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20 Christmas Table Runners For An Extra-Elegant Dinner 20 Christmas Table Runners For An Extra-Elegant Dinner

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20 Christmas Table Runners For An Extra-Elegant Dinner

Written by: Ethan Hayes

Add these stunning table Christmas runners for an instantly classy look! Elevate your Xmas dining experience with minimal effort now.

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All out of ideas for holiday-themed table decor? Then why not consider Christmas table runners. Apart from helping to protect your table, table runners can also be very aesthetically pleasing. Incorporate one or more Christmas table cloths that provide dynamism and elegance to the decoration. Have a look at these 20 table runners for an extra-elegant Christmas dinner.





Using red Christmas table runners as a base will look elegant and help provide an illusion of depth on your dinner table. Vibrant enough to draw attention, yet deep enough not to compete with your myriad of table decor, this runner showcases a little variation in the form of white snowflakes. The snowflakes sprinkled over this colored tablecloth are arguably one of the most representative symbols of Christmas.


Ever so beautiful and versatile, it is unlikely that the design industry will ever tire of stars. With the help of Christmas-inspired motifs, this table runner embodies the character and personality of the season without breaking the simplicity of an elegant and special table.


These table runners combine different colors, prints, and textures. You can place two different table cloths vertically opposite one another at a reasonable distance and repeat the pattern depending upon your table’s length. Alternatively, you could debut one runner this year and save the other three for future Christmas celebrations.


Another option that you can pick is a lace table runner. As a material, lace is both delicate and elegant. For this reason, table runners of this material are widely used in parties and special occasions (such as Christmas dinners). These runners most notably serve as an eye-catching addition to your table that will not compete with your other more vibrant decorations.


Made of jute, – long, soft, shiny bast fiber strung into coarse strong threads – this table runner showcases a rustic yet neutral appearance which can easily add texture and character to any space. It’s warm color also easily enables you to mix and match this runner with other more colorful and vibrant decorations. An interesting tip is to put some finishing props, like a ribbon at the ends or even strings that match the rustic style of the material.


Colorful prints are always welcomed at any Christmas dinner table. These colors bring great joy and life to the environment and are often soothing to the eyes. If you’re looking to lighten the décor, a cool alternative is to invest in patterned Christmas table runners. This Christmas table runner by LUSHVIDA is sure to bring a beautiful and cheerful effect to your table.


It is not necessary for your table cloth to be made with different fabrics to give great emphasis to the laid table. Simplify your decorations with single colors and overlapping flower arrangements! The result will be a delicate and very beautiful sight.


Another option for those who enjoy handicrafts is to make a patchwork table runner. Use a work technique based on combining scraps to make a single composition. The result will surely be something unique and personalized! Otherwise, opt for a ready-made patchwork runner with the same effect. Made from cotton and polyester, this patchwork table runner is sure to add a touch of luxury and elegance to your dining table decor.


For those who like crochet, table runners offer a world of possibilities. These runners, despite sharing the same design, can vary in size, color, shape, and intricacy, thus ensuring that your table decor is as personalized and unique as you envisioned.


When in doubt, bet on neutral! White, beige, black and other neutral variations are always a great option for those who prefer subdued colors over loud ones. Besides giving lightness to the set table, these colors highlight the elements of stronger tones. Once you opt for a neutral table runner, there is more freedom to invest in colorful tableware, napkin rings, patterned sous plats, and so on. With these table runners you are sure to impress guests with a beautiful table full of contrast!


Wanna get fancy? Add some sparkle with this beautiful gold rose table runner! This shade of pink is a delightful one, and would certainly go well with white tables. With serged edges, this Christmas table runner will be completely secure once you set it down. This way you won’t have to worry about the runner sliding off, or feel the urge to constantly readjust your decor.


Can something be rustic and elegant all at once? You bet! This gorgeous table runner is proof of that. Made mainly of burlap, this runner showcases intricate lace details to give your table a delicate touch. Complete with edges that are serged to prevent fraying, this table runner can last you several years to come. What’s more, its warm tone, enables you to mix and match it with a variety of colorful Christmas table decor.



Write a Christmas song (or a poem, or an inspirational phrase) on a white table cloth to make this year’s decorations that much more original. Or, simply purchase a ready-made Christmas table runner with holiday-inspired print! This Christmas table runner by the DII Store on Amazon is embellished in a variety of positive messages and other well wishes.


This Christmas table runner is made of high density sequin and mesh fabric. Complete with tassels at the end, this table runner can help create a sense of sophistication and elegance around your dinner table. It is best paired with neutral colored decorations and tableware for a more minimalist setup.


If you’re talking colors that add glamor, gold should most definitely be on the list. Consider this beautiful white and golden table runner which is perfect for very clean looking houses or decoration styles such as a minimalist, classic or sophisticated. You can complement this type of table runner with other accessories such as centerpieces or candles.


You can never go wrong with a plaid table runner. In fact, this design is revered for its inclusion of the 3 main Christmas colors: red, white and green. Made of polyester and metallic fiber, this table runner is easy to maintain and can pair easily with other holiday themed napkin rings, placemats, and tablecloths.


Love fur and animals at the same time? Fret not, for this Christmas table runner is made of faux fur! This way, you can enjoy the soft texture and luxurious appeal of fur decor without contributing the harm of any animal. Highly eco-friendly, this table runner features a double layer design and is extremely durable.


This beautiful white table runner with green and red embroidered details, features an intricate flower design. Made of premium quality durable polyester, this Christmas table runner showcases white poinsettia and green holly to provide your table with an eye-catching and holiday-inspired focal point.


Which animal comes to mind first at the mention of the word “Christmas”? We’re betting it’s a reindeer! This Christmas, consider going for this minimalistic deer design table runner – it’s simple, but so very impactful.


Red is the color of Christmas par excellence and it is difficult to change. With each passing year, new trends arise that propose alternative shades or colors different from the traditional ones. Those are eager to experiment beyond the expected red, green or white color scheme, can now do so. These Christmas table runners by Efavormart are available in a multitude of unique colorways. These include blue, burgundy, burnt orange, pink, purple, lavender, and more. These shiny colors can also be combined with decorations in turquoise, fuchsia and gold to achieve a more exotic Christmas. However, despite innovation, red still remains as the star color of Christmas. As such, these table runners are also available in traditional colors. Put this shiny plain red table runner in the center of your table and add ornaments accordingly.



Now that you have a wide variety of table runners that will enhance your table decorations, all you have to do is just choose the one that best suits your style!

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