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5 Fresh Bathroom Ideas To Make Your Stay There Longer 5 Fresh Bathroom Ideas To Make Your Stay There Longer

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5 Fresh Bathroom Ideas To Make Your Stay There Longer

Written by: Noah Bennett

Who doesn’t love a nice and cosy bathroom? If you’re looking to transform your boring-bathrooms to a whole new level, be sure to check out our article!!

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The bathroom is one of the most visited and important rooms in the house. Where do you go when you first wake up? Where do you go to have a pleasant and relaxing bath after a long day of work? Yep, we all spend a lot of time in the bathroom.



With all this in mind, it is therefore essential to have your bathroom look beautiful and cozy, so you can easily enjoy your time in there.



How do you achieve all that? The key lies in remodeling your bathroom. We have compiled for you 5 Fresh Bathroom Ideas To Make Your Stay There Longer.






1. Paint The Wall With Colors That Trigger Good Mood

Paint The Wall With Colors That Trigger Good Mood



Painting the wall is one of the most effective bathroom ideas to go for when looking to beautify it. Colour is the dominant element of any interior designs. The first thing most people notice when going to a bathroom is the colour of the room.



Did you know that colours can influence your mood? Yes, it’s scientifically proven! Therefore, it is important to know which colour gives which effect to the room. So ask yourself what kind of atmosphere do you want to create in your bathroom?



If you want to trigger a calming and relaxing mood, blue is the way to go.



On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more energizing effect, choose bright colours such as yellow or warm pink. For a neutral yet fresh look, white is your best bet. The white colour is also known to make the room feel airy and larger. Other balancing colours are black and grey, which is popular in many bathrooms.




2. Add Some Lighting Features

Add Some Lighting Features



Besides its obvious use to brighten up the room, lighting plays a vital role in creating the environment you like. It is also an essential feature when talking about bathroom ideas. Similar to the colour designs, the type of lighting you use can help you set up your mood for the day. You can definitely get creative with your bathroom lighting choices.



There are many great lighting options where you can find online or at your local home improvement store. Choose unique lighting features that suit your style and add it to your bathroom remodel ideas.



Try out the latest lighting trends such as hanging pendants, light bars, and LED fixtures that are energy efficient.



You can also use candles as lighting. The dim light gives a Zen-like relaxing effect to the room, perfect for when you’re having a nice bath in your tub.



3. Complete Your Bathroom With Beautiful Decorations




Let your creative side take over and play around with different display options. When it comes to bathroom decor, there are unlimited possibilities to choose from. Adding some decorations to your bathroom is probably the most fun out of all bathroom ideas.



Have a go at putting some plants in your bathroom. Not only that they look nice, but plants also give a soothing effect to the room.



Do you have a space in the wall? Create a wall of galleries and hang up some beautiful artworks such as paintings, drawings, or other cool illustrations.



You can also use your towels as a display option. Buy some towels that are aesthetically pleasing and add colours to the room.


Another smart bathroom remodel idea is to have products such as candles and incenses which doesn’t only give a pleasant smell to the room, but also serve as a unique bathroom decor.



4. Add Storage Furniture For Space and Replace Old Hardware

Add Storage Furniture For Space and Replace Old Hardware



A tidy bathroom creates a friendly and comfortable environment. So make sure not to let clutters laying around in your beloved bathroom. Adding storage is not only a useful bathroom idea to organize the mess, but can also be a beautiful bathroom decor.



Style up using some small baskets where you can toss your towels and your laundry in. Buy a cute tiny table to put your glass of wine when it comes time to unwind. Adding shelves are useful to put your plants, flowers, and candles.



Now, let’s get to the hardware. If you have an old drawer pulls, damaged toilet paper holder, or dull-looking towel rods, you’ll need to replace them because they are a major drawback to getting your bathroom look fresh and beautiful. Replace them with some new fresh ones.



Replacing hardware is one of the most simple things to do because in many cases it’s DIY(Do It Yourself) type of work. What’s better, they are also inexpensive. Find your new favourite hardware online or at nearby home improvement store.



5. Update Your Shower Space

Mosaic bathroom, white tub



When talking about bathroom ideas, the shower is the most talked about. Having a beautifully designed shower can provide a delightful daily experience. Now, what if you don’t have the time or the budget to make major remodeling to your shower space? That’s fine.



There are small things you can add or change in your shower space that will make it more appealing. You can swap out your shower head to get the best out of your shower experience.



Do you use a shower curtain? Replace your current curtain with your favorite color or design that you love. Additionally, why not also paint the wall in your showers with some fresh colors to add character to your shower room?



Remember we mentioned earlier that lighting could set up your mood? Replacing your shower lighting is another popular bathroom shower ideas.



Last but not least, put some plants in there to make your shower experience as close as to showering amidst nature.



When thinking of bathroom shower ideas, make sure to keep in mind the size of your shower room. If you have a small space, it’d be wise to keep it simple. Remember that too much stuff will hamper the beautiful look you’re aiming for.

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