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6 Automated Robot Lawn Mower Units for Your Backyard 6 Automated Robot Lawn Mower Units for Your Backyard

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6 Automated Robot Lawn Mower Units for Your Backyard

Written by: Henry Campbell

No more pain in the grass with these robot lawn mower units that are safe and neighbor-approved. They're great for keeping lawns looking green and pristine.

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Lawns are the primary source of pride for many homeowners. And to be so, lawns are toiled on, making lawn maintenance one of the most draining manual labor jobs to exist. Now, what if you don’t need to pull out a noisy lawn mower to cut the grass regularly? Check the six best robot lawn mower units in the market below for a hands-free alternative.



How Does a Robot Lawn Mower Work?


Back in the days when people started to practice lawn care, the first “machines” they used were none other than sheep. Sheep won’t ask for any payment, but they leave excrements during the process. This adds extra work of scraping and cleaning out manure — something you wouldn’t enjoy on a Sunday morning. 



This is where lawn mowers chimed in. Thanks to modern technology, people now have robot lawn mowers that are powerful and effective lawn caretakers!



We can imagine you asking, “how does a robot lawn mower work in the first place?” Robot lawn mowers work like a conventional lawn mower. The main difference is that robot lawn mowers do more work for you. Once programmed, you don’t even need to go under the sun just to trim grass.



Today’s models usually have a simple mapping system. By using boundary wires, they can easily navigate throughout the lawn without the risk of crossing the street or plunging into the backyard pond. When it bumps on a boundary wire, it will change direction until it bumps another part of the wire again.



Unfortunately, the worst thing about getting a new robot lawn mower is the installation of the boundary or perimeter wire. Though there are soon-to-be-released robot lawn mowers without perimeter wire models, the cost and complexity of the machine make it a non-viable option as of the moment. But we can convince you that the installation process will all be worth it in exchange for an effortlessly maintained lawn, no sweat!



Factors to Consider When Buying a Robot Lawn Mower


Installation and Maintenance


The installation process can take you hours or even a day if you’re not familiar with how to install a robot lawn mower. Zeroing on the best lawn mower that suits your needs in terms of grass-trimming and installation can help you tolerate the pain of owning one. 



You can do the installation yourself for the most part, but it’s best to leave it to the dealers for a more accurate job. And even when everything is set in place, you might still want to check your robot lawn mower frequently. Changing the battery every year or buying and replacing some parts are parts of the maintenance that you still need to do. With that, having and buying from a manufacturer that has a service center is better than compromising the model.



Battery life


Robot lawn mowers are super easy to set up since they’re battery-powered. When a robot lawn mower is almost drained, it will go back to its charging dock. If you don’t have a power outlet outside where a charging dock is usually kept, an outdoor extension cord will do.



Most automated lawn mowers can mow an average-sized lawn in one charge. Still, the battery can deteriorate over time depending on how well you take care of the robot. As a rough guide, the battery can last up to three to six years of usage. 



Safety Features


Since robot lawn mowers work unsupervised, they have dependable safety features to protect themselves, as well as you and your family. Some robot lawn mowers have a tilt switch that stops the blades when the device is turned over. This is great, especially when kids are curious about such devices.



Another is the obstacle avoidance feature. Thanks to the movement sensor, a robot lawn mower will instantly stop and change the direction when they detect movement close to itself such as a toddler crawling or a dog walking by.





Connectivity to WiFi and Bluetooth can help you further enjoy hands-free yard work. Since traditional petrol and electric mowers require you to be physically present, you can completely control robotic mowers just by using your phone. 



Aside from customizing working hours and cutting height, some robotic lawn mowers even have GPS, great for map viewing and theft tracking. So when the whole family’s out of town, even for a week, you can monitor your robot lawn mower and keep the grass trimmed.





Now, how much does a robot lawn mower cost given its unmatched qualities? Frankly, robot lawn mowers are pretty pricey. If your budget does not allow you to purchase it, you can go for a cheap robot lawn mower, which costs around $500. Do note that cheap mowers often have limited features. If money isn’t a concern, then you shouldn’t shy away from a multi-feature robot lawn mower that costs $1,000 or more.



After all, investing in a high-end robot mower is better than settling for a shoddily model. Although pricey, they’re more convenient, efficient, energy-saving, and cheaper in the long run.



Pros and Cons of Having a Robot Lawn Mower


A robot lawn mower may beautify your lawn with zero effort, but even with all hallmarks of this genius invention, this device has its share of disadvantages. To help you decide if it’s right for you, here are some pros and cons of having a robot lawn mower at home:


  • Works quietly
  • Easy to use and store
  • No more manual labor
  • Slightly more eco-friendly


  • A little pricey
  • Short battery life
  • Can be hard to install and assemble
  • Not all models are smartphone compatible


If the pros outweigh the cons, then you’re in luck because below is a list of the best robot lawn mower units to try.



Best Robot Lawn Mower Units


Lawn mowers are loud machines. If you think you had enough of the noise traditional mowers make when mowing grass, then it’s time to shift to robotic mowers. This model from MowRo can bring wonders to your lawn as it’s perfect for your decorative landscaping needs without the noise. They’re smart enough to navigate around trees, rocks, and even lawn gnomes. Now you can spend the weekends with your family without having to tend your lawn since the MowRo robot lawn mower kit got your back.

Key Features

  • Bump and tilt sensor
  • With height adjustments
  • Customizable mow scheduling and timer


  • Cuts up areas up to 0.25 acre
  • 3-spinning blades with a cutting width of 9.5 inches
  • Measures 38.4 inches by 22 inches by 12.5 inches


  • Quiet operation
  • Lightweight and user-friendly


  • Can’t be controlled on phone
  • Lot of work in boundary wire installation


A fully-automated robot lawn mower is what you need to keep your yard perfectly trimmed 24/7. Get the WORX robotic lawn mower! It easily maneuvers on uneven terrains, so you’d be guaranteed a clean and well-maintained front yard. While it can be manually adjusted using your smartphone, this lawn mower can also schedule mowing sessions all by itself. With that, you can keep your lawn healthy wherever you are!

Key Features

  • Smart, radio link
  • Anti-collision system
  • With GPS anti-theft device


  • Cuts up areas up to 0.125 acre
  • Measures 21.97 inches by 21.26 inches by 12.2 inches
  • Power share battery is compatible with other WORX appliances


  • Ultra-quiet
  • Closer edge cutting


  • Poorly manufactured


You’ll never have to mow your lawn again, thanks to the Robomow battery-powered robot lawn mower from Amazon. Joining the Alexa home ecosystem, this robot lawn mower can instantly cut grass via voice command or even be controlled using your smartphone. It can also be easily programmed to automatically travel different zones in your front yard and return to its charging station once done. You can let it mow your lawn at any time of the day as it has quiet motors that will not disturb your neighbors.

Key Features

  • Integrated rain sensor
  • Smart home compatible


  • Cutting width of 7 inches
  • Measures 26 inches by 22 inches by 12 inches


  • Cuts quietly
  • Easy to set up and use


  • Lawn needs to be even


You can now say goodbye to yard-work weekends and enjoy a beautiful and well-kept yard that your neighbors will surely envy. One great thing about this robot lawn mower from Husqvarna is that you can manage and adjust your mower’s schedule with ease with just the tap of the app or using any smart home ecosystem. Guided by hidden perimeter wires, this hardworking machine is quiet enough to even work when everyone’s dozing at night. More so, this mower creates fine grass clippings that’ll turn as a natural fertilizer — perfect for enriching the quality of your soil.

Key Features

  • Anti-theft GPS tracking
  • Smart home compatible


  • Cuts up areas up to 0.4 acre
  • Measures 24.8 inches by 20.1 inches 9.8 inches


  • Quiet motor
  • Does not leave lines


  • Initially expensive
  • Hard to set up by yourself


A well-kept garden boosts the overall mood and look of one’s house. Whether you have a knack for upkeeping high-maintenance lawns or just starting to create a new lawn, this robotic lawn mower from Gardena is fit for the job. There might be other cheap lawn mower units out there, but this model can surpass your expectations. It can easily pass through lawn obstacles and has a super quiet motor like the expensive ones.

Key Features

  • Weatherproof
  • With Bluetooth app


  • Cutting width of 6.29 inches
  • Measures 21.6 inches by 14.9 inches by 9.05 inches


  • Adjustable cutting height
  • Easy to clean with a garden hose


  • Wheels don’t have much grip
  • Will not function without sensor wires


Your grass is growing as we speak. And what way to trim those greens other than using this automated robot lawn mower from Husqvarna. Aside from its smart connectivity, this robot lawn mower kit comes with everything you need to install it all by yourself. You can now throw those pesky and loud conventional mowers in exchange for this eco-friendly and noiseless option.

Key Features

  • Waterproof shell
  • Lift and tilt sensors
  • Low energy consumption


  • Cuts up areas up to 0.4 acre
  • Measures 23.22 inches by 17.71 inches by 27.62 inches


  • Ultra-quiet
  • Lightweight with integrated handle


  • Poorly manufactured


Caring for your lawn can be a chore, but you can make things easier by buying a robot lawn mower! These innovative machines will do the work for you. All you need to do is sit, back, relax and see a freshly manicured lawn in no time. 



To make things even more comfortable on your neatly-cut lawn, why not add these outdoor cushion storage benches? They do not only bring coziness but also some extra storage!

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