frame with plenty of storage space, and its clean lines and shiny appearance make it excellent as a storage system in your bathroom or pantry. The silver tone is friendly to the eyes and overall, it’s the perfect shelf to compliment a simple space.





Wall-mounted shelving is a great option, especially when you’re dealing with limited space. Full cabinets tend to occupy a large footprint and for some, this just won’t fit into your car. Instead, you should consider making use of vertical real estate (something we often overlook). Instead of building horizontally, build vertically and you would be shocked at how much you can achieve.





Visibility is always good in a place that tends to be dark, like a garage. This option doesn’t shine bright yellow to make itself known but instead has nice yellow accents on its sides for greater visibility. When you park your car, you’re much less likely to crash into it because its yellow plastic material is bound to reflect light. This design also features thick shelf panels to ensure that it can support large and heavy loads.





The metal-and-wood combination is always a safe bet if you want a beautifully neutral piece of furniture. You can also have this motif in your garage! Here, we have slatted posts in a dark gray powder finish which is then offset by a warmer wood-toned composite shelf panel. This design is particularly perfect for adding a rugged look to your garage.




Whether it’s old things in storage or power tools for DIY projects at home, keep your clutter hidden by getting a garage cabinet that can be completely enclosed to house your things. This plastic cabinet comes in a combination of gray and black which will blend seamlessly into your garage and not make itself stand out. In this case, you don’t really want your clutter cabinet to emphasize its size as it could make the room feel small and even slightly claustrophobic.





Take your vertical storage game to the next level by using overhead shelving for your garage. If you have a high ceiling or if your car is just a sedan, this would be a great way for you to maximize every square foot of your space. Usually made from steel, overhead shelves can be a lifesaver and they’re incredibly sturdy despite being lightweight.





If you do more than just park your car in your garage, mobile furniture is your best bet. If you have a workshop there, you might need to move your tools around and other things from time to time, so wheels will no doubt make your life easier. Have them beside you while you work to keep everything within an arm’s reach while you conveniently stow them away to keep your garage as spacious as possible.




Your metal garage storage shelf can also come in bright exciting colors to liven up an otherwise uninspiring space. This bright red finish on the metal is so edgy and cool, it reminds us of a fight scene from a Mission Impossible movie. Looks aside, if you don’t require a lot of storage space, this design by Craftsman offers a low-type shelving option too. This is also expandable if you change your mind, so you’ll have tons of room to work with.





Your large enclosed cabinet can also be made mobile by adding casters on its bottom. Now that it’s easily movable, it can pretty much store anything you want: not just tools or old stuff, but even party materials or generally things that you need to put away after use. For example, you can store everything you need for parties and gatherings here and then put it all back in the garage after you’re done for a swift and easy clean-up.





If you have a ton of stuff, one cabinet or shelf might not cut it. Why not consider getting these giant garage storage shelves with four whole bays? This can easily fill up one wall and look like it was custom-made. It also sports a super neutral color combination so it doesn’t clash with anything in your garage. You’ll definitely have all the storage you could want with this baby.




Given the right amount of shelving, your workstation can be its very own storage space. This is a particularly smart way to keep all your tools within arm’s reach while working but still keep them neatly stowed and arranged for whenever you might need them again. In terms of aesthetics, the black metal framing combined with the textured wood boards combine fashion and functionality – the design is so chic and on trend!




Instead of having a lot of overhead shelves which tend to be on the slim side, why not opt for a large square one to keep everything in one place? This way, you can keep this at the center of your garage than have shelves around the perimeter of the space. The white painted metal (as opposed to black) also gives it a brighter and lighter look.





Your cleaning materials and gardening tools probably won’t all fit on a shelf, so why not get a more specialized storage system for them? If you pile your shovels and brooms onto a shelf, getting them for use can be difficult also very dirty. Having them stacked on each other will have dust and dirt raining on you when you take something out. This wall-mounted garage rack will keep them organized and safely in place, so you can easily take them out without any muss or fuss.




Resin construction is particularly popular when it comes to materials used for furniture in yards and garages because they have the sturdiness of plastic or metal but don’t possess the same visual weight. They’re not super shiny like metal or plastic and can almost fool you into thinking they’re other types of materials. They’re incredibly easy to clean and come in all sorts of nice neutral tones. This design is ideal if you want to maximize the vertical space in your garage while maintaining an open footprint.




If you like to store your things in boxes or bins, you can also keep them neatly arranged in a bin rack such as this one. These are evenly spaced and designed to keep boxes firmly in place as well as satisfyingly symmetrical to the eyes. It’s simple and well-thought out in terms of design – the white painted metal frame makes it look lightweight and visually pleasing.




If you fancy yourself a craftsman in the garage, you might need a better place to store your lumber and other similar board products instead of having them lie on the ground with their backs leaning haphazardly against the walls of your garage. This can be dangerous as they can slip easily and hurt someone if you’re not careful. These wall mounted racks are perfect for holding your boards and planks in place until you need them, without having to fear that they’ll be in someone’s way.




Garage racks for large tools also come in a more secure two-tier design, such as this one from Rubbermaid. The great thing about this tool rack is that it has a convenient catch plate at the bottom to keep your floor from getting dirty from whatever may fall off from your brooms, shovels or other tools. This way, you’ll have a standard station to keep all of your home gadgets.




If you prefer to keep things simple or just do not have space to spare inside your own garage, consider opting for tool hooks that keep your things in place while taking up the least amount of space possible. These hooks will blend into the shadows but are quite safe to use with their dulled-out edges. You can also space out the racks to store long tools horizontally.





The world of garage storage shelves is mostly populated by really rugged designs that try to emphasize sturdiness and/or durability. However, if you’re someone who’s looking for a more refined and modern form, we also have something for you in this list! This design is made of plastic but with flat and matte finishes that looks clean and refined, it could also earn a place in your living room or even in your bedroom!





Your wall-mounted shelves can have a very cool industrial look complete with metal suspenders that are reminiscent of a cool superhero hideout (e.g. Bat Cave, where Batman crafts his amazing tools). This garage shelf if particularly different from others because it uses tension supports instead of angle bars to support its bottom.




Simple and clean is always an unbeatable look, so everyone is going to love this cabinet design by Prepac. Crisp matte white with tiny silver metal hardware makes it look so sleek and effortless that it would be hard to believe this was a place to store your stuff (e.g. items, equipment) in the garage. There’s no doubt anyone will love this simple garage storage system. It would look just as stunning in your bedroom or bathroom.




Another piece of clutter we tend to underestimate is the water bottle! Before you know it, they can pile up and soon form an army of water bottles lining your garage. You can easily take care of this problem by having a rack that’s specially designed to keep them in place. Especially when they’re empty, water bottles are so light that they can be carried around without any difficulty. This can cause plenty of accidents to occur. So buy yourself some peace of mind with this black metal beauty today!




Don’t be fooled by its slim black frame – this metal garage storage shelf was design to hold up to 1000 pounds of stuff because of how its framing was designed. It will also help keep your items portable because of the caster wheels at the bottom of its legs. Also, if you don’t need to use it anymore, you can easily put it away by folding it back up: it’s quick and easy!




Who says plastic furniture looks cheap? The way you style it can make a world difference! Here, we have a fully plastic garage cabinet to store anything from old things to cleaning necessities. When paired with the right materials and good lighting, your garage storage systems can look like they came straight out of a interior design magazine.





Why not make a more classy choice with this white-and-gray design from Plano Molding? Your garage will surely look stylish while keeping clutter away from the floor in this 4-tier storage shelf. I think we can also appreciate its smooth and refined edges instead of the typical perforated metal design which can be really heavy on the eyes.





You can further maximize the space on your shelves by incorporating trays into them. In this case, it already includes different sizes of trays to properly store different types of objects. Since shelving are just open spaces, it can be underutilized and your things can end up falling all over one another. To keep this from happening, you can include organizer trays and bins just like this one!





Here’s another wall-mounted garage rack design you might like! This design incorporates thin metal bars at the bottom to create an almost-floating effect which is then contrasted by a really rugged design. This shelf is quite spacious, too, so it can hold small bikes or large tools to keep your garage floor free from unwanted clutter.





Finding a good storage product for our outdoor activities is often a challenge. How many times have we accidentally stepped on a ball in the garage or gotten caught in hockey sticks no one ever uses? There’s actually also a handy rack that’s specifically designed to keep these things neatly stored or even displayed! Got autographed basketballs? Hang them proudly on this garage rack with specialized slots to carry everything from shoes to balls to even hats and gloves!





Take your garage shelf game to the next level by adding drawers to them, such as this add-on drawer by Dewalt. It conveniently clicks to the slatted posts on the frame of your Dewalt shelves to instantly add another storage space to your shelving system. Aside from adding bins and boxes to your shelves , this is also another smart way to fully utilize the large space between tiers.





Another cool way to have wall-mounted garage storage shelves are these wall-mounted trays! Instead of having blank slabs, these will keep your stuff organized and supported due to their boxed-in forms. This will be very convenient to have if you don’t plan to store large or long tools. They will definitely help keep your toys as well as anything else you want to keep categorized and neatly stowed.





Give the right choice of materials. your garage storage systems can also look quite chic and contemporary. Instead of an enclosed shelf, why not consider choosing this garage system that features an open mesh cube design? It’s certainly more interesting to look at and also very visually satisfying with its minimalist cubes. Also, because it doesn’t use enclosures and just features a mesh body, it’s so much more lightweight and easy to use.




If you plan to have different stations around your garage, instead of having one big storage system. They can become columns where you can go for small divided shelves like this one to store specific stuff for specific tasks around the garage. Maybe one can have your woodworking tools while the other can have cleaning materials. This one will definitely give you more flexibility in a compact package. It also takes much less space compared to a giant cabinet.





Your tools deserve to fully locked in place whenever you’re not using them. The last thing you would ever want is for your rake to accidentally fall onto someone who is just casually passing by. Tool racks with casual slots for storage tend to topple on windy days, so keep your tools firmly locked in place with this garage rack that features a tiny clasping action to fully hold your tools and hooks for lighter items.




You can also utilize the surface of your door for storage solutions in your garage. This wire mesh shelving can be hung over your garage door to keep anything from cleaning materials to even your car keys! Although it looks like it was designed to be an extension to your pantry, there’s no doubt that it will serve you equally well in the garage.




Corners are always tricky to maximize when it comes to getting storage shelves and cabinets – that’s why corner cabinets were invented. It can sit neatly in the corner while serving both sides with whatever they may need. This mobile garage shelf will seamlessly move along with you if ever you need your tools within an arm’s reach and it can also sit neatly in the corner awaiting your next adventure.




If you liked the resin construction cabinet from earlier but wish it were larger, look no further! This sports all the beautiful external details of its wall mounted variant but makes use of a full-frame cabinet with spacious subdivided tiers inside. Earth tones are quite rare when it comes to garage storage shelves, so this one is definitely a gem!





If you host a lot of meetings or parties at home, it’s likely that you’ve had difficulty deciding where to store your party chairs. Well, this design by StoreYourBoard has got you covered! This garage rack features different storage options all in one package. You have one large regular shelf to store all your party needs or cleaning materials, then at the bottom, you have sturdy frames that is specially designed to hold the weight of a lot of foldable chairs.





If you have a workstation in the garage, you might want to have your tools stored on a mobile cart such as this one. It’s lightweight and minimalist so it’s easy on the eyes but it’s also sturdy enough to keep up with you wherever you may need it to be. Once you’re done for the day, you can wheel it out into a corner of your garage to keep it out of harm’s way.





Small tools such as screws and nails require their own special storage. It’s simply not practical to dump them in a cabinet because it will be complete chaos to look for tiny things in a large crowded space. Don’t create a “needle in a haystack” situation when it can be completely avoided by getting this special rack for your garage.





We’ve talked about the advantages of wall-mounted storage bins earlier on, but you can actually take it to the next level by adding variety when it comes to the sizes of your storage bins. This not only gives you a more interesting visual composition, but also gives you a more specialized method of storage. It can even become a one-stop station to accommodate your screws, gadgets to even larger power tools.





If a heavyweight wall-mounted shelf is what you’re in the market for, then look no further than this hammered granite shelf that blows wire mesh shelves out of the water. This product is made to carry heavy objects without a hitch while keeping your garage floor absolutely free of unwanted clutter.





Whether you’re a spray paint artist or just someone who uses a lot of aerosols, you will certainly enjoy this specialized shelf for aerosol cans! They have specific slots to keep them in place while fully displaying to labels to keep you from accidentally pulling out the wrong can. Your collection will also look cool displayed like this!





Your metal garage cabinet can be incredibly stylish if you opt for a design like this one from VOLPONE. The diamond pattern formed by the intersecting metal frame give it an almost elegant look that you can imagine it being used in a fancy Italian restaurant. Aside from being super fashionable, it’s also incredibly functional and collapsible so you can put it away neatly whenever it is not in use!





Finally a warm-toned garage rack, you can have a nice convenient little station for your things with a wall rack like this. It features two tiers of spacious shelves then one pole at the bottom which you can take further with hanging hooks. I particularly appreciate it using a mix of white and a faux wood finish to give your garage some life instead of a typical cold metal look.





You can also give your metal garage storage shelf more flexibility as well as variety with this alternating shelf design. It changes from a wire basket to a wire shelf to give you more freedom to customize the stuff you want to store. It’s also stackable so you can make it as high or as low as you would want.





Storage carts will always come in handy wherever you are in the home. In the context of a garage, you can simply store your cleaning products or even your pet’s toys and toiletries. Maybe when it’s time to give your dog a bath you can easily access everything you need in this mobile cart and just push it to where you need it to be.





If you like the concept of cube storage in your garage but don’t enjoy them just being openly displayed, this enclosed cabinet design might just be the one for you! The panels are slightly translucent so you can take a peek at what’s inside to lessen the guess work of opening them one by one to look for something. They’re still opaque enough to keep everything inside your garage looking neat and free of clutter.





A lot of power drill work requires your drill to be out of its box all the time so why not opt for a specialized rack that’s designed to hold your drill as well as its many different attachments? Not only will it be easier to access your power drill, you will also feel like a complete pro with it displayed nicely on the wall.





Another cool type of shelving design is this metal mesh baskets. You can create a whole wall of this by putting them side by side to give the illusion of a custom-made garage storage unit or just one simple column to store different types of items you don’t want lying around the house. Since its design is open, it’s probably ideal for storing items such as cleaning materials or sports equipment such as your baseball mitts.




There’s no space in your home that doesn’t deserve attention. Your garage can truly be every bit as useful as any other room in your house and the space inside it can store way more than you previously might have thought.



The garage is so much more than just a place to park your car or dump your things but it can also be an organized library of your belongings where you can revisit certain parts of your life. It can also be a large hub for your hobbies especially if we’re talking about crafts and woodworking. I think we can all agree that the garage is one of the most underrated and under-utilized spaces in our homes, so let that issue be a thing of the past by making the most out of the space with these amazing storage ideas.



1. What You Need to Know About Garage Storage Shelves

Garage storage shelves



Garage storage shelves are like any other storage compartments that you can use to store extra things that you do not use too often. Instead of being placed in your lounge or even in your backyard, they are placed inside your garage. This allows you to put tools and other garage related things in an organized way.




2. Why You Need Garage Storage Shelves

Why you need garage storage shelves?



Storage shelves that you place inside the house or in your backyard might not be ideal for the storage of mechanical tools and such items. Garage Storage Shelves can be used to organize, assemble, and store garage tools that you do not need every day, but whenever you do need them, you should know where to find them. Garages are commonly fairly untidy. A tool or gadget once lost in there can be very difficult to locate again. So, garage storage shelves can be very useful as they will help you keep everything out of sight, but within reach when you need any of the items.




3. The Ultimate Checklist Before Buying Garage Storage Shelves

There are plenty of things you need to know about storage shelves, particularly, garage storage shelves. These things are important because storage is not only particular to every space and individual needs. It is also an investment you want to be thoughtful about. 



Some of the things you need to know about garage storage shelves before you buy one for yourself include the size of your garage and the space available in it. 




Figure out the space you need for your storage purposes and then buying shelves that fulfill your requirements. 




Estimate the number of compartments you think you might need to organize your tools. 



Quality & Design

The build quality and design of the garage storage shelves also matter a lot when you buy one. These, and many more things, should be kept in mind before you make your decision about what storage shelves you will be buying for yourself.




4. Types of Garage Storage Shelves

When it comes to storage shelves, there are tens and hundreds of different kinds of storage shelves available out there. Similarly, there is a large variety of different types of garage storage shelves as well. All these different types of garage shelves are for different uses, and each of them fulfills different purposes. We will briefly go through some types of garage storage shelves.


These are racks that you put up on walls. You can easily install them on your own without needing any help. They come with high-quality screws in the box. They are small but are pretty durable. The high-quality material makes sure that the shelves do not fall or bend.
These are shelves that provide compartments for storage of tools and also provide a flat table-top surface for you to sit and work on. It is made of excellent sturdy material and will easily hold anything that you choose to store on it. Plus, it comes with a workbench that you can use to do any of the jobs and tasks that you might have to do in the garage, such as fixing or breaking things.
They focus less on the looks and a lot more on the duty they are supposed to perform, holding your storage items. There are so many options that it is challenging for some to pick the best heavy-duty shelf for garage storage. These storage shelves usually have three or five compartments, and each one is durable enough to bear a weight of minimum 800lb.
There are many affordable plastic shelves for garage storage available. These are a little less sturdy than the heavy-duty shelves, but if you do not need all the sturdiness, these might do the trick for you. These will also be pretty helpful if you are in search of a garage storage shelf but have a low budget because these storage shelves are pretty cheap. It will not rust, stain, or dent. 

Modern shelves for garage storage are adequately equipped to store your items without taking up a lot of space. Not only does this have a lot of opportunities for storage, but it also takes up less of your garage space. 

When it comes to utilizing the space to its utmost potential, why let the garage space above your head go to waste? Just get yourselves an overhead garage storage shelf and start storing more items. It can be used for storage, or even decoration by putting seasonal flowers on it. The main idea is that an overhead garage storage shelf will just fit onto the ceiling and provide you some extra space to put your unnecessary things away.


Pull out shelves for garage storage are basically shelves that have sliding compartments. They not only maximize your garage storage but also look pretty neat. This gives your garage a very neat look as most of the things that you put into those compartments are pretty much out of sight. The fewer things you see, the cleaner it looks. 
An adjustable garage storage shelf not only helps you maximize garage storage but also helps you organize garage storage shelves. Adjustable garage storage shelves are racks or any other kind of garage storage shelves that you can manually alter according to the space you have and your need. In most cases, manually adjusting your garage storage shelf is pretty simple and can easily be done without needing much help. 


Hanging storage is one of the best ways to assemble your items without taking up a lot of space on the floor. Keep them in your reach, but keep them away from piling up under your feet. It is washable and very durable. Very suitable to store your garage clothes, shoes, and aprons. You can get rid of a lot of your smaller items piling around. 



5. Benefits Of Building Your Own Wooden Garage Storage Shelves

Wooden garage storage shelves

There are many benefits of building your own wooden garage storage shelves. The first and most apparent benefit would be the reduced costs. Building your own wooden garage storage shelves would cost you a lot less than what you would have to pay if you bought one from the market.



Another benefit of building your own storage shelves would be that you can customize the design to whatever you like. Just get some standard size of wood used for garage storage shelf and you can make as many compartments as you want, the shape of the shelf, the size and everything else about it depends completely on you. you can customize it with the best garage paint color, so you don’t have to just buy one from the market and work with it.



You can build your own garage storage shelves according to your personal preferences and needs. Get creative.




6. How To Organize Garage Storage Shelves

How to organize garage storage shelves




Given the garage storage shelves are themselves meant to be a source of organization, there is always a proper way to store your items on them. To maximize garage storage, it is best if you categorize and separate the things that you want to put on the shelves. You can do this by using organizing boxes and differentiate different categories of items that you want to store. 



For example, assign a different box for your toolkit and a different one for nails and screws. This will not only make your garage look more organized, but it will make it easier for you to locate things in a hurry. It is especially practical and useful for items that are small enough to be lost easily.




7. How To Utilize Garage Storage Shelves

These shelves can be utilized to store items suitable for a particular spot. This means that shelf that can hold more weight can be used for storing heavier items. Shelves that are not as sturdy can hold lighter pieces of equipment and supplies. The right way to utilize garage storage shelves is to decide which shelf is meant for what kind of storage items so that you can fulfill the purpose of storage without breaking or messing anything up. 




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8. The Do’s And Don’ts For Your Garage Storage Shelves?

do's and don'ts


Like everything else, there are certain Garage shelves do’s and don’ts.



  • Make sure you measure your space and then decide what you want to store in it. Be smart with the space you have. Utilize it to its maximum capacity but don’t overfill it.
  • Remember that almost every empty space is a potential storage space. No matter how small or big it is, there is always something that you can store in a particular spot of a garage. Empty walls and spacious corners can be filled with racks and hooks. You can hang items like keys, belts, and ropes, and get them out of the way while being easily accessible. 




  • Do not pile up the floor. Keep the ground as spacious and as organized as you can. You don’t want to trip over your own storage items and break something. Similarly, do not hoard items. Make sure you de-clutter every once in a while and only keep the stuff you need. Keeping extra and unnecessary items in your storage will only give you stress and make the place look messy.
  • Do not keep breakable items in your garage shelf. Remember to keep fragile possessions or items from the other rooms of the houses away from your garage. A garage storage shelf is no place for easily breakable items if there is a lot of activity going on over there at all times. 


Keeping in mind these garage shelves do’s and don’ts, you can build yourself an efficient shelf.



Garage Storage Shelves Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)




There are lots and lots of questions that people have in mind regarding garage storage shelves and even about garages in general. Answering all of them might not be possible. But here are a few answers to some frequently asked questions about garage storage shelves.



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1. How Deep Should the Garage Shelves Be?

The most common, and probably the best answer to this garage storage shelves FAQ would be that the depth of the garage shelves should be whatever suits you best. It should be according to your likings and your needs.



Still, the depth of the garage shelves should be such that they safely store items without the items seeming to be hidden in them. In a garage, 16″ would probably be ideal for storing large items and 12″ would be ideal for small items. If you want to maximize garage storage, then you might even want to go for adjustability.



2. What Is the Standard Size of Wood Use for Garage Storage Shelf?

This is another interesting garage storage shelves FAQ. There are so many different types of materials that people use for making storage shelves for their garages. There is no ‘standard’ size when it comes to the wood that you use to make storage shelves. But most commonly, people will opt for ¾ inch plywood. This is probably the favorite among people who build their own garage storage shelves.



3. Should I Paint My Garage Wall Storage Shelves?

It comes down to personal preference when you talk about colors. If you like the color of the wall storage, there is no apparent reason to paint it at all. But if you don’t like the way the shelves go with the walls of your garage, go ahead and be creative. Look through the choices and select the best garage paint color that matches your theme. Just make sure that the paint you use will not do any damage to the material of your storage shelves. In that case, just leave it as it is.



4. How Tall Are The Garage Doors?

The standard garage doorsare about 7 feet high. This is enough for most cars, but, of course, there always are a few exceptions. If you own one of those trucks that have racks or own a vehicle with a rack on top of it, then 7 feet garage doorsprobably won’t be enough for you. You will need taller garage doorsin that case.



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5. Make Your Supplies Organized Using Metal Garage Storage Shelves

One of the most popular materials for storage shelves is metal, such as steel or aluminum. These are well popular because of their strength as well as durability. They can hold a lot of weight as well as a lot of your storage items without collapsing or denting. However, some people may not like the idea of having sturdy shelves with edged corners. 



These people include families who have children for the elderly with balance problems since they have a higher chance of being injured through these shelves. 



If you think metal will start to rust and ruin your storage, you may want to consider rust-proof metal shelves available on the market.



6. Tips How To Build DIY Garage Storage Shelves

If you don’t want to invest in market bought storage shelves, you get easily make your own Modern shelves for garage storage at home. DIY garage storage shelves are an easy way to make customized storage space for your individual needs and preferences. Simply take standard size of wood use for garage storage shelf or wooden slabs of your required measurements and stick them to the wall. Make sure you know what weight they can hold so that you store items of appropriate size.



Another easy way to create some DIY space in your garage is to mount old draws on the wall and add hooks to them. This will act as small wall-mount shelves to store your items, and the hooks will give you separate space to hang more things like keys and shopping bags. You can choose the best garage paint color according to your liking and finish it off.



7. Cool Hacks To Maximize Your Garage Storage

Smart hacks always come in handy when you have limited space and want to get the most use out of it. Adding hooks and racks to the inside of drawers and cabinets are some of the best garage shelf space saving hacks that can give you more space while keeping your items hidden and private. You can add a hook to the back of a cabinet door and store your important keys so that they can be organized and safe. 



Using old jars and containers to store your garage items like nails and screws is also, and important hack to save money as well as space in the house. These jars and containers will probably be lying somewhere else in the house, taking up crucial storage space. 



8. Space Saving Designs of Garage Storage Shelves

Apart from the size of the shelf, creative shelf designs also help organize more stuff without taking up a lot of space. They are one of the best garage shelf space saving hacks. Such designs include pull out drawers and cabinets, layers, shelves with hooks, cubes, and drawers.



You want to keep the items stored away while taking up the least amount of storage space in the room. Shelves with compartments and drawers can help you accomplish this. Rotating shelves are another innovative design to store more items in a space-saving way. They take up a limited amount of space while having more storage compartments.



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9. Types Of Ceiling Bracket For Your Garage Storage

As discussed earlier, every space is potential storage space in the garage, even the ceiling. Adding hooks and brackets overhead can clear a lot of space on the walls and the ground and keep your items organized. Different kinds of ceiling brackets are appropriate for individual storage needs.



Each of them has their own weight capacity and durability. There are individual brackets for casual, light-weight items such as ropes and containers, while other more heavy-duty brackets for large items such as bikes and hefty mechanical tools. They can be attached to pulleys and ropes in order to create storage for more than one item. These are available in various sizes and prices, so you can get whichever you like and as many as you want.


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