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45 Small Bathroom Storage Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind 45 Small Bathroom Storage Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

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45 Small Bathroom Storage Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

Written by: Amelia Brooks

Worry no more about the lack of space! These small bathroom storage ideas are perfect for keeping your cramped bathroom neat and tidy.

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Are you struggling to organize your everyday use items in your small and cramped up bathroom space? Well, its time you stop struggling. Small bathrooms are not all bad. Having a small bathroom means you have less to clean. To makes things easier for you, we have come up with a list of small bathroom storage ideas (including diy bathroom storage ideas) that will blow your mind!



1. Use Baskets And Bins




Baskets and bins are a great way to organize your items. You can store some under your sink, cabinet, or even on your countertop. Moreover, you can use these bins and baskets to store your skincare products, makeup, hair tools, and products, towels, and all the other miscellaneous items. These baskets and bins are available online in different materials such as fabric, mesh wires, wood, plastic, and you can also find hand-woven bins and baskets as well.



2. Use Jars To Store Small Items




You can use jars of various sizes to store your small items like cotton swabs, makeup removing cotton rounds, hair clips, and items of such sort. With the help of these jars, you will be able to make the most out of your small cabinet space.



3. Invest In An Over The Toilet Storage




Yes, over the toilet storage is a thing. You will be surprised at the storage solutions that humans have come up with. These over the toilet storage solutions are available in the shape of bathroom carts, bathroom stands, and are also available in the bathroom space saver design. These over the toilet storage options typically come with a two-door cabinet with two shelves, and another shelf below the cabinet. Another design option that you will find them in is rather simple and is composed of two to three shelves. Moreover, you can make the most out of them by further organizing your items in baskets, bins, and jars and placing them on them.



4. Install Hooks To Organize Your Towels




Hooks are great for organizing your towels in an efficient manner. They are much better than towel bars that take up so much space and can only hold two towels at most. You can either install them on your bathroom door or near the cleaning area. Moreover, you can either purchase separate hooks or invest in a bar that has multiple hooks attached to it.



5. Use ‘S’ Shaped Hooks Around Your Vanity Area To Create More Space




If you do not have a cabinet around your vanity area inside your bathroom then you should install ‘S’ shaped hooks on both or either sides of the mirror. On these hooks, you can organize your jewelry, hair ties, etc. Moreover, you can also hang a stylish metal bucket to store your bobby pins, medicine, deodorant, and various other items of a similar nature.



6. Add Shelves To Your Bathroom




For this mind-blowing small bathroom storage hack, you need to purchase an over the toilet space saver that is only composed of shelves, and additional insertable shelves. Preferably, you want to purchase the additional shelves in a size that you can fit two on one tier of the over the toilet storage. This will allow you to considerable expand your storage space.



7. Samll Bathroom Ideas – Use Soap Wall Mounts




If your sink countertop is not spacious enough, then investing in a wall soap mount is a great idea. You can find soap wall mounts for both liquid and bar soaps.



8. Lazy Susan Cabinet Keeps All Your Items At One Spot




A lazy Susan organizer is ideal for storing your skincare products or even perfumes. It is ideal to purchase a two-tier lazy Susan cabinet so your items are not cramped up.



9. Standing Shelves Are The New Trend




To add some flare to your small bathroom space, purchase a standing shelf. This way you will kill two birds with one stone. All your items are stored, and your bathroom looks aesthetically pleasing.



10. Bathtub Caddy Making Your Lives Easier




A bathtub caddy is ideal for people with very small bathroom space. You can simply keep all your daily essentials in a bathtub caddy. Moreover, you can either hang it someplace in the bathroom, put it inside your bathtub,  or take it with you to the bathroom every time you need it. 



11. Over The Shower Caddy




If you don’t have enough space in your shower to stand and have installed a shower caddy, then you are going to love this product. This shower caddy hangs from your shower and is so slim that it does not interfere with the water flow. However, the only con to it is that you cannot put on too weight much on it. Otherwise, your shower might break.



12. Shower Caddy Expands Your Small Bathroom Space




Shower caddies are a great way to organize your every day bathe essentials. Install one near your shower to quickly access your shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and other shower items.



13. Use Spice Racks To Hang Your Items




You can find various stylish and storage efficient spice racks online to mount on your bathroom walls or put on your sink countertop. They are ideal for organizing multiple items at one spot.



14. Under The Sink Storage Is A Trend You Should Get Behind




Do not waste the space under your sink and utilize it to store your bathroom supplies. They are also known as pedestal shelves.



15. Towel Bars Are Not Entirely Useless




Sure, towel bars are not ideal for small bathroom spaces. But, you can still make something out of them. Use ‘S’ shape hooks to hang baskets and store your bathroom supplies. However, you can also skip the baskets and hang multiple towels and clothes. This way you are maximizing the use of your towel bars.



16. Install A Shelf Above Your Bathroom Door




The most important rule for organizing a small bathroom space is to use every nook and corner you can find. So, why should you waste the space above the bathroom door? Install a shelf above the bathroom door to store your extra towels, dirty laundry, or anything you want.



17. Affix Towel Bars On Your Bathroom Door




The bathroom door can also come in handy when trying to squeeze in space. Install hooks, or towel bars on your bathroom door to hang your items. Use ‘S’ shape hooks to make the most out of it. Moreover, you can get hanging bars specifically designed for hanging from a door. So, you don’t have to drill holes and ruin your bathroom door.



18. Get Yourself A Slim Storage Shelving Unit




You can easily find slim storage shelving units online that slide open. They are ideal for storing bathroom essentials like your hair tools, bathroom cleaning supplies, and whatnot.



19. Floating Shelves Are The New Bathroom Trend




Don’t have enough space to place storage shelves? No problem. Floating shelves are here to rescue. Make sure to hang them either vertically or parallel to each other depending on your bathroom space.



20. Small Bathroom Ideas – Stackable Organizers For The Win




Stackable organizers are a holy grail item for small and cramped up places. They are not only able to store multiple items in one place, but they can also be labeled and categorized. The best part is they are multiple boxes taking the space of only one box.



21. A Little Mason Jar DIY Will Organize Your Bathroom Nitty-Gritty




You need three items for this DIY and you can find them easily online. These items include mason jars, metal caps with no lids, and a magnetic strip. The magnet strip must be big enough to support and hold these mason jars.



22. Attach A Piece of Fabric To Hide Under the Sink Storage




If you can’t afford a pedestal shelf as an under the sink storage, then purchase a sink skirt. They come in various sizes and colors. This will hide all the items and small shelves that you have used for storing items under your sink and will make your bathroom look bigger and cleaner.



23. Invest In A Ladder Shelf




Stylish, efficient, and elegant. A ladder shelf can be used for organizing your bathroom essentials while adding character to space at the same time.



24. Collapsible Cloth Bins for Dirty Laundry




Collapse it and tuck it away whenever you don’t need it. The product is easy to carry and ideal for a small bathroom.



25. Install Magnetic Strips




Use metal containers to store your items or directly attach the tools that are magnetic.



26. Hang File Organizers Wherever You Can



Empty wall space? Mount a wall file storage to organize your bathroom supplies.



27. Attach Storage Pockets Inside Your Cabinet Doors




Wall pockets are not only for your walls, but they can also be installed inside of your cabinet doors.



28. Transfer To A Dual-Purpose Bathroom Mirror




Small bathrooms require that you make the most of what you have. Hence, you should invest in a dual-purpose mirror that also acts as a cabinet.



29. Use A Bar Cart To Organize Your Stuff




A bar cart makes a great storage organizer due to its partitions. Furthermore, you can use baskets, bins, and jars to make the most out of it.



30. Hang Your Items Using A Double Rod and ‘S’ Shape Hooks




Get a double rod for your bathroom curtain. One for the curtain and the other to hang your items.


31. Get Your Hands On Sleek and Small Stackable Drawers




Sleek and stackable drawers can be used for storing your makeup, skincare products, jewelry or other knick-knacks.



32. A Skin Fridge is Not That Extra




If you don’t have a multipurpose mirror, then you might as well invest in a skincare fridge to keep your skincare products safe, fresh, and organized.



33. Hang Items Up, Down, and Vertically




Small bathrooms require items to be hanged vertically. So, use these hangers to do so at every space you can find. This narrow bathroom storage solution is perfect for freeing up space.



34. Get A Frame Shelf To Organize and Add Flavor To Your Small Bathroom



A frame shelf is not only an efficient storage option, but it will also add character to your boring bathroom.



35. The Curio Cabinet is a Great Small Bathroom Storage Option




Easy to access and stylish; these small bathroom storage cabinets will help you store most of your bathroom essentials.



36. Who Says Nightstands Are Only for Bedrooms?




Nightstands are not only for your bedroom. You can place one near your bathtub or under your sink to fill it up with your bathroom essentials.



37. Three Words: Shaker Peg Rail




Peg rails are the best thing you can install on your bathroom wall, especially the one with the sink. Place it right above the sink and use it for everything mentioned in this list such as extra counter, shelf, towel rack, etc. Moreover, you can attach hooks for hanging baskets, bins, towels, clothes, and whatnot.



38. Add A Long Sleek Desk and Make The Most Out of It




Place a sleek and long desk placed against a wall. Then, further organize it with baskets and stackable organizers. This is the perfect narrow bathroom storage product for those who are quickly running out of space.



39. A Bathtub Shelf is All You Need




All your bathtub essentials on one tray. Life with a small bathroom doesn’t seem so hard after all.



40. Small Pedestal Tables Will Make Organizing Easy For You




Don’t have space for a large pedestal shelf? No worries. Use these small pedestal tables for efficient bathroom storage.



41. Partition Your Bathroom Using A Barn Door




A barn door partition gives you more space as it does not open inside, but rather slides.



42. Shower Curtains Are Not Unnecessary




Shower curtains are not a random bathroom accessory. They help partition your bathroom and make it look cleaner and bigger.



43. Standing Toilet Paper Racks Are Never A Bad Idea



Sometimes vertical organization is not a good idea. You just have to decide for each item. This time since toilet paper rolls are stackable, horizontal storage is ideal.



44. Multi-Purpose Toilet Paper Rack




Place extra toilet paper rolls on the top. The best part about toilet paper rolls is that they are stackable which is always a relief with small spaces.



45. Petite and Tiered Shelves




You can place a petite and tiered shelf like the one in the picture above and that can solve most of your issues with having a small bathroom space.




So, what hacks are you going to try for expanding your small bathroom space? Remember, these small bathroom ideas vary according to the size of your bathroom. No small bathroom is the same size, so do what you can to make the most out of it.

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