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25 Stunning Jewelry Storage Ideas To Keep Your Gems Safe 25 Stunning Jewelry Storage Ideas To Keep Your Gems Safe

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25 Stunning Jewelry Storage Ideas To Keep Your Gems Safe

Written by: Henry Campbell

Say goodbye to tangled up jewelry! From wall-mounted, to racks and hanging jewelry storage ideas, We have plenty of options to help you organize.

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Jewelry makes an outfit look ten times better. Whether it’s a necklace you’re searching for or a pair of earrings, rummaging through a pile of tangled-up jewelry can be a pain. There are numerous jewelry storage ideas that would definitely suit your needs. If you’re a jewelry lover, this can get really frustrating at times, especially when you’re running against the clock. Whether you are wearing a simple sweatshirt or a party dress, jewelry can add class instantly. However, when you’ve been collecting jewelry for years, sorting can become slightly challenging. Especially when you’re running late for an event and need accessories at the last minute.



You can simplify your life by simply getting yourself a jewelry organizer. Because it is a great way to keep all your precious items safe and easily sort through them when needed. Moreover, there are plenty of jewelry storage ideas that you can use to sort and organize your gems. If you need more inspiration, you could always take a look at these storage ideas.



Amazon offers some really exciting and unique jewelry organizer options that can get delivered to you at your doorstep today. To help you make a decision, we’ve narrowed the list down to 25 stunning jewelry storage ideas available on Amazon. You won’t have to worry about tangled-up jewelry ever again!


Stunning Jewelry Storage Ideas To Keep Your Gems Safe


If you are like us, you are probably guilty of hoarding tons and tons of jewelry. This extra-large wooden jewelry box is ideal for those who have a very large jewelry collection. Moreover, the box features several different drawers, each with 4 different compartments where you can store your jewelry in. However, the main reason why this box is one of our favorite jewelry storage ideas is that it comes with a lid that opens up to show a large mirror that you can use while you wear your gems.


If a classic wooden jewelry box doesn’t tickle your fancy, this hanging non-woven jewelry organizer certainly will. Because this jewelry organizer comes with as many as 32 pockets and 18 hooks and loops that you can use for DIY organization of your jewelry.



About the size of a hanging shirt, this jewelry holder has dual sides. You will never lose any of your earrings with this holder because it has several pockets and compartments that can securely hold on to them for you.


Sometimes all you need to do is flaunt your jewelry collection. And what better way to do it than by displaying it on your bedroom wall?



This wall-mounted jewelry organizer has a very aesthetic rustic design. Also, it comes with a jewelry rack and several different hoops for hanging all your necklaces. Furthermore, it is very easy to install so you can almost consider this as a DIY organization.


Another rustic jewelry organizer on the list can also be wall-mounted to complement your décor. This jewelry rod is perfect for neatly organizing your dangling earrings, necklaces, and rings. Out of the many wonderful jewelry storage ideas, this rod is hand-made from premium wood. Furthermore, the overall rustic design of the rod makes for an excellent wall hanging that you can easily install anywhere around the house. Additionally, this jewelry organizer can also hold your bracelets’ in a neat fashion.



If you’re into DIY organization, this jewelry organizer is perfect because you can hang your jewelry using your creativity so that it looks great as a wall-hanging.


If you’re willing to spend a little more on your jewelry organizer, this cabinet from Langria is a great buy for the reason that it’s extremely stylish and comes with a large mirror.



This jewelry cabinet comes with several earring slots and ring storage compartments. Separate hoops are available for hanging all your necklaces neatly. Also, this elegant jewelry cabinet is super easy to set up, provided that you’ll need a screwdriver. For the reason that it is highly durable and long-lasting, the slim and tall structure of this jewelry organizer makes it one of our personal favorites jewelry storage ideas.


This wonderful three-tier jewelry organizer can be yours for as little as $19. The bars on this jewelry organizer are placed at three different heights, giving you more DIY organization and control. So, if you have necklaces or pendants with a long chain or a medium-sized chain, this organizer can hold all of them neatly. Furthermore, a very unique feature of this jewelry organizer is the jewelry tray. The base of the organizer is a jewelry tray that can be used to store your rings and earrings.



This is definitely a great buy among the many jewelry ideas listed here, this organizer is 19 inches in height making it ideal for hanging long necklaces.


You’ll see plenty of hanging jewelry ideas on this list for the reason that they make for excellent wall décor. This particular jewelry organizer can be hung on a door or in a closet. Moreover, it comes with 80 different pockets with 40 compartments on each side. Additionally, these pockets can hold your rings, earrings, and necklaces securely without letting them get all tangled up with each other. You can store separate jewelry pieces in separate compartments. Also, each pocket is transparent so you can easily spot your jewelry items at a glance.


This one’s for all of you travel enthusiasts out there. Because this small jewelry box organizer is perfect for storing your essential jewelry items when you’re traveling. Talk about convenient jewelry ideas; this is the best you could ever get.



Available in four different colors including pink, black, blue, and white, this jewelry box is compact and lightweight. Furthermore, it can easily store all your rings, earrings, and necklaces. Although the box is designed to be small, there are plenty of small compartments inside to keep each item separate from the other (to prevent entanglements).


With as many as seven different color options to choose from, this jewelry box is made from environment-friendly soft velvet that will hold your jewelry items securely. Moreover, this box has a double-layer design with as many as 36 compartments.



Another cool advantage of using this jewelry box is that it comes with a lock and key. So, even when you leave your jewelry box unsupervised, it’ll be safe. This colorful jewelry box is one of the many great jewelry ideas you can use to store your precious jewelry collection.


We couldn’t help but add this vintage wooden jewelry box to our list of jewelry storage ideas. We wanted to tailor this list for diverse tastes and this one will be an absolute must-have for those who are all about the vintage aesthetic. Whether you buy this jewelry organizer for yourself or as a gift for a friend, this box will not disappoint. Also, the overall design resembles a treasure chest so it definitely has a fun element to it. Furthermore, this jewelry box comes with a mirror and can easily store bracelets, earrings, necklaces, clips, and so on.


Say you’re hiking or going on an adventurous travel journey, you would want to make sure all the jewelry you are carrying is secure. Ellis James Designs travel jewelry organizer comes with extra padding that is specifically designed for sturdiness. Additionally, on the inside, the pouch features two zippers and a large main compartment where jewelry items can be stored.



Aside from the standard black, this jewelry organizer also comes in cream and grey colors. Moreover, the pouch may seem small but if you are an expert DIY organizer, you will find this investment to be quite useful.


Rings, necklaces, and earrings can all be easily stored inside this gorgeous jewelry box designed to look like a dresser with tiny drawers. Furthermore, each of these drawers can be used to store your jewelry. Additionally, this particular jewelry box can be used for storing slightly larger items like your wristwatch, clips, hairpins, etc. Moreover, this jewelry box is made out of natural high-end hardwood that is long-lasting and sure to last you a long time. The intricate designs on the drawer make this box even more elegant. This box would make for an excellent gift as well.



With two amazingly minimal colors: white and black, this jewelry box is a must-have for jewelry lovers. This jewelry organizer comes in three and two layers. Moreover, the lid of the box features an elegant mirror that you can use while you wear your earrings. Additionally, the interior of the box is made from faux leather and includes velvet lining that provides extra protection. With different jewelry trays and compartments, storing your jewelry becomes easier and you can always experiment with DIY organization to use this box according to your need.



This travel jewelry organizer is perfect because it rolls up thereby taking up less space in your luggage. Made from environmentally-friendly materials with quilted cotton, this jewelry roll features 5 different zones that can store your jewelry. Travel smart and get yourself this jewelry organizer roll for just $19.


Looking for something simple yet elegant? This stackable jewelry tray is the perfect jewelry organizer that is simple to use. Moreover, the tray comes in different colors that you can choose (from pink, white, and grey to multicolored).



When ordering, be sure to choose the number of grids you’d like and enjoy using this amazing jewelry organizer.


One of the many simple but efficient jewelry storage ideas on this list. This organizer can be wall-mounted or attached anywhere around the house. Also, this organizer features 24 hooks that can hold your pendants, necklaces, and even hanging potted plants if that is something you fancy.


A two-in-one option that can store both your jewelry and your cosmetics, this shelf is ideal if you want to organize the mess on your dresser. Moreover, the shelf features 26 hooks that allow you to hand your necklaces. Additionally, a tray on top can store your cosmetic items with ease. 


This 12-tier jewelry tree is amazing for hanging all your accessories. With removable arms, the jewelry tree becomes travel-friendly. Furthermore, depending on your interior decor, you can wall or mirror mount this gorgeous jewelry organizer in no time.


If you like to keep your jewelry tucked inside a drawer, you might want to get yourself these organizer trays. They can be a huge benefit and you won’t even have to invest in a proper jewelry box. Also, the trays feature compartments of various sizes. Moreover, the tray lid features a mirror so you also get an added advantage. 



More space is what this rustic-brown wall jewelry organizer is all about. Made from solid pine durable metal, this hanging jewelry cabinet puts an end to strange, unexplainable disappearances of your precious jewelry items. Furthermore, with hooks, anchors, and screws heavily incorporated within the design, you’ll never lose a piece of jewelry again.



The last one on our jewelry storage ideas list is this wonderful wall-mounted wooden jewelry organizer that comes with several tiers. Moreover, the hooks allow you to easily hang all your jewelry including necklaces, pendants, and whatnot. Additionally, the sturdy design allows for heavier jewelry items to be hung easily as well.


Out of the many jewelry ideas available on Amazon, there are some specifically designed for traveling purposes. There are plenty of benefits to carrying a travel jewelry box. First of all, it keeps your jewelry from entangling. Secondly, it is a secure way to carry your jewelry without worrying about damaging them as you move around. Lastly, it’s just convenient to have all your jewelry in a safe designated box.



This particular one comes in four different colors and is made out of faux leather. Moreover, it is handsome to look at and comes with compartments and hooks to let you organize your jewelry easily.


As large as your palm, this organizer is perfect for travelers and another one of our favorite jewelry storage ideas. Although small to look at, this jewelry organizer features two layers with 4 different compartments. Moreover, this box is abrasion-resistant. Consequently, you can rest assured that your jewelry items will be safe and secure at all times.


This amazing jewelry box features a very smooth design. Made of leather and soft beige velvet, this jewelry box is sure to look gorgeous on your dresser. Aside from its beautiful design, however, this jewelry box also comes with 29 different compartments for storing your jewelry so you’ll never run short on space.


Unusual but extremely elegant design, these creative triangles, and mountain jewelry holders are a must-have. These jewelry holders are made from real wood that adds a touch of warmth to your decor instantly once wall-mounted. Also, you’ll get an instructions manual on how to set them up to make it super easy.



And that concludes our list of unique jewelry storage ideas. Do you already own one of these? Or do you have your eyes on any particular one? Let us know in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to check out some cool ideas on how you can stay clutter-free around the house, especially in the living room.

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